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Chapter 4

Rachel sobs fearfully as she watches her furious mama lift the door and place it carefully against the bathroom wall, a screwdriver between her teeth. Quinn steps forward and holds her hand out for Rachel to take, the girl allowing her mommy to help her to her feet. She pouts heavily as she is led into the bedroom she shares with Santana, Quinn guiding her to the corner and warning her to stay there until she comes back to get her. Quinn stands in the doorway of the bedroom, leaning against the frame and occasionally glancing over her shoulder to check on Rachel as she watches Brittany fix the door back into place. She's glad that her girlfriend knows all this DIY stuff, because she has no clue about any of it and there would have been no way for her to get into the bathroom herself.

"Are you taking the lock off?" Quinn asks quietly, glancing back at Rachel again.

"Yeah," Brittany murmurs, sighing softly and shaking her head. "You can go back downstairs, I'll keep an eye on Rachel and make sure she stays in the corner," she adds.

"Okay," Quinn nods, pushing away from the door frame. "Bring her down when you're done, if we leave her up here she'll just start playing with her toys." She gently squeezes Brittany's arm before making her way downstairs, pleased to see that Santana hasn't moved from her baby sister's side. "Thank you for keeping an eye on Sugar, baby girl," Quinn murmurs, kissing the top of Santana's head and gently rubbing the sore spot. "How does your head feel?"

"It hurts a little bit, mommy. I don't think I want to have piggy tails again today," Santana replies solemnly. Quinn smiles kindly, reaching forward to push her girl's hair away from her face and tapping the tip of her nose.

"That's okay, sweetheart. We can leave your hair down if your head hurts," Quinn reassures her. "You still look beautiful," she adds with a smile. Santana beams at the compliment and flushes lightly, her moms always made her feel super good.

"Mommy!" Quinn turns her attention to Sugar and chuckles lightly as she tickles the girl's tummy, eliciting an adorable giggle from her.

"Yes, cutie, you are very beautiful, too!" Quinn assures Sugar, laughing when she scrambles into her lap and hugs her mommy tightly. "Alright, mommy has to go finish making dinner. Come sit at the table," she states, helping Sugar to her feet and holding her other hand out for Santana to take. Quinn gets their two youngest girls set up at the kitchen table with some paper and crayons, Sugar in har specially made high chair and Santana next to her on one of the kitchen chairs. She turns the heat back up on the stove and listens as Santana chatters away to Sugar, keeping an eye on them out of the corner of her eye as she cooks. Quinn sighs softly as she thinks about how she and Brittany will deal with Rachel's actions today, knowing it's going to be a stressful evening.

"Mommy, I have to go potty," Santana tells her, suddenly appearing at Quinn's side and causing the woman to automatically put her arm out. Santana is standing too close to the stove for her liking.

"Well done for telling me, babe," Quinn smiles proudly. "Mama is up there, can you go ask her to help you please?" Quinn asks, the last time she had left Sugar alone in her high chair the girl had managed to tip it over.

"'Kay!" Santana rushes from the kitchen as fast as her legs can take her without actually running. She frowns as she reaches the top of the stairs to find her mama taking the lock off the back of the bathroom door. "What are you doing, mama?" Santana asks curiously, giggling when her mama drops the screwdriver in surprise.

"I didn't hear you come up," Brittany chuckles. "Do you need to go potty, baby girl?"

"Uh huh," Santana nods.

"Alright," Brittany smiles, holding her hand out for Santana to take and leading her into the bathroom. She helps the three year old pull her pants and pull-up down to her knees before helping her onto the toilet. "I'm very proud of you for letting us know that you had to go," Brittany murmurs, pressing a kiss to Santana's forehead. After Santana is finished, she helps her clean up and wash her hands, Santana cutely grinning and hugging her. "Go on down," Brittany tells her when she hears Quinn shouting that dinner is ready. "I'll be right there, okay?"

"You'll sit next to me?" Santana questions sweetly, her dark eyes wide and hopeful.

"Sure, baby," Brittany winks, sending Santana downstairs with a gentle, maternal pat to her padded butt. She sighs softly and walks into the girls' bedroom, glad to see that Rachel is still in the corner. "Rachel, come here please," she states firmly. Brittany watches as Rachel slowly shuffles over to her, her features sad and tear stained. "Mommy and I will talk about what happened earlier but, for now, we're gonna go downstairs for dinner and you will say sorry to Santana for calling her name and hurting her. Okay?"

"Yes, mama," Rachel whispers, staring down at the carpet and trying not to cry.

"Let's go," Brittany urges firmly, yet gently. Holding Rachel's upper arm gently, Brittany leads her downstairs and into the kitchen, stopping beside Santana. Quinn shoots Brittany a questioning look, only to have Brittany send her a reassuring smile in response. "Rachel?" Brittany prompts sternly.

"I'm sorry for being mean to you and pulling your hair," Rachel states, her voice a mere mumble but still sincere.

"You really hurted my piggy tails, but it's okay," Santana replies cutely, "but don't do it again."

"I won't," Rachel promises, holding her arms out and feeling relieved when Santana accepts her offer of a hug. Quinn raises a brow in surprise, Rachel doesn't usually give up an apology so quickly. She shrugs. She'll take it. They all gather around the table and, much to Santana's joy, Brittany keeps her word and sits down next to her. Rachel doesn't speak again for the rest of the meal, something that is indeed very rare but Quinn and Brittany know that their oldest girl will be thinking about how much trouble she's in. They'll deal with it after dinner as they never like to scold one of them in front of the others unless they have to. It causes unnecessary embarrassment.


Brittany rolls her eyes and smiles fondly as she hears excited squealing coming from upstairs as she loads the dishwasher. She and Quinn will probably regret suggesting that Sugar and Santana go in the bath together, the bathroom always ends up flooded, but it's always adorable to witness. She glances at Rachel as the girl sits at the kitchen table with a massive pout on her face, and feels bad for her. Sure, Rachel had gotten herself into a major amount of trouble, but it still sucks when they have to punish her. For Rachel, staying in the same room as one of her moms while others are having fun is an awful punishment. She does look relieved about not being sent back into the corner, though.

"Go on upstairs and look out a pair of pajamas for you to put on after your bath," Brittany instructs Rachel softly, feeling a twinge of guilt when the girl gazes at her sadly. "Sweetie," she sighs, walking over to her, "what you did was very naughty and mommy and I will be talking to you about it before bed time, but we still love you very much. Remember that, okay? Just because we're mad, doesn't mean we'll ever stop loving you," Brittany explains kindly.

"I love you, too, mama," Rachel mumbles, smiling slightly when her mama pulls her into a warm, tight hug. "I'm sorry I was naughty."

"I know you are, sweetheart. We'll talk about it later, okay? Go pick some pajamas and I'll right there," Brittany urges her, kissing her forehead and gently pushing her in the direction of the door. She hates it when one of their girls look so sad, even if it is because of something they did. Brittany quickly finishes up in the kitchen and heads upstairs, reaching the top just in time to see a naked Santana sprinting out of the bathroom; still covered in the bubbles from her bath.

"Santana Lopez, get your butt back in here!" Brittany hears Quinn yell, and she struggles to stifle the laugh that bubbles in her throat.

"I've got her, babe!" Brittany calls as she jogs after Santana, stopping to grab a towel from the hall closet as she does. When she catches her, Santana squeals loudly and giggles while attempting to run away from Brittany. "Santana, you're getting water all over the house. Stand still," Brittany states firmly, causing Santana to freeze and stare back at her with wide eyes. "Come here." Santana pouts and shuffles closer to her mama, yelping when Brittany's hand sharply connects with her bare butt. "Mommy and I have told you lots of times that you need to stop getting out of the bath and running away," Brittany scolds, her tone and gaze stern.

"Sorry, mama," Santana pouts, rubbing her bottom and blinking back tears.

"That's okay, just no more escaping from the tub, alright?" Brittany is satisfied when Santana nods and holds out the towel for her to step into. She leads Santana back to the bathroom just as Quinn is helping Sugar out and wrapping her in a towel. "All done?"

"Yeah, I'll get Sugar into her pajamas and then I'll give Rachel her bath. Can you take care of story time?" Quinn asks.

"Of course."

"Is Rachel not having story time with us?" Santana asks with a frown.

"Not tonight, baby girl," Brittany replies. "C'mon, lets get you dried and dressed." Brittany takes Santana into the bedroom she shares with Rachel and, after sending a naked Rachel to Sugar's room while wrapped in a towel, she quickly helps Santana to dry off and get dressed in a fresh pull-up and pajamas. She and Quinn work as a team, like they always do, to get all the girls ready for bed. Brittany reading Sugar and Santana a story in Sugar's room while Quinn bathes Rachel. Once Rachel is bathed and in her pajamas, Brittany and Quinn swap places so that Quinn has the chance to feed Sugar. It doesn't take long for Sugar to fall asleep after being fed and rocked by Quinn, and Santana falls asleep as soon as she is led into her room and her head hits the pillow. "Uh, Q, we'll need to take Rachel into our room," Brittany whispers as she switches the night light on and creeps out of Santana and Rachel's room.

"Yeah, we didn't really think this through, huh?" Quinn remarks, peeking into the bedroom and smiling softly at Santana as she sleeps. Rachel watches her moms anxiously, her face dropping when she is told to go wait in their room for them. She can hear them talking quietly in the hall as she slumps down onto their bed, tears stinging in the corner of her eyes. Rachel hates when her mommy and mama are mad at her. "Hey, sweetheart," Quinn states calmly as she and Brittany walk into the bedroom, both of them sitting on either side of Rachel.

"Hi," Rachel whispers.

"Do you know why we were so mad at you?" Quinn questions quietly, looking deep into big, brown eyes.

"Because I hurt Santana and I'm supposed to look after her 'cause I'm her big sister," Rachel mumbles sadly, her bottom lip wobbling.

"That's right," Quinn nods. "I know you like playing house with Santana, honey, but you have to remember that if Santana doesn't want to play, then that's okay. She doesn't have to play if she doesn't want to. Calling her a baby and pulling her hair because she didn't want to play wasn't very nice, was it?"

"No, it was mean," Rachel whimpers, snuggling into Brittany's side as soon as Brittany wraps an arm around her. "I won't do it again, I promise. I just got really mad."

"That's the thing, sweetheart. You got mad because Santana wouldn't do what you told her to do. You can't do that," Brittany explains gently. "Just because you're her big sister, doesn't mean she has to do everything you tell her to. You have to remember that, alright?"

"I will," Rachel sniffles.

"Good. Now, what we also need to talk to you about is what happened afterwards. You ran away because you knew you were in trouble, and I understand that you don't like being in trouble," Quinn states, "nobody does. But, locking yourself in the bathroom was really naughty, Rachel. You can't ever do that. Mama and I need to know that we can get to you at all times. It's dangerous, and you should have unlocked the door as soon as asked you to," Quinn scolds quietly. "Do you understand that you can repeat any of today's behaviour?"

"Yes, mommy. It's not nice to hurt my sisters and it's dang...dangerwous to lock myself in the bathroom," Rachel responds lowly.

"And it's very naughty to ignore what we tell you," Brittany adds for her, Rachel nodding sadly.

"Are you going to spank me?" Rachel asks quietly.

"Yeah, baby, I am. I think you earned it, don't you?" Brittany murmurs. "C'mon, stand up," she states softly, waiting until Rachel is standing in front of her before gazing into her eyes. "You know that I'm only doing this because we love you and want you to learn lessons. After this, you can lay with us for a little while before bed, and when you wake up in the morning it will be a clean slate," she double checks, her heart clenching. She hates this part. Brittany guides Rachel over her lap as soon as the girl nods and wastes no time in starting the spanking. Counting out ten seconds in her head, Brittany lays firm spanks all over Rachel's pajama clad behind before tugging her pajamas and underwear down. Five sharp spanks to each sit spot later, and it's done. Brittany holds a sobbing Rachel close to her chest and murmurs soothingly to her while rubbing her back. She blinks back her own tears and glances over at Quinn, seeing the same myriad of emotions all over her face, too.

"It's all over now, sweet girl," Quinn whispers, reaching over to brush Rachel's hair out of her face with her fingers. For the next few minutes, Rachel whimpers in her mama's arms before allowing herself to be laid on her stomach in their bed. Quinn and Brittany both lay beside her, cudding and comforting their girl and urging her to try and sleep. They can transfer her into her own bed later. Rachel soon falls asleep while Quinn softly hums a lullaby. Her bottom may hurt, for now, but she has two moms who will sing, and rock, her to sleep. No matter how badly she behaved today. Things could be worse.

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