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Chapter 3

Brittany watches with a smile as Santana tickles Sugar's stomach, the younger girl laying on her back in the play pen and giggling loudly. She glances over at Rachel, not missing the jealousy in her eyes. Rachel had wanted to play house with Santana, but Santana had gotten distracted. Sugar is way cuter than their plastic dollies! Both Brittany and Quinn had offered to play with her, and even suggested that she play a different game for now, but Rachel is not in the mood to compromise. She wants to play house with Santana, and she wants to play it now! Brittany instantly recognises the flash of defiance in Rachel's eyes and knows she needs to distract her, and quickly.

"Rach, you wanna help me in the kitchen? Mommy and I would like more drawings for the refrigerator," Brittany says kindly, standing up and holding out her hand for Rachel to take.

"I really want to play house with Santana," Rachel murmurs, standing up but not taking her mama's hand.

"Yeah, I know," Brittany states sympathetically, "but Santana is playing with Sugar right now. You could always play with them and I'm sure Santana will want to play house with you later."

"But I want to play it now," Rachel pouts. "Please make Santana play it. Please, mama!"

"Honey, come into the kitchen," Brittany tells her gently, but firmly. She takes Rachel's hand into hers and leads their oldest girl into the kitchen where Quinn is making dinner. Quinn shoots her girlfriend a questioning look but Brittany shakes her head, she's can handle this. "Have a seat," Brittany states, pointing to a chair and watching as Rachel sighs and does as she's told. Brittany sits down opposite her and studies her for a moment. "Isn't there anything else you'd like to do. I'll play whatever game you choose with you. We could even play house."

"I can't play house with you," Rachel retorts, wrinkling her nose. "You're my mama, and I'm always the mama when we play house."

"Well, we can play another game. C'mon, what game do you want to play?" Brittany questions.

"I don't want to play another game! I want to play house with Santana! Please, mama, just make her play!" Rachel pleads, flashing her mama her, usually, winning puppy dog eyes.

"Honey, playing is supposed to be fun. It's not going to be fun for Santana if she's made to play something, is it?" Brittany glances across at Quinn, having a silent conversation with her. "Mommy would love it if you helped her cook dinner, would you like to do that? That's kinda like playing house," Brittany suggests.

"Nooo," Rachel whines, growing frustrated. Her mama just doesn't understand!

"Well, sweetheart, I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do," Brittany states gently.

"Can I watch TV?" Rachel asks grumpily.

"Sure, not upstairs, though. Mommy and I just cleaned up the last mess you made in our bedroom. Watch it in the living room please." Brittany watches warily as Rachel stomps out of the kitchen, shaking her head in amusement. It was never boring when their little drama queen was around. She stands up and wanders over to Quinn, wrapping her arms around Quinn's waist from behind and sweetly kissing her temple. "Do you need some help?"

"No, it's just pasta, I can manage. Thank you, though," Quinn smiles. "How long has Rachel been in that mood?"

"Since about twenty minutes ago," Brittany mumbles, leaning her chin on Quinn's shoulder and sighing softly. "She's not at all pleased that Santana is having fun hanging out with Sugar instead of playing with her. Rachel seems to think that, because she's the big sister, Santana has to do everything she tells her to."

"We really need to deal with that," Quinn sighs.

"We do," Brittany confirms, nodding. "We can talk to her at bedtime, before we give read her new book."

"That will be fun," Quinn drawls sarcastically.

"Well, she's a smart girl. She'll realise that if she has an attitude with us right before bedtime, she's risking her bedtime story. Rachel will do anything to ensure she gets a bedtime story," Brittany murmurs with a smirk.

"You're a genius, Britt," Quinn replies, turning to kiss Brittany softly on the lips. Brittany smiles into the kiss before ending it, and leaning her forehead against Quinn's. They never let things get too heated with their girls are around, unless they're asleep.

"And don't you forget it," Brittany winks. They both groan when they hear a loud cry coming from the living room, Brittany immediately leaving to investigate while Quinn quickly lowers the heat on the stove and rushes after her. Quinn takes in the scene before her, Santana crying loudly and holding her head, and Rachel nowhere to be seen. Quinn steps over the fence of the play pen and crouches down next to Santana, Santana instantly throwing herself into her mommy's arms.

"What happened, baby girl?" Quinn asks in concern, rubbing Santana's back soothingly. She glances over at Brittany who is comforting Sugar, their youngest girl getting very worked up about her big sister being upset. They both have a pretty good idea about what is going on.

"Rachel pulled my haaaair!" Santana wails, "she hurted my piggy tail," she adds sadly, pointing to the spot on her head that hurts. "Take it out please, mommy!" Santana sobs, buring her face in Quinn's chest.

"Alright, baby, I'll take it out," Quinn murmurs soothingly, gently taking pulling the elasticated hair bands from Santana's pig tails and carefully running her fingers through Santana's soft hair. Gently rubbing the spot that Santana had pointed out, Quinn glances across at Brittany as her girlfriend helps Sugar get comfortable on the couch. "Do you know why Rachel pulled your hair?"

"I told her to go away 'cuz she was being mean," Santana whimpers.

"What was she doing that was mean?" Brittany asks softly, gazing across the room at Santana as she strokes Sugar's brown; soothingly their baby girl to sleep.

"She said I was being a baby," Santana sniffles, "I don't want to play house all the time. I like playing with Sugar, too!"

"It definitely doesn't make you a baby," Quinn reassures her, "and you don't have to play house all the time if you don't want. You can play with you Sugar instead, that's okay."

"I said she could play with us," Santana says sadly.

"Well, that was very nice of you," Brittany tells her.

"I don't like getting my piggy tails pulled," Santana frowns, staring up at Quinn with wide, red rimmed eyes.

"We're gonna make sure that Rachel doesn't pull them," Quinn promises. "Can you go sit on the couch with Sugar? Me and mommy will go talk to Rachel, okay?"

"Okay," Santana nods, pulling out of her mommy's arms and taking her mama's place on the sofa. Brittany exchanges a wary look with Quinn and leads the way out of the living room, both of them staying silent as they make their way upstairs. It's not the first time one of their girls has got upset about not getting their own way, but it's the first time that one of them has lashed out at the other for it.

"Rachel?" Quinn calls out as they reach the top of the stairs, hearing no immediate response.

"She'll be hiding in the bathroom," Brittany murmurs, "she knows she's in trouble." Quinn nods and sighs softly as she walks along the hall to the bathroom, suddenly furious when she tries the handle and finds the door to be locked.

"Rachel, unlock this door right now!" Quinn demands, "you know you're not supposed to lock the door!" She pauses, waiting for an answer. "Rachel Barbra Berry, open this door right now or you will be in even bigger trouble!" Quinn listens carefully and hears small whimpers, Rachel is crying. She tries a more gentle approach. "Rachel, I know you don't want to be in trouble but mama and I want to talk to you about what happened downstairs. Staying in the bathroom would only make things worse."

"When she comes out, we are taking that lock off of the door," Brittany murmurs. "It's pretty light, I could probably knock it down after a few tries but she might be standing right behind it."

"I'll go get some tools. I'm taking the door off if I need to. You keep trying," Quinn states quietly. Brittany nods and leans her head against the door while Quinn heads back downstairs.

"Rachel, sweetheart, please unlock the door. It scares mommy and I to know we can't get to you if we need to." Brittany rolls her eyes when there's no response, that guilt trip would have totally worked on Santana! Sighing, she slides down the bathroom door and sits on the floor, her back leaning against it. Yep, Rachel Barbra Berry has gotten herself into a truck load of trouble.

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