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Chapter 2

Brittany isn't surprised when she wakes up to find herself alone in the large bed. She rolls over with a loud, jaw cracking yawn and glances at the clock, realising Quinn had been probably been up for hours. Brittany smiles as she hears giggling coming from outside the bedroom door, she has a very good idea about what's going to happen next. Closing her eyes, she sinks back into her pillow and pretends to sleep as the door slowly opens, quiet giggles and soft footsteps approaching the bed. Brittany struggles to keep a grin from her face as the mattress sinks down slightly from more weight being added to it.

"Mama!" she hears Rachel suddenly yell seconds before the girl lands on top of her, a second body bouncing down a second later. Brittany lets out a groan as someone's knee collides with her stomach, unable to keep up with her pretence of sleeping. "Morning, Mama." Rachel chirps into her ear. "Mommy sent me to wake you up!" she adds.

"Me too!" Santana shouts indignantly, causing Brittany to wince.

"Inside voice please, Santana." she gently chastises as she opens her eyes, feeling slightly guilty when she sees the adorable pout on Santana's face.

"Come on, mama! You need to get up!" Rachel says in, what Brittany assumes is supposed to be, a stern voice.

"Alright, alright, I'm getting up," Brittany chuckles. "Go ask mommy to start the coffee and I'll be right there," she adds. Rachel nods and bounces her way to the edge of the bed and shimmies down to the floor, taking off as soon as her feet hit the ground. "No running near the stairs!" Brittany calls after her. Blue eyes narrow slightly as she eyes Santana, the Latina squirming and flushing a deep pink as she chews on her bottom lip. "What's up, baby girl?" Brittany asks softly, even though she already has a pretty good idea of what the problem is.

"I'm wet, mama," Santana says sadly, her bottom lip puffing out in an adorable pout.

"That's okay, we'll get you changed before we go downstairs, no big deal," Brittany smiles. She slides out of bed and slips into a pair of baggy sweatpants, playfully rolling her eyes at Santana's giggle. She and Rachel always seemed to find it hilarious that their mama only slept in panties and a tank top, Brittany or Quinn had never understood what was so funny about it. "Let's go, babe." Brittany holds out her hand for Santana to take and she helps her slide off of the bed before guiding her out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. "There's no need to be embarrassed, baby girl," Brittany tells Santana kindly as she helps her step out of her pajama bottoms and pull up. "That's what the pull up is for."

"I know," Santana mumbles.

"Did you help mommy this morning?" Brittany asks as she cleans Santana up with some wet wipes, she can have a bath after breakfast.

"Yeah! Rachel didn't though," Santana responds seriously, her eyes wife. "She kept watching tv instead."

"Alright, tattle tale, I asked about you, not Rachel," Brittany chastises softly. She grabs another pull-up and holds it out for Santana to step into, Santana holding onto her shoulders to steady herself.

"Can I help give Sugar her bottle?" Santana asks eagerly, grinning sweetly at her mama.

"Of course you can," Brittany winks, "but first, let's get your pajama pants back on, huh?"` Brittany can't keep the smile from her face as she helps Santana back into her pajama bottoms, thrilled that she and Quinn have all three of their baby girls back for a while. Once Santana is all set, Brittany takes her hand and walks downstairs with her and into the kitchen. Santana instantly skips across to the table to continue her drawing that she had started before being sent to wake her mama up.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty," Quinn smirks, leaning up to kiss Brittany.

"Morning," Brittany grins, deepening the kiss and pulling Quinn closer to her.

"Ew! That's gwoss, mama!" Santana yells out, dramatically covering her eyes with her hands, her nose wrinkled in disgust.

It's not gross, Santana," Rachel scolds from across the table. "It's romantic, they're in love," she adds dreamily, "like Cinderella and the prince."

"Mama doesn't have glass slippers," Santana retorts, looking at Rachel as though she is dumb. "Kissing is gwoss," she adds with a tone of finality.

"No more kisses for Santana," Quinn states teasingly. "We don't want to gross her out, do we?" she grins, moving over to the table and kissing Rachel's forehead. "I'm gonna go wake Sugar from her nap," Quinn says to Brittany before making her way out of the kitchen.

"No! Wait! I like your kisses, mommy!" Santana shouts, jumping off of her chair and hurtling after Quinn. Brittany chuckles and shakes her head as she sits down next to Rachel, peering down at the girl's drawing.

"That's a pretty picture, baby girl," Brittany says kindly. "Is that us?"

"Uh huh. That's you, mommy, me, Sugar, and that's Santana. She's really small 'cause she's far away," Rachel explains, pointing at each family member in her drawing. "She's far away because she keeps wandering off, even though you and mommy keep telling her not to," she adds seriously.

"I see," Brittany smirks. "and where are we in the picture?" she asks, noticing the beam on Rachel's face, the girl is loving all of the attention she's getting.

"We're at mommy's house in the country," Rachel smiles, referring to the cottage that Quinn's parents own in the countryside. "We're getting ready to go swim in the lake. I didn't draw the sheep that are there 'cause Santana's scared of them," she explains.

"That's really cool, baby girl," Brittany smiles. "Maybe we can ask mommy about going there again sometime soon."

"Go where?!" Santana demands as she sprints back into the kitchen, skidding to a halt beside Brittany's chair.

"Well, you are going back out of the kitchen and entering the room properly," Brittany states pointedly, lighting patting Santana's butt to encourage her. Santana pouts and turns around, her shoulders slumping as she shuffles back out of the room, walking back in a few seconds later. "Much better," Brittany nods her approval. "No more running in the house."

"Sorry, mama," Santana sighs, slumping onto her mama's knee.

"That's okay, just remember for next time," Brittany murmurs. "Did you get a gross kiss from mommy?" she asks teasingly.

"Uh huh," Santana nods. "Kisses are only a little gwoss," she informs her mama and sister.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that you changed your mind a little bit," Brittany tells her faux seriously. "Now, who wants to help me make breakfast?"


Quinn watches Santana carefully as the girl sits on the sofa with Sugar, giving her baby sister her bottle of milk. Santana, bless her, always wants to help in some way but, most times, she would normally give her mama and mommy more work. Quinn knows that Santana will get bored soon and become restless, leaving Quinn to take over and give Sugar the rest of her milk. The one good thing about Rachel never wanting to help is that the girl would pretty much sprint from the room and would hardly ever get in the way when her parents are trying to get something done quickly.

"Mommy, can you finish for me?" Santana asks sweetly, not surprising Quinn in the least.

"She's almost finished. Why don't you keep going and I'll help you," Quinn suggests, "that way we don't need to disturb Sugar. Does that sound okay?" Quinn smiles when Santana nods and she sits down next to her, placing her hand on Santana's elbow and gently coaxing her to tilt the bottle a little bit more. "I think she likes it when her big sister holds the bottle, don't you think?"

"I think Sugar doesn't care, mommy. She just cares that she gets her milk," Santana replies with a giggle.

"I think you may be right," Quinn chuckles, lightly pushing Santana's elbow upwards again.

Santana frowns when Sugar moves her face to the side, refusing to take anymore milk. "You need to finish it," Santana tells her, gazing down at her little sister as sternly as she can.

"Honey, she's full," Quinn tells Santana gently, taking the bottle from Santana's hand and placing it on the coffee table. "Good job, Santana," she smiles, playfully tugging on one of her pigtails. "Thank you for helping."

"Since I was good, does is mean I don't havta nap?" Santana asks hopefully, an angelic smile gracing her features.

"I think you already know the answer to that, babe, don't you?"

"Yeah," Santana sighs, dropping her head dramatically.

"You go find Morris and ask mama to help you unbutton your jeans and I'll be up to tuck you in as soon as I've gotten Sugar to sleep, okay?" Quinn watches with an amused expression as Santana shuffles from the room with an oscar winning pout on her lips. Santana hates going to bed, especially during the day, but hates getting out of bed too. As much as it's usually a battle to get her into bed at night, it's an even bigger battle to get her out of it in the morning. Rachel, on the other hand, adores her bed and would sleep all day if her mama and mommy let her. Adult Rachel may be an early riser, but little Rachel sure as hell isn't. Quinn hums softly as she gently rocks Sugar, knowing it won't take her baby girl very long to fall asleep now that she has a full belly. It's moments like this that she completely adores. It doesn't matter which sleepy girl is laying beside her, she just loves rocking one of them to sleep.


Brittany smiles when she feels Quinn's arms wrap around her from behind, leaning into the other woman's touch. It's only a little after four in the afternoon, and she's completely exhausted. As much as she has missed her girls, very much so, having the three of them back after they have been away for a few months is extremely tiring. Three balls of energy makes for a pooped out mama.

"Are Santana and Sugar asleep?" she asks, turning around in Quinn's arms and leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Yeah. Sugar is completely out cold on the couch and Santana finally fell asleep a few minutes ago," Quinn states with a soft sigh. "I had to threaten her with no story tonight just to get her into bed, though."

"And Rachel?"

"She's watching a movie in our bed," Quinn informs her. "And being very smug about not being made to take a nap, I might add. I think we need to talk to her about making fun of Santana at nap time. It just makes it even harder to get her into bed," Quinn explains.

"No time like the present, right?" Brittany shrugs and Quinn nods. Brittany takes Quinn's hand into hers, interlocking their fingers, and leads her out of the kitchen. They peek into the living room to check on Sugar, Quinn dashing across to her and placing a cushion between the girl and the edge of the sofa before softly padding out to join her girlfriend again. "I'm so glad they're back," Brittany murmurs. "I missed the little trouble makers."

"Me too, the place is far too quiet without them," Quinn smiles, Brittany humming in agreement. They smile when they reach their bedroom to find Rachel snuggled up under the duvet, the girl completely engrossed in the movie.

"Hey, babe, mommy and I would like to speak to you for a few minutes," Brittany tells Rachel as picks up the remote to pause the movie, Rachel frowning deeply.

"Can't it wait, mama? Snow white is just about to meet the dwarves...it's the best part!" Rachel pleads, pouting cutely.

"I paused the movie, Rach, you're not gonna miss any of it. Mommy and I would like to talk to you now," Brittany states firmly as she sits down on the edge of the bed, Quinn following suit. Quinn holds her hand up when Rachel opens her mouth to argue, immediately silencing the girl.

"We'd like to talk to you about you making fun of Santana when she has to go for a nap," Quinn tells her calmly. "You know that she doesn't like going for a nap, so why do you make fun of her?" she asks curiously, sighing when Rachel merely shrugs. "Proper answers please, Rachel," Quinn prompts her sternly.

"I don't know, mommy, I guess it's fun," Rachel murmurs, not liking where this conversation is going. Not one bit.

"It's fun to upset Santana?" Brittany questions with a frown, "that's not nice, Rachel," she chastises.

"No, it's fun when she throws a tantrum," Rachel states quietly.

"She throws a tantrum because she's upset," Quinn explains to their oldest girl. "When you say something to her to make her have a tantrum, what you're actually doing is upsetting her. Even if it is fun for you," she adds patiently.

"I didn't think of it like that," Rachel says sadly, gazing at her mommy with wide eyes. "I don't want to upset her," she swears. "Even if she is annoying," Rachel adds lowly, looking down at her lap when Brittany raises a stern eyebrow. "Sorry," the girl mumbles.

"I think it's Santana that you need to say sorry to, don't you think?" Quinn urges gently.

"I will," Rachel states with a serious nod. "Am I in trouble?" Brittany glances across at Quinn, the pair of them communicating silently for a moment.

"No," Brittany finally says, "not this time, but..now that we've explained it to you, it better not happen again. You know now that you're upsetting your sister, and that's naughty, so you will be in trouble if there is a next time," she explains, Quinn nodding in agreement. "Do you understand me, Rachel?"

"Yes, mama," Rachel murmurs. "I'll tell Santana that I'm sorry when she wakes up."

"Good girl," Brittany smiles, leaning forward and pressing a tender kiss to Rachel's forehead.

"Will you watch the movie with me?" Rachel asks softly. "You and mommy."

"I would love to, baby girl, but we'll need to watch it downstairs 'cause Sugar is asleep on the couch and we can't leave her for too long," Brittany responds kindly, noticing that Rachel frowns at that. "Or, we could watch a different one downstairs and then, tonight, once Santana and Sugar are in bed, we can watch Snow White in here instead of a story. Would you like that?"

"Yeah!" Rachel beams, scrambling out from under the duvet and scooting across the bed on her butt before carefully sliding to the floor, "I'll go pick a movie!" she cheers.

"Be careful, and don't wake Sugar up," Quinn calls after the, now, happy girl before shooting her girlfriend a relieved smile. "That was surprisingly easy," Quinn notes, eliciting a small chuckle from Brittany.

"Yeah, I was expecting more arguing and a dramatic defence of her actions," Brittany jokes.

"Maybe next time," Quinn smirks. "I mean, let's face it, the next time Santana does something that irritates her, she's so gonna throw nap time in her face again."

"We'll deal with it if...when it happens," Brittany shrugs, "at least she knows there will be consequences and no chance of talking herself out of it." Quinn nods in agreement and holds her hand out to Brittany, pulling her forward and kissing her deeply.

"Later," Brittany mumbles against Quinn's lips, not in love with the idea of getting carried away while one of the girls is awake.

"I'll hold you to that," Quinn murmurs, pulling back and sauntering from the room, knowing that Brittany will be watching her leave, and she's right. Brittany shakes her head, a smile on her lips. Between Quinn and their three girls, Brittany knows she is completely whipped. One hundred percent. Sighing happily, she follows Quinn downstairs, thrilled at the idea of spending the rest of her afternoon watching movies with the people she loves most in the world.

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