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Sookie looked throughout the house for the kitten, but couldn't find him. She shrugged and figured he'd return as he seemed to. Normally, she wasn't comfortable letting cats out but this kitten was hell bent on not being contained. She glanced at the clock, she knew Eric would more than likely be knocking or strolling through the door any minute now and she was hoping she'd finally be able to introduce him to Eric. She had finally decided on a name - Ægir. She smiled recalling when she first heard the name. She thought Eric might find it sweet that she'd chosen that as her new kitten's name. Oh well, without the kitten..the surprise will have to wait.

As expected, there was a knock on the door. She knew it was Eric. Slowly, she made her way to it and opened it to find her tall, slender Viking standing there. They hadn't spoken since the night before when he just left.

"Can I come in?" She nodded, smiling softly as she found it sweet of him to ask. He moved past her, watching as she shut the door and locked it. She turned, leaning against it and looking at him.

"I fired Yvette." She couldn't hide the small growth of her smile. It brought a small smile to Eric's face.

"I'm sorry I blew up like that. I had -"

"You had every right. I should have considered your feelings and spoke to you about before rehiring her." She smiled warmly.

"As much as I appreciate that, it is your business after all. I can't tell you not to hire someone just because I'm jealous of her." Eric cocked an eyebrow.

"Jealous?" She blushed, glancing to the ground.

"I'm not blind. She's beautiful and has a helluva body." Eric couldn't help but laugh which cause Sookie to hit his chest lightly. "It's not funny!"

"Would you like to know why I'm laughing?" He stroked her cheek. "I am laughing because you - my mate - is jealous of a trashy, money hungry whore. A trashy, money hungry whore who couldn't even keep me from thinking about another woman; a beautiful, charming, goodhearted Faerie. I've seen you and your face, many a time when she's danced for me." Sookie's smile had grown exceptionally.

"Really? You thought about me when you were with her?" He grinned.

"It's how I was able to go for 6 hours." She felt her cheek flush as she looked away sheepishly. Eric's soft, cold fingers guiding her gaze back to his. "You have and will always be all I desire." She shook her head in disagreement.

"Someday I'll get old..and ugly and die." His jaw tensed. "And you won't. You'll be handsome forever and live forever. And I'm sure in time, you'll find someone else who'll be even better." She was taken back by the growl and slamming of his hand on the door beside her.

"Do not say these things." His fangs were bared. She swallowed hard, her voice softer than a whisper.

"It's true." She could feel his anger rising. It felt exactly like a boiling pot of water - she could actually feel it rising and growing.

"I will not allow it." She swallowed again. She couldn't remember the last time she had actually felt afraid and unsure of Eric. It took him a few moments before he could even begin to feel her emotions over his anger. Instantly he wanted to take her fear away, to remove all uncertainty from her. He retracted his fangs as he blinked the anger from his eyes, stroke her cheek. "There is no life for me, without you. If you never choose to become a vampire, I will love you to your last breath and gladly meet the sun." If she hadn't blinked, she wouldn't have been aware of the welling tears in her eyes. The thought of Eric meeting the sun was something she knew, she'd never accept. She couldn't accept it even when she hated him for letting Russell drink from her - she didn't understand then but she knew now - she was never in danger. "I love you." She hugged him, squeezing her eyes shut and letting the welled tears fall. He held her close to his body as her scent filled his nostrils. He knew he would never be able to live without her - even if he wanted to. His amnesia self ensured that when they truly bonded.

"Sookie called and said she'd have to cancel." Jess pouted at Jason who was sitting on the couch, drinking a beer.

"She probably had to go to work or something. Hey, now you got more time with your hubby to be!" Jess' pout quickly morphed into a smile.

"You have a point." She hopped onto the couch beside him, kissing his cheek. Living with Jason was a lot different than Hoyt. Jason wasn't nearly as insecure, although as of late, he wasn't keen on hearing about her feeding off others. He knew it was something she needed and wanted so he never said much. Jess' phone rang and without looking, she answered.

"Hello?" her smile faded. "What do you want, Bill?"

Nora looked around the cabin, making sure her brother hadn't bugged it. She smiled as she found none and realized she had his full trust. She turned back to her company.

"Now, where were we. Ah yes. Make sure you continue to take the pills otherwise Eric will smell what you are." the young man nodded his head. "Also make sure you report everything back to me before sundown, daily. I will be residing here from now on instead of Mr. Compton's." again, the guy nodded. "Now, off with you." Again, he nodded as he his body twisted and morphed. Nora kneeled down, smiling at the end result and stroking it's head.


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