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With a cry of triumph, both [Death Eaters] yelled, "IMPEDIMENTA!"

Harry, Hermione, and Neville were all knocked backward off their feet. Neville was thrown over the desk and disappeared from view, Hermione smashed into a bookcase and was promptly deluged in a cascade of heavy books; the back of Harry's head slammed into the stone wall behind him, tiny lights burst in front of his eyes, and for a moment he was too dizzy and bewildered to react.

"WE'VE GOT HIM!" yelled the Death Eater nearest Harry, "IN AN OFFICE OFF—"

"Silencio!" cried Hermione, and the man's voice was extinguished. He continued to mouth through the hole in his mask, but no sound came out; he was thrust aside by his fellow.

"Petrificus Totalus!" shouted Harry, as the second Death Eater raised his wand. His arms and legs snapped together and he fell forward, facedown onto the rug at Harry's feet, stiff as a board and unable to move at all.

"Well done, Ha—"

But the Death Eater Hermione had just struck dumb made a sudden slashing movement with his wand from which flew a streak of what looked like purple flame. It passed right across Hermione's chest; she gave a tiny "oh!" as though of surprise and then crumpled onto the floor where she lay motionless.


Harry's eyes widened as he knelt down next to Hermione. All noise around him seemed to vanish as he watched Hermione's blouse turn dark red as blood seeped from her wound. "No!" Harry gasped as he gingerly touched the rapidly growing puddle of blood pooling next to Hermione. Suddenly Harry grabbed his head as it felt like his skull was being spilt in two, the feeling was different than when Snape would mind-rape him, this feeling came from within his being. The splitting headache was joined by a feeling as if someone was squeezing his heart and chest in a vice. "NO! Hermione, don't be dead!" Harry wailed. "Please Mione, I can't lose you. I love you, please Hermione!"

Neville crawled over to Harry, and gripped Hermione's wrist. The round boy's features brightened when he felt a faint pulse. "Harry, she's got a pulse but it's weak. We need to get her to a Healer fast or…"

Behind the two boys, the Death Eater Antonin Dolohov cackled insanely. "Oh so Potter loved the Mudblood did he? Well, it looks like she's done for, just like that disgusting Mudblood mother of yours. I heard she begged for her life like a dog when our Master came for you, but she didn't deserve…urk!"

Dolohov's rant was suddenly cut off as Harry stuck his hand out toward the dark-haired Death Eater, his fingers clawed. Dolohov gasped as he felt something tighten around his throat, cutting off all air.

"Don't you dare say anything about my mother or Hermione!" Harry snarled. Dolohov's eyes widened as he saw that Potter's eyes were flashing, their normal emerald green color switching between that and yellow. Harry's hand tightened into a fist, and with a strangled gurgle Dolohov felt his throat give way. Harry released the Death Eater, who collapsed to the floor unmoving.

"Harry," Neville whispered fearfully as Harry turned his flashing gaze to the Longbottom heir. Seeing the fear in Neville's eyes, Harry froze and took a deep shuddering breath. Harry closed his eyes and when he opened them again, they had returned to their brilliant emerald, though with a fire burning in them. He looked down at Hermione, and slowly brushed her hair from her face.

"Please hang on Mione, I love you so much, I can't stand to you lose you," Harry whispered. While he was talking to the unresponsive girl, his other hand was glowing blue and slowly tracing along her wound, the bleeding slowed and color began to return to her face.

"What did you do?" Neville asked in amazement.

"I put her in a trance to help with the healing, though she still needs professional help," Harry responded, his voice sounding years older than he was. "Stay with her Neville, I need to finish this."

Neville nodded numbly as Harry rose to his feet and raced off after the other Death Eaters, vanishing off in a burst of speed that Neville had never seen Harry perform. Harry blurred through the Department of Mysteries, striking down several Death Eaters with cutting or slashing hexes, summoning their wands and snapping them without stopping.

"HARRY!" a familiar voice cried as Harry entered a dimly lit chamber that looked strikingly like the Wizengamont chamber that Harry had been tried over the summer. Harry looked up to see Sirius, Remus and several of members of the Order burst through a door opposite Harry. Glaring down at the floor of the chamber, Harry saw that several Death Eaters had survived his purge. Bellatrix Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy and three others that Harry didn't recognize.

"Avada Kedavra!" Bellatrix cried. A green bolt of lighting spat from her wand and streaked toward the assembled Order members. The Order scattered, diving for cover as the curse streaked over their heads before crashing into the doorframe, sending splinters flying everywhere.

"Bellatrix! Malfoy!" Harry roared, his voice echoing all around the chamber, causing dust to fall from the ceiling. "Drop your wands and surrender or I will not hesitate to end your lives!"

Malfoy and Bellatrix both laughed. "Come now Potter, you don't have the guts to kill us," Malfoy cackled. "You're Dumbledore's golden boy, how would he feel if you killed."

"It doesn't matter what Dumbledore thinks," Harry growled, his eyes flashing yellow once again. "Why don't you ask Dolohov if I have the guts…oh wait, I already killed him, so he won't be talking anymore." Silence fell over the chamber as this fact settled over its occupants.

"You're lying Potter, you can't kill someone," Malfoy cried.

"You don't know anything about me Malfoy," Harry snapped at the blonde, his eyes still flashing. "I've killed before, your boss three times, Quirrell and a sixty-foot basilisk, so adding Dolohov to the tally isn't that big of a deal. But you're right, I won't kill you, at least not yet." Harry raised his hands and made two claws, feeling the same power flowing through his veins that had when he killed Dolohov. The Order gasped as Bellatrix and Malfoy slowly began to rise into the air, clawing at their throats. An evil grin spread over Harry's face as he tightened his hands.

"HARRY! Stop!" Sirius cried out. Harry turned toward his godfather with burning eyes. Sirius shivered under Harry's gaze. Harry turned back to the two senior Death Eaters and saw that they were still clawing at their throats but their faces were quickly reddening. He wrenched his hands together, and the two Death Eaters slammed together with an audible CRACK! Several of the Order members winced at the sound as Bellatrix and Lucius slumped to the ground. Harry quickly conjured some chains and bound the two unconscious Death Eaters. He then turned to the remaining Death Eaters who were starring at Harry. Harry slashed his wand through the air and the remaining Death Eaters suddenly found themselves bound in heavy chains.

"Harry!" Sirius and Remus shouted as they rushed over to the dark-haired boy.

"What was that!?" Sirius asked, grabbing his godson by the shoulders.

"Harry, you did wandless magic!" Remus exclaimed. "Since when have you…"

"It wasn't magic," Harry muttered. "There was this voice in my head telling me what to do…" Harry flinched as he felt a darkness appear above them, just as his scar burned hotly. "Voldemort's here!"

"What!" Sirius and Remus gasped.

"He's upstairs, probably in the Atrium waiting to ambush us," Harry said, wincing as his scar burned hotter than before.

"Dumbledore should be here in minutes, he'll be able to hold Voldemort off," Sirius said.

"No, it's not Dumbledore Voldemort is after, it's me," Harry said quietly. "He knows that I'm here too and is waiting for me. He's also really angry due to the fact that his minions haven't brought him this thing," Harry continued, pulling a smoky blue sphere from his pocket.

"Harry, is that?" Remus gasped.

"Yeah, it's a prophecy sphere and it had Dumbledore's name on it along with Trelawney's, Voldemort's and a smudged name that look like two initials only," Harry said. "I'm guessing this is what you and the Order has been guarding all year?" Sirius and Remus nodded. "Well, Padfoot, hold on to it, I have some unfinished business with Thomas upstairs."

"Wait, what!" the pair of Marauders asked but before they could get an answer from Harry, he had blurred out of sight. "Did he just Apparate?" Sirius asked Remus. The werewolf shrugged.

"Who's Thomas?" Remus asked.

"No clue but Harry's probably gone after Voldemort up in the Atrium," Sirius paled. "There's no way he could take on Voldemort now, only Dumbledore can."

Remus nodded and the pair rushed off to the lifts.

"Come on out Thomas, I know you are here," Harry shouted as he stepped out of the lifts into the Atrium of the Ministry. The darkness that Harry felt down in the DOM was nothing compared to what he felt now, it was overwhelming and stifling as if he was in a furnace. Harry grit his teeth as he felt Voldemort's anger at Harry's casual use of his birth name flood over their connection.

"You dare call me by that filthy Muggle name," Voldemort snarled as he appeared in a swirl of darkness.

"Oh come now Tom, it's only polite that we use our names," Harry said cheerfully, though inside he was nearly frozen in fear, and the anger pulsing behind his scar didn't help. Though in the back of his mind, Harry felt an enormous spring of 'something' welling up inside him. Its voice was soothing and calming, battling the anger and fear that was building inside him.

'Fear is not something to be afraid of, though you must master it if you are to overcome it,' the voice whispered. 'Let your feelings guide you and relinquish yourself to the Force.'

Then a second voice whispered in Harry's head. It spoke of power, sweet and sugary. 'This person has hurt you, use that anger and make him feel your pain. You are strong, do not let those who are weaker than you control you.'

Harry's eyes flashed yellowy-green as he and Voldemort circled each other like wolves circling a kill. An evil grin twisted Harry's mouth as he raised his hands, blue-white lighting cackling around his fingers. "Thomas, it is time that you felt the true power of the Dark Side," Harry cried as he let loose the lighting toward Voldemort. Riddle raised a shield, laughing madly. That laughter died quickly as his shield faltered and shattered against Harry's attack. Voldemort collapsed to the floor of the Atrium in agony as lighting raced along every inch of his body, it was twice as painful as the most powerful Crucio.

A whoosh of flame signaled the arrival of someone through the Floo. It was Dumbledore. The aged mage walked into the Atrium, calm and collected, but the sight before him made his blood run cold. Harry Potter was sneering down at Voldemort, lighting flowing from his outstretched hands. Voldemort was rolling on the Atrium floor, screaming in pain, his robes smoldering.

"Harry!" Dumbledore cried in shock and fear. Harry turned to Dumbledore, who started as he saw that Harry's normally emerald eyes were tinged yellow. Harry locked eyes with the Headmaster and a shudder ran through the boy. The lighting ceased and Harry collapsed to the floor. Voldemort panted as he struggled to his feet.

"Fool!" he hissed, still panting in pain. "You shall pay for that Potter, but first, I will have that power!" The Dark Lord vanished into smoke. Dumbledore's eyes widened as Harry suddenly stiffened.

Inside Harry's mind, a fierce four-way battle was being waged. Harry was stunned to see two Voldemorts before him, at his side was a glowing woman with flowing red hair and his own eyes.

"Mum!" Harry gasped.

"Hello dear," Lily Potter smiled at her son. "I'm so glad to see you but now isn't the time to talk. We have to get Riddle out of your head before Albus decides to cut his losses and try and kill you both."

"What!" Harry cried.

"Not now Harry, I will explain everything later," Lily said. "But now, focus on driving out Voldemort."

"I don't know if I can," Harry gasped. "I'm lousy at Occlumency."

"No dear, what Snivellus taught you wasn't Occlumency, he was just opening your mind up to Voldemort," Lily snarled. "I said I will explain everything later, right now focus everything on forcing Voldemort out. You can do this; I can only do so much. You have the power."

"I'm not that strong Mum," Harry whispered, sounding like a small child.

"Petunia and Dumbledore are lucky that I can't affect the physical world but we will be having words when they cross over," Lily growled. "Harry, son, you can do this. You just have to believe in yourself, I believe in you Harry."

"You do?" Harry asked softly.

"Of course Harry dear, it's a parents' duty to believe in their children," Lily said. "James and I know that you can do anything that you set your mind too. We love you Harry, so does that girlfriend of yours," she added with a teasing smile.

"Hermione!" Harry gasped, blushing heavily. "She does?" he asked in a quiet, child-like voice.

"Yes, she does love you. Why do you think she followed you on this fool's errand," Lily chided. Harry ducked his head in shame. "Harry, I'm not mad at you. You thought that Sirius was in trouble and wanted to help him." The twin Voldemorts screamed as a pulse of light engulfed Harry and Lily. "That's it Harry. You have the capacity to be the greatest Jedi Mage ever; it lies in your capacity to love. No matter what anyone says, you do have people who love you."

Harry turned to his mother with a broad smile and tears flowing down his cheeks. "You have no idea how long I've wanted for someone to say that to me," he whispered as he hugged Lily. The redhead had to fight back tears of her own, though these were mixed with tears of rage.

'No child should have had to live a life devoid of love like you have Harry,' Lily thought. 'Voldemort and all others shall pay for what they've done to my baby!' she vowed.

"Do you really think that a mere child has the power to defeat me, Lord Voldemort, the greatest wizard of all time, the Darkest wizard of them all," Voldemort shouted.

"Oh be quiet Thomas," Lily retorted. "I've had enough of your pathetic whining, Harry dear, if you would?"

"Yes Mum," Harry said, feeling an immensely warm feeling spring up inside him at those words.

"Now Harry channel that feeling, let it flow through you," Lily instructed. "Don't guide it, just let it do the work."

Harry did as he was told and let go. The warm feeling grew inside him until he was fit to burst, he held the feeling in until he no longer could hold and then he let go. A massive surge of light burst from Harry's body and spread out across the vast void separating Harry and Lily and the two Voldemorts. The cackling Voldemorts immediately fell silent as the light wave surged toward them. They both tried to raise shields but those shields instantly shattered as the wave touched the magic. Both Voldemorts howled in rage and pain as they were overcome by the wave of light, the second Voldemort seemed to shrivel up before vanishing into thin air. The larger Voldemort disappeared with a loud 'pop' and then Harry and Lily were alone.

"Mum," Harry whispered, his voice sounding like a small child. Lily had to fight off the thought of strangling her sister for what she did to Harry growing up.

"It's ok Harry, you've done it. You were able to banish that foul bastard from you head," Lily said. "The link is gone for good, no more visions or nightmares coming from Riddle. Now Harry, you need to go to Gringotts and see James' and mine Wills, as well as there is something for you in our vault that will help you learn of your heritage from my side of the family. My family has had a special relationship with both Magic and the Force."

"The Force?" Harry asked.

"All will be made clear once you visit the vault," Lily said. "Now I believe its time for you return to the present. Remember, get to Gringotts as soon as possible and take my trunk. There is a glowing blue cube that you will need to learn how to control your powers."

"Ok Mum, I just wish that you didn't have to go," Harry whispered. "I've already lost you once, and now it feels like I'm losing you again."

"You never lost me Harry, or your father," Lily said softly. "You are a part of us, and as long as you think of us, we will be there. Now go!"

There was a flash of light and Harry gasped. His eyes flew open in time to see a mass of dark shadow being expelled from his body and then solidify into Voldemort. The Dark Lord was panting heavily, as sweat dripped down his snakelike face.

"Harry!" Dumbledore cried out.

Harry turned to see the Headmaster looking down at him with wide eyes. While it looked like Dumbledore was surprised and happy that Harry had recovered, though reaching out Harry could 'feel' an underlying current of anger in the Headmaster.

"What is this power?" Voldemort growled. "I am Lord Voldemort, the most powerful wizard ever. I will not be ignored!" A Killing Curse spat from Voldemort's wand and sped toward Harry. Harry shoved the Headmaster aside and rolled away, avoiding the curse, which smashed into the wood floor of the Atrium, and creating a small burnt crater.

"Reducto!" Harry shouted. A large bolt of blue magic shot out of Harry's wand. Voldemort sneered and casually raised a shield. The blasting hex slammed into the shield, which held but several cracks appeared in it, causing Voldemort's eyes to widen. "Diffindo!" Harry barked once again.

Voldemort spun out of the way before sending another Killing Curse at Harry, who dove behind the security guard's desk. The wooden desk burst into flames as the curse impacted it.

"Harry, stay there, I'll deal with Tom," Dumbledore ordered as he flicked his wand and the statue of Magical Brethren came alive and the statues charged Riddle. Harry stuck his head out from behind the desk to see the epic duel between the two magical titans. Whatever his mother had said against Dumbledore, Harry couldn't help but admire the old man's magical skills as he battled Voldemort. A whooshing sound caught Harry's attention. Dozens of the Ministry's Floos started up and out came dozens of Ministerial workers including Fudge and Amelia Bones.

The battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort paused as they saw the new spectators. A sneer appeared on Voldemort's face as he took in the new arrivals. With one fluid movement, the Dark Lord sent several Killing Curses toward the crowd.

"No!" Harry roared as he flung out his hands. A wave of power burst forth from Harry and sent many of the Ministry workers tumbling to the floor, including Fudge and Bones, and the Killing Curses crashed into a couple of the fireplaces, shattering them. With a savage snarl, Voldemort glared at Harry before whipping his cloak around him and vanishing from the Atrium.

"That was…" a Ministry worker whispered.

"As you can see Cornelius, Mr. Potter and I were not lying when we told you that Lord Voldemort had returned last year," Dumbledore announced as he approached the Minister.

"Dumbledore!" Fudge cried. "Aurors! Arrest him!"

"Cornelius, I am able and willing to fight your men once again, and win once again," Dumbledore boomed. "But I do not have time to deal with your short-sightedness at this time. I must send Mr. Potter back to Hogwarts, and…"

"Potter! Harry Potter," Fudge barked.

Harry walked around the desk and over to the Minister, gripping his wand in his pocket. "Yes Minister, as Dumbledore has told you, Voldemort is back like I said at the end of the Triwizard Tournament. But what did you call me…oh right, an attention seeking lunatic, or a dangerous and disturbed boy with delusions of grandeur," Harry growled, glaring down at the shorter man.

Fudge gulped as many Ministry workers turned toward him, including Madam Bones. "Cornelius, is this true?" she asked darkly.

"There was no proof, they were trying to destabilize the Ministry!" Fudge exclaimed, his eyes wide and fearful.

"I don't care about the Ministry," Harry retorted. "You have already made clear that you don't care about the people you are supposed to protect! How could you send Dementors to a SCHOOL two years ago, then allow an event that was stopped due to the DEATH TOLL and finally you send that sadistic bitch, Umbridge, to teach Defense, when she didn't even pass her Defence OWL. Oh and did you know that she TORTURED us with a BLOOD QUILL in detentions! Or was going to use the Cruciatus Curse on me and was the one who sent those Dementors after me last summer." Silence hemmed in on the Minister as he was pinned by dozens of stares from various Ministry officials including Madam Bones. "All you care about is getting gold put in your pockets!"

"How dare you, Potter! You're just a child, you have no idea how this world works," Fudge shouted.

"I might be only 15 but a child I am not! Allow me to reintroduce myself," Harry growled, his eyes glowing. "I am Lord Harrison James Potter, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter!" There was a flash of light and a gold ring appeared on his right hand ring finger.

The air seemed to still in the Atrium at this announcement. Until, "That's impossible!" Fudge roared. "You are not of age, you can't be a Lord!"

"For the Minister for Magic, you certainly don't know your own laws," Harry chided. "The last member of a House can take up the Head of House mantle once they turn 13, and even so thanks to the Ministry's own ineptitude I'm considered an adult because of my inclusion in the Triwizard Tournament last year. I find it interesting that the Heads of all three schools, one of whom was the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamont and the ICW, as well as the former Heads of the Departments of Magical Cooperation and Games and Sports allowed someone under 17 to compete when the rules clearly stated that my name could be withdrawn by the time of the First Task." Harry turned to pin Dumbledore with a Killing Curse-eyed glare. "But for some reason, I wasn't informed of this option, in fact all I was told was that I had to compete."

"But we were told that you wanted to compete," Bones said.

"Who said that?" Harry growled.

"Dumbledore and Crouch announced it the next morning," Amelia said. "They both said that you were excited and willing to participate."

"That's a bald-face lie!" Harry roared. He spun toward Dumbledore, and began storming toward him, his eyes glowing and magic boiling over. "You TOLD me that I had to compete, it wasn't until after the First Task that I found that the rules for the Tournament in the Library. Why is that Headmaster? Why were the rules not in the Library before the Tournament but only after the First Task when it was too late for someone to be withdrawn?"

Dumbledore looked down at Harry, with wide eyes though Harry could feel the rage coiling underneath the Headmaster's façade of shock and calm, rage that was directed at him. "Harry, this isn't the place to air these types of questions. We need to get you back to Hogwarts where it is safe."

"You think I'm safe at Hogwarts, I've had my life threatened at the castle more times than I can count," Harry shouted. "At least three times every year I've been at school. And in the last three years, the Ministry has been culpable in almost all of those attempts. Fudge, you're lucky that I don't declare a blood feud against you for all that you've done against me and my family."

"WHAT!" Fudge roared. "I've done nothing…"

"Sent the Dementors to Hogwarts, sent Umbridge to Hogwarts, smear my and my family's name through the mud all this year because you couldn't be half-arsed to actually do your job and check my claims that Voldemort had returned, just to name a few." Fudge fumed but stayed mercifully silent.

"Harry my boy, we must get you back to Hogwarts where you will be safe," Dumbledore said in his best grandfatherly tone.

"I will return to Hogwarts later Headmaster, I need to check on my friends," Harry snapped. "Hermione needs immediate medical attention."

"Don't worry my boy, I'm sure she will be fine," Dumbledore said breezily. "Now then."

"Back off Dumbledore, it seems to me that you aren't very concerned that one of your students is lying injured, possibly mortally, and yet you don't want to find her medical attention right away."

Several whispers were heard behind the pair as the Ministry infighting had died down for the moment.

"Mr. Potter, what were you doing here?" Madam Bones asked. "And you brought other students with you?"

"Yes," Harry sighed, trying to quell the growing feeling of guilt at the fact that he had led his friends into a trap. "Me, Ron and Ginny Weasley, Hermione Granger, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood came with me because Voldemort planted an image in my head, showing that he was torturing someone close to me."

"You-Know-Who is in your head!" Bones exclaimed.

"He was, but not anymore," Harry said. "The night that he killed my parents, his curse backfired and created a link between us, but its gone now." Dumbledore froze and looked at Harry with a calculating gaze but Harry ignored him.

"I led them into a trap, where twelve Death Eaters were waiting for us, including most of the Azkaban escapees and Lucius Malfoy," Harry said.

"Lucius Malfoy is no more a Death Eater than I am!" Fudge roared. "You are lying boy!"

"Go down to the Department of Mysteries and check for yourself!" Harry shouted back. "He and Bellatrix should still be tied up in that room with the Arch, Dolohov is dead in one of the offices, and there are several others scattered down there."

"Aurors! Get down there," Bones boomed.

"Some of my friends were injured when we were trying to get out, so if you could send down some Healers with them, that would be much appreciated," Harry said.

Bones nodded. "Of course, though I don't appreciate a school-boy giving me orders Mr. Potter," she said.

"Sorry Madam Bones but its been a long night," Harry said.

"Yes it has Mr. Potter, now if you please allow me to send you back to Hogwarts, we have much to discuss," Dumbledore said.

"Not yet Dumbledore," Harry argued. "I'll return to Hogwarts once I know that Hermione and the others are ok. And my name is Lord Potter."

Dumbledore frowned as he whipped out his wand and sent a quick spell at Harry's robes. However, a shield appeared in front of Harry and reflected the spell back at Dumbledore. The reflection was so quick that Dumbledore didn't have time to dodge or cancel the spell and his robes glowed blue for a second before he vanished in a rush of light.

"What was that Lord Potter?" Madam Bones asked.

"Dumbledore shot a spell at me and I reflected it back at him," Harry said. "It seems that he was trying to turn my robes into a Portkey against my will. Am I wrong in thinking that that is illegal? And it's Harry or Mr. Potter if you have to be formal; I haven't done anything to earn my family's title. I only use it to annoy Dumbledore and Fudge."

"You are correct Mr. Potter," Bones said. "The creation of a Portkey is regulated by the Ministry, and the casting of the spell upon a person is highly illegal. Are you thinking of pressing charges?"

"I would but I know that it wouldn't do any good," Harry said. "I've recently discovered that Dumbledore has been taking quite a few liberties when it comes to my welfare."

The monocle in Madam Bones' eye came dangerously close to falling out. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"This isn't something that should be discussed freely, also did you know that my godfather, Sirius Black, was sent to Azkaban without a trial," Harry commented. "How is it that my godfather was 'convicted' of betraying my parents and me, when his oath as godfather would strip him of his magic if he did anything to place me in harms way."

Madam Bones froze as this information sunk in. "But Dumbledore said that Black was your parents' Secret Keeper?" she said.

"Of course he did, he couldn't have my legal guardian having custody of me," Harry growled. They reached the lifts and each fell silent as they descended to the DOM. As soon as the lift doors opened, Harry flew out of the lift and raced toward Neville, who was carrying Hermione in his arms.

"How is she?" Harry asked forcefully as he skidded to a stop.

"Not good," Neville said. "She needs a Healer soon, whatever you did helped but it's not enough."

Harry nodded and turned to Madam Bones. "Director Bones, we need a healer here now," Harry barked. Behind them, the lift pinged once more and the doors opened. Dumbledore stepped out, a frown on his normally cheery face.

"Harry my boy, you must return to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said. "It's not safe here."

"Like its any safer at Hogwarts," Harry retorted. "Surely you can trust the Director of the Magical Law Enforcement Department to keep me safe, or better yet, how about you trust me?"

"Whatever do you mean my boy, of course I trust you," Dumbledore soothed.

"Really, is that why you haven't spoken three words to me since last summer? Or had me locked up at Privet Drive over the summer without allowing my friends to write me?" Harry growled. "Or what about the fact that you have had me followed over the holidays, and yet I still had to fight off two Dementors! So excuse me for not agreeing with your assessment of your trust."

Dumbledore's frown grew at Harry's answer. Amelia looked from Harry to Dumbledore. "Albus, is this true?" she asked.

"Harry's safety is paramount in all this," Dumbledore said with a twinkly eye. "If you would excuse us?"

"No!" Harry snapped. "I refuse to go anywhere with you Dumbledore! If you had just told me what was going on, we wouldn't be in this situation. And where is that HEALER!"

A yellow robbed Healer appeared around Dumbledore and raced toward Hermione and Neville. After a moment's pause, the Healer turned to Madam Bones and said, "This girl is in serious need of St. Mungo's. We need to get her there now. Do you know what curse she was struck with?"

"It looked like a purple flame, the caster, Dolohov, was silenced so I didn't hear a incantation," Harry said quickly. The Healer paled.

"I know that curse well, and the caster," the man growled. "She's lucky that Dolohov was silenced, the curse is much less powerful silent than when the caster speaks the incantation. She's lucky that she wasn't cut in half."

Harry paled and wobbled at the thought that Hermione might have been killed, and because of his stubbornness. "Can you help her? I'll pay for anything and everything she needs," Harry said.

The Healer nodded. "Thank you, I'll take her to St. Mungo's now," he said, pulling a coin from his pocket. He had Neville lay Hermione on the floor and placed the coin on her forehead and tapped it. Hermione and the Healer vanished in a swirl of light.

"Now that that's been taken care of, Harry I must insist that you accompany me back to Hogwarts," Dumbledore said. "We have much to discuss."

"Yes we do Headmaster, like why you have been keeping this prophecy from me," Harry said. "Why were your and Professor Trelawney's initials on the tag? Did you have any intention of telling me about it? Why did Voldemort want this so badly that he tricked me into thinking that he had captured Sirius? Also, what took you all so long, Snape knew that we were planning on leaving, yet you all turned up an hour after we arrived!"

"Harry, this isn't the place to discuss these things," Dumbledore said. "And Severus only got word to me a short time ago."

"So Snape decided to let us run off to the Ministry when he knew that it was most likely a trap and didn't see to inform you, and you say he's your most trusted member of the Order!" Harry ranted. "We could have all been killed before any of you got here, and Voldemort would have gotten this thing and then where would we be?"

"I'm sure Severus knew what he was doing," Dumbledore chided. "He must have thought to wait to see if you truly did leave for the Ministry. And Harry, why would you leave Hogwarts?"

"I thought that Voldemort was torturing my godfather!" Harry roared. "How was I supposed to know it was a fake vision, the one that Voldemort sent me over Christmas was real!"

"That was why you must learn Occlumency, didn't Severus teach you how to close your mind?"

"OF COURSE NOT, SNAPE HATES ME!" Harry roared; the hallway shuddered over the force of Harry's boiling magic. "All he did was tell me to 'clear my mind' and then used a full powered attack!"

"WHAT!" Amelia cried. "That doesn't help protect someone's mind, it destroys any natural defenses the person might have and makes it easier for someone to read a person's mind."

Harry's face darkened, while Dumbledore's face paled. "I knew it!" Harry growled. "Snape was making it easier for Voldemort to send my visions, that's why my scar always hurt more after those so-called 'lessons'."

"I'm sure Severus felt that it was the best way to deal with the problem," Dumbledore said. Harry, Amelia and Neville looked at the Headmaster in shock. "No matter though, Harry, we must return to Hogwarts."

"Bollocks to that Dumbledore, I'm not going anywhere with you," Harry snapped. "I'm going to find Remus and see if the rest of my friends are ok."

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that Harry, it's for the Greater Good that you listen to me," Dumbledore said, drawing his wand.

"So are you going to block my magic again, eh Dumbledore?" Harry asked quietly. "Going to try and mold me into a pliable little martyr that follows you blindly."

Dumbledore looked stunned at Harry. "Do you truly think that I think so little of you Harry, that you are just a puppet to me?" he asked in a sad tone.

"Don't try and guilt trip old man," Harry growled. "I know that you've been keeping things from me, for my supposed 'own good' but I should be the one who decides that, or my guardian…of whom you are not a part of," Harry continued as Dumbledore looked to interrupt. "Care to tell the Director of the DMLE why my Godfather was locked up in Azkaban for twelve years without a trial, when it was magically impossible for him to have betrayed my parents and me!"

"Now isn't the time to be discussing this," Dumbledore said. "We need to return to my office and…"

"Are you deaf old man!?" Harry barked. "I'm not going anywhere with you! Director Bones is there anything you need me or Neville for, I would like to go St. Mungo's to check on Hermione."

"Of course Mr. Potter, if you and Mr. Longbottom would follow me, I'll escort you two to St. Mungo's," Amelia said. "If you would excuse us Albus, I'm sure we'll be having words sometime soon."

Dumbledore felt something that he hadn't felt in a very long time; a shiver went up his spine at the thought of having to explain his actions to Amelia Bones. He watched as the grey-haired woman walk with the two children of prophecy down the hallway and disappears into the lifts.

"Harry!" Remus Lupin cried out as Harry stepped out of the lift back in the Atrium, a large black dog looping at his side.

"Hey Moony, Snuffles, we're about to go to St. Mungo's to check on Hermione," Harry said.

"But what about Dumbledore, he said that you had gone back to Hogwarts," Remus said.

"Albus Dumbledore has no authority over me outside of being my Headmaster, for too long has he made decisions on my behalf without even asking my opinion," Harry growled. "No more."

Remus looked stunned at Harry's words but Snuffles barked happily next to the werewolf. Harry grabbed some Floo powder from next to the fireplace and called out "St. Mungo's!" before vanishing in a swirl of green flames.

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