Christmas with Henry

The snow was fresh and the air was cold but inside there little house it was nice and warm. 5 year old Henry ran down the hall too his parents room and jumped on there bed.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Henry yelled jumping on the bed "Santa came!"he said Neal rolled over and looked at Emma. Who sat up looking at her son.

"Hey kiddo! Merry Christmas" Emma said kissing her sons forehead.

"Mom Santa came and he brang a lot of presents!"

"It's brought Henry but lets go see it!" Neal said kissing Emma "Merry Christmas Em." She kissed him back and let her husband go see all the presents with there son. Neal looked at the room.

"Wow!" he said amazed by the amount of presents.

"Can we open them all now!" Henry asked looking at his father.

"Let's just open the one's from Santa okay kiddo and when your grandparents get here we can open the rest how does that sound." Neal said looking at Emma who nodded and Henry just sighed.

"When is grammy and grampy coming?"

"They will be here in less then 2 hours." Emma said

Henry opened all of the presents from Santa which were basically hot wheel's and remote controlled car sets and a few books.

"Do you like all the presents from Santa?" Emma asked her son.


"I think Santa did a pretty good job getting your presents this year right?" Neal said looking at Henry.

"Yes he did!" Henry said smiling. Just then the bell rang Emma got off the couch and went to open the door. There stood Snow, James, Red, Granny,Grumpy and Lance Snow and Jame's 17 year old son. Everyone new he was named after Snow and James's friend Lancelot.

"Merry Christmas Emma!" Snow said hugging her daughter and the gang fallowed her into the house. All taking off there coats and piling them up in the closet sitting down on the couch next too Henry.

"Hey sis how are you doing?" Lance asked Emma who sat on the couch next to the family.

"Tired but it's the holidays and you?"

"Pretty good been sword fighting with dad." Lance said

"Of course." Emma said

Henry looked up at his mom and dad.

"When is my little brother going to be here?" Henry asked his mom. Emma placed a hand on her growing belly.

"Soon Henry in a few months but don't forget it could be a little sister." Emma said still couldn't believe she was pregnant with her second child at 23 years old.

"Daddy thinks it's a boy too." Henry said looking at his dad. Emma just looked at Neal.

"I thought it would be a boy but I am happy with what ever." Neal said defending himself.

"Henry would you like too open up the rest of your presents?" James asked his grandson.

"Yes!" Henry said picking up his present he read the label.

"Lance and Grandpa!" he said he started to unwrap the present he pulled out a toy Sword oh jeez just what Emma wanted her 5 year old son too have.


"Here Henry open my present." Snow handed the young boy her present he unwrapped it and there was a story book.

"Once Upon A Time." Henry read looking at his family. He got a few other presents that a hand knit sweater from Grandma and obviously a cool leather jacket from Ruby being completely different then her grandma, being him weird self Grumpy got Henry a teddy bear, and Belle got him a few books. Presents were give around from each adult too Emma and Neal ended up getting a lot of gifts for the baby too. Snow told her and Neal that she would gladly babysit her grandchildren anytime they needed a break and Ruby and Granny said they can make dinner for them in the first few weeks once the baby was born. Emma loved the holiday's especially with her wonderful family everything always ended up perfect in the outcome. She couldn't believe it though she married Neal 3 months after Henry was born and she has had her parents and family and friends every step of the way.

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