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It had been three weeks since Sookie walked out on both vampires she loved so dearly. She found herself thinking about that night, the switch of happiness and sadness that had danced on both Bill and Eric's face. She sighed deeply as she walked down the cold road. Her car had a flat and it was 1am. She knew it wasn't safe but she didn't dare want to call Tara or anyone else, instead she thought the time to herself would be good.

Jessica had called her only a week before and told her how a friend of Eric's had helped Bill and himself in dealing with the Authority. Bill was no longer king, he was just Bill again. As for Eric, she was grateful that he knew someone to help them and yet she wondered who it was but before she could entertain that thought anymore, approaching headlights broke her concentration. She blinked a few times, waiting for her eyes to adjust as the car came to a slow stop a few feet from her. In the driver's seat sat a young looking woman, her brown hair brushed against her shoulders.

"Oh thank the stars." Sookie smiled as the woman stepped out from her car.

"What seems to be the...problem?" The young woman's voice trailed off as she began slightly sniffing the air. Sookie hadn't noticed, probably because of how tired she was. She took a step towards the car.

"I was on my way home and I must've ran over glass or something because my tire blew out. Would it be possible if you cou-" Before Sookie could finish her sentence, the woman moved at a blurring speed and had Sookie against the car. Instant fear washed over Sookie who couldn't even scream under the weight of the young woman's hand. She sniffed around Sookie for a second before her fangs were bared.

"You...smell...so divine. What are you?" The young vampire was gazing at Sookie as a child would a fly before questioningly ripping its wings off. Sookie's mind was flooded with a thousand thoughts as she tried to sift through them and figure out her best plan. She knew she had only a few seconds and all she could think of was Eric. Her mind screamed for him as her hands gripped the vampire's arm in an attempt to breathe.

It took only seconds for Eric to have Sookie's Fear wash over him. He ripped his mouth from the thigh of her dinner; a young redhead who snapped her head up in confusion but before she could ask, Eric was gone.

"Well, fuck." the redhead muttered as she looked around the empty office.

"I'm going to take my time with you." the vampire snarled as she tightened her grip. It was then Sookie's vision suddenly began to blur. Eric...please. Her mind began to blur just like her vision.

"NORA!" Before she could react, Eric had pulled her from Sookie and tossed her against a nearby tree. For a second she laid there before coming to her feet. Sookie was gasping for air as Eric leaned to her. She could feel a sense of concern overcome her and she knew it was not her own but Eric's.

"Sookie, are you alright?" His voice was tender and brought a flush of warmth to her. She coughed a few times as she stood up, brushing her hands over her emerald green sundress. She nodded as Nora walked toward them.

"Why the hell did you do that?!" Nora was clearly pissed off as she stopped a few feet from Eric. However he instantly closed the distance between them as he brought himself in front of her, looking down at her. His stare was cold and sharp and it matched his tone.

"You are not to touch this human, is that understood?" Nora suddenly busted out with a childlike tantrum.

"Why not?! She smells heavenly." Her gaze was on Sookie now as she stared at her longingly, causing Sookie to make a face and shift her gaze. Eric's hand gripped the jaw of Nora and directed her gaze back to his.

"Because if you do, it will be the last thing you ever do. Is that understood?" Nora began to open her mouth in a protest but Sookie cleared her throat loudly which caused Eric and Nora to shift their eyes to her.

"I'm sorry but Eric could you explain who this is exactly?" Sookie was slightly shivering.

"Sookie, this is my sister Nora. Nora, this is Sookie Stackhouse." Nora's head snapped to Eric.

"This is Sookie Stackhouse? The Fairy?" Eric slightly growled towards Nora.

"Yes, which is why if you harm her..I will end you." Nora's face suddenly grew cold as she glared at Sookie. She recalled Eric telling her of Sookie when she had bit him a few weeks ago, his blood had hinted at a taste she never had before and now she was looking at the woman in which it came from. A fairy. A fairy that shared blood bond with Eric.

"Sookie, I apologize if Nora caused you any harm. She's a fucking idiot." He glared at Nora before looking at Sookie more gently. Sookie cleared her throat again and smiled slightly. "Well then, I should get going.." Sookie was cold and remembered that she had a long way still to walk. Eric looked around and finally realized that only Nora's car was there.

"Where is that pile of junk you call a car?" Eric couldn't help but smirk as he knew it bothered her when anyone picked on her car. It was something he found cute about her.

"My car is not a pile of junk, thank you."

"She said her tire blew a while back." Nora's tone was cold. She did not enjoy seeing Eric be coy with Sookie and honestly all she wanted at the moment was to go back to Fangtasia and fuck Eric senseless.

"Why did you not call anyone?" Eric was focused on Sookie solely as though Nora wasn't even there. Sookie looked into Eric's eyes and swallowed hard. She suddenly was recalling what she was thinking about earlier. This wasn't the first time she had seen Eric since but it was the first time they were really interacting.

"Well, Jason is working an' Tara's probably asleep. It's only a few miles to my house." Eric cocked an eyebrow, they both knew it was more than 10 miles to her house from where they were and he didn't even know how far back her car was.

"Let me take you home, then." He stepped toward her, a hand extended. Nora finally had enough of being ignored as she stepped forward to Eric.


He growled and snapped at her, spitting out something in a language Sookie couldn't understand. Nora tensed for a moment before silently and very angrily getting in the car and driving off. Sookie watched and looked to Eric whose features were hard one more, she didn't want to say anything but a random shiver caused her to whimper slightly. Eric moved toward her and pulled her into his arms, she swallowed hard again as his body pressed to hers. His arms wrapped around her and although he couldn't physically provide her warmth, she began to feel the cold less.

"Hold on and close your eyes." She nodded as she shut her eyes and wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt the gush of wind around them as he took off, she tightened her hold around him in the few minutes of flight, not opening her eyes once. After a few moments, she felt the presence of ground under her feet once more and she slowly opened her eyes. Her house stood before her, only a few feet away. She looked up at Eric who was still embracing her. She felt her cheeks blush as she unwrapped her arms from around his waist.

"Thank you." Her voice was low as he couldn't help but smile. He brought a hand to her face and brushed away some hair.

"My sister's right...you do smell heavenly." His voice wasn't just soft anymore, he was almost lustful.

"Eric..please, don't do this." Her voice was pleading. Eric instantly let go of her and stepped back, regaining his stern and cold demeanor once more.

"Of course. Forgive me. Goodnight Miss Stackhouse." and before she could reply, he was gone. She sighed heavily as he dragged her feet toward her house. A dim light upstairs told Sookie that Tara was home and awake. She was thankful she wouldn't have to be alone tonight.

Back at Fangtasia, Nora was pacing back and forth in the basement. She only stopped once she heard Eric's footsteps. She turned toward the stairs with a grin, her voice dripping with lust.

"I've been waiting for you." She took a step toward Eric as he reached the bottom of the stairs but he kept walking past her. She growled as she turned and followed him.

"What is the problem?" He glanced at her before stopping at the bed that was in the center of the room. He sat on it and began to remove his boots. His silence was driving Nora mad and he knew it, he just didn't care.

"Is it her? The fairy." Eric's eyes shot toward Nora who was expecting his anger, in fact, she was waiting for it to confirm her suspicions but instead Eric's mouth curled into a smirk.

"Jealous?" Nora's eyes narrowed as she bared her fangs at him. He replied by gripping her throat and pulling her down to her knees in front of him while baring his fangs. He slid his hand from her throat to the back of her head and grabbed a fistful of her hair. She winced slightly as he jerked her head and exposed her neck. It took mere seconds before Eric pierced her neck and she let out a pleasurable growl. She found herself lost in the euphoria that only Eric could allow her, forgetting all about her jealousy of the fairy.

"Mm, That's my Eric." she cooed.

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