Full Moon Mating

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Summary: Kagome soon finds herself in lots of trouble, when she is raped, bitten and pupped by Sesshomaru on the night of the full moon mating. That is a problem. With Sesshomaru claim as her as his mate, can Kagome have stopped Naraku and his new ally from getting the shards and enslaving the world?

Chapter One: Battle and then caught

Sango took Kagome's hand and rushed her towards the well, while she cursed Inuyasha's name. "Idiot…grr…he's gonna get his ass kicked later…"

"Sango-Chan, wait! What is going on?" Kagome asked, in confusion.

"The full moon mating starts tonight; it's when demons find their mates. Demonesses have the full moon mating every month, but with males, it's different; they only have theirs's every six years. Some will find their mates, while others are just looking to rut and then kill whoever they are with. But if a demon tries to mate with a human, they are killed in the process," Sango explained.

"Why are you sending me home? What about you?"

"I'm married and I'm not a virgin anymore. Not to be rude, but I'm stronger then you and can protect myself. However, you are still a virgin. We are running out of time! We need to go faster. Kirara!" Sango hissed.

Kirara transformed and waited for the girls to get on. When they jumped on, Sango in the front and Kagome in the rear, the nekomata took to the air, racing against time to get to the well. They had been flying for a few hours when a large demonic aura started following them and catching up.

Kagome turned around to see a large white beast charging after them, "Sango, look."

Sango glanced behind them to see the large white dog chasing them. They both knew who it was; Lord Sesshomaru of the West.

"Kirara, faster!" Sango had to yell above the wind to be heard. Kirara picked up speed, but wasn't fast enough; Sesshomaru was swiftly gaining on them.

Kagome placed her hands together and made a strong barrier.

"Kagome?" Sango questioned when she saw it.

"I train with Miroku and Kaede every night. That is why I am tired every morning. We kept it a secret from Inuyasha. I thought you would have noticed." Kagome replied.

Sango was shocked to say at least. She turned to face the front as they continued to race against Sesshomaru. Kagome looked back to see he was trying to get into the barrier. She held tighter onto Sango as she felt her barrier breaking.

Kagome placed her hands together again, then pushed them forward. She had created millions of balls out of her reiki, cocooning them in glowing pink orbs. She let one go first then the rest, watching them hit Sesshomaru. "Kagome," Sango panicked, "Kirara is slowing down! She can't keep this pace much longer."

"Sango, switch with me for a moment." Kagome told her. Once she was at the feline's head, Kagome placed her hands onto Kirara and boosted the nekomata's energy with her own. The girls switched back as Kirara flew faster than before, as they heard Sesshomaru's roar over the rushing wind.

They all felt a shiver run down their spines as they both looked back to see Sesshomaru glowing a sickly green color, like that of his poison whips. Soon, the glowing aura released and went straight towards them. Kagome made a barrier with her reiki again, even stronger than before.

"Sango, I can't hold off Sesshomaru for much longer." Kagome told her friend breathlessly. Sesshomaru's youkai hit the barrier hard, and Kagome was soon struggling to keep up her barrier as she poured more of her powers into it. Sango told Kirara to land, as they approached the well.

The girls jumped off the large fire cat, facing away from the approaching demon lord. Kagome stood up and took off running towards the well, hoping she would make it with Sango hot on her heels. Sango looked overhead to see Sesshomaru attempting to land in front of them, effectively cutting off the path to the well.

"Kagome, run faster!" Sango screamed at her as and threw her weapon at Sesshomaru.

Sango dodged Sesshomaru's return attack and struck again, hoping that Kagome would get home safe. She was tiring fast as she breathed in the gas that was pouring out of Sesshomaru's mouth and Sango knew that she needed to get away and now.

Sango dodged once more and raced in the opposite direction of Kagome, still praying and hoping to god that her friend had gotten out and was safe.

Kagome heard Sango yelling and she sprinted faster, her legs and lungs were burning, she could feel her heart pounding like it was going to come out of her chest. She looked behind her to see demons with red glowing eyes chasing her, all the while muttering to herself, "Stupid Inuyasha."

Suddenly, she heard the demons screaming in pain, but she didn't dare to look behind her this time. She made sure her barrier was up and strong, and she channelled her reiki into her legs and feet to go faster. She looked up to see her savior, the well. She dashed towards it as she heard a growl from behind her. She glanced over her shoulder to see Sesshomaru with his hair out of place, reiki burn marks on his body and clothes. She flinched when she looked at his eyes, which were red with lust and lacked control. His beast was now out, and Kagome couldn't help but shiver.

Slowly moving backwards, she felt the well hit her legs. Sighing in relief, she studied Sesshomaru as he growled at her and she noticed that his left arm had re-grown. When did his arm grow back… her mind went back to the air attack to remember seeing four legs instead of three.

Kagome jumped as she saw him making his move towards her. She dodged out of the way as she summoned more reiki balls and shot them at him. He howled in pain and looked at her with lust.

Kagome made three strong barriers around herself and watched as Sesshomaru launched himself at her barriers. She sent out waves of her reiki to distract him as Kagome again moved closer to the well but had to spin away as she saw Sesshomaru approaching her fast. She sent another purifying ball at him, leapt over him, and made for the well again.

His clothes were burnt but everything else was fine, his powers pulsed with strength. His aura surrounded him, white and green and his hair looked longer, gleaming silver and floating in the wind.

He had been unprepared when she had thrown up a barrier, hitting it before being pushed back a few feet. He growled at her to submit and attacked again, but her barrier stayed true.

He attacked again when Kagome moved to get away from him. She could see him chanting something under his breath but didn't have time to figure out what as she had to jump up as he flung out his whip again, but she was too slow. She was hit and shouted in pain, and then she was falling to the ground. She landed with a thud and groaned in pain as she felt a bone in her arm break and her mouth filled with blood. Blistering red eyes stared at her face as she turned to see Sesshomaru grinning sickeningly at her. She tried to summon her reiki, but the attack had drained all her powers; Kagome couldn't even defend herself against him anymore.

Her eyes had tears within them as she saw Sesshomaru race towards her and grabbed her roughly around the stomach, dragging her limp, exhausted form to his chest. He flew into the air with Kagome dreading the act soon to come.

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