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Chapter 7

Quinn sighs as she catches sight of a fry flying through the air out of the corner of her eye. Rachel had seemed to have made a miraculous recovery a couple of hours ago and, since then, she and Santana had been getting themselves into all sorts of mischief. While Rachel is feeling better, Quinn is actually feeling much worse. Sugar, too, seems to be getting worse instead of feeling better. Quinn has already decided that she needs to convince adult Sugar to go to the doctors. She hears something hit the floor and she sighs heavily, again. Quinn is almost at the end of her tether. Squeezing her eyes closed, she slowly counts to ten in her head in an attempt to control her building anger. Her hazel eyes open when Santana lets out an offended cry, Quinn immediately knowing what has happened.

"Mommy, Rachel hit me!" Santana yells, a scowl spreading across her features as she rubs her arm.

"Don't hit your sister, Rachel. You know we don't allow fighting in this house," Quinn scolds. She raises a brow when Rachel merely shrugs. Rachel and Santana had both seemed to pick up a bit of attitude recently, and Quinn isn't about to stand for it. "Rachel, I was speaking to you," she states seriously, walking towards the table and leaning her hip against it.

"I know you were, mommy. You said my name," Rachel responds, rolling her eyes. Mommies can be so silly sometimes!

"Excuse me?" Quinn leans across the table to allow herself to look Rachel straight in the eye, "don't talk to mommy like that. I don't know what has gotten into you lately, but this little attitude of yours better disappear very quickly," Quinn warns her. "Both of you had better start behaving yourselves." Quinn looks between her two girls, her hazel eyes stern and full of warning. "Your little sister is still sick and so am I, and I will not be putting up with anymore misbehavior today. No more yelling, fighting, or being rude. Otherwise you will both be put to bed with very sore bottoms," Quinn warns them both. "Do you both understand me?"

"Yes, mommy," Rachel sighs, still with a slight attitude.

"Yes, mommy," Santana echoes her big sister. Quinn watches them both for a moment longer, her eyes narrowing as she takes in the two perfectly innocent faces. "Alright, good." Quinn eyes them both for a second before turning her back to them, grabbing her cell phone from the counter. She fires off a quick text to Brittany, asking her if she can try and get home early tonight. Quinn really needs to get Sugar to the doctors, and she really doesn't want to ask Rachel and Santana to become their adult selves. She'd much prefer that Brittany came home to look after them. The sound of Rachel giggling causes her to become suspicious immediately. That giggle was full of mischief. Quinn spins around and catches Rachel red handed, literally, as she smears strawberry jelly all over Santana's face. "Rachel Barbra!" Rachel jumps in surprise when she hears her mommy's angry voice. She didn't her mommy was watching. Maybe her mommy is a ninja!

"Rachel's giving me a face mask, mommy," Santana informs Quinn, as though she doesn't understand what the big deal is. She probably doesn't.

"No, we do not put food on each other's faces," Quinn scolds as she gently pulls Rachel to her feet. She leads the girl to the sink and makes her wash her hands. "Rachel, you know better than that. This is your very last warning, you're being very naughty and mommy is not happy about it," Quinn states seriously. "Now, you go back to the table and finish your lunch. If you are naughty once more then I will spank your bottom." It's not a threat, it's a promise, and Rachel can tell that her mommy is very serious.

"Sorry, mommy." Rachel bows her head sadly and shuffles back to the table.

"C'mere, Santana. We need to wash that off your face," Quinn tells her.

"But it's a face mask, mommy!" Santana replies, sighing with exasperation.

"It's food! Come here so I can wash it off," Quinn says sternly, pointing to the spot in front of her. Santana reluctantly slides off her chair, but doesn't move towards her mommy. "Right now, Santana." Santana scowls and shakes her head. "Santana..." Quinn's tone is loaded with warning, and even Rachel thinks she wouldn't disobey her mommy right now.

"I like it," Santana whines, folding her arms across her chest.

"I'm going to count to three," Quinn informs her, "and you had better do as I tell you, or you won't like what will happen," she promises her. Quinn groans inwardly as she watches determination flood across Santana's features, the three year old is desperate to win this one. Unfortunately for her, she won't ever win against her mommy. "One." Santana still doesn't move. "Two." This is ridiculous. Of all the things that Santana could take a stand on, is keeping jam smeared all over her face the one that is most important? Quinn raises a dangerous eyebrow, "three. That's it. Come here right now!" Quinn steps forward and gently, but firmly, takes a hold of Santana's upper arm. She's about to lay a sharp smack to the girl's bottom when Santana suddenly sits down on the floor, her butt hitting the floor at record speed.

"Oh oh," Quinn hears Rachel mutter, and she watches out of the corner of her eye as her oldest leans forward, extremely intested in what will happen next. If Quinn wasn't so mad, she'd probably laugh. She, herself, had tried this as a child. Sitting down as fast as you can in hopes of shielding your butt from an angry parent. Unluckily for Santana, it never, ever worked.

"Rachel, go and play in your bedroom for a little while please," Quinn tells her firmly, ensuring that Rachel knows she doesn't have a choice. She turns to look at her sternly when the five year old doesn't move. "Unless you'd like to spend the rest of the day in bed, I would listen to me," she adds dangerously. Quinn is satisfied when Rachel rushes out of the room, albeit with a scowl on her pretty features. She doesn't want mommy to punish her too! Quinn looks down at Santana and sighs, "stand up right now, young lady!" Quinn states loudly, her hazel eyes stormy. Her cell phone rings and she points a finger at Santana in warning as she glances down at her cell, "that's mama. She's not going to be very happy to hear about how naughty you're being." Quinn flicks her thumb across the screen and accepts Brittany's call, watching Santana carefully. She can tell that the girl is regretting her choice to sit down. "Hey, babe," Quinn greets calmly.

"Hey yourself. How are you feeling? Are the girls behaving themselves?"

"Our youngest is fast asleep and has been a perfect angel," Quinn states. "The other two, however, have decided that they don't want to listen to mommy today," she adds dryly. Quinn tells Brittany all about their morning, noticing that Santana's beautiful, dark eyes are flooded with tears.

"Lemme speak to her for a second." Quinn offers the cell phone to Santana who frantically shakes her head no. Quinn sighs, she had anticipated that. "I guess you have two options. You can drag her, kicking and screaming, off of the floor, or you can wait it out. Let yourself calm down, make sure she knows that the longer she disobeys you, the worse it will be for her. Then just wait for her to give in, you know what she's like once she goes into her little, stubborn tantrum mode." Quinn knows Brittany is right. They've dealt with Santana's stubborn tantrums before, trying to drag her into the corner never worked, and it always made them feel a little cruel for basically manhandling her.

"Yeah, you're right," Quinn notes. "Do you think you'll be able to leave early?"

"I should be able to. I'll hopefully be home in an hour or so. Look, I gotta go, but don't let the girls get to you. They can be complete brats when they want to be. I'll see you when I get home. Love you."

"Love you, too." Quinn ends the call and places her cell phone on the table. "Whenever you're ready, go into the corner," Quinn tells Santana. "The longer you ignore mommy, the more trouble you will be in," she adds firmly. Quinn sits down on one of the chairs and crosses one leg over the other as she watches Santana, knowing that the girl is already close to giving in. Their girl had always had a stubborn streak, and she always had a habit of acting before she had completely thought anything through. It's what gets her into trouble the most, and Quinn doubts that will ever change. Santana is their girl, though, and it's just another reason they love her so much. Santana begins to fidget after a few moments, and it isn't long before she slowly stands up, a heartbreaking pout pulling at her lips as she gazes at her mommy with wide, watery eyes. Quinn stays silent, but points towards the corner and she's satisfied when Santana shuffles into the corner, her bottom lip trembling. "Stay there until tell you it's okay to move away," she states sternly as she stands up.

"Yes, mommy," Santana whispers softly. Quinn walks across the kitchen and pulls clothes out of the dryer, neatly folding everything into a pile and setting aside a pair of pajamas for Santana. She feels exhausted and her body is aching. She hates being sick. She also hates having to punish one of their girls, but she has no choice about either of those things. Sighing softly, Quinn lays Santana's pajamas on the table and sits down. She watches Santana as the girl fidgets in the corner, narrowing her eyes slightly when Santana begins to sort of dance on the spot.

"Santana, do you need to go potty?" Quinn quietly questions.

"Yes. Sorry, mommy."

"You don't need to say sorry for needing to go potty," Quinn tells her softly. "C'mon, I'll take you." Quinn stands up and grabs Santana's pajamas again. She holds her hand out for her girl to take and leads her out of the kitchen.

"I'm sorry I was bad," Santana mumbles as they climb the stairs, her head bowed and her eyes glazed over with unshed tears.

"You're not bad, sweetheart. You're a little naughty and silly sometimes, but not bad," Quinn reassures her. She takes Santana into the bathroom and helps her to pull her sweatpants and pull-up down, sighing softly as she guides Santana onto the toilet. Quinn waits until she is finished and then helps her to clean up before helping Santana into a fresh pull-up. "Arms up." Santana raises her arms obediantly so that her mommy can pull her t'shirt and vest off, before standing as still as she can while Quinn pulls her pajama shirt on.

"Do I havta go to bed?" Santana asks her sadly.

"Yes," Quinn responds firmly. "You were very naughty today, mommy is going to spank your bottom and then put you to bed. Hopefully you'll remember this the next time you want to be rude and naughty." She pulls Santana's pajama pants into place and gently urges her towards the sink. As soon as Santana has washed her hands, Quinn leads her into her bedroom where Rachel is playing. "Rachel, mommy needs you to take some pajamas and get changed in my bedroom, wait there until I come to get you." Quinn figures that Rachel has earned herself a little madatory nap with her earlier behaviour as well. She waits until Rachel is out of the bedroom before sitting down on Santana's bed.

"Pwease don't spank me, mommy," Santana's pleads softly. Quinn sighs softly,

"come here please." Santana doesn't argue, she merely moves to stand beside her mommy. "You are being spanked because you were being naughty during lunch and didn't listen to mommy. I don't want to see you throwing anymore tantrums. Do you understand me?" Quinn questions.

"Uh huh. I'll be good, I pwomise," Santana states sincerely, her eyes wide. Quinn nods and guides Santana across her lap. She softly rubs the quivering bottom underneath her hand, feeling awful about having to do this. This is the sucky part of being a mommy, having to discipline one of her little girls. Quinn lifts her hand and firmly smacks Santana's backside. Counting to ten in her head, she alternates sides as Santana immediately begins to sob. After ten seconds of spanking, Quinn pulls Santana's pajama pants and pull-up down. She seriously doubts that the first part had hurt Santana at all, but it's symbolic. Santana is only three, after all. Quinn sharply spanks the bare bottom across her lap, laying three smacks to each side before pulling Santana's clothes back into place.

"There, there, sweetheart, it's all over," Quinn murmurs soothingly as she rubs Santana's back. She helps Santana to her feet and guides her onto the bed, the girl immediately burrowing herself into her mommy's arms and crying into her neck.

"I'm sorry!" Santana blubbers into Quinn's neck. "I'll be better, mommy, I pwomise."

"I know, baby girl, I know," Quinn murmurs. "It's okay, you're okay. It's all over now. Just close your eyes, mommy's got you," she whispers, pressing several kisses into Santana's jet black hair. She holds her little girl close as Santana slowly falls into a deep sleep, amazed by how comforted she feels by the warm weight of Santana's petite body snuggled against hers. Knowing your little girl doesn't hate you, and only wants to be close to you, after you've punished her makes it a little easier. It still sucks, though.

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