A/N: I signed up for the Twilight Twenty-Five to get the juices flowing. I decided to do 25 very dirty drabbles for this series of prompts. Yes, I will be updating my other fics. Enjoy!

The Twilight Twenty-Five

thetwilight25 dot com

Prompt: Blood is thicker than water

Pen Name: Amethyst Jackson

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: M

"My dad would arrest you if he knew," I panted as he hefted me up against the wall, my naked legs around his naked hips.

Edward nipped at my neck. "He already wants to arrest me. He'd kill me if he knew."

Somehow, that only made it hotter when he thrust inside me and fucked me with the kind of haste born from fear of getting caught naked from the waist down behind the gym bleachers.

"Promise you won't ask me to stop, Bella."

I promised because while blood was thicker than water, it wasn't thick like Edward Cullen's cock.