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~Chapter 6~

The distressed howls coming from the other side of the city snapped the four wolves out of their slumber. The sound was so full of mourning that they couldn't help but respond in kind.

Missy was the first to recover from the wave of overwhelming and unexplainable sadness that came over them. "Claire, I…I think that loudest howl was Tori…I don't know why, but for some reason, I just know it's her!" Her blonde face was set in determination as she hopped off the bed and headed for the door, "Come on! We have to find them! We're so close!"

"How could you possibly know that it was her? What if it's just some dog getting beat up in an alley? It's not safe to go running through the city in the middle of the night..." Claire responded with a huff as she curled back up to resume her sleep.

"Actually," Toboe piped in shyly, "Nighttime is the best time for us to travel…there aren't many people around and the ones that are in the streets are easy enough to avoid. And…that was definitely a wolf's howl…I haven't heard a sad cry like that…well, ever…" Toboe said sadly, putting his head on his paws.

"Well I think we should go check it out! At the very least we might be able to get some information, even if it isn't your friends! It couldn't hurt! And you have the fearless Ilyana here to protect you!" She laughed as she posed with her head and tail head high.

"Come on Claire. You know they have to be looking for us too… What if they're in trouble and we just leave them to die…I can't live with that risk! We need to go NOW!" Missy snarled as she spun around and nosed open the mostly closed door and took off down the stairs.

Claire growled and slowly made her way off the bed and walked to the window. There was a balcony outside the window and low roofs on either side of the building they were staying in. "Go up on the roof and we'll travel that way. It'll be easier to see our surroundings and avoid anyone on the streets." Claire ordered grumpily as she climbed out the window and jumped onto a low roof, off to find her angry friend.

"Well, looks like we have an ornery one huh Toboe?" Ilyana giggled as she complied with the black females order and patiently waited for Toboe to accompany her.

Claire was walking along the roof until she was above the door where Missy would be coming out any minute. Just as Missy crashed through the door, a snarling was heard from the other side of the alley and both wolves snapped their head in the direction the sound was coming from.

The hunter threw down his bottle of whiskey after it was completely drained and tugged on his faithful partner's leash, "Come on Blue, let's get moving." He patted her head fondly and continued walking down the street. Blue's head snapped down an alley as she picked up a scent. A blonde wolf slammed through the door of a house and started walking the opposite direction of her down the alley. She snarled and stalked forward, pulling her intoxicated master with her. The man quickly got the hint and pulled out his gun, focusing his sites on the relatively small blonde colored wolf that was now cowering as she slowly backed down the alley.

SHIT! Claire thought to herself as she saw the man raise his gun. Whoever this guy was, he clearly was not good. "Missy, get the hell out of there!" She desperately yelled to her friend, but cursed to herself when she saw that she was frozen in fear. Claire jumped down in front of her and slammed her head into her shoulder, "RUN!" She snarled as she spun around to face the man and his pet. Missy bolted as soon as Claire snapped her out of her trance, heading straight for the nearby barrel that would lead to the roof that Toboe and Ilyana were currently waiting on.

Claire had no time to join her friends as the gun was fired, just grazing the fur on her face and the dog lunged at her. Just as she was preparing to leap at the coming dog, a steely gray blur slammed into the dog's side, throwing it into the garbage containers and stunning it momentarily. The very large gray wolf turned and snapped at Claire's feet. "Get moving unless you wanna be full of holes!" A deep angry voice snarled harshly as she turned tail and headed to the roof, the new male close on her heels.

The three waiting wolves saw the other two headed in their direction so they took off along the rooftops, leading their friend and the newcomer to safer ground. They all sprinted until they got to a large apartment complex where the large gray male stopped them and ushered them inside.

They all collapsed on the floor from exhaustion, save for the gray male who calmly took a post at the window to ensure that they weren't followed.

"Thanks for saving her Tsume! That could have ended real bad…" Toboe thanked the newly dubbed 'Tsume' and wagged his tail happily despite his exhaustion.

"Tch. Whatever," was his only reply. Claire could tell already that this guy was gonna drive her nuts. She subtly looked over her savior and noticed a large X-shaped scar on his chest. While it should have intimidated her, she felt a strange sense of sadness and compassion for the large wolf. She shook her head violently at the unexpected and unexplainable emotions flowing through her and tiredly rose to her feet to check up on her friend, who was still shaking from the frightening experience.

"Hey, you okay?" Claire nudged Missy's neck with her paw as she laid down next to her.

"As okay as I can be I guess. Why would they attack us though? We weren't hurting anyone…I didn't even see them until the dog started growling at me…" Missy lowered her head to her paws and sighed.

"Are you stupid? That man was a hunter. He doesn't care if you're hurting anything or not. He just wants you dead." Tsume snorted coldy, never taking his eyes from the window.

Claire snapped her jaws at him as she snarled, "Watch it asshole. She's had a rough time as it is. Back. Off." Tsume turned at her tone and growled quietly, "I'm being honest. If you can't survive in this town then you shouldn't be here."

Claire leapt to her feet and stood inches away from the larger male, face to face with him and a low threatening growl slipped through her exposed teeth. "I've had enough of you. If you don't back off now, I'm going to MAKE you!" She tensed her muscles, preparing for a fight. Tsume was shocked at first, no one had ever been that brave, he responded in kind however, though more as a precaution then actually intending to fight her. She was a female after all, as annoying as she was, he had no interest in fighting her.

Toboe wiggled his way between the two, "Please stop fighting…We'll never find your friends if we sit here fighting with each other…" He whimpered. Claire snorted and walked out the door. "Wait, Claire! Don't leave without us! Come on Tsume! You should come with us!" The young pup called as he raced after his companion. Missy had run out right after Claire, and the unusually silent Ilyana rose herself to her paws and looked at the male curiously, "You know, you could come with us. This city is no place for wolves, and a wolf has no business being alone." She said sadly as she walked out the door to follow the others.

Tsume watched as the four wolves left the building, pondering the reaction he had to the black female and the words the little gray one had left him with. He sighed as he walked to the door. I'm going to regret this…