Danny Fenton was on his computer when suddenly:

"DANNY! DANNY! OH MY GOD, DANNY!" Danny whipped his head around at the familiar voice, immediately jumping up from the computer. In through his window crashed his clone, Danielle Phantom (or at least, she was in her Phantom form).

"Danielle?" he asked worriedly, taking in the tears dripping down her face and the way she was clutching her stomach.

"DANNY!" she sobbed. "You have to help me!" He ran over to her, kneeling down at her level.

"Okay, okay, I will," he said earnestly. "But first I need to know what's wrong."

She sniffled. "I don't know!" she cried out. "A few days ago, I bled a little, but I just thought I had gotten cut or something somehow- I don't know!- but then my stomach started hurting and I feel like something is clawing its way out of me! I don't know what to do and nothing's working and I don't think this is normal and OH MY GOD Danny what if I die and-" Danny clapped a hand over her mouth, which was quivering with worry.

"You're not going to die," said Danny soothingly. "I won't let you. But you need to slow down, and not get too worked up, okay?" She nodded, leaving Danny to take a step back. Her lips started quivering again though.

"Okay," said Danny. "Now, where are you bleeding?" Dani took a deep breath.

"Actually, I have no idea where it's coming from," she admitted shakily. "It just… keeps showing up!" More tears formed in her eyes as she clutched her stomach again.

Danny furrowed his brow. "Where does it keep showing up?" She pointed to the spot, and Danny immediately paled.

"Oh God," he whispered running his hands through his jet black hair. Dani started shaking.

"What's wrong?" she asked squeakily. "Is it bad? Am I going to die?!" She started crying. "I knew it! I'm going to die! I'm going to die and I'm not even technically three years old!" Then she started sobbing uncontrollably- which, really, made sense to Danny now that he knew what was wrong. Danny sighed, and, now that the situation hit him, chuckled a bit. Danielle stepped back.

"Why are you laughing?" she demanded. "I'm going to DIE Danny!" She started sobbing again and yelling repeatedly, "Oh God, I'm going to die! I'm never going to drive a car, or get a boyfriend, or go to school, or get married, or have kids, or go to the mall, or ride in a space shuttle, or go to a Dumpty Humpty concert, or play video games all weekend long, or…" The long and tedious list went on and on as she wailed and sobbed to the heavens. Danny simply shook his head and grabbed his cell phone, dialing his girlfriend's number.

"Hey Danny," said Sam on the other end. She noticed the crying in the background and immediately sounded alarmed. "What's going on? Who's crying?"

"It's Danielle," he sighed, a small smile still present on his face though. "Look, I think she's having some problems with… with…"

"With… what?" He sighed again, not sure how he was going to explain the situation to Sam, much less Dani.

"Do you think Vlad ever explained puberty to her?"

This idea just sort of came to me- I mean, Vlad was a total jerk and never would have explained the whole thing to Dani, and she probably would freak out about it, you know? Anyways, I hope it was o-k and didn't seem to OOC, especially since Dani usually doesn't cry? I dunno, but this just kind of made sense. :-) Hope you enjoyed! Ciao!