"You may kiss the bride," the man said, and Rory took Amy's face in his hands and kissed her gently, and everyone clapped and cheered. Rose whistled, Ten laughing next to her.

Rory and Amy pulled apart smiling, and, holding hands, raced out of the church together. Everyone else followed, meandering out absently, stopping to talk about how lovely it all was, and Ten grabbed Rose's hand and beamed at her.

After five months, she still couldn't believe they'd made it here. To a place where there was no Jimmy Stone, and no fear. Where she could look up at Ten and feel certainty. To where Amy and Rory were finally getting married, and Rose was a bridesmaid.

To a day in August when it was sunny and warm and the whole Smith family was congregating on the sidewalk, preparing for the trek back to the house, where the reception was being held.

She laughed out loud as Ten pulled them ahead of everyone, stopping only to take off her shoes and then running with him – the rest of their friends catching up – to the party ahead.

"Who else do I have to talk to?" Rose complained as Ten led her along by the hand. She'd wanted to sit down for a bit, was that so bad?

She'd met all the uncles already. And the grandfather and the great-uncle. And a few cousins. All named John Smith.

She had to laugh because that doesn't seem at all strange anymore.

One and Two are brothers, and One is old and has the look of a grandfather about him – white haired and rarely smiling, though it's clear from the way he mopped at his eyes when Amy and Rory kissed that he has a big heart. Two wears a bow tie like Eleven and has a mop of dark hair, shot a bit with gray, and a recorder that he gets out and plays along with the music when people start to dance. Both their wives have passed, and Rose doesn't mention it, though both seem to think about it at the same time during the wedding dance, and they glance at each other, eyes soft, something old and achingly sad in their features, Two's cheerful smile somewhat worn all of a sudden.

The uncles, Three, Five, and Six – they are all "uncles" even though only Three is Four's actual brother – all shake her hand, and Five nods to her with a smile and wishes her luck with Ten. He seems the nicest of all of them, and both he and his wife, Nyssa, give Rose a warm hug. Their kids – Ten's cousins – are interesting and seem quite fun. Seven and Eight are brothers and Susan and Ace are twins, though the two girls seem as an-alike as it is possible to be. Seven and Ace are rarely seem without each other at the party, and once she sees a small explosion from over by the desserts table, and Five shouts over "don't blow up the cake, Amy'll be upset."

Five himself has blond hair, blue eyes, and a kind smile. Three and Six both have curly hair and sour-ish expressions, though like One, they smiled hard when Amy and Rory were officially announced married. Three has an odd sort of cape along with his suit which he seems to think is dramatic and no one else comments on, and Six has a multi colored patchwork coat that he has apparently refused to throw away for all his life. Whenever Four makes a comment about it, Six just replies that at least he doesn't wear a scarf, and they bicker good-naturedly.

Eight, the other cousin, is the youngest of his family (Seven was first, then the twins, then him) but this still puts him as older than any of Four's kids. He seems about twenty-two or so, and he's brought a date, a girl named Grace with kind eyes and a love of opera and biology. She is training to be a surgeon, which sparks a few jokes about Rory planning to work in medicine and how Rose would have to stop up her game, which makes her blush, hiding her face in her hands. Eight follows his father's example and gives her a hug, telling her "welcome to the family" with a wink.

Susan, the other twin, stays with One the whole time. She is around twenty-five and seems to adore him, and there is deep affection in his eyes for her, as well. Of all the cousins, she is the only person who calls him Grandfather and not One, though with her it seems almost like a pet name, like a secret between just them.

And of course, the cousins are loud. And cheerful. And smiley. Much like the rest of the Smith family, really.

After Rose has been introduced to someone else – some distant uncle, maybe? All she knows is that they thought he was dead and his name wasn't John Smith and now they've learned neither is true, and also that he really is related so they are calling him Uncle Twelve for lack of a better term. He has thick eyebrows and electric blue eyes and a very, very kind smile, though he looks a bit out of place still, like everyone is getting used to him still. He has large black boots that don't at all go together with the suit he's wearing.

Anyway, after they are introduced, because Ten seems keen on her meeting everyone, she shoos him off to go and dance with someone and collapses next to River and Amy at a table, taking a shoe off and rubbing at her heel.

"Ugh," River agrees.

"I love him," Rose sighs, "I do. But he has the energy of a three year old on sugar."

Amy laughs, lets her head drop sleepily onto River's shoulder.

"We're married." she says, voice soft and amazed. "We're really properly married."

"I'm so glad for you," River says warmly, patting Amy's arm affectionately.

"And everyone loves him." Amy adds, still sounding sleepy. "Even Uncle Six likes him. Uncle Six doesn't like anyone."

Rose watches Jack and Ianto waltz by and listens to Amy.

"I just keep expecting something to go wrong," Amy finishes, "is that odd?"

"Yes," River laughs. "Yes, because you're fine, Amy. You're fine, Rory's fine, everyone's fine."

Amy laughs too. "I know," she grins, "I just can't help it. Something's going to go wrong."

"Eleven will spark a dancing revolution." River chuckles.

"Seven and Ace will blow up the desserts table." Amy adds, waving her arms around happily.

"You'll find jelly babies on the cake?" Rose offers, and Amy bursts into gales of laughter.

"Now that," she manages finally, "sounds like something Dad would do."

"Oh, definitely." said a voice from behind them. "Only I haven't."

"Good." Amy beams, tilting her head to look at her father. "Wouldn't want you ruining my wedding."

"Why, you little – " he gasps, pretending to be angry, and she giggles and runs away, sticking her tongue out as her chases after her.

River smiles fondly. "There she goes." she says. "My best friend. Mrs. Pond."

"Amelia Pond." Rose echoes.

They share a smile, before River stands. "I'd better go find Eleven." she says. "Last time we left him alone at a family party he started teaching people the Drunk Giraffe."

Rose winces, and waves her off. "God, go. We can't have that."

"Come on, Rose." Ten complains, tugging at her hand. "Dance. It's the last one, we won't have a chance after this."

"Alright, alright." she giggles, standing and wobbling a bit on her tired legs before he tugs her close. She huffs a laugh.

"S'not a slow dance."

"We can pretend." he says firmly, and she lays her head on his shoulder.

In the distance, she can hear Eleven complaining about how quiet the house is going to be, Jack and Nine laughing together, and out of the corner of her eye sees Sherlock dancing with Molly because John staunchly refuses and Sherlock, God save him, loves dancing. It's actually quite sweet, how excited he is to get to dance, you can tell, even though he pretends otherwise.

"So," she says sleepily, ignoring the others around them, giving them amused looks at their sleepy swaying, out of time with the music.

When Ten talks, she feels his chin brush the top of her head. "So what, Rose Tyler?"

"They're happy." she says. "I'm glad."

"We're . . . happy. Too." he mumbles, spots of pink on his cheeks, phrasing it like a question. "Yeah?"

"Yeah." she says, darting up to kiss him on the cheek, to smile at his quick scoff of "well of course we are, of course we're happy, Rose Tyler, there'd be no point of we weren't," resting her head back on his shoulder.

She doesn't miss the way his fingers tighten in hers, and she knows what he means. Oh, she knows.

The moment breaks when he pulls her out of the slow dance to spin her around, moving as quickly as her can and holing her hands tight in his until they're swinging by momentum alone, and then she trips or he trips and they fall in a pile of legs and arms and laughter.

"You two are idiots," Jack shouts, from his position next to the hors d'oeuvres.

"Back at you, Harkness." Ten yells, and Amy shakes a fist at them.

"Don't ruin my wedding!"

"We weren't ruining anything!" Ten grumbles, helping Rose up. She's shaking with laughter, giggling so hard that she's not even making noise, just shaking all over with the force of it. Ten's eyes go concerned, evidently not realizing she's laughing. "Rose? Rose, are you alright? Did you get hurt when we fell? Are you oka –"

She kisses him, which shuts him up quite nicely.

When she pulls back, his eyes are distant, and he licks his lips, absently.

"Fancy an Adventure?" she asks, grinning at him, tongue poking out of the side of her smile.

He blinks once, twice, then grins and grabs her hand.


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