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Chapter 6

Two days. That's how long Quinn has been sick, and that's how long that Brittany has been close to pulling her own hair out. Rachel and Sugar have both gotten sick since then and, surprisingly, Santana hasn't even so much as sneezed. It's a miracle considering Santana has snuck into bed with Quinn a total of seven times in the last two days. Brittany won't lie, these last two days have been hell. A sick partner, two sick kids and one easily bored kid who doesn't want to be quiet while the others are trying to sleep off their sickness. Sheer hell. Brittany is, selfishly, actually a little relieved that she had to work today. It means she gets a break from their chaotic house. Unfortunately, though, it also means that Quinn couldn't have another day of rest as she has to look after all three girls on her own. Brittany has to admit, she's worried about that, but she can at least take over and send Quinn back to bed once she is home from work. For now, though, Quinn is on her own.

"Mommy!" Quinn groans and pulls the duvet over her head. She still feels awful, and if it wasn't for the sun she'd be convinced that she hadn't actually fallen asleep yet. "Mommy!" Santana's voice echoes along the hallway, and Quinn sighs as she throws her duvet off of her. She needs to quiet Santana down before she wakes her sisters up. Rachel and Sugar are already cranky enough because they're sick. Groggily, Quinn climbs out of bed and stumbles across the bedroom. "Mommy!"

"I'm coming, Santana," Quinn calls back to her, doing her best to keep the irritation out of her voice. Santana's three, she can't be expected to know that her mommy is having a hard time right now. Quinn pushes Santana's bedroom door open to find the girl sitting up in bed, her hair a complete mess, and a massive grin on her face. "Goodmorning, happy girl," Quinn smiles. "You okay?"

"Uh huh! I'm not allowed to get up until you or mama are awake," Santana reminds Quinn seriously.

"Well, you are a very good girl for staying in bed," Quinn states with a warm smile. "I'm proud of you for doing as you're told," she adds as she leans over and kisses Santana's forehead. Santana beams at the positive attention she's receiving and shimmies out of bed to hug her mommy. "Now, how about some pancakes?"

"Yaaaayy!" Santana cheers. "With lots of syrup?" she asks eagerly, her big, brown eyes wide and hopeful.

"Hmmm, I don't know about that," Quinn states faux seriously. "I was thinking we could wake your sisters up and then you girls could watch a movie in my bed while I make the pancakes. Then we could all have breakfast in bed, what do you think about that?" Quinn asks her.

"Only if I can have lots of syrup!" Santana cries pleadingly. Quinn chuckles lightly and smooths down the girl's messy hair.

"You drive a hard bargain, baby girl," Quinn smiles. "But, okay, I guess you can have lots and lots of syrup, but only if you're a really good girl while I'm making breakfast. Do you think you can do that?"

"I'll be super good, mommy! I pwomise!"

"Then I guess you'll have a whole lot syrup in your pancakes," Quinn tells her seriously. "So, let's go wake your sisters up, and then we'll decide on a movie for you guys to watch," Quinn smiles. "You can bring Morris, too." She watches as Santana grabs her beloved monkey and she holds out her hand for Santana to take, Santana instantly taking a hold of it. Quinn leads Santana out of her bedroom and stops outside Rachel's room. "Okay, you wake Rachel up and I'll wake Sugar up...deal?"

"Deal," Santana nods soberly, taking her job very seriously.

"Remember to do it nicely, don't jump all over her, okay?" Quinn gazes at Santana seriously to ensure that she understands that her mommy won't be happy if she upsets Rachel. "Remember, Rachel is still a little sick."

"I know, mommy. I'll be super gentle," Santana swears.

"Good girl," Quinn smiles. "On you go," she states, maternally patting Santana's bottom to encourage her. Santana tiptoes into her big sister's room and stops beside Rachel's bed, frowning when she can't see her. Where is she?! Santana jumps backwards in surprise when the duvet moves, finally noticing the lump underneath it. Is Rachel so good at playing tricks on her that she can even do it while she's asleep?! Santana takes a cautious step forward and pokes the lump, giggling at the moan that comes from her sister.

"Wakey wakey," Santana stage whispers, poking her sister again. She frowns when Rachel doesn't wake up. Her features contort with determination, and her tongue pokes out of the corner of her lips as she pokes Rachel as hard as she can! Is Rachel dead?! "Mommy!" Santana yells as she runs out of the bedroom as fast as her legs can carry her. "Mommy! Mommy!" Santana runs into Sugar's bedroom, startling her baby sister and causing her to burst into loud, terrified sobs. "Mommy! Come quick!"

"What, Santana? What is it?" Quinn asks her frantically, trying to untangle Sugar's arms from around her neck. Her hazel eyes widen as Santana bursts into tears, her words garbled and scared. "Santana, sweetheart, you're scaring mommy. What's wrong?"

"Rachel's dead!" Santana chokes out, fresh tears leaking from her dark eyes as she throws herself forward, burying her face into her mommy's upper arm and soaking her t'shirt. "She won't wake up! I tried to wake her up, but she won't! She's dead!" Quinn feels her whole body relax as relief sinks in.

"Sweetheart, Rachel is not dead," Quinn calmly states. "She's just a real deep sleeper, honey. Come on, calm down for mommy and we'll go wake her up together," Quinn tells her, rubbing Sugar's back in attempt to calm her youngest girl down.

"What's all the yelling about?" Quinn looks up to see Rachel standing in the doorway, rubbing her eyes and yawning loudly. She barely holds back the laugh that threatens to bubble from her throat when Santana throws herself into Rachel's arms, hiccuping and crying into her big sister's shoulder. The five year old looks downright confused, but she wraps her arms around Santana anyway. Quinn swallows a small sigh as Sugar continues to scream into her ear. It's barely nine in the morning, and their house has already descended into chaos. It's going to be a very, very long day.

To be continued...

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