Title: What if

Rate: T (rating may go up if my pervert mode is on)

Summary: What if Percy was a Roman? His dad would be Neptune, not Poseidon. He would belong to campJupiter instead of campHalf-blood. Who would he fall in love instead of Annabeth? What's more? –This is SLASH/YAOI. Think carefully before reading. ;)

Pairing: Jason/Percy or Percy/Jason or maybe both.

Disclaimer : I do not own Percy Jackson. Rick does.

Important note: In this story, Percy is ROMAN and there is also NO "big prophecy". As for the ages, Percy is 15, Jason is 14. Jason is shorter than Percy by an inch.

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It had been a long day.

Percy wasn't used to waking up so early in the morning and the boy was sure he would never be, and that was just the beginning. As the result of the strict training yesterday, his whole body hurt like hell. Ambrosia certainly did its job well since all his cuts had already healed and the ugly bruises had disappeared, but everything has its limit. Therefore, despite all the noises around him, from Dan yelling about Will using his brush without permission to Sam's terrible singing, Percy kept his eyes closed and hid under his blanket. The sea prince also noticed that his name was called continually, but he ignored all and held onto his bed as if nothing in this world could ever separate them at that time. Suddenly, the noise was getting smaller and smaller until it was completely silent except for the sound of firm footsteps. Then he felt a warm breath smelling like mint on his face, followed by a deep voice that made him feel a chill running down his spine:

"Perseus Jackson, if you don't wake up now, I'll make you regret."

There were only three people in the world that ever called his name like that. First of all, his old math teacher who hated his gut and turned out to be a monster; the second was his mother, whenever he did something that he shouldn't have; the last person, was of course, this one. Tired as he was, Percy opened his eyes immediately to find Jason's face was just half inch away from his, their noses almost touching. At this distance Percy could have quite a clear view of the other's flawless, handsome facial features, which made blood rush to his face. The blonde narrowed his sky-blue eyes and his brows were knitted together. His murderous aura scared everyone in the room so badly that they all had already left in silence. Then the other moved away from his face in a swift motion, leaned on the wall next to Percy, hands crossed and calmly counted:


Percy jumped out of the bed which he had thought he would stay his whole life.


He groped for the clothes tossed under his bed and almost screamed out in delight as he finally found them.

"Two and a half…"-Jason kept counting while staring at Percy with his piercing blue eyes as the raven put on his clothes, unintentionally made him felt a little unnerved.

"Done!" Percy snapped rather too quickly. Jason frowned at the sight of the green-eyed boy's messy bed hair and the wrinkles on his purple T-shirt before brushing his hand through the soft black locks, murmuring something about how untidy Percy was. Are you my mother?-Percy thought angrily, his face slightly flushed from both anger and embarrassment. Whatever he did didn't even concern the other boy. Jason pointed at the door and told the raven to go to the bathroom. Percy could feel the blonde's stare on him all the way to the door until he was out of his sight.

He got to the shower and let water pour down on him.

Percy Jackson fucking hated Jason Grace, from his arrogant, mighty-and-high, bossy attitude; his perfection, being able to do everything so excellently without spilling a single sweat; the piercing stare of his gorgeous, deep sky-blue eyes to his overly caring of the raven. The sea prince sighed as he splashed the cold water on his face before rushing to the field since he was late for breakfast anyways.

That was how his day started.


About two days ago, they had a new camper.

Well, new demigods arrived almost every two weeks, so why make a fuss about it anyway? Therefore, as usual, Jason sat still on his chair in the praetor room, quickly flicking through the documents, Reyna doing the same thing by his side. He never enjoyed paperwork, but it was one of his jobs as a praetor. Moreover, the blonde wasn't cruel enough to leave Reyna struggling with all the work on her own, that's why he was still there. However, it didn't stop him from eaves dropping the conversations of the garrulous officers, which he would never take part in. Still, they helped him to catch up with things he had missed happening in the legion while rooting in the stupid room.

The fact that all they had been talking about the newbie Percy Jackson hadn't escaped his ears. The girls giggled while talking about how hot, good-looking the guy was: his gorgeous, sexy sea-green eyes; his tall, muscular body; mentions of his perfectly tanned skin and even his six pack were spreading around the room. Jason couldn't care less about it. The only thing that caught his ears was Percy's abilities. The boy was a son of Neptune-one of the Big Three …extremely rare. Aside from Jason himself, he had never known any other demigods that were children of the three powerful gods. Even though the blond hadn't seen the other, he knew that it might be true when somebody said that Percy was strong and probably a rival to Jason. He was thrilled whenever he thought about the raven, because he'd finally found someone who might defeat him. Even without realizing it, the blonde started to pay attention to Percy.

Sometimes Jason found himself looking for a sight of the green-eyed boy in the crowd of people and felt disappointed when he spotted none. One day, while Lacy, a brunette girl, came into his office to give him some letters, he decided to ask her which cohort Percy belonged to. The girl blushed, refused to look into his eyes, and stammered her reply which he could barely make out about something number five. That was all he needed.

Coincidentally, Jason was in cohort five himself. Therefore, after having a quick shower, instead of sleeping in his comfortable praetor's bedroom as usual, he headed for the cramped boy's barrack.

The moment he stepped in, everyone was having a pillow fight.

Jason promptly dodged a pillow coming straight at his face as he took a quick note about how messy and crazy the room was. Pillows were flying frantically over his head and white features filled the air. People screamed, yelled, cursed, and insulted each other. In the blonde's whole life, he had never seen anything so…lunatic, as if everyone's sanity was lost at that time.

In the middle of the chaos, Jason spotted Percy standing on a bed. It couldn't have been a mistake. Of all things, the blonde was proud of his intuition the most and every single part of his mind told him that the boy was Perseus Jackson, so it must be him. Jason felt as if the time had slowed down. He stared at the raven, carefully studying Percy while still kicking and dodging the pillows that came his way. There was a wide, carefree and child-like grin on the other's face. The air surrounded the sea prince felt really different, warm, a little salty, tasted like the ocean yet very powerful. The blonde didn't understand why he couldn't bring himself to like such a loveable guy. Then their eyes met.

Jason found himself bored into Percy's eyes. Two eyes locked together, daring the other to look away. Two were blue, immense as the clear vast sky without a single cloud in the morning; the others were green and deep as the colossal ocean that contained so many things under the surface. Each one represented a different element, but both also did a good job of describing its owner's personality. Percy dropped his pillow.

They would have stood there just looking into each other's eyes if a boy hadn't suddenly slammed his pillow mercilessly on Percy's head, which made the raven lose his balance. Their stare broke. Percy landed on the ground with a small 'thud' and cursed loudly, his face redden in anger. Jason couldn't hold back a short laugh, not the perfect smile as he usually faked but a real one, something that he hadn't done for a long time. Then he headed to Percy's place, not forgetting to note how interesting this boy was, and introduced himself:

"I'm Jason Grace. Nice to meet you, Perseus Jackson."

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