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Percy's back ached. He stood up, stretched his weary arms and legs, then spun his neck, feeling pleased to hear such satisfying cracking sounds. The raven mentally cursed Jason Grace while thinking of what happened an hour ago and why he was cleaning the stupid room instead of sleeping.


"I'm Jason Grace. Nice to meet you, Perseus Jackson."

"Oh, ugh…it's my pleasure to meet you too, Jason. I've heard a lot about you." At the back of his mind, he literally screamed who the hell is this guy? , yet Percy smiled and took the other's hand. The raven shivered as electricity ran through his fingertips, along his veins and to his brain. The numb feeling still lasted for a few seconds after the blonde withdrew his hand. Out of the sudden, a pillow flew between their faces and slammed onto the wall near by. Jason looked round the chaotic room. His face darkening, he sighed before pulled out a small whistle from his pocket, not forgetting to tell Percy to cover his ears.


The deafening screeching sound made everyone in the room drop their pillows (or another person) and turn their heads to see where the sound was coming from. As soon as they spotted the blonde, everybody's face turned green and started sweating. Percy felt as if the temperature in the room had dropped a few degrees.

"Who started this?" Jason demanded. No one answered.

"Again, who-started-this?"

Jason repeated his question, pronounced each syllables clearly and carefully. All eyes turned to Percy.


*ended flashback*

So here he was, cleaning the mess while everyone else was sleeping on their beds. As if that wasn't bad enough, the boy had to do this for the whole next month, along with some "extra work". Too tired to complain, Percy crashed down onto his bed, face first, and slept straight to the next morning.

Jason, undoubtedly, was the first one in the room to wake up. He folded his blanket neatly after having changed into his casual clothes-a purple T-shirt and jeans. On his way to the door, the blonde caught sight of Percy sleeping like a log, face buried deep into his pillow and not even bothering to cover himself with a blanket. This boy didn't even know how to take care of himself, like a five-year-old kid. Jason sighed while blanketing the sea prince, and then smiled a little when he spotted some feathers still stuck on Percy's locks. He stroked the soft black hair in order to take the feathers apart, startled as the raven slightly winced and turned around, face to face with him. The raven's chest was rising up and down as he was breathing softly. His lips half opened, a drop of drool leaking from the corner of his mouth. Even when he slept, he still wore the necklace with a blue bead featuring a trident-Neptune's symbol, so it must be really precious to the boy, or maybe the dope simply just forgot to take it out-Jason added. Studying Percy's facial features carefully, it dawned on the blonde that what the female officers said about the son of Neptune were true all along. Even for a guy like Jason, Percy was undeniably handsome, maybe attractive-he blonde thought as he walked away from the sea prince, not realizing a very visible pink blush on his own cheeks.

Not until Jason walked out of the bathroom were the legionnaires woken by the sound of the horn. He headed straight to the mess hall for breakfast, which was still empty, totally opposite to it in about …ten minutes. The blonde quickly finished his meal before anyone could get in and disturb the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere he loved so much. Even though being friendly and sociable towards others was one of his "Mr. Perfect" rules, the truth was he preferred to be alone rather than hang around with people. Jason would never admit it, but others' stares made him feel uncomfortable, which was unacceptable as for both a praetor and a child of Jupiter.

There came the second person to the mess. Alex Hamilton, son of Ceres, 17 years old, three strikes. He quickly recalled the boy's basic information. The way his mind worked wasn't much different from the way a computer processes its data.

"Good morning, praetor Jason."

"Good morning, Alex. How are your venus fly-traps?" Jason greeted back with a can-not-be-anymore-perfect smile that he had spent half an hour practicing in front of the mirror when he was ten. In addition to that, the blonde also prepared some sentences for an informal conversation like this and even calculated all the possible answers in order to make up for his lack of communication skill. After a few words were exchanged, Jason excused himself and left the place before it got crowded.

As he stepped in the principia (where praetors and centurions work-for those who forgot), Jason let out a sigh, realizing Percy was no where to be seen. The idiot must have been snoring and drooling at that time, totally forgetting what Jason asked him to do last night. He checked the time table, noting that he had a sparring class to attend at nine o'clock, which was half an hour later. Well, plenty of time, Jason thought, and went back to his barrack to wake the certain dope up.

Jason thought that Percy had started to know his place after the "little accident" yesterday. However, the boy still seemed to be rebellious judging by the way he glared at the blonde. To be honest, he didn't mind it, but the only thing troubled Jason was the fact that he couldn't take his eyes off the older's abs. He keep staring at Percy's back all the way the raven got to the door until he was out of sight. The sky prince found himself holding something similar to resentment towards the other, mostly because of making him…well, being all weird and not Jason-ish at all.

What the hell did you do to me?

Percy regretted skipping breakfast. Fortunately, he was on time for the sparring class so he wouldn't have to clean the toilets, or streets with a toothbrush, but it cost him a meal. His teacher-a beautiful woman with brown hair tied neatly in a ponytail, aged around 20 to 25 (it was hard to tell)-told everybody to practice by themselves after showing a dozen or so new moves. The sea prince blinked a few times whenever people started to turn into chicken, pancakes and chips or any other foods he could name. Gods, he really needed to eat or else he might jump on and bite people. Percy looked around in order to find something edible, which he thought was impossible. Wait, was that a mushroom? Was it poisonous? It wasn't typical of Percy (or anyone with a sound mind) to pick up strange things on the ground to eat, yet said boy tried hard to fight the urge to look at the mushroom. Gods, the starvation made him dizzy and have weird thoughts. The son of Neptune sat on his heels, felt his stomach grumbling continually.

"Would you like to practice with me?"

"-Nah, don't feel up to it," Percy answered lazily, and didn't bother to look up. The other carefully sat down next to him, leaned forward a bit to take a look of his face then commented softly:

"Your face looks pale. Are you alright?"

Jason's voice was full of concern, which was out of the ordinary, yet made Percy's heart warm up a little. Instead of answering the blonde's question, he pointed at the mushroom:

"Do you think it is venomous?"

Although Jason seemed puzzled by the unexpected reply from the sea prince, he said after considering for a while:

"I guess not, but you had better cook it before eating."

Two boys stayed quiet, doing nothing but staring at the innocent mushroom, probably thinking of ways to cook it. Suddenly they heard a furious voice from above:

"What are you guys think you're doing while everybody is practicing hard?"

Their teacher-Ms. Ponytail-was scowling at them, hands on her hips. Jason quickly came up with a lie:

"Perseus is sick. I will show him the way to the clinic."

To prove that, the raven faked a few cough, his face grimaced as if he was in pain. The two looked at their teacher worriedly before exchanging a glance between themselves, understanding what the other was thinking. Helping the sea prince to get up after standing himself, Jason put Percy's arm around his neck as they walked away, and he didn't look back, for once.


"I'm Jason Grace. Nice to meet you, Perseus Jackson."

"Ugh, sorry dude, but I'm not Percy. He is over there."

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