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~Chapter 1~

"Why are you going over there there's nothing there. Go that way! What the hell are you doing Tori?'

"Livy, if you don't stop yelling at me and telling me what to do I will NEVER play Zelda with you again!" I yelled back. I turned off my wii and said "actually, I'm done. You make this game way too stressful." I pulled my medium length dark brown hair back into a messy bun and stretched my slender 5'9 frame across the couch I was laying on and blinked my deep green-brown eyes as I yawned.

"Aww I'm sorry Victoria! Please don't quit yet!" My roommate and friend Olivia whined. Her chin level black hair bounced as she used her chocolate brown eyes in a puppy dog face at me. She was short, about 5'3 and very thin, but not unhealthy.

"Nope, I'm done for now. You can play if you want" I yawned again.

"Where are Missy and Claire? I wanna go eat before the cafeteria closes!" Olivia huffed.

"Let's go then! Just text them and have them meet us there!" I replied.

She had just began her text when my before mentioned friends opened the door. I was about to wave to the two when my head exploded in agonizing pain. "AHHH! My head!" I cried as I clutched my head. Vaguely, I heard my friends scream in unison. I couldn't do anything to reach them as my vision was clouded with black butterflies as I lost consciousness.

"Whoa, Look at those dogs! I've never seen dogs that big!"

"I wonder if they belong to someone…"


"No honey, don't get too close, they might be feral..."

I groaned as the voices got closer and louder. My head was still pounding and my body felt like jelly. I slowly opened my eyes to see who the voices belonged to but all I could see was a white muzzle and black nose sticking out of my face…wait… I shook my head to clear my vision, but the thing never left my face! I tried to stand up, but my legs weren't working right. I looked down at my arms only to see white furry paws! I yelped and jumped back in surprise. This can't be happening! I thought to myself. Wait, where's Livy, Claire and Missy? I frantically looked at my surroundings looking for my missing friends.

I spotted a small light gray wolf huddled in the corner watching me cautiously from the corner of the dead end alley we found ourselves in. Still unused to my new legs, I crawled my way over to the little wolf and stop a short distance away when it growled warningly at me and muttered "Stay back!" in a very familiar voice.

"Livy?" I asked tentatively, cocking my head to the side. The little wolf whined in response and crawled over to me. "Tori?" She asked quietly. My newly acquired tail started wagging frantically as I whimpered in excitement.

"I'm so glad you're okay! Do you know where Claire and Missy are? They came into the room right as I blacked out… I really hope they're okay…" I worried.

"I have no idea where they are…when I woke up we were in this alley and I was sure you were a rabid beast that would eat me if I got too close so kept my distance." She chuckled.

"You jerk!" I grumbled at her. "I can't blame you though I guess, seeing as we did turn into giant furry dogs." I joked.

All of a sudden I felt something slam into my side and grasp my fur tightly in an embrace. I jumped to my feet and looked down to find a little girl with strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes attached to my neck. "Puppy!" she cried with a huge smile on her face. My tail wagged gently in response and I delicately licked her cheek. I loved kids and this little girl was adorable!

"Hannah get away from it! It might bite you!" A middle aged man called as he ran to us from the street the little girl apparently appeared from. He had short brown hair, was fairly muscular, and had a very kind face, but it was creased with worry as he slowed his approach as he neared, obviously afraid of me being so close to his daughter. The young woman down the street cautiously walked up tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and watched me, gauging my reaction to people getting so close so suddenly. I lowered my head and continued wagging my tail, imitating what my dog back home did when people came up to pet her.

"Kevin, I don't think she's feral. She seems sweet. I mean Hannah ran up to her like that and not even a growl out of her. And look how good she is with her." The woman cooed at me as she crouched in front of me. She slowly reached her hand out to me, stopping an inch or so away from my face. I closed the distance and nuzzled her hand, careful to not knock the little girl over as she stood petting my neck.

Wow Tori, I think they like you. Livy said to me. Well why don't you come over and make friends with them too? Maybe they'll take us with them and get us some food. I'm starving! I replied as our bellies rumbled.

The man scratched his head and looked over at Livy as she slowly crawled her way over to us. He reached out his hand to her, judging her reaction. When she lowered her head and stayed on the ground, he pet her head and stood back up. "Well, I can tell they're hungry. Why don't we take them back to the house and get them some food, then we can figure out what to do with them." Our tails began wagging at the mention of food and we both got to our feet. The woman and the man walked ahead out of the alley while the little girl started walking still holding onto my fur. Livy and I tried walking, but we collapsed, still adjusting to our new legs and exhausted from hunger. We whined as the couple continued walking. At our whimpers they turned and found us lying on the ground.

"Puppies tired…" Hannah said as she crouched between us and stroked our fur.

"Well, I guess we'll have to carry them back. Anna, carry the small gray one? I'll get the white one." The man said as he lifted me off the ground. The woman Anna picked up Livy and we were carried a few blocks away to a cute little house on the edge of town. It was a light blue color, with a dark mahogany door that was very happy and inviting. The front yard was fenced in with a tall wooden picket fence painted white that led all the way around the house to what I assumed would be a back yard. There was also a short gravel driveway leading from the road to the house. They brought us in and placed us on the white tile floor of their kitchen. Two bowls filled with random scraps were set in front of us after a couple minutes and we quickly ate the food, finally feeling comfortable after our ordeal.

"What are we going to do with them dear? We can't throw them back out in the streets…who knows who would get a hold of them." The woman said tentatively.

"Well they must belong to someone…I can't imagine someone just throwing two sweet dogs like this out in the cold for no reason." The man replied as he scratched his head. "We'll keep them for now. They need to rest and we'll take them for a walk around town tomorrow and see if anyone claims them. If not, I guess we'll keep them until they get sick of us." He chuckled. Livy and I were currently curling ourselves up on the blankets they put on the floor for us to get some much needed rest. Hannah wobbled over to us and rested her head on my side as she dozed off. I curled my tail around her and fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up, I found the bowls on the floor refilled with food and I could see Anna, Hannah and Kevin out in the backyard playing on the swing in their back yard. I stood up and stretched my body out, still working through some kinks as I adjusted to the changes. Livy was already up and practicing walking, so I did the same. After about ten minutes, we were adjusted well and went to eat our breakfast.

"Ya know, it's kind of humiliating eating off the floor, even if we are wolves now." Livy stated as we watched the happy family through the glass door.

"Well, at least we're getting food," was my reply. Hannah then looked over and saw us watching her. I wagged my tail and barked at her, hoping she'd get my hint and let us outside. "Okay, so it's a bit weird to act like a dog, but at least we have somewhere to stay off the streets for the time being. We'll have to leave soon though and look for Claire and Missy. I'm hoping we'll hear something in town when they take us for that walk later." I mumbled as I remembered our missing friends. I desperately hoped they were as comfortable and safe as we were… I thought to myself as I watched Hannah run up to us with a big smile on her face.