My first official Death Note noncrossover story! I'm nervous about just how good it is, but who knows. I own nothing. Enjoy!

Large black wings folded into their rightful spots on my back. I brushed some of my brown hair out of my eyes and strolled out of the Alleyway, easily blending in with the crowds of people. I kept my eye out, searching, waiting. I could feel a demonic presence about.

My name is Yagami Light. I was an average student, about to enter college, when I died and became an angel. However, that was short lived as a demon caused me to sin, which thus resulted in me getting kicked out of Heaven, forced to live forever as a Fallen Angel, an angel cursed to live among humans for all eternity. The demon that caused me to sin went by the name of Kira, and I intend to make him pay for what he's done.

The crowd grew thinner, and I realized dusk was nearing. Frowning, I made a sharp turn into a thankfully empty alleyway. Once out of sight, I unfolded my wings and took off into the skies. The wind messed with my hair as I flew to the largest building in this town. I landed in an alleyway next to it and folded my wings back up, then walked several blocks to a hotel that I was staying at.

I made my way to my room and crashed onto the bed, feeling exhaustion overwhelm me. Another day of searching for him, failed. It was honestly becoming a tiring routine. But I won't give up. I WILL find Kira and I WILL bring him down.

Fatigue made my eyelids feel heavy as stone, and my caramel colored eyes slid shut. Tomorrow was going to be another exhausting day. Might as well get some sleep.

I'm aware that it is short. Next chapter will be longer, I promise!

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