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Meeting With Others - Welcome to Class C! -

- Years ago...

When I was just a little kid. Still living in the mansion the Sieghart family had back then in Kounat. There was a one girl that used to always play with me until she suddenly gone without me knowing.

That girl... is Mari. Mari Ming Onette.

- And yesterday...

I met her.

Under the sky above Bermessiah University. Where dusk is starting to take over, hinting the come of the night of the day soon after. At the rooftop of it where the wind breeze just as gently and nicely—

She came.

-And what's more

She even confessed to me.

And with this, the unsociable-and-the-lone-ace-of-all-trades Sieghart just got himself a girlfriend.

-All happen in just yesterday.

And now, I guess its time to introduce her to my friends then – That's just the right and natural decision I suppose.

With that.

Another days of mine – Begin.

(Sieghart's POV)


"Ghhk... already...?"

Thanks to the noisy alarm I set the day before – I just lost another extension of my good, peaceful time of undisturbed sleep.

(The alarm should be around here...)

And yet, as I extended and moved around my right arm lazily, looking for the annoying alarm clock. I found no feeling of anything like that within my grasp.

And it keeps keeping me awake with its noisy rings.

"Sheesh... Shouldn't it be around here—Whoa!"



I guess I'm moving too much that I am actually falling off the side of the bed now – Just where the hell that thing is?

"Oh, right. Not only did I set it up to make me wake earlier, I also placed in a place where I can't reach it immediately, knowing that I will turn it off the moment it rings..."

As I sighed from the fact. I got myself to the tiny trouble maker and put an end to it.

- Come to think of it again.

I wonder if it was because of yesterday – But right after that, I suddenly had a sudden urge to set my alarm more earlier and sleep rather earlier as well so I'll got myself refreshed in the morning.

"Haha. I guess the spirit to goes to school is back on me now right after that, huh?"

It is still quite morning now – Or rather, dawn.

I doubt the breakfast would come so early. Might as well as the time to gone to school.

(I guess a morning exercise wouldn't sound so bad now, huh?)


-Shh, shhh, shaa!

Darting around while swinging both of my rapiers back and forth – My morning exercise continued.

(Enough with the warming up. Let's see if I can take these steel dummies out in style...)


Along with my assault, the steel dummies that I haven't been touch since the beginning of this training are now starting to fall one by one in an almost immediate time – The sounds of the clanking metals on the ground confirmed it.

(With this, only that giant one left...!)

Fixing my gaze to the last remaining of them – The Largest one – I prepared the two rapiers in my hand as they are now with their tip in contact with the ground.

"Rising Weapon!"

As I dashed faster, the tip of my blades are now sparking.

And now—

All along with my rush, I threw a deadly uppercut with my swords while bringing along the shockwave, and ending it with a downward slam.

-Sure enough

The sounds of metal shattered to pieces can be heard following the clanking sounds on the ground.


"Most impressive, Young Master. Well done."

"Ah, Alfredo. Did I wake you up by the noise?"

The oldman who just praised me from the sideway of the training ground where I am – Alfredo. He is my butler.

And what's more. He is my guardian.

Well, as you can see, the only people live in this mansion are no one but just the both of us.

Were you asking about my parents? Well, guess what. After Mari left Kounat due to her family business, Around 3 months after, My Parents got a call from someone I don't know at the time – I was way to young to remember it.

Actually, let alone that, I don't even know what they are saying.

-As for my parents.

You can say that, they are The Guardian of Bermessiah – And I take it that it was an order for a quest or something like that.


As time passes, there is not even a single words from them. Let alone that, there is just not even any single piece of information about them.

It was like... They vanished just like that... Literally.

-And around a year after that...

"Actually, I have been taking care of the garden and cleaning the mansion. And after that, I saw you waking up earlier than usual and quickly headed to train on this ground. After finishing my daily routine, I came back here to see your training."

"Seeing me waking up earlier huh... Man. And here I thought I could at least wake up earlier than you... Anyway, I guess I'll need a new dummy for my training now."

"I don't think that will be necessary anymore. You've been too skilled to get any benefit from them."

"Hmm... I guess I'll just have to improvise from here on and out then..."

"As for now, I suggest that you take a bath now, Young Master. I'll make sure the breakfast will be ready by then."

"Thanks Alf."

And with that, I went back to my room. I think I'll take a little rest before a bath.

Where was I... Oh right. One year after that.

-Around one year after...


At night, it was a stormy night where the wind are so strong and the rain isn't any different much at all.

I was on my bed back then – And that's where it hit me.

For some reason, I manage to suddenly awake as I heard some sounds of people entering my room.

If it was Alf, he would at least said something to me.

-I soon realized it.

Killing intent – It was so obvious that as a little child I am, I couldn't do much but keep on playing dead.

At that time, I still don't know anything about self-defense.

Except for a very few.

(Holy Zen... Don't let these people come to me... Don't let these people come to me-)


"What was that?"

In a rather loud tone, one of them spoke. And with that they are all leaving to check things out.

All but one person.

"I got you now kid—"

Hmm? Did I hear something like...


I suddenly realized what it was.

"—With this, may the Siegharts fall!"


Opening my eyes suddenly – As he got the surprise, I quickly kicked him in the gut. Rendering him immobile on the floor for a while and reached for something that I hid inside the wardrobe.

It was a gladius.

Being a little child who got no real experience in fighting while just being a 7 years old kid except for very few, I quickly took it up and used as how my father ever taught me.

As the guy got back up, I quickly use it like how I've been training.

The result? Despite of manage to not got a single slash at anywhere, he manage to deal blow at me and sent me back to the corner.

I just can't get used to the style at all – It just doesn't feel fit in my hand.

And at the time, an idea came to me.

Getting back up, now I am wielding the sword in reverse.

"That's it kid! You die this time—"






I did it – I actually did it.

I actually managed to block the incoming attack while as well making a scratch on his neck – Which he gave a bother to.

-Thanks to that.

I manage to got behind him and knocked him out cold on the neck using the hilt of my gladius.


As blood is dripping from left arm, now I realized that I got a scratch on the said arm.

"Hehe, I guess I'm not half bad too, huh?"

Rather satisfied with the result, it made forgot for some second before I heard another crash from outside of my room.

"Oh, that's right. ALF!"

As I got myself downstairs, I quickly joined force with him – just how much are these freaks in here?

"Young Master, you can actually use that?"

"Rather than 'can', I think the word 'learning' to use it fits me better."

"I see that you got the confidence at least."

"Anyway, what is happening Alf?"

"After this done, I'll tell you in full details. For now, let's get out of here first!"

And with that, Alf and I breakthrough our way to the front door – All the while bashing, kicking, and everything you can mention in order to fought them back.

However, at the front door...



Noticing the danger, he get ahead of me and shielded me from the incoming daggers.

"I'll hold them off Young Master. Please run!"

"No! You're wounded! You're not thinking of fighting them all alone did you—"

Suddenly, a strong kick came in and knocked me for some meters away.


"Young Master!"

"Now, now~"

A lady's voice...

"Shouldn't you be worrying of yourself? The daggers you got just now are all poisonous. You won't be able to move around anymore now. Butler of The Siegharts."

"...So this is it, huh?"


Alf... Don't make that kind of expression. You...

(Are you seriously going to let her... KILL you?)

"...Get... Get off from him..."

For some unknown reason, my body is starting to feel hot.

-At the time.

I lost all feelings of pain within me. And I feel extremely restless.

But most of all – I am angry.

"Get.. Get away... GET AWAY FROM HIM!"

I rushed at her at a speed even I myself found hard to believe.

-But what's more...


As I swung my gladius – Something is happening.

I don't know how – But as I was making the swing, it was as if the winds are gathering around it.

And as I make the slash—

Along with the huge shockwave, the massive pressure of the purple colored wind destroyed whatever things in front of me – Including the door.

It seemed that woman was sent flying as well.

"Young Master, you..."

Alf – he is making an expression as if saying 'I can't believe it' or anything around it.

Well, even I have no idea.

"...I see. It runs in the blood after all. Young Master. You truly are a Sieghart."

And he said that with a smile on his face.

" I don't get it. And I think that can came out later. For now, let's run for it Alf!"


As we got outside, we only got ourselves surrounded by the same black hooded army-or-whatever-they-are.

From the center. The Lady that almost killed Alf back then... came back.

"...You got guts... as expected of a Sieghart..."

From here, I can see blood dripping from her left eye – Seems I manage to wound her after all.

"But with this, its all over—"

Suddenly, all the other black hooded persons fall – with the exception of her.

Revealing people in a white military-like fashion.

Each swords can be seen sheathed on their waist.

"If I were you, I would stop by now."

And without Alf and I knowing, a person, wielding a gigantic blade in one hand suddenly came in front of me for some meters. I take it he came all the way down from the roof or something above us.

He seems to be the leader.

"Khh... Highlanders... Damn it."

And with that, The Queen of the Assassination vanished to thin air all along within the stormy night.


The man turned around to me.

Still being on alert, I readied my gladius. Eyes gazing into his.

After some while, he smiles.

"I am impressed. To think that someone as young would hold such conviction and bravery..."

I... completely not expecting him to say something like that.

It seemed as if he knows it just by seeing me.

And that – is how I joined the Highlanders.

-But what's more.

Seeing that Kounat is no longer a safe place for me,we quickly got ourselves moved to Bermessiah. Kanavan to be exact.

I also learn the fact that my Mom and Dad were also members of the Highlanders.

And even though there are no records or anything – there is not even an evidence that can clearly say that both of my parents are dead.

-And because of this, I...

In hope to find my parents... and to be the strongest Guardian...

Along with The Highlanders, my training starts.

*End of Flashback*

-And here I am now. 17 years old in age.

Time sure flies, huh?

"Hmm... Block G number 13..."

Rather than supposedly going to school, I take a little walk to find a specific place written on the piece of paper in my hand.

-Back then.

As soon as I know Mari attend the same school as mine as well, she gave me her address in case I want to see her.

I heard that being a genius she is, Mari doesn't have to attend school like student normally does.

And thus, explaining the reason why I came to her home instead.

(Why shouldn't I just ask for her phone number anyway? Though, doing it this way has it own essence I guess...)

"Ah, I guess it's this one, I suppose."

Seeing at the house, I can tell already.

It's a house like any other. With the front lawn and the side garden grass being incredibly tall. As if being unkempt.

"I take it then that she lives alone as well."

That's probably the reason after all.

With that, I hit the bell.

"Yes, Who is it?"

"It's me, Mari."

"! Sieg?!"

As the saying goes, the door got opened. Revealing the cerulean blue haired girl I know.

"Haha, you wouldn't thought that I will suddenly come, huh?"

"Not like I mind though. But shouldn't you be on you way to school by now?"

"Nah. I think that can wait for now."

Not to mention that I am quite lazy to go to school...

"In that case, come in then. I'll make some coffee."

With that, she left.

'Well, at least the inside is quite neat I suppose... No, I think it is more accurate to say that it is not even being used that frequently...'

With that, I take a seat... and dust sprays around me.

"*Cough**Cough* And here I thought I didn't clean up after regularly myself..."

As the exterior of the house says, she lives alone. But the fact that the furniture are this dusty... Doesn't that mean that nobody visits her as well?

She came back some minutes after along with the coffee.

"Here you go, Sieg."

"*Sip* Hmm, it's nice."

"I used to make coffee for my father regularly, so it's a given, you can say."

"Perhaps I should ask the same thing as him then."

With half of the cup full, I continue my chat.

"Seeing how thing is, I take it you live alone then."



Not only she lives alone – Not even a soul visits her huh?

"I've got an idea..."


"Why not live with me? That way, you won't be alone anymore."

"! *Cough**Cough**Cough*" (Currently sipping her coffee)

"Hey, hey! Mari, you okay?"

Was I say something that shocking?

"*Cough* No... I'm, I am fine..."

Well, at least that is reassuring.

"So, whaddya say?"

"Umm... *fidgets*"


Some seconds fly just by waiting for an answer out of her.

And what's with the red face? Did she caught ina fever or something?

"Say... *fidgets* Sieg... *fidgets* Can I ask a question about it?"


"D...Does than mean... *keeps fidgeting* We, umm..."


Why is she so nervous?

"A-are we going to be sharing... one room?!"


-Now it hit me.

(Third Person's POV)

Sieghart: "*blushes furiously* Wh-WHA? HELL NO! It is a two storey house and it got rooms, believe me..."

Mari: "O-Ohh... I see... it was stupid of me, Ahahahahaha..." (Trying to laugh it off)

Sieghart: "*Sigh* Seriously... Though, I don't think that would be that bad..."

With that, the atmosphere is back to normal.

Sieghart: "Anyway, you can deal with the packing up later. For now, let's go to school. I'll meet you with my friends."

Mari: "Sure."

At school...

KM: "—And now, I would like you to introduce the new student, Mari."

Mari: "My name is Mari Ming Onette. It's a pleasure to meet you."

KM: "Alright then Mari, where do you want to sit?"

Sieghart: "Umm, Miss KM? She can sits besides me if she want to."

As Sieghart says, everyone seems to be shocked.


Knowing that Sieghart is a type of person who cares for nothing at all. To suddenly offering that kind of thing was something incomprehensible.

And something he didn't know – The thought of a certain pink haired girl, who got her eyes lit in jealousy from the other side of the class...

?: 'Wh-WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! To think that Sieghart being so friendly with other girl who came from out of nowhere...! Guh... I'll seriously get to the bottom of this!'

Following that, a certain indigo haired man behind her seat asked to the crimson haired guy who sat next to her.

?: "Umm... Jin? What do exactly Amy is doing? *pointing her finger at Amy*"

Jin: "Err, beats me? She suddenly being hyperactive and all but she is not even saying a word, you know Ronan."

While from the other side...

?: "Hey, that's rare coming from him. Don't you think, Lire?"

?: "I think the right word is 'never', Red head."

?: "Shut it, Shrimp!"

Lire: "Hey, now, both of you. Elesis, Arme, stop it."

Elesis & Arme : "Hmph! *turning their faces away*"

Lire: "*sigh* There's never a day without you two fighting huh?"

As Mari walked to the seat, Lire commented.

Lire: "Still... It's not usual for your cousin to be like that... I take it that she is not just anybody then..."

(Sieghart's POV)

With this, the class is over.

And now, with Mari besides me, We are heading to the rooftop – Where others are waiting.

As I open the door..figures.

Everyone are here already – Not all of them. But if I have to mention it, there are Elesis, Lire, Arme, Ronan, Jin, and Amy.

As we took our respective place, the chat goes on.

(Third Person's POV)


Lire: "You sure are awfully excited about this."

Arme: "Come on guys. I know all of you want to know about her as well."

Elesis: "Oh! Oh! I'm first!"

Arme: "Alright then. Muscle Brain, you first."

Elesis: "Okay then—Hey! YOU-!"

Ronan: "*Quickly holds Elesis in Full Nelson* C-Calm down Elesis!"

Elesis: "*Roars indifferently and loudly while struggling like a mad lion*"

Arme: "YIKES! *Run and quickly hide behind Jin in reflex*"

Jin: "Wow, she sure is mad. Way to go, Arme."


Sieghart: "...My ears..."

Jin: "Feels like having a real hungry lion with us..."

Amy: "I wonder if it's her time of the month?"

Lire: "Hmm, as far as I can tell, nope, it shouldn't be."

Amy: "I see...

Ronan: "Guys! Would you just give me a hand over here?!"

?: "Hey hey hey! I hear party outside!"

As the door opened, another orange haired guy came to the scene.

?: "Mind if I am joining the party guys? And—Oh, who's that bombshell beauty over there, Sieg? Your Girlfriend? Dude, you better introduce me to the hottie—"


With a kick from behind, the guy flew away for some good meters. Revealing another boy with his white hair.

?: "*Sigh* That's not an appropriate way to say 'Hi' you know, Ryan..."

Sieghart: "Ah, Lass. What took you so long?"

Lass: "Blame Ryan. He took his time seeing the girls changing right after P.E."

Jin: "...Yeah... Why am I not surprised...*in monotone*"

Mari: "Say...Sieg? Umm..."

Sieghart: "Oh, right, I almost forgot. Guys, meet Mari, my—"

Mari: "No, not that! I mean 'that'! *Point at the distance*"

Elesis: "GET BACK HERE!"


At some time, it seemed that Elesis manage to break free from Ronan – Who is lying exhausted along with Lire.

And she is now can be seen chasing over Arme.

Lass: "...Seems you two just went through a lot hard work..."

Ronan: "*pant* Tell me... *pant* about it..."

Lire: "She is... *pant* too strong... *pant"

Arme: "LAAAAAASSSSS! *running to Lass for help*"

Lass: "*sigh* It can't be helped then..."

As Arme and Elesis going to where Lass is, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared. The next thing was, Elesis fall to the ground powerlessly.

Lass: "Well, I guess that takes care of it..." (Not feeling any guilt at all)

Jin: "*sweatdropped* You know what? You creep me sometimes..."

Ryan: "Hey! Am I being ignored or what?!"

Amy: "Will she be fine?" (Ignoring him)

Lass: "She just fall unconscious, there is nothing to worry. And... Arme. You know what I'm going to say right?"

Arme: "Ahehehehe~ I promise I won't do that again, ehehe~"

Lass: "...Well, I guess that's good enough..."

Mari: "*whispers* Err, Sieg?"

Seighart: "*whispers* Hmm?"

Mari: "*whispers* Is this really alright?"

Sieghart: "Haha, worry not. You'll get used to it—"

Amy: "Say, Mari, right?"

Mari: "*nod*"

Amy: "*offering a handshake* I hope we can be good friends~ And welcome to class C~!"

Mari: "*Handshake with her* Yeah. I'm looking forward to having fun with you guys. Please treat me well."

Amy: "No problem~ everyone here are like family already~"

Mari: "...Including 'that'? *pointing at a distance*"

And that's where Ryan and Lire are...

Lire: "*holding Ryan, in a sharpshooter submission hold* RYAAAAN~? *smiling with full of killing intent*"

Ryan: "Wait, Lire! I can explain!"

Arme: "That... is some ominous aura she got..." (Too afraid to help him)

Jin: "Since when did Lire got back up anyway?" (Not bothering to help him at all)

Lire: "*keep smiling like an Angel while unleashing Demonic aura* You do realize that is not the thing you should say to a girl, right~? Mostly the one you just met minutes ago, hmm~?"

Ryan: "I know okay! I just... well, beauty is not a sin, you know : it is something to be treasured and admired. After all, you know the saying: 'Beauty is never tarnished'. And... Wait! Why are you getting so worked up about it?!"

Lire: "*smiles innocently while unleashing murderous aura* And knowing your wild and perverse attitude~ I think I should teach you the 'proper' manner on how to treat a woman in a more dignified way~"

Ryan: "Err... Lire? Lire, baby?"

Lire: "*keeps smiling* Worry not~ I know you got that problem with your attitude. And I am gently offering a help~ Helping each other is what a friend is for, right~?"

Ryan: "Oh Sh*t! I don't even know how many things are wrong in your words!"

Lire: "*still smiling* Let's start with the first lesson then~"

Ryan: "Wait! Listen to me!"

Lire: "*smiling as ever...* Alright~ Lesson one~" (Not listening at all)


Jin: "*sigh* at this point. I see no hope for Ryan now May The Holy Zen have mercy upon the poor guy..."

Ronan: "Say, Jin..."

Jin: "Hmm?"

Ronan: "Jealousy is scary..."

Jin: "...No need to say it twice I guess..."

Lass: "...And not to mention 'that' is not the only example... *drifted his eyes at where Mari, Amy and Sieghart are*"


Amy: "Ah, worry not, you'll get used to it~"

Mari: "Ah, I see..."

Sieghart: "*sigh*"

Amy: "And again, Welcome to class C~! Let's work together!"

Mari: "Yes! Let's do our best."

However, little that she knows about something.

Something that is surely unspoken...

Amy: 'I will surely find out what Sieg sees in her! Just you wait!'

Sieghart: 'Something tells me that something bad is gonna happen... Sooner or Later...'

Sighing as he is, he looked up to the sky.

Lire: "Well, then~ Here I go, Ryan~"


-And with that.

Along with the day of Mari's meeting with her new friends and class C, an inhuman screams of pain echoed throughout the campus...