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Chapter 14

Quinn swallows a sigh as she watches Rachel haphazardly shove a t'shirt into her suitcase, knowing she'll have to repack everything later once Rachel gets bored of 'helping'. She hates that this is their last evening here, especially since Rachel and Santana will be going back to New York a few days after they return to Lima. It makes her happy to know that Rachel and Santana will come back for a few days before the end of summer, though. She wishes they didn't have to miss out on a few extra weeks together, but it's understandable that they have other things to do. She, Brittany and Sugar do, too. They have their little family, but they also have their regular lives to live, and futures to prepare for.

"Mommy, I'm done with my clothes," Rachel announces, slamming the case closed.

"Great job, baby girl," Quinn praises as she kisses Rachel's forehead. "Thank you for helping."

"Can I go play?" Rachel eagerly questions.

"Yes, but you need to ask mama if you want to go outside," Quinn warns her. "We'll be having dinner soon, so try not to make a huge mess," she adds. Rachel nods and rushes out of the bedroom, seemingly thrilled to be finished with packing. Quinn sighs and opens the case back up.

"I could have told you that you would need to do it all over again." Quinn glances over her shoulder at Brittany, rolling her eyes at the smirk on her girlfriend's face. Brittany grins and leans against the doorframe, "Rachel said something about making a new game, Santana and Sugar are crashed out on Santana's bed."

"Already?" Quinn stops packing and turns to face Brittany in surprise. Brittany shrugs,

"they were tired. Santana said we were to wake her up when it's time to eat," Brittany adds, rolling her eyes. "I was gonna wake them up a little earlier than that, though. We probably want to have them in bed pretty early tonight, right?" Quinn nods,

"yeah," she sighs. "We have an early start tomorrow." Brittany frowns as she watches Quinn's shoulders slump, and Quinn doesn't even have to say how she's feeling.

"I hate this, too," Brittany murmurs. She steps forward and engulfs Quinn in a tight hug, "I don't like saying goodbye to them. It was so much easier when we are all still in high school."

"Yeah," Quinn breathes out, "so much easier."

"But," Brittany begins, "it doesn't matter if it's not as easy as before," she murmurs. "We have something that's worth fighting for, and all five of us want to fight for it. If it's worth having, then we fight to keep it."

"You're right," Quinn mumbles into Brittany's shoulder.

"Duh," Brittany playfully states. "It's okay to be sad, but we just have to remember that it's not over. It's just on pause for a little while. We all live our lives, and then we come back to each other and be a family whenever we want or need to," Brittany murmurs. "We just gotta be patient. This family is never going to be completely over, we're just not going to be together right now."

"I'm going to miss them," Quinn pouts. Brittany pulls out of the hug and nods, smiling gently at her girlfriend.

"Me too, but now we get to speak to our friends," Brittany softly states. "I love having them as our daughters, but I do miss having them as our friends, too."

"Yeah, I kinda miss Santana's drunken skype sessions," Quinn chuckles. "Those are fun."

"I don't get drunk!" They both turn to see Santana standing in the doorway, her hands planted on her hips and an indignant expression on her face. Brittany grins,

"we know you don't get drunk, baby girl," Brittany states, "but girl girl Santana does."

"Oh yeah," Santana wrinkles her nose, frowning for a minute.

"Did you need something, or did you come to help me pack?" Quinn questions.

"No!" Santana exclaims, looking horrified at the thought of having to help her mommy pack. "Sugar woke me up, she wants your boob," Santana seriously states. "I don't know why she likes it so much, your boob is gross," Santana grumbles, her nose wrinkling in disgust. Quinn feels mildly insulted, even if she does know that Santana didn't mean it like that. She rolls her eyes when she hears Brittany stifle a laugh,

"such a little charmer," Quinn murmurs as she passes Santana, stopping briefly to kiss the girl's head. Santana walks over to the suitcase and sadly peers inside.

"I wish we didn't have to go," Santana mumbles, pouting heavily as she slumps down onto the bed. Brittany grimaces and sits down next to her, placing her hand on Santana's knee.

"I know, baby girl, I know," Brittany murmurs, "but we'll all be back together again soon. I promise." Santana sighs loudly and plays with her mama's fingers. "Hey, look at me," Brittany instructs her, waiting until big brown eyes meet hers. "It's going to be okay, honey. "We'll always get to see each other, families always find their way back to each other," Brittany seriously says.

"You promise, mama?"

"I promise."


Dinner had been a surprisingly calm affair and Quinn is thrilled about it. She'd have hated to have needed to punish for of their girls on their last night here. The girls are exhausted and it's beginning to show, especially Santana. Just like she is every other time that she's tired, the poor girl is being clingy and whiny with Quinn and Brittany. Although if you asked Santana about it, she'd vehemently deny being tired at all. As much as Quinn would prefer to see her girls' smiling faces, she can't deny that she finds them to be extra adorable when they're sleepy and cranky.

"Come on, Rach," Quinn hears Brittany state, and she smiles at the tender tone that her girlfriend uses. Quinn places the dish towel on the counter and walks through to the living room, finding a small stand off taking place between Brittany and Rachel.

"I can't," Rachel mumbles.

"Yes you can," Brittany contradicts her. "I know you're tired, sweetheart, but you would need to get up super early tomorrow if you don't have a bath tonight," she reasons, her voice still soft and kind. "Come on, honey. Santana's just about to get out of the tub, then you can get in."

"I just wanna go to bed, mama," Rachel grumbles. Brittany sighs and gazes at Quinn, shrugging lightly. Quinn smiles and nods. It'd be very easy for them to just order Rachel into the tub, or to punish her, but that doesn't seem fair. She's not being defiant, she's just exhausted and desperate to go to bed.

"Alright, baby," Brittany sighs. "You can have one in the morning instead. Go say goodnight to mommy." Brittany gently pushes Rachel towards Quinn, "can you finish getting Santana ready for me please?"

"Sure, Quinn nods as she opens her arms to Rachel. "Sleep well, my angel," Quinn smiles, kissing Rachel's forehead. "I love you."

"I love you, too, mommy," Rachel murmurs, allowing herself to be led away by Brittany. Quinn watches her oldest girl go, smiling gently at how sweet her tired little girl is. Sighing softly, Quinn makes her way to the bathroom to take care of Santana. She finds the girl sitting in the tub, her head resting on the edge of the tub, clearly close to tears. "Hey there, sweet girl," Quinn smiles softly.

"Mommy," Santana whimpers, her chin quivering as she stares up at her mommy with wide, sad eyes.

"Well that's a really sad, little face," Quinn states, pouting sympathetically. "Did you finish washing?"

"No," Santana mumbles, "I got too tired," she adds, tears of frustration welling inside her brown eyes.

"Oh, well that's okay, baby girl. Mommy will help you finish and then we'll get you into your pyjamas," Quinn tells her kindly, kneeling down beside the bath. "You're okay," she murmurs, using the sponge to gently wash Santana. Quinn feels bad for the girl, Santana never could handle being tired. She'd become clingy and whiny, tears and frustration, mostly with herself, would come easily. Quinn can tell, by looking into those tear filled eyes, that Santana is extremely overtired. Getting her washed and out of the tub quickly would be essential if Quinn wanted to avoid a meltdown. Santana's meltdowns at the best of times were impressive, but her meltdowns when she's tired are nothing short of epic.

"I'm clean now, mommy," Santana insists, "I can get out now." Quinn had wanted to double check that Brittany had gotten all of the shampoo out of their girl's hair, but she shrugs it off. There's no point upsetting Santana any further. They'd be going straight home tomorrow, anyway.

"Okay, sweetheart, up you get." Quinn keeps a gentle, but firm hold on Santana's arm as the girl slowly rises to her feet. Grabbing the nearest towel, Quinn drops Santana's arm and holds it open. She wraps the fluffy towel around her girl and helps her out of the bath, frowning when Santana lets out a whine.

"I'm tired, mommy," Santana whispers, leaning heavily into Quinn's side.

"I know, baby," Quinn soothingly murmurs, leading Santana into her bedroom. Brittany is helping Rachel into bed, the brunette barely awake. "You guys played hard today, huh? You tired yourselves out big time," she remarks kindly. Brittany and Quinn share a look when Santana merely grumbles, Rachel not even bothering to respond at all. Brittany tenderly kisses Rachel's forehead and tucks her into bed, smiling kindly at the girl.

"Goodnight, baby. I love you."

"Night, mama. Love you, too," Rachel sleepily mumbles. Brittany watches as Rachel immediately turns to face the wall, her eyes drifting closed. It won't be long until the girl is out cold. Brittany grins and turns around to find Quinn struggling with Santana, their middle girl refusing to even attempt to dress into her pyjamas.

"Hey now, big girl, do as mommy asks," Brittany gently chastises, "we'll help you." Santana doesn't respond, choosing to flop down face first onto the bed, jostling Rachel, instead. "Santana, stand up," Brittany coaxes in a soft tone. "The sooner you are dressed, the sooner you can go to sleep."

"No, mama," Santana whines, frustration evident in her voice. Brittany sighs,

"Santana!" she raises her voice ever so slightly, just to get her attention. "Stand up right now." This is all it takes for Santana's tears to fall, the girl sobbing into the duvet and disturbing Rachel. Brittany moved forward and carefully pulls Santana to her feet, "living room," she murmurs to Quinn. Quinn nods and grabs Santana's pyjamas, leading Santana and Brittany to the sofa.

"The poor thing is exhausted," Quinn murmurs.

"Totally," Brittany nods as she sinks into the couch with Santana. "Hey now, what's all this?" Brittany questions softly, pulling the towel clad girl closer to her.

"I'm tiiiired," Santana sobs, burying her face into Brittany's neck as her mama rubs her back.

"Oh I know, my poor girl, but we need to get you dried and into your pyjamas," Brittany explains. "Once we do that, you can go straight to sleep," she promises. "Go on, stand up, mommy has your pull-up and pyjamas," Brittany urges. Santana, still sniffling, reluctantly stands up.

"Good girl," Quinn praises with a kind smile. She bends down and holds out Santana's pull-up, helping the girl to step into it. Sliding it up Santana's legs, Quinn smiles and gently kisses the tip of Santana's nose. "You're doing so well, big girl." Santana doesn't respond, but she doesn't fight it when her mommy helps her into her pyjama pants. She takes the top from Quinn, it's usually her job to put her top on, and attempts to put it on. Santana gets tangled, and fresh tears spring from her eyes.

"Oh, honey," Brittany murmurs when she realises that Santana is stuck, and she stands up to help Quinn untangle their tired little girl. Santana sobs hard, completely frustrated with herself and her tired body.

"You're okay now," Quinn promises her as they free the girl and help her put her top on properly. "See, you're okay." Santana's tears don't stop falling and Quinn sighs when she hears a cry coming from her bedroom, Sugar is awake.

"Go," Brittany states in a relaxing tone, "I've got Santana." Quinn shoots Brittany a smile, hating that Santana's cries only grow as she leaves the room. "You've got yourself all worked up, sweetheart," Brittany murmurs as she sits down and pulls Santana onto her lap. "Mama's got you, you're okay. Deep breaths, big girl." Brittany leans back against the sofa cushions and holds Santana close, gently rocking her. "You're fighting it now," Brittany warns her, "don't fight it, just close your eyes."

"Mama," Santana whimpers, unable to express her feelings.

"I know," Brittany hushes her. "Come on now, close your eyes." Brittany rubs soothing circles onto Santana's back, quietly humming a lullaby as Santana's sniffling begins to die down. "Santana," she states in a warning tone, noticing that the girl is squirming. She's too tired to even know what she wants anymore. "Settle down please, come on...it's time to sleep." Brittany slowly rocks her until Santana calms down, and she's relieved that it doesn't take very long. Using all of the strength in her legs, Brittany carefully rises to her feet and carries Santana bridal style to the bedrooms.

"Love, mama," Santana mumbles, barely coherent.

"I love you, too, angel," Brittany smiles, gently placing Santana into bed and pulling the comforter up to her chin. "Sleep well, baby girl." Brittany kisses Santana's head and quietly steps away from her, watching as Santana snuggles into Rachel. That's it, they're both definitely down for the night now. Brittany creeps out of the bedroom and heads to the other bedroom. She finds Quinn laying in bed, propped up by her pillows and nursing Sugar.

"She got woken up by all of the crying," Quinn murmurs, "she's okay now, though."

"So I see," Brittany replies, smiling tenderly at the sight before her. Carefully, Brittany climbs onto the bed and scoots closer to Quinn, laying her head on her girlfriend's shoulder as she watches Sugar. Sugar drinks greedily, her big, brown eyes never leaving her mommies. "Good girl," Brittany smiles, reaching out to stroke their baby's brow.

"It's so quiet now," Quinn remarks, "I can hardly believe it."

"I know," Brittany chuckles. "At least they'll have a good nights sleep, though." Brittany scoots even closer to Quinn, sighing contentedly as they both watch Sugar nurse. They love this time with their littlest one, both women thriving on the connection with the girl. It's quiet and peaceful, and they love having this special time with their girl.

"Hungry, aren't you?" Quinn coos, feeling her own eyes grow heavy. It's exhausting taking care of exhausted girls, and they're both feeling that now. Quinn doesn't fight it, she knows Brittany will put Sugar back to bed and cover her up when the girl is done. A small smile plays on her face as she drifts off, and it takes Brittany a few moments to even realise her girlfriend is asleep. She smiles and presses a soft kiss to Quinn's shoulder.

"Goodnight, my love."


Santana hates that she's back on a damn plane. It's a little bit less scary this time, though, as she has Rachel sitting right next to her. Her knuckles still glow tight from her firm grip, but this time she's grasping Rachel's hand and not the arms of her chair. There's no dude next to her trying to make conversation this time, just a silent, but supportive Rachel.

"What the hell is the hold up?" Santana hisses to Rachel, "we've been on the damn plane for almost an hour. If everyone hasn't boarded by now, they don't deserve to fly at all." Rachel bites down on her lip to stop herself from laughing at Santana's little rant.

"I'm sure we'll be taking off soon," Rachel reassures her. "It can't be too much longer."

"It better fucking not be," Santana grumbles, mainly to herself. Rachel shakes her head and rolls her eyes. "I just wish we didn't have to go back yet," Santana softly adds. "I do love that I get to spend some time with you, though. I didn't mean that I didn't want to be, you know, adults with you," Santana quickly says. She looks worried, concerned that she may have offended her girlfriend.

"I knew what you meant, honey," Rachel assures her, leaning across to gently kiss Santana's temple. "I miss being away from them, too. We'll see them again soon, though."

"Yeah, but only for a short time," Santana mumbles.

"It'll be okay, San. I promise. We just need to make the most of our visits with them," Rachel gently states. "It'll be okay. We'll all make sure we see each other." Santana gazes at Rachel, smiling tenderly.

"You're right," Santana nods. Rachel scoffs playfully,

"of course I am. I'm always right."

"So modest," Santana grins, poking her girlfriend in the ribs and eliciting a laugh from the woman. Leaning forward, Santana captures Rachel's lips in a soft, loving kiss. "Thank you," she all but whispers.

"Anytime, my love," Rachel murmurs. "Maybe you should try and rest, I know you don't enjoy flying." Santana shakes her head,

"I'm too on edge to sleep right now. I'll get some sleep once we're back in New York. Rachel nods, not missing the fact that Santana didn't refer to New York as home. She never has, and neither has Rachel, because New York isn't home. Home is wherever Quinn, Brittany and Sugar are. Home is with their family, their family that they will see again soon. Rachel smiles as she lays her head on Santana's shoulder, already counting down the days until they are all together again. When that day comes, they'll all be complete again.

"About fucking time," Santana states, a little too loudly, as the plane begins to move. Rachel rolls her eyes,

"Maybe we should get a bus next time."


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