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At Domino Pier, a buzz of excitement could be felt as numerous people could be seen entering a large boat. It was very large and seemed to be able to hold a lot of people. This was the boat that would take these young people to the island where the largest tournament ever would be held, all held by Pegasus the founder of the game, Duel Monsters. But there seemed to be a scuffle at the front of the line to get onto the boat as yelling could be heard.

"What is going on up there?" A girl who looked to be of Indian decent muttered to herself as the yelling got louder, the girl seemed about an even 5'6 with shoulder length black hair that had a single red streak on the left side, and had a silver clip on her upper right ear. Eyes are a stormy silverish grey, and dark tanned skin. She wore a dark brown leather jacket with white fur lining the hood and bottom of the jacket with a white tank top, finished with dark blue jeans with black combat boots.

The girl then raised an eyebrow as a blond boy was yanked out of line by two burly suited men.

"Only official contestants are allowed on board!" One of the suited men shouted as he and his partner dragged a blond boy with a green blazer and blue jeans by his arms.

"How do ya know I'm not offical?!" The boy shouted in a Brooklyn accent, this was Joey Wheeler, a greenhorn duelist.

"Real contestents don't try to sneak aboard by the lower hatches!" The guy shouted

"Hmmm...must have a reason..." The girl mused quietly, catching the attention of the boy behind her.

"Aren't we all here for some reason?" A brown haired boy with blue eyes said to the shorter girl, making her glance at him. "Hi I'm Kurogasa Kururugi, nice to meet you."

Kurogasa was dressed in a gold T-shirt with a silverish white trench coat, along with denim blue jeans and black shoes.

"..." The girl said nothing as she turned her gaze forwards, making Kurogasa blink.

"Not the talkative type?" Kurogasa asked only to be ignored. "Oh well, I'll get your name later. And thats a promise!" Kurogasa ran over to the struggling Joey just as Yugi ran out of line.

"What seems to be the problem?" Kurogasa asked in an athoritive tone.

"Yeah, leave him alone he's with me." Yugi said in a strong voice. This was Yugi Muto, the one who beat Seto Kaiba in an unofficial duel a few days ago. He was wearing his school blazer and pants with white shoes, his millienium puzzle hanging on a cord from his neck. "What are you doing here Joey?"

"Did ya really think I'd let ya do this on your own?" Joey grinned before turning to Kurogasa. "And I don't know ya but ahhh ya think ya could help me out here?"

"No problem, the name's Kurogasa by the way." Kurogasa smiled before turning to the guard with a frown. "Why won't you let him on? This guy just said he was with him."

"Only people with a star chip can get on board." The guard said in an annoyed tone. "There are no exceptions. Understand?"

"But he already has a Star chip, didn't he tell you?" Kurogasa countered without missing a beat.

"...I do?" Joey asked in a confused tone as the guards were thrown for a loop.

"Yeah you do." Kurogasa grinned before he handed Joey something, Joey opening his hand to see that it was a star chip. "The rules say that the star chip's proof that one is a duelist."

"Uh that may be, but all contestants are given two star chips." The guard explained as he blinked behind his shades. Joey being stumped, the guy bearly knew him and he was willing to give up a star chip for him? "You'll be at a disadvantage."

"Hey that's fine with me." Kurogasa shrugged. "I always like a challenge."

"What should we do?" The guard's partner whispered to him, making the guard pull out a phone.

"Mr. Pegasus, we have a problem sir." The guard said to into the phone in a grave voice

The boat then set off without anymore delay after that, the steam whistle blowing as the boat sailed out of Domino bay. The three were on the deck with the other duelists as they looked around the ship. Getting to know the other duelists and get a feel of the opponents. Joey was leaning against the railing as Yugi just had his hands on it.

"I'm glad they let you on board Joey, that was a close one..." Yugi sighed, closing his amethyst eyes briefly.

"No kidding, hey thanks for helping me man." Joey grinned at Kurogasa. "Wouldn't have been able to get on without tha star chip. I owe ya."

"Eh, it's nothing, really. I'm just glad I could help." Kurogasa waved off.

"No way, from now on we got ya back. Aint that right Yug?" Joey grinned as he threw a friendly arm around Yugi and Kurogasa's shoulders.

"Yeah, you helped us out and you even lost one of your star chips because of it. So Its only fair." Yugi smiled

"Speaken of which, we better keep on the down low about only having one star chip between Kurogasa an me." Joey whispered in a conspiritory way to the two. "If it ever gets out, some people could really take advantage of that."

"Joey, you don't have to whisper like that. We're not in a spy movie." Yugi pointed out, making Joey have a sheepish look.

Well, now that that's over with, let me now properly introduce myself." Kurogasa then cleared his throat. "Name's Kurogasa Kururugi. Nice to meet you both."

"Name's Joey Wheeler, and back at yah." Joey grinned

"Yugi Muto, nice to meet you." Yugi smiled as he held out a hand for Kurogasa to shake, which he did.

"And why don't you two introduce yourselves too. No need to be shy." Kurogasa said looking back at a dark area.

There was a bit of silence before sounds of scuffles surfaced, then a male voice bickering before an "Oaff" sounded. Then a brown haired dressed in a dark pink vest and a tan button up under it and blue jeans came out of the shadows, she still was partly hidden so nobody else could see her.

"Ahhh hi..." The girl said sheepishly with a wave as Joey and Yugi's eyes widened.

"Tea? Why're you here?" Yugi asked the girl in surprise

"Why else Yugi? We wanted to help you out." Tea explained before turning to Kurogasa with a confused look. "But how'd you know where we were hidden?"

"Wait we?" Yugi asked before a boy with brown hair in a pointy hairstyle came out, still partly hidden but he was dressed in a brown trench coat with a white T-shirt and blue jeans. He seemed to be holding his side with an amount of pain.

"Uh, hey guys." The man in question waved sheepishly.

"Tristan?" Joey asked surprised as well.

"Uh yeah we uh...sorta stowed away." Tea explained before turning to Kurogasa. "Name's Tea Gardner, you didn't really answer my question..."

"I just have great periphreal vision." Kurogasa grinned cheekily.

Tea pouted at the lack of a real answer before her blue eyes widened at something behind them. She then surprised Tristan as she tackled him back into the shadows, him making a "OAff' sound before a blond girl came up behind the three.

"Well well, what do we have here?" The blond girl smirked, she didn't see the two who were now completely hidden in the shadows. The girl was dressed in a purple strapped jacket and a matching purple skirt with a white shirt. She looked straight at Yugi when she asked. "So you the Yugi kid everyone's talking about?"

"Woahhh check it out..." Joey drooled as he stared at the girl with a large blush, and most males still on the deck doing the same thing.

At that point, Kurogasa gave him the Gibbs slap upside the head. "Down boy." He glared.

"I'm amazed a squirt like you could beat Kaiba..." The girl continued as Joey rubbed the back of his head. She then leaned into Yugi's space, making him uncomfortable. "Your famous you know."

"Ahh thanks very much...I think." Yugi said, not really sure whether to take that as a compliment or not...

"Hey I'm a friend of Yugi the master duelist..." Joey bragged as he tried to look cool. "In fact-"

"Look." The girl cut Joey off with a sharp tone. "Your either a champ or a chump so cut this guy lose, he's fashion challenged and deserves to be crushed in the games." this made Joey get a large sweat drop before she started to leave.

"...Please crush me..." Joey said with a dopey look.

"Ok, that was weird. Just who was that?" Kurogasa wondered.

"Her name is Mai Valentine." The same girl that Kurogasa tried to talk to in the line walked up to them with her arms crossed. "She's a big tournament duelist that won multiple tournaments in the past few years. Most often when the prize is money or wealth."

"Oh hey, you're that girl I met at the docks." Kurogasa recognized.

"Yes, first off you might want to Gibb slap your friend again." The girl said as she pointed at a drooling Joey. "Secondly, they're calling us in to give us our rooms so you might want to go in." the girl pointed at a guard that was calling them into the cabins.

"Oh sure, no problem." Kurogasa said then gave Joey another Gibbs slap upside the head.

"OW!" Joey snapped.

"You're the one drooling at her, not me." Kurogasa said, but then realized something. "Hey wait, I never got-" He turned around to see the girl again, but was already gone. "Crap, she pulled a Batman stunt."

"She...seemed..." Yugi muttered as he stared at the space where she once stood. "I don't really know what to call it..."

"You got a crush Yug?" Joey smirked at Yugi, who sputtered.

"N-no, its probably nothing." Yugi waved off with a small blush. "Anyway we should go in to get our rooms."

"Yeah, as might as well. Nice meeting you guys. See ya in the morning." Kurogasa waved leaving, but not before giving Téa a wink.

"Got something to tell Tea?" Tristan smirked at the blushing girl as they hid behind a crate, only for the girl to stomp on his foot. "YEOWCH!"

"Keep quiet or you'll give us away." Tea said innocently as Tristan hopped around on one foot.

"Man why are we in a dump!?" Joey shouted as the rooms weren't really rooms at all, just spaces and cubby holes for the duelists to place their stuff in. The walls were kinda cracky with the duelists sitting around in the spaces. "Aint this a luxury cruiser!?"

"Your causing trouble again!?" A guard shouted as he and his buddy grabbed Joey's arms making him struggle. "Do you want to get thrown out?" then two familiar boys walked in, both were Yugi's height but one of them had a bug-like look with the other being more...vicious.

"Hey, aren't you that kid Yugi?" The bug-like kid asked in a scratchy voice, making Yugi turn around with a questioning look.

"Huh aren't you-" Yugi was cut off by an excited Joey, whom the guards were loosening their grip on.

"Weevil, and your Rex the Dino duelist!" Joey exclaimed with an excited grin.

"Hmph, your wasting your time with these guys." Rex sneered. "The private rooms only go to finalists from the last tournament, like us."

Oh yeah, congrats on winning the regionals Weevil." Yugi said with a smile as he approached said boy.

"It was nothing." Weevil smirked

"Yeah I went easy on him that time." Rex bragged, making Weevil give him a glare.

"Oh yeah?" Joey smirked as he got out of the guard's clutches. "Well this time me an Yugi are going to win, aint that right Yugi?" this made Yugi smile at his friend.

"To tell you the truth I don't consider winning the last tournament that much of an achievement." Weevil admitted. "I can't really call myself the champion if I don't defeat the duelist that beat Kaiba." this made Yugi blink. "I'm sure I'll get to duel you in the tournament, frankly...I look forward to it." Weevil grinned ominously as he pushed up his gold colored glasses.

"I look forward to it too." Yugi smiled, not noticing the dark look on the bug-boy's face.

"I'm looking forward to some dino demolition." Rex smirked

"Let me tell you a little secret, its something none of the other duelists know about the games yet." Weevil said as he came closer a few steps.

"Oh, isn't that cheating?" Yugi cocked his head in confusion.

"The others will find out soon enough, there are new rules on the island that will require more strategy." Weevil explained with the smirk firmly on his face.

"Heh, rules are for wimps, in dueling you either smash you opponent or get smashed yourself." Rex smirked "Its either one or the other."

"Strength is good, but you also need ta combine that with other cards," Joey said, using Yugi's advice when he first made his deck.

"Hmph, who asked you?" Rex sneered before turning to walk away. "Just stay outa my way, or you'll get stomped."

"Grrr we'll see who get stomp when we get ta the island." Joey growled with a huge tick mark.

"Ignore him, lets scope out the competition." Weevil waved off.

"Whatda mean?" Joey asked in a confused tone.

"Trading." A voice cut through, making all three boy's jump before they turned to look at the same girl from the deck.

"Jesus, what are ya a ghost?!" Joey shouted out as he patted his chest.

"Look." She ignored him and pointed to some duelists who were trading already. "They're trading cards already, strengthening their decks for the tournament."

"Yep, if you wanna power up your deck, you gotta trade." A voice said. Joey jumped again and turned around to see Kurogasa again. "Hiya."

"Seriously, what is it with you guys and giving people heart attacks!?" Joey sounded out as he made sure his heart was still beating at the same rate.

"It also gives you a feel for your opponent's strategy." The girl added, the corner of her mouth twitching in amusement.

"And you said something about powering up your deck right?" Joey asked, but he didn't wait for an answer before he zipped over to the guys who were trading. "Hey you guys wanna trade? I got strong cards! Come on help me out here!"

"Heh, this could take a while." Kurogasa chuckled as he turned to the girl who didn't pull a Batman stunt this time. "So, care to introduce yourself now?"

"Please?" Yugi asked with a smile as he neared the girl. "I'd be nice to know your name..."

"...Sora Nakazara." The girl said as she stared at the endearing smile.

"Like that video game-" Weevil was then cut off as Sora gave him a sharp glare.

"Um...tense subject?" Yugi asked slowly, taking Sora's attention off the shaking Weevil.

"Yes, people always say that about my name." Sora explained, relatively calmer. "It just gets annoying after a while."

"Ahem, if you've come all this way and your still trying to improve your deck, you must be pretty desperate." Weevil regained his composure as he pushed up his glasses, then turning to leave with a smirk. "Catch you on the flipside."

"I'm starting to not like that guy already..." Kurogasa frowned.

Your not the only one..." Sora muttered, that guy just excluded a slimy aura...

"Oh hey, aren't you guys going to trade?" Yugi asked the two.

"No, my deck is...spesific to my needs." Sora explained slowly as she rubbed the deck case on her belt.

"As is mine." Kurogasa said.

"Oh..." Yugi then thought for a moment before gaining a smile. "Hey, you guys wanna join me over there?" Yugi pointed at a couple of tables. "Be nice to have some company till Joey gets done with his trading."

"..." Sora was silent for a moment as she stroked her deck case in thought. "...Alright, but you might want check on your friends outside." this made Yugi's eyes widen.

"Um what friends are you talking about?" Yugi asked, fidgeting for a moment.

"First off, your a terrible liar." Sora said, making Yugi slump. "Secondly your friends aren't very good at hiding. And thirdly, its very cold outside so you might want to take some blankets to them or something."

"Oh... okay..." Yugi said dumbly.

"You go get the blankets. I'll go get your friends." Kurogasa said and then left.

Tea shivered as she couldn't stand it anymore as she stood out of her hiding spot. If she stayed still in one space for too long she might not be able to move again. Rubbing her arms for warmth she thought to herself, why did the night air have to be so cold!?

"Tea, your going to get us busted, stay down." Tristan whispered as his head popped out from behind a lifeboat.

"But its freezing out here, I can't sit still." Tea muttered as she shivered violently.

"In another few hours the sun will rise." Tristan said with a large smile as he pointed at the horizon.

"Thats not funny Tristan." Tea growled with a tick mark as her teeth chattered.


"AHHHHHHHHHH!" Tristan jumped into the Tea's arms and they looked to see Kurogasa.

"..." it was silent as they stared at each other before Tea noticed who was in her arms. She then dropped Tristan so that he landed on the ground with a thud and took a few steps away, still rubbing her arms for warmth.

"What are you doing out here?" Tea asked, trying to limit the chattering of her teeth.

"Here to get you inside the boat. It's cold out here." Kurogasa stated. "Wouldn't want ya freezing to death and Yugi's getting blankets for ya."

"Oh thank god." Tea sighed in relief before she noticed someone coming. "Get down!" Tea then pulled Kurogasa and Tristan down behind the lifeboat as a white-haired boy came out of the boat and leaned against the railing.

"..Isn't that Bakura?" Tea asked, not noticing that she had grabbed Kurogasa's hand in the rush to hide.

"Bakura?" Kurogasa blinked.

"He's a guy from our school." Tristan explained as Bakura stared at the water.

"What do you think he's doing here?" Tea asked

"Uhhh...I guess he's in the tournament?" Tristan asked rather then answered before Bakura walked away down the deck.

"Well... that was... awkward." Kurogasa said. "So, let's get you two inside before it gets even colder."

I'm not arguing." Tea said as she and Tristan stood up, this made Tea notice that she had still a hold on Kurogasa's hand. She let go with a small blush. "Uh sorry..."

"No worries." Kurogasa waved off.

"Hey Yugi, I got some good cards!" Joey grinned as he came to the tables where Sora and Yugi were seated, a bunch of blankets were near Yugi's feet. Joey blinked at Sora who still has not disappeared yet. "You didn't pull the batman stunt yet?"

"Not yet." Sora said as she had her chin in her hand.

"Let me see them!" Yugi said. "Salamandra, and a Kunai with Chain? Baby Dragon and Shield and Sword? Great!"

"Those magic cards will help greatly when mixed with the right monsters." Sora nodded as Joey's smile got wider.

"Alright, now I'm ready to win every duel I play." Joey cheered

"I think that you're going to find out that it's a bit harder than that Joey." Yugi then took out a card from his gold box and pulled out a Time Wizard and holding it out for Joey to take. "Here, add this to your deck. It can come in real handy in a tight spot."

"Thanks, I'll take it." Joey said taking the card.

"Thats a very interesting box..." Sora pointed out as she looked over the gold box. "Is it ancient egyptian?"

"Sure is." Yugi said with a grin. "In fact, my Grandpa got this from an Ancient Egyptian tomb of some sort and the box had this inside." Yugi then held out an upside down pyramid. "The Millennium Puzzle."

"So interesting..." Sora reached out a hand to touch the puzzle, but when her fingers touched it she got shocked, making her recoil. "Owch." an outline of a woman appeared behind Sora before disappearing.

"You okay?" Joey asked.

"Yeah, I guess..." Sora said rubbing her hand.

"That's weird. The Millennium Puzzle didn't do something like that before." Yugi said looking at the upside down pyramid.

"Ahh we meet again." A familiar scratchy voice sounded out before Yugi could think any further. Weevil then stepped into the room with that infuriating smirk on his face.

"I would have hoped not to..." Sora muttered under her breath.

"Ahh the evening winds sure feel nice." Weevil said as he walked to the railing before turning to Yugi. "So did you trade for any good cards Yugi?"

"Nope. I'm keeping the ones that are right in here." Yugi said proudly, putting his hand on the gold box.

I figured as much." Weevil replied with that same smirk. "You used the Exodia cards in your duel against Kaiba, those are the strongest cards of them all."

"And really rare." Sora added, she may be suspicious of Weevil but her curiosity had to be sated. "You say you have the Exodia cards Yugi? How ever did you come across them?" she being from another country from her indian accent said that she did not know the details of Yugi's duel with Kaiba.

"I got them from-" Yugi was then cut off by Weevil.

"Could I possibly see those rare cards?" Weevil asked in an excited tone, this made Sora scowl a bit since Yugi didn't get to answer.

"Hey guys!" A voice called. Everyone turned to see Kurogasa along with Tristan and Tea. "Look who I found!"

"Oh hey guys, I got some blankets for you-" Yugi was then cut off as Tea zipped over and stole the blanket out of his hand and wrapped it around her form. "...Here?"

"Sorry but it was cold out there..."Tea apoligised as she slowly gained the feeling back in her fingers.

"Uhhh can I see the rare cards?" Weevil asked, slightly annoyed at being brushed off.

"Sure... I guess..." Yugi said taking the Exodia cards out, Weevil taking them with a look of glee.

"So these are the cards to summon Exodia." Weevil smirked as he looked over the cards with his glasses gleaming ominously. "For a long time I've tried to come up with some kind of strategy to finally beat these cards."

"But I couldn't come up with anything..." if possible Weevil's smirk grew bigger as he lowered the cards. "Untill just this moment." Weevil then moved to the railing, making the group's eyes widen before Weevil threw the cards off the railing. "Say goodby to Exodia!"

"NO!" Yugi cried.

"You idiot!" Sora snarled grabbing the lapels of Weevil's jacket.

"Hahahaha now there's no one that can challenge me!" Weevil laughed, making Sora's anger grow as she contemplated throwing him off the boat.

"I'll get them!" Joey said as he literally went overboard, diving into the water.

"Joey!" Yugi cried out.

"I got him!" Kurogasa said as he jumped overboard too.

"Kurogasa!" Tea cried out.

"Aren't you going to help them?" Weevil asked Sora in a mocking tone, making her glare far more heated. "Or is 'The Cold Dust Princess' going to leave them?"

"..." Sora said nothing before she violently pushed Weevil away before turning to Tea and Tristan. "Help me find a ladder and a lifesaver now!" Tea and Tristan nodded before scouring for what she needed.

"I promise you Yug, I'll get them." Joey said as he swam, grinning when he fished one. "Hey look I got one!"

"I got two more here!" Kurogasa said holding up two more cards. "Try to stay afloat will ya?"

"You got it!" Joey sounded out as he swam towards the last card. "Ugh current's strong though, but if I punk out now, who's gonna save Serenity!?" Joey then grabbed the last card, but he yelled out when a wave suddenly pulled him under.

"Joey!" Kurogasa cried out as he dived underwater.

Joey sruggled under the water before he reached up and grabbed Kurogasa's hand. He still had the card's he fished out in his hand, there was no way he'd let them go!Kurogasa kicked his legs as fast as he could, trying to get to Joey and hoping he could get there in time before the both of them drowned. He kept on swimming and swimming until he managed to grab a hold of Joey. He started swimming back up, but it was hard to do so while carrying Joey upward. And on the way, Kurogasa somehow managed to snatch the fifth and last piece of Exodia before surfacing for air.

"Grab on!" Sora shouted as she threw a lifesaver at Kurogasa, Tea lowering the rope ladder down the side. "Hurry and get to the ladder!"

Kurogasa managed to get Joey on the lifesaver and Sora and Tristan pulled him up while Kurogasa climbed the rope ladder.

"Ugh... man that was too close..." Kurogasa panted.

"Heh and we got all tha cards..." Joey grinned tiredly as he held up the cards. "And I'm usually such a screw up..."

"You guys really didn't have to do that." Yugi said.

"Yes I did Yugi." Joey said sharply. "I'm never able to help anyone, not even my own sister, Serenity..."

"You have a sister?" Tea asked as she wrapped a towel around Kurogasa while Tristan and Sora got one for Joey.

"Our parent's divorced years ago, when we were still kids, she lives far away with my mother..." Joey explained with closed eyes, as if imagining his sister's face. "My sister's had really bad eyes since she was born...eventualy she'll go blind..."

"Man, that's rough..." Kurogasa muttered.

"I know...she sent me a message..." Joey continued while his mind flashed back to the tape Serenity sent him. "The doctors told her that the time has come, soon her eyes'll be impossible to repair, even with surgery..."

"But there are specialists who could perform the surgery now before its too late, they could save her eyesight!" Joey exclaimed before he looked at them all with a determined gaze. "But there's no way I can pay for the operation, thats why I have to win! For her! Winning in the Duelist kingdom and getting the prize money..." Joey's eyes brimmed with tears. "Is the only way I can help save Serenity!"

"Well, I guess we're in the same boat..." Kurogasa muttered.

"Huh?" Everyone asked turning to him.

"I also have a sister in the hospital. Her name's Mikoto Kururugi. She's in a coma due to an accident 2 years ago."

"Then we split it!" Joey exclaimed as he stood up, his drive being increased tremendously. "Thats what we can do! No matter who wins be both get ta help our sisters, whatda ya say Kurogasa?" he then held out a fist to bump with Kurogasa to seal the deal.

"Heh... you got a deal." Kurogasa said bumping Joey's fist.

"Don't think this mean's I'll go easy on ya though." Joey grinned as he yanked Kurogasa to his feet. "I still plan on winning."

Sora watched this all separate from the group, isolating herself. She still felt that fear...that fear of being rejected from making friends...But they seemed different somehow then the kids from her homeland. Maybe...

The foghorn blared as the sun rose up and an island could be seen on the horizon. "That must be it... Duelist Kingdom..." Kurogasa muttered.

"That's it, we're almost there!" Yugi exclaimed in a strong voice. "All three of us will do our best, you guys for your sisters and me for my Grandpa."

Yugi then noticed that someone was missing... he then turned to find that Sora was gone again. "Wah-she pulled the Batman stunt again!"

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