I do not own Glee or any of the original characters, It all belongs to RIB and Fox. Any characters you don't recognise are my own creations.

This may turn into a series after I have finished other stories but, for now, it's a two-shot.

Sometimes Rachel, Santana and Sugar need some extra special attention. Luckily for them, Quinn and Brittany like to give them the attention they need. Contains non sexual Age-play.

Chapter 1/2

Santana sighs as she leans back in her seat, gripping on to the arm rest so tightly that her knuckles glow white and strain against the skin. She had never been a good flyer and she hates it even more this time; the first time she is flying on her own. Most of the other passengers on the flight are gazing out of the windows and saying their goodbyes to the New York skyline, she doesn't even risk glancing in the direction of the window. Santana curses herself for leaving her course work until the last minute, handing it in exactly on the deadline rather than a week before like Rachel had. She also curses herself for turning down Rachel when the smaller girl had offered to get the later flight with her but, at the same time, she's glad that she did. Rachel had been looking forward to going home to their unique family for weeks, it would have been selfish for Santana to make her wait because of her laziness. She'd be lying to herself if she said she wasn't jealous that the other four girls had already been together for two days now, but she only has herself to blame.

"First time flyer?" the man next to her asks kindly.

"No," she answers shortly, seriously not in the mood to make small talk with strangers right now. Not while she's inside a tin can...thirty thousand feet in the air. She feels a little guilty when she notices his disgruntled look and she shoots him a weak but apologetic smile. The man seems to understand, grinning at her with a shrug and putting his headphones on. Santana slowly lets out a breath, wishing the damn plane would move a little faster so that she can get off. Two years ago, she would never have imagined that her life would be like this, that she'd be exited about going back to Lima for the summer. To get back to her new family and back into her pull-up diaper.

"Here you go, ma'am," the air hostess says with a polite smile, handing Santana the bottle of water she had requested a little while ago.

"Thanks," she murmurs, choosing to ignore the fact that she had just been called ma'am. She's only twenty years old, the only time she wants to be called ma'am is when she and Rachel are in bed. It amuses her as the compares what she and Rachel got up to a few nights ago to what they will be doing for most of the summer. Instead of girlfriends, they will be sisters. Santana knows that her three year old self will most likely spend the next couple of months stealing Rachel's stuffed toys. She feels a grin tug at the corners of her mouth and she shakes her head at herself as she feels a warm glow spread through her body, truly excited to be going home. It's definitely not how she had planned her life, but she wouldn't change it for the world.


Quinn smiles as Rachel snuggles close to her, her head resting on Quinn's chest and her fingers lightly stroking the soft wool of Quinn's knitted sweater. Neither of them have heard of the book that they are reading, Brittany had brought it home with her earlier that day and Quinn knows that her girlfriend just grabbed the first book she saw that would be suitable for a five year old. Rachel grins when her mommy uses funny voices, a different one for each character, and she snuggles even closer to her, her thumb slowly drifting upwards and into her mouth. Brittany smiles fondly as she silently enters the bedroom, thinking about how adorable Rachel looks in her pink princess pajamas. The tall dancer squeezes onto the edge of the bed and she leans back against the headboard, listening as her girlfriend continues to read to Rachel. Rachel always loved this time with her mommies, when she's getting all of their attention. Her mommy always reads her bedtime stories and her mama would always join them, the three of them snuggled together. It's her favourite part of the day. Yes, she loves her little sisters but it's nice when they're in bed and she gets Quinn and Brittany all to herself. Although, Santana isn't home yet so it had just been the four of them today and Rachel can't wait to see Santana, even if she does steal her toys!

"Mommy, I'm sleepy now," Rachel murmurs.

"Okay, babe, we'll finish this chapter tomorrow night." Quinn shares a smile with Brittany as the taller blonde slides out of the bed and helps her girlfriend up. Brittany takes Quinn's hand into hers and leads her downstairs. They both smile as they walk into the living room to see that Sugar is still fast asleep in her play-pen, using her stuffed rabbit as a pillow. Quinn would have preferred that Sugar hadn't fallen asleep there but she doesn't have the heart to wake her. At least she's not like Santana, who would fall asleep absolutely anywhere when she decided to. Once, much to the amusement of Brittany and Quinn, she had even fallen asleep face down on the kitchen floor during a tantrum.

"Have you pumped recently?" Brittany asks quietly as they look down at Sugar.

"Not today, I hope she wakes up soon because I want to grab a little sleep before I head to the airport," Quinn murmurs.

"Well, go pump and then I'll take care of her feed while you have a nap," Brittany states, kissing Quinn's temple. Quinn nods and smiles at her girlfriend before walking through to the kitchen and grabbing the breast pump from the drawer. Their little family had been together since Quinn had been a few months pregnant with Beth, and after she had given her up for adoption, they had saved her from the downward spiral of depression. It had only been a few days after Beth's birth that she had started breastfeeding Sugar. Sugar had slyly pulled Quinn's shirt down and looked up at her with big, brown eyes and, for some reason, it had just felt natural. After the first feed, Quinn had been worried about Brittany's reaction but, Brittany being Brittany, smiled and shrugged her shoulders and said she kinda expected it. Santana had found it fascinating when she first saw her mommy feeding Sugar that way, and had always sat next to her while Sugar was suckling; curiously watching her. Brittany had let her try some pre-pumped breast milk out of the bottle once, Santana announcing that it was gross and losing interest while Brittany grinned victoriously. Rachel, on the other hand, had never even found it remotely intriguing and why would she? Only babies are fed that way, why would she, a big girl, be interested in that?

"Babe? You okay?" Brittany asks as she wanders into the kitchen to find Quinn leaning against the counter, two full bottles of breast milk in her hands and a third one sitting on the counter next to her.

"Yeah, I'm good," Quinn smiles, "I was just thinking."

"Anything in particular?" Brittany questions, standing in front of Quinn and leaning into her, her hands on Quinn's hips.

"Just our girls," Quinn replies with a warm smile. "I'm going to get some sleep, will you wake me up around twenty minutes before I need to leave?"

"Sure," Brittany smiles, craning her neck down to press a tender kiss to her girlfriend's lips before taking the bottles from her. "Santana will be thrilled to see you at the airport," she adds and Quinn nods, it was usually Brittany who would meet any of them at the airport. Quinn playfully swats Brittany as she leaves the kitchen, Brittany shooting her a wink before putting two of the bottles in the refigerator and grabbing the one left on the counter. When she walks back into the living room she notices that Sugar is waking up and she smirks, Sugar always seemed to have a sixth sense when it came to her mommy's milk. "Hey there, angel face," Brittany coos as she unlatches the gate of the play-pen and helps Sugar to her feet. She chuckles at the beam she receives in response and leads Sugar over to the sofa and sits down, Sugar immediately laying her head on the arm of the couch and stretching out on top of her mama.

"Mine," Sugar states seriously as she reaches for the bottle, wriggling upwards to grab it and causing her diaper to rustle against the sofa.

"Yeah, baby, it's yours," Brittany smiles, lowering the bottle and chuckling when Sugar instantly takes the nipple into her mouth, suckling desperately. "You're a hungry girl today, aren't you?" Brittany murmurs in amusement, thinking back to the tantrum that had almost happened when Quinn hadn't put more pasta on the fork quickly enough at dinner. "I bet Santana's really excited to see you," Brittany states with a grin. "Are you excited to see Santana?" she asks animatedly. Sugar nods and grins around the teat of the bottle, milk spilling out of the corner of her mouth. "Me too, baby girl, me too."


Santana stifles a yawn as she impatiently waits beside the luggage carousel, mentally cursing anyone who stands to close to her. She's not in the mood for this. She's tired, and hungry and, most of all, desperate to see Brittany, her mama. It's just her luck that it takes ages for her suitcase to be put on the carousel, of course it would happen when she had rushed off of the plane. Slowly, luggage begins to trickle passed her and she sighs every single time some brushes passed her to grab it. Personal space, people. Jeez. Finally, after what feels like forever, she spots her suitcase slowly drifting towards her. She grabs it and hauls it off of the carousel as soon as it reaches her, almost knocks another person out. She's tired, she's allowed to be a hypocrite. Dragging her suitcase along behind her, she makes her way out of arrivals and desperately looks around for Brittany, happy tears flooding her gaze when she spots Quinn instead. Santana walks quickly, almost jogging, towards her and launches herself into Quinn's arms.

"I missed you," she murmurs into Quinn's shoulder, squeezing her tightly.

"I missed you too," Quinn responds. "I missed my little girl, too." Santana pulls back and beams at her as Quinn takes the suitcase from her and leads her out to the parking lot. "How was your flight?"

"It sucked, I hate flying even more when I'm on my own."

"That's what happens when you leave your school work to the last minute," Quinn teases her. Santana rolls her eyes at the predictable response but doesn't reply. She's too busy fighting off the sudden lump that rises in her throat and the flood of tears welling in her dark eyes. Santana silently follows Quinn to the car, biting down on her plump bottom lip when it begins to quiver. Quinn notices Santana's change in demeanour as she opens the trunk of the car and she smiles knowingly while placing the suitcase inside and closing the trunk again.

"Are you okay, sweet girl?" she asks softly, gazing kindly at Santana and reaching out to rub her arm soothingly. Quinn isn't surprised when Santana slams into her and wraps her arms around her, this is what usually happens. It only ever takes a slightly maternal comment, like a dig about procrastinating with her school work, to help Santana get into her little mindset.

"I missed you so much, mommy," Santana blubbers into Quinn's jacket.

"I know, sweetheart, I know. Mommy missed you too," Quinn murmurs softly, gently rubbing the upset girl's back. "So, so much," she adds quietly.

"I want a San sandwich," Santana whimpers, referring to the hug her mommy and mama would give her whenever she needed one, both of them squishing her in between them.

"Mama's still awake, she's been looking forward to seeing you but she had to stay home with your sisters so that mommy could surprise you," Quinn explains. "You can get as many San sandwiches as you need," she reassures her girl.

"You promise?" Santana sniffles, pulling back to look at her mommy with red rimmed eyes.

"I promise. Now, come on, let's get you in the car," Quinn says kindly, leading Santana to the right hand side door for the backseat. She helps Santana with her seat belt, the special cushioned neck protector already attached to it. Quinn smiles to herself and swipes at the happy tears that leak from her eyes as she makes her way around the car and climbs into the driver's seat. "Here you go, sweetheart," Quinn states warmly, pulling a toy monkey from her purse and handing it to Santana, chuckling at the excited squeal she receives in response. She listens attentively as the three year old tells her all about the adventures that she and her monkey, Morris, would get up to during the summer. She'd be unable to remove the smile from her lips even if she wanted to. Finally, their family is complete again.

To be continued...