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Chapter 5

Quinn groans as her eyes flutter open, her head feeling heavy and sore. Her throat feels scratchy and swollen, too. Great, she's coming down with something. Just great. She reaches out for Brittany and frowns when her hand grasps only cool sheets. Blearily lifting her head, Quinn glances at the clock on the bedside table and sighs. It's almost ten. She never sleeps this late, even when their girls aren't around. Slowly, she forces herself to get out of bed and grabs a hooded sweatshirt, throwing it on as she makes her way downstairs.

"Mommy!" Quinn has a split second to react before Santana crashes into her and hugs her tightly. "I didn't think you'd ever wake up!" Santana exclaims dramatically.

"There's no need to shout, Santana," Quinn scolds softly, frowning when she realizes that Santana is dressed only in her pull-up and a vest. "Where's the rest of your clothes? Aren't you cold?"

"No, it's boiling, mommy," Santana replies, gazing at her mommy in confusion. It's really hot! Her mommy is being weird. "Will you come play with me now?" she demands.

"Santana, please give mommy a chance to wake up properly," Brittany scolds as she steps out of the living room. Santana immediately pouts and gazes at her mommies with a heartbroken expression on her face. All she wanted to do was hang out with her mommy, but she's getting told off instead! Brittany sighs and glances at Quinn before stepping closer to Santana, placing her hands on their girl's shoulders. "I'm sorry, sweetheart. I know you're excited about playing with mommy, but you gotta give her a little time to wake up properly," she explains.

"But, I wanna play!" Santana complains loudly, stamping her foot and stubbornly folding her arms across her chest.

"Santana, your little sister is napping, stop yelling," Brittany scolds. "If you wake her up then I will be very upset with you. Now, you can either play nicely until mommy is ready to play with you or you can go and sit in your bedroom. What do you want to do?" Santana's shoulders slump and she sighs heavily, as though she's dealing with one of the biggest problems in the world.

"I'll go play," Santana mumbles, sulkily shuffling back to the backyard where Rachel is. Brittany rolls her eyes and turns to Quinn, studying her partner carefully with a frown tugging at her mouth.

"No offence, babe, but you look awful," Brittany comments. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I feel like crap," Quinn grumbles, sinking into Brittany's open arms and dropping her head onto Brittany's shoulders. "Everything just hurts and I can barely breathe out of my nose," she complains as Brittany soothingly rubs her back.

"Why don't you just go back to bed," Brittany suggests. "I'll make you some soup and bring you some cold medicine." Quinn contemplates this, going back to bed does sound extremely appealing.

"What about the kids?"

"I can handle the kids," Brittany shrugs. "You're sick, it's much better for you to be in bed so that you can rest and get better. Besides, you might get them sick and you know our three little drama queens are complete nightmares when they're sick," Brittany chuckles. "Now, go on upstairs and get back into bed," Brittany tells her, punctuating her sentence with a playful swat to Quinn's behind.

"Yes, ma'am," Quinn grins. She leans forward and kisses her girlfriend's cheek before making her way back upstairs. Brittany heads into the living room to check on Sugar. She stands over Sugar and smiles down at her sleeping form, she really does look like an angel when she's sleeping. All of their girls do...and then they wake up. Brittany stoops down and presses a soft kiss to Sugar's forehead, being very careful so as to not wake her up, before walking through to the kitchen in search of Santana and Rachel. She finds them having some sort of stand-off, both girls glaring at each other, Rachel with her hands on her hips and Santana with her arms folded across her chest.

"Girls, what's going on?" Brittany asks, stepping forward and gently pulling Santana away from Rachel to put a little space between them.

"Santana messed up my puzzle!" Rachel exclaims loudly, her eyebrows furrowing with adorable anger. Brittany glances at the table, seeing the messed up puzzle, and turns to face Santana, her hand still wrapped around Santana's upper arm.

"Santana, is that true?" she asks sternly, her blue eyes boring into Santana's dark brown ones. Santana scowls and drops her head, glaring at the floor and refusing to meet her mama's gaze. "Santana?" Brittany coaxes firmly. "Answer mama please."

"Yes," Santana grumbles, rubbing a circle into the floor with her toe and pouting.

"Why did you do that?"

"'Cuz I was mad," Santana whispers. "I wanted mommy to play with me and you wouldn't let her." Brittany sighs and guides Santana to the table, gently pushing her onto one of the chairs.

"Have a seat, Rach," Brittany states as she also sits down. "Mommy is feeling pretty sick today so she's going to stay in bed and rest. Mommy and I weren't being mean, I just saw that she wasn't feeling too good," Brittany explains. "I want you girls to be on your best behavior today, and let mommy get some sleep. That means no fighting, no messing up each others' puzzles, and no being naughty. Do both of you understand?"

"Yes, mama, but I wasn't the one being naughty," Rachel replies haughtily. Brittany sighs,

"Yes, I know, Rachel. All I'm saying is don't start. Okay?"

"Yes, mama." Rachel sighs heavily.

"Good, now why don't you go grab some of the toys you'd like to play with from your bedroom. We're all gonna stay down here today." Brittany watches as Rachel moodily leaves the kitchen before turning to face Santana again. "Santana, I know you were mad, but it's not nice to be mean to other people just because you're mad at something. It's not fair to do that," Brittany states softly, but firmly.

"It's not my fault you made me mad," Santana argues with a deep scowl, surprising Brittany. Santana always did have an attitude, and she always back talks, but this is new to her. Santana usually accepts she is in the wrong after it has been explained to her.

"Santana, mommy is sick and all I asked you to do was to give her a little time to wake up properly and to behave yourself," Brittany tells her, a frown on her face as she stares their girl down.

"You were mean and I don't want to do what you tell me!" Santana cries loudly, slamming her hand down on the table.

"Excuse me? I suggest you stop yelling at me, and drop your little attitude before I spank your bottom and put you to bed for the rest of the day," Brittany scolds sternly, shocked at how Santana is behaving. "Listen to me very carefully, Santana. I do not want you speaking to me like that again," Brittany says. "I'm not being mean, mommy needs to rest. Do you remember the last time you were sick? Remember how sleepy you were?"

"Yeah," Santana whispers, dropping her head so that her chin is almost touching her chest.

"Well that's how mommy feels, sweetheart. I know you wanted to play with mommy, and I bet mommy really wanted to play with you, too," Brittany softly states. "But we gotta let mommy get some rest, and I can play with you, okay?"

"Okay. I'm sorry, mama," Santana mumbles sadly.

"I know you are. C'mere," Brittany murmurs, patting her lap. Santana slides off of her seat and shuffles over to her mama, dropping down onto Brittany's lap with a pout on her lips. Brittany hugs her tightly and kisses her cheek, slightly rocking Santana back and forth. "Now, we're gonna go into the living room so that you can tell Rachel that you're sorry, and then you're going to stand in the corner for three minutes."

"Do I havta, mama?" Santana questions with tears pooling in her dark eyes.

"Yes, you do. After that, it's a fresh start and we'll forget all about your naughty behaviour, okay?"

"Okay, mama."


Brittany cringes when she hears a sneeze coming from the other side of the living room, looking over just in time to see Rachel sneeze for a second time. Crap. Brittany sighs softly, she had known there was a chance that the kids would get sick too, but she had prayed they'd get lucky. She watches Rachel for a moment, noticing that their oldest girl looks a little peaky, before deciding to give Rachel a little time. She doesn't want to panic and send her to bed before definitely knowing if there's something wrong with her or not. Brittany turns back to Sugar and hands her another stuffed toy. She's not exactly sure what kind of game Sugar is playing as she sits in the playpen but, she seems to having fun so, Brittany doesn't comment.

"Mama, here," Santana states as she slumps down next to Brittany, handing her a messy, but colourful, picture. She had spent the last hour sitting quietly with her crayons, determined to make her beloved mama a nice drawing.

"Oh, wow! That's a super pretty picture, baby girl!" Brittany tells her sincerely. "Is it for me?"

"Uh huh!"

"Thank you, sweet girl. I love it! Why don't we go put it on the refrigerator?" Brittany suggests, grinning at the eager nod she receives in response. Brittany takes the picture into the kitchen, Santana skipping along behind her, and grabs a magnet. Santana's face spilts into a wide grin as she watches her mama put her picture on the fridge.

"Can I go see mommy?" Santana asks her sweetly, her face the picture of innocence. Brittany sighs softly. She knows that Santana doesn't like being separated from herself or Quinn for very long, but she really doesn't want Santana to get sick.

"Okay, but you can't go onto the bed. Mommy and I don't want you to get sick, too," Brittany states gently. "You can go talk to her, but only if you promise to stay away from the bed," she adds. Quinn had been awake a little while ago when she had gone up to check on her, and it's the only reason she's allowing Santana to go up there. She can't expect a three year old to go up there and remember to stay awake from the bed.

"I pwomise," Santana says with a serious nod that makes Brittany smile.

"Okay, I'll be up in a second, I just need to check on your sisters first," Brittany tells her, chucking when Santana throws herself into her arms for a tight, excited hug. "If mommy is sleeping, come straight back down."

"Okay, mama."

"Good girl," Brittany replies, maternally patting her bottom. "Go on up, sweetheart." Brittany watches Santana rush from the kitchen and smiles, she loves how much her girls have for their family. She makes her way back into the living room and sits down next to Rachel, placing her hand on the five year old's forehead.

"What are you doing, mama?" Rachel asks in irritation, swiping at her mama's hand.

"You feel a little warm, babe. Do you feel okay?" Brittany asks in concern. She isn't surprised when Rachel nods, Rachel never liked admitting that she's getting sick. "Are you sure? You've been sneezing and coughing, baby girl. I think you're starting to get sick."

"I feel fine, mama," Rachel insists stubbornly. Brittany isn't convinced. At all. "Can you let me play now, mama?" Tears build in Rachel's eyes, and her bottom lip quivers. Brittany is now completely sure than Rachel is sick. As dramatic as their girl is, she doesn't cry over being touched. Apart from when she isn't feeling well. A cough rattles Rachel's petite body, denying her argument about feeling fine.

"Sweetheart, I think you're sick. Why don't we give you a bath and then put you into mine and mommy's bed?" Brittany suggests. "You can rest with mommy today, that way you won't be alone and I know for a fact that mommy gives awesome cuddles." Brittany can tell that she's getting through to Rachel, she always wins when she uses the mommy cuddle card.

"But if I feel better, I can come back down?" Rachel asks cautiously, and Brittany bites down on her bottom lip to stop herself from smiling. She doubts Rachel even realizes she just admitted to being sick, it just shows how tired and unwell she is feeling.

"Of course, sweetheart," Brittany nods. "I'm gonna grab Sugar. She looks like she's about to fall asleep so I'll put her in her crib and then I can help you with your bath."

"Will you come in the bath with me please, mama?" Rachel asks her quietly, the girl starting to give in and just accepting that she's sick.

"Of course, babe." When their family first came together, Brittany and Quinn were worried about bathing with the girls considering they are still technically adults, but they soon realized there was nothing to worry about. Santana, Rachel and Sugar are their children, they are their mothers. There's nothing wrong with bathing with them. Brittany leads a sleepy Sugar up to her bedroom, Rachel following closely behind them, and helps their youngest out of her pants. Brittany sends Rachel to get undressed as she sits with Sugar, relieved that Sugar doesn't fight sleep and nods off quickly. She makes her way along the hall to the bedroom she shares with Quinn and pokes her head through the door, sighing heavily when she sees that Santana is on the bed. Not only is she on the bed, but she's underneath the duvet and snuggled into Quinn, the pair of them fast asleep. This is what happens when you trust a three year old, who was desperate to spend time with her mommy, come up here on her own. There's no point moving Santana now, and Brittany can only pray that she, too, doesn't get sick. She has to admit, though, they do look super cute snuggled up to each other.

"I'm ready, mama." Brittany turns around to find a naked Rachel standing behind her.

"Alright, baby girl, let's go."

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