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Dawn of Chronicle's Prologue

-Bermessiah University.

One name that is well known across the Aernas.

Bermessiah University is famous for its ability to educate high-quality people meant for the best of society.

-And now.

In this year, a new curriculum is said to be applied especially for this place.

-As well as.

A whole new story.

Within the rooftop of Bermessiah University...


Once again, the sound of bell ringing signals the end of the day. Usually, there will be three things that others might do at this time : Go to their respective clubs, hang out somewhere or lastly, go home.

How about me, you ask? I'm bored.

Well I mean, seriously – I don't think there is ever anything exciting happened in this school, or this city so far as I can see.

As for clubs, I ever took them for some while, and turns out that I don't want to do that again.

Why, you ask?

To put it simply, I'm extremely good at it when I have to compare it with anybody else.

It's just that, being excessively good at it – I think you already know it but it's not like there won't be any person who won't be jealous out of this. Knowing that I always steal the spotlight. "What a pain in the ass." they said.

And thus, after some numerous incidents and events, I decided to choose the fourth option.

That is, to go to the rooftop and try to think of something else to kill my boredomeness as well as time along with it.

-I am Sieghart.

As the sky started to turn into the orange of the dusk, I got up from where I am, just on my way to return home.

-And that's where I met her.

The person... who changed my life forever...

(Sieghart's POV)

As I was about on my way back, a girl came across to my field of vision. Still on the rooftop at where I was.

How long have she been there?

That, will be a good question.

-I silently stares at her.


And with that, she stares back.

Hmm... Long blue hair, thick glasses... But what's more, is the fact that she got a red and blue eyes. What was the term again? Dichromatic? Bichromatic? Heterochromatic? Yeah, I think it will be around one of those or whatever.

-Is there such student in this place?

Because as far as I know, I don't even remember that there is one like her. A new student, perhaps?

"You...new here?" I tried to make a conversation with her.

"Umm... Yes." Finally, an answer from her.

"So you are a freshman huh? So... what are you doing here?"

"Uh... Well... That's..."

...Oh man. This conversation won't get us anywhere... I better take the initiative first.

"Hey, hey, chill out, okay? It's not like I'm going to eat you or something. The name's Sieghart by the way. Sieg to my friend. Supposedly to be a 2nd year, but I'm in the 1st year as well. Nice to meet ya."

"I am... Mari. 1st year as well."


For some reason, that name rang in my head. Why is that?

-And before I know.

She already came THIS close to me.

"Did it ring a bell to you now, Sieg?"

"Well actually-"


Before I manage to finish my words, she quickly closed the gap between our lips.


So it's a kiss-


*Puahh* We broke out.

"H-Hey! What...What was that for?"

I bet I'm blushing like crazy right now... Well, the same thing applies to her.

I gotta be dreaming... but then again, this is reality, and I know it.

-What the heck is actually going on?

Girls these days sure are aggresive...




"When we were kids... You promised..."

-When we we kids...

A promise. And a time when we were kids...

At this point, my mind drifted to the time when I was small.

There, at a time where I was running around the garden, I recalled that there is a girl chasing me. She was my one and only friend at the time.

I recalled that she got a short blue cerulean hair and a red and blue pair of eyes as well-WAIT A SECOND!

"...Mari...Ming Onette?"

And with that, a sweet smile carved on her face.

"*smile* So you do remember, Sieg."

"Hey, it's been a long time and... Where have you been? You suddenly disappeared at the time when I was looking for you."

Indeed. I recalled that there was a time where we got ourselves run towars the top of the hills.

And I recalled that, bad lucks are on my side, and therefore, I got myself falling from quite a considerable height. Good thing that there are tress on the way I'm falling to reduce my speed on falling. Or else, I might be flattened along with the ground.

"Well, at the time where you were hospitalized, I received a message that my families are moving due to family's bussiness. It was all so sudden and I couldn't even say a goodbye to you so..."

So that's how it is. But then again, I better lighten up the mood a little here.

"Haha, it's alright. I can understand that. Come to think of it again, how is uncle and auntie doing?"

However, she became rather quieter than before.

What's with this silence? For some reasons, it just doesn't feel right...

"...They... They are no longer here. They died in an accident about 4 years ago..."


...I'm in a complete lost of words now...

"Ahh... Is that so... Well, sorry for asking that..."

Great, Sieghart. You literally just blew it now...

"Ah, no, it's fine. I already getting over it now. Don't worry."

"...Glad to hear that then."

"So, Umm... back to the main topic?"



The main topic... it's about the promise, isn't it?

But damn... I can't remember at all...

"S-Sieg, I..."


This awkward silence...This breezing gentle wind...And most of all, this convenient atmosphere is just...way to convenient...

I think I know where this is going...

"I really like you! Will you go out with me?"

Yep, I know where this is going.

-And yet.

Even when I already know it, I can only pertrified like a statue, unbelieving on what just happened.

Well, I mean...How come I couldn't?

The very person you know that has been gone for years is now showing up again.

-And what's more.

She even confessed to you.

-And truth to be told though.

As we already grown up now, it is painfully obvious that she has been developed as a lady in various way.

I gotta admit it, she has grown into such a beautiful girl.

-One more point that just made me shinking down even further in her presence.

"...So...What do you say, Sieg?" Fidgetting her fingers while making a cute face, she asked.


The gap within the years sure can make a big difference.

Back then, as we were kids, I didn't think much about it. We just find each other fun to play with, and that's how we spend the time.

At that time, neither of us are caring that much about attraction or anything. We were still kids after all.

-But now.

Seeing that she has matured so much... I can tell that I felt something different with her now, obviously.

Did I say that there is never anything exciting happened in this place?

Well, as much as I hate to admit it, It seems that my wish for something to be happened in the first place has been just granted.

-And that.

Is how things begin.

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