A/N: Here it is chapter two. I didn't anticipate it to be this long but I didn't want to cut it short so I kept going. Also I figured out where I'm going with this fic, so things kept on popping up that I had to write down. I know I said I planned to have Itachi and Black Rock Shooter sent into the real world in my last chapter and I still do but the thing is I always saw that happening in the second half of this story.

So the question was what do I do with the first half?

But now I know where I'm going with the first half. I also have a reason why the girls are fighting in the first place and they're not going to like it when they found out. And no they're not fighting for the same reason as in the anime. It's going to be a more petty reason and, like I said, the girls aren't going to like it.

And yes I said girls. Now that doesn't mean that Itachi will have a harem, I'm actually leaning away from that now. But I still plan on having Itachi, Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Black Gold Saw, and Strength to form a little group.

Another thing I plan on doing with the girls is to kinda make them naive with a lot of simple things, since in my story all they did was fighting, so they didn't really learn about much. Now I'm not going to make them idiots, just unaware of a lot of things. Then I could have Itachi teach them about things they don't know about.

Also it's not a huge thing but I just wanted to point out that I made Itachi smaller then he was at 15 (which is the age he is in this fic) then he was in the canon. The reason to that is his size in the canon kinda watered down (in my opinion) his strength especially before the massacre. Think about it. He was 13 when he wiped out his clan, but he looked like he was like 18, and it just seemed that it made his power less impressive. I think it would be more shocking if he did all that at a normal 13 year old size body. Especially when he joined the Akatsuki. He probably was stronger then a good amount of them and it'd just seem cooler if he was like half their size. It's just better when the less physically intimidating person is the strongest. I know I rambled, but I just wanted people to see my point. So Itachi is around Black Rock Shooter's size and height.

One last thing. No one has asked about it, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to write some lemons in this story, but not anytime soon. The reason for that is I wouldn't feel comfortable with writing lemons about Black Rock Shooter when she doesn't even look like she's gone through puberty yet. So I'll wait until she gets older (around 17, 18) then write the lemon. And yes that does mean she'll grow a more mature body, but that's in the future.

Also when you picture the drones don't picture actual monkeys. They have the build of one, long arms and what not, but picture them more machine like and vicious.

Now on to the story.

It was...different.

Fighting alongside someone that is.

The fact that she hadn't been hit yet was a big difference. The reason she got hit so often in fights wasn't that she was an incompetent fighter, far from it. It was because she let herself get hit. Whether it was to gauge her opponent's strength, to lead them into a false sense of security, or she just knew that the attack wouldn't kill her; Black Rock Shooter never paid it no mind. But this fight with the drones was different. She counted at least three times she should've been hit by one of the drones only to have Itachi step in and stop them.

Eventually, she got into the habit too.

"Down." Itachi calmly stated causing Black Rock Shooter to crouch down, giving Itachi clear view of the drones coming at her from behind. "Wind Style: Air Bullet Jutsu!" Black Rock Shooter stayed completely still as Itachi's air bullets passed by her and tore through the drones.

A part of her was screaming at her, telling her she was making a big mistake in trusting Itachi. But the new part of her, the part that popped up abruptly, the part that brought the emotion of curiosity, that part didn't feel like she was. She could still remember the look on Itachi's face when he said he would have her back. She didn't see any deceit in his eyes and he gave off a gentle and trusting aura. So she decided to squash that part that was telling her she was making a mistake and trust Itachi.

For now.

"Jump." Black Rock Shooter said as a horde of drones came crashing down where Itachi was a second before. Aiming her Rock Cannon at the group, Black Rock Shooter unleashed a barrage of shots, completely destroying the drones.

Meanwhile, as Itachi jumped above Black Rock Shooter, he noticed dozens of drones leaping from various places, all of them heading straight for Black Rock Shooter. Itachi took one quick sweep of his surroundings, allowing him to memorize the drones positions, and create a picture in his mind. Closing his eyes as he flipped through the air, Itachi began to quickly calculate the order he would need to take out the drones before they could get to Black Rock Shooter, who was cutting down a herd of her own.

Finished with his calculations, multiple kunai found themselves between his fingers. Doing another quick calculation to figure out how much time has passed since he closed his eyes, half a second, and where the drones would be at the current moment. With that done, Itachi started releasing his kunai with deadly speed and precision, taking out the attacking drones.

Itachi landed behind Black Rock Shooter and the two stood back to back as they readied themselves for another assault. They scanned their surroundings and saw the drones were no longer attacking without thinking. They could see that a number of drones were on both sides of the thick branch they stood on. Instead of bombs these drones had changed their hands into long sharp claws that could easily tear through flesh. To make things worse, there were more drones perched above and around them.

Those drones had the bombs.

"So they can work together." Itachi mused. 'Interesting. They plan to attack us simultaneously, but the ones that attack us from close range will be caught in the bombs explosions. Which means that as long as they kill us, their own destruction is of little consequence to them.' Itachi thought as he readied his ninjato.

"Here they come." Black Rock Shooter mumbled. True to her word the drones dashed towards them, claws ready to tear them apart.

Itachi quickly and cleanly cut through the first drone that jumped straight at him, and ducked as another came from the side.

Black Rock Shooter stuck her foot out catching a jumping drone, then slammed her foot down crushing the drone beneath it.

Reaching out with his free hand, Itachi grabbed the drone he ducked under by the tail and slammed it into another attacking drone.

Pointing her rock cannon forward Black Rock Shooter began shooting, taking out more approaching drones.

Itachi stabbed his ninjato forward piercing another drone, before he quickly flicked his wrist sending half a dozed kunai through the air. The kunai met their target and multiple explosions ranged through the air.

Smacking a drone out-of-the-way with her rock cannon, Black Rock Shooter swung her sword and cut down three approaching drones. She then shot down more bombs before they could reach them. The drones suddenly stopped their assault and began to gather together.

"Well, this is strange." Itachi calmly muttered as he watched the scene in front of him.

"That's new." Black Rock Shooter stated behind him as she looked over his shoulder.

"It is?" Itachi questioned.

"I've never seen this happen before." replied Black Rock Shooter. Before them stood a mass of liquid bubbling metal that was once dozens of drones.

"Well, it seems they've learned a new trick." Itachi commented as he watched the bubbling mass take shape and form. It stood fifteen feet tall and looked straight vicious with its sharp claws, teeth, and sharp tipped tail.

"What are the odds that there's another one on your side?" Itachi questioned already knowing the answer.

"Very high." Black Rock Shooter responded as she stared at another giant drone. They gave each other a brief glance before they went on the attack. Itachi quickly formed several hand signs and released a stream of fire from his mouth; meanwhile, Black Rock Shooter was letting loose with her rock cannon, and finished her barrage with a charged shot.

They waited for the dust to clear as they kept their eyes peeled, neither one of them were going to take these new drones likely. A wind blew through the forest and revealed the two new drones were, more or less, unscathed.

"We should take out the drones that haven't combined yet, we don't need to deal with another one of these things." Itachi said as the two giant drones let out a roar and began to charge.

"I agree, but that will be easier said then done." Black Rock Shooter replied just as the two drones made a swipe with their razor sharp claws.

Itachi jumped above the swipe and skillfully placed a number of exploding tags on the claw as it passed under him. Just as the tags went off; Itachi landed and rolled forward in between the drone's legs coming up behind the drone. He immediately channeled chakra into his ninjato and cut off the drones tail.

Black Rock Shooter on the other hand had to duck to keep her head on her shoulders. Shooting three shots at the drones foot causing it to fall on one knee, Black Rock Shooter followed up by shooting a charged shot at the drones chin. As the drone fell back, Black Rock Shooter jumped above it and prepared for another charge shot, but she was swatted away by the drone before she could get the shot off.

Flying through the air and towards the ground, Black Rock Shooter stuck her sword into a tree, ignoring the pieces of bark that were spraying everywhere as she slowed down her descent with her sword. Black Rock Shooter then aimed her cannon at the giant drone as it jumped at her and began firing. She watched as the drone fell towards the forest floor (which was hundreds of feet below) while smoke rose from its form.

Black Rock Shooter was preparing to follow after the drone, but something at the corner of her eye caught her attention. It was Itachi but something was off. She watched as he ducked under a swipe, flipped backwards to dodge another, and jumped over the drone as it charged.

'Why isn't he attacking?' Black Rock Shooter thought as she continued to observe Itachi. It didn't take her long to notice that Itachi was clutching his chest as if he was in pain. But from what she could see he wasn't injured. So why was he clutching his chest? Her thought process died down and instincts took over when she saw Itachi break down and start coughing uncontrollably.

The blood coming out of his mouth wasn't lost on her.

Aiming her cannon, Black Rock Shooter shot the drones arm that was raised up to tear into Itachi (who was still coughing) causing it to lose its balance. She then pushed off the tree and stabbed the drone (albeit not as deep as she wanted to) then fired again, sending it plummeting down like the previous drone.

'Why did it have to flare up now?' Itachi inwardly questioned as he covered his mouth. Things only got worse as he rolled out-of-the-way of another giant drone almost landed right on him. "It seems we were too late." Itachi said as he looked over the branch he was on, only to see the other two drones Black Rock Shooter knocked down quickly climbing up to them.

"Can you still fight?" Black Rock Shooter questioned from beside him. She had no idea what happened to Itachi, but if it inhibited his ability to fight things would get a whole lot tougher.

"I'm fine." Itachi replied as he popped a pill into his mouth. Unfortunately, those were running short, and he doubted there were any places he could get more in this new world. "Our smaller size should make it harder for them to hit us, we should use the advantage." Black Rock Shooter agreed with a nod.

They waited until the three giant drones all attacked simultaneously, before they jumped away and began making their way up the trees. As Black Rock Shooter jumped from branch to branch, she noticed Itachi was running straight up the tree. With a raised eyebrow, Black Rock Shooter decided to she would ask how he did that later.

"I'll run, you fire." Itachi simply said.

Knowing exactly what Itachi meant, Black Rock Shooter jumped off a branch, landed on Itachi, wrapped her legs around his waist, and began firing over his shoulder. If they were less stoic and focused people it would be an awkward position.

With an impassive look on her face, Black Rock Shooter rained shot after shot down on the three giant drones. She eventually had to switch from shooting at the drones, to shooting at the branches that the drones were going to jump onto when the drones began to dodge her shots with their surprising agility.

Running out of branches to jump on, the three drones began using their sharp claws to climb straight up the tree which left them as easy targets for Black Rock Shooter. The drones began taking hit after hit and started to get knocked off the tree only for them to right themselves in the air, dig into the tree and climb back up it.

This process repeated itself as Itachi continued to run up the tree and put more distance between themselves and the drones. Unfortunately, one drone decided to quickly close the distance. That one drone planted its feet into the tree, while the claws on its hands shot out a couple meters (a chain connected the claws with its hands) and dug into the side of the tree. The drone then started leaning back causing tension to rise and then let go. The drone was sent flying skywards closing the distance between itself and its targets almost instantly.

Black Rock Shooter's eyes opened wide when she saw a drone flying at them and closing in fast. She was able to get two shots on it before she realized the shots wouldn't stop it. "Jump."

Just in the nick of time, Itachi jumped away from the tree just barely avoiding getting ripped apart by the drone's claws. As they flew through the air, the drone that missed them jumped off the tree and came after them. Seeing the drone drawing closer, Black Rock Shooter used her legs and arms to push herself and Itachi in different directions before the drone's claws ripped into them. Black Rock Shooter aimed her rock cannon at the still airborne drone and began firing at it as she landed on a branch.

Itachi on the other hand saw the movement of another drone, who was making its way towards Black Rock Shooter, and jumped off the side of a tree. Just as the drone was bringing its claw down on Black Rock Shooter, Itachi blocked the claw with his ninjato, using his free hand to support the block from the backside of the ninjato. Itachi (who was still in the air) and the drone stopped moving for a split second, due to their momentum canceling each other out. That allowed Black Rock Shooter to reach out, grab Itachi by the elbow, and spin around quickly. As Itachi was spun, he stuck out his leg and caught the drone on the side of the head, sending it off of the branch and down to the ground.

Which was very, very far down.

"Now, where's the oth-" Itachi was cut off when the branch he and Black Rock Shooter were standing on began to fall. As they fell with the branch they saw the third drone clinging onto the bottom of the branch, wagging its tail back and forth. It didn't take a genius to realize the drone used its tail to cut through the tree branch.

The question was now: how would it attack?

The drone answered the unspoken question, by opening its mouth and revealing the end of a turret gun.

'Not good.' they both thought as the drone began firing. As the bullets came flying at them, they both used their respective swords to rapidly block the incoming bullets. As they were doing this, Black Rock Shooter stomped on the end of the branch they were falling on causing it to flip. As the drone's line of sight of them was broken momentarily, Itachi acted quick by using the Body Flicker Jutsu to get him and Black Rock Shooter somewhere safe, while leaving two shadow clones in their place.

As the branch finished a full flip, the two clones of Itachi and Black Rock Shooter jumped at the drone, who in turn jumped at the two with its claws extended. The moment the drone pierced the clones they both exploded, sending the drone flying through the air.

'What was that?' Black Rock Shooter thought as she and Itachi suddenly appeared behind a tree. She sent a questioning glance at Itachi, but he was too busy peering around the tree to see if his trap worked. Raising an eyebrow, Black Rock Shooter decided to put the question aside along with the others that accumulated since she met him, (which was becoming a startling amount since she never felt curiosity before) and followed his lead. She peered around the tree just in time to see herself and Itachi jump at the drone and explode in front of it.

Yet another question she wanted to ask Itachi.

It was irritating.

She didn't have much time to dwell on her thoughts as another drone landed on the branch they stood on and charged. Black Rock Shooter moved in to block a claw with her sword as Itachi jumped off the tree and kneed the drone in the face. As the drone fell backwards it caught Itachi by surprise when it opened its mouth allowing a thin, metal, rod with sharp, pointy, tips at the ends of the rod to extent out. Itachi just barely got the tip of his boot on the falling drone's head and pushed off. He felt the rod pierce his ANBU chest plate and then him, but luckily the wound was shallow.

The drone (A/N:which will now be called the rod drone) began to regain its balance and pushed forward in an attempt to spear the still airborne Itachi, but failed when Black Rock Shooter shot the rod and broke it. She then ran forward, jumped in the drone's face and fired her cannon sending it flying off the branch.

They had little time to relax as they heard a whistling sound in the air. Their heads whipped to the sound and saw dozens of bombs, that were similar to the ones that they faced earlier, flying towards them. The only difference between the bombs from earlier and the ones they were looking at was the size. The ones that were being fired at them were the size of cannonballs, which more then likely meant that they would be even more explosive.

As Itachi's eyes followed the trajectory of the bombs to find the drone that fired them, Black Rock Shooter raised her cannon and shot down the bombs. True to what they thought, the explosions that followed were far larger then the ones they dealt with before, which was made evident when they both were sent flying by the force of the explosions.

They both uncontrollably flipped through the air while trying to regain some sort of equilibrium, but it ended in Itachi's back slamming into a tree and Black Rock Shooter's back slamming into his chest. As they both landed in a heap on a tree branch (Itachi's back against the tree and Black Rock Shooter's back against his chest) Itachi began to cough violently due to the impact of Black Rock Shooter slamming into his chest. Black Rock Shooter on the other hand moaned as she tried to ignore the ringing in her ears and blurred vision. The ringing and her vision cleared up only to be replaced with Itachi's pained coughing fit.

What was wrong with him?

Eventually, Itachi's coughing calmed down allowing him to pull himself together just in time to hear a familiar whistling noise ringing through the air. He locked eyes with Black Rock Shooter before they both stood up and analyzed their situation. The drone that was firing the bombs (which will now be called the bomb drone ) was far off in the distance giving them plenty of time to think.

The bomb had all four of its claws dug into the tree branch it stood on, and had its mouth open with a cannon sticking out of it. They also noted that the other two drones were moving in on them from below. Black Rock Shooter turned to look at Itachi (who was too busy counting the number of bombs to notice) and contemplated her next move. She knew what she wanted to do to counter the bombs that were bordering in the hundreds.

It was quite simple.

Transform both of her arms into her Gatling gun form and shoot down the bombs. The only problem was that she would be vulnerable to the other two drones. So that meant that she would have to completely rely on Itachi.

"Were comrades in arms..." Itachi started pulling Black Rock Shooter out of her thoughts. "...and I protect my comrades with my life." Itachi finished with a steel determination in his voice.

Itachi took the bond of comrades very seriously. An example was what he told Kisame the fate (at least in his opinion) of anyone who betrayed their comrades when they became partners in the Akatsuki. When you fought along side someone you put your life in their hands, and Itachi respected the bond that was formed from that. It didn't matter (again, in his opinion) how short the fight was or the reason behind it, once someone placed their life in your hands it was your responsibility to protect.

No matter what.

That's one of the many reasons why it nearly broke him when he wiped out his clan.

Black Rock Shooter looked into his blood red eyes and once again got the feeling that she could trust him, and the fact that she really had no choice in the situation helped make her decision. She gave him a slight nod before transforming her arms into Gatling guns. Steadying herself, Black Rock Shooter gave Itachi a quick glance before she began her assault on the closing in bombs. She would be there for a while since the bomb drone was still letting out a continues stream of bombs.

Flashing through a set of hand signs, Itachi performed a jutsu that allowed a steady stream of wind to flow through the trees. The wind wasn't too strong, it didn't have to be. The only purpose it had was to blow the smoke of the exploding bombs away, giving Black Rock Shooter sight of the other incoming bombs. It was much better than firing blindly through the smoke.

With that done Itachi turned around and looked down. The drones had tried to snuck up behind them and were currently climbing up towards their position. Reaching into his weapons pouch Itachi jumped down while tying some wire onto two kunai, before he threw them at the two drones. The kunai wrapped around the drone's arms and Itachi yanked at the wire causing the drones to get pulled off of the trees and plummet with the momentum of the free fall, Itachi landed on a tree branch, and again yanked on the wires causing the two drones to crash onto floor.

Itachi watched from his perch as the two drones, slowly but surely, stood back up after a minute. Normally he would attack the drones with a powerful jutsu to take them out before they got back up, but that wasn't possible at the moment.

He was running low on chakra.

It wasn't that he had a low chakra reserve (in fact he had above average chakra reserves) and the chakra he used earlier was all he had. It was the unfortunate number of hindrances that stripped him from his usual abundance of chakra.

The first hindrance was the illness he contracted. It not only attacked his body but his chakra reserves causing them to drop more and more as time went on. The second was this new world he was in.

There was no nature chakra at all.

Even though his body (along with all the others from his world) produced chakra on its own, it was stimulated and made easier by nature chakra.

The last hindrance was more simple then the others.


Itachi has been in this new world for nearly three days and he hadn't had a single thing to eat or drink. He did have soldier pills, a number of them actually, but he didn't want to assume he would find a food and water source anytime soon. So he opted to save them until he absolutely needed them. Even if he did find food and water Itachi wasn't sure if his body would be able to get what it needed (if it didn't kill him) to survive from it. A smart assumption seeing as the only living beings he came upon weren't food options.

He was not a cannibal.

He was wondering if the plants in the forest could provide him with what he needed but he was interrupted by Black Rock Shooter. Not that he held a grudge against her.

All in all, Itachi needed to hold back on the jutsus as much as possible. So he jumped down to the forest floor, unsheathed his ninjato, and waited for the drones to attack. Said drones didn't attack right away. No they circled Itachi on all fours like a pair of lions eying their prey.

Unfortunately for them, Itachi was no ones prey.

So when the drones charged at him swinging their claws, he was quick to dodge. He ducked low to the ground and dodged the first one and jumped in between the open space of the second claw. He landed in a front roll and jumped up, just barely dodging a sharp tipped rod that would've surely went clean through him.

In the air, Itachi put his hand on a small arm band (A/N: the one Sasuke had when he fought Itachi) and added the needed chakra to summon the weapon he needed at the moment. Said weapon was a windmill shuriken that appeared in a puff of smoke. Twisting in the air to gain momentum, Itachi threw the shuriken and nailed the rod drone right in its shoulder.

As he fell, Itachi had to block the other drone's swiping claw with his ninjato, but since he was still in the air he was sent flying across the clearing. Flipping in the air to right himself, Itachi pushed his feet off the tree the second they both connected (just avoiding the claw of the drone that followed after him) and jumped across the clearing. He landed on a tree branch and assessed the damage his windmill shuriken did.

Itachi watched as the rod drone used its other hand to pull out the windmill shuriken in a mechanical manner causing sparks to fly out. Itachi's eyes narrowed as he saw the drone test out the arms movement capability. Apparently the damage the shuriken did wasn't enough to hinder the arms movement.

'It seems I'll need to take off a limb completely if I truly want to slow them down.' Itachi mused just as the rod drone turned to him while a number of holes opened up on its body. 'That doesn't bode well.' and true to his thoughts, multiple sharp, tipped, rods came shooting out of the holes.

As Itachi ran, he had to use his ninjato to block a number of rods, he then had to duck his head, dive forward, land in a roll, and jump out of that roll. As he jumped out of that roll Itachi had to twist and turn in the air to avoid the onslaught of sharp tipped rods. While he was doing all he could to avoid the rods, a tomoe in each eye was keeping track of the other drone that was circling the clearing towards his direction.

As Itachi and the drone drew closer to each other Itachi's eyes grew wide when he saw the drone stop and open its mouth revealing its turret gun. He landed on a branch in a crouch and jumped straight up with all his strength, just in time to dodge a shower of bullets and sharp tipped rods.

'Now what?' Itachi inwardly questioned as he jumped from branch to branch which were completely shredded from the hail of attacks that followed him. He took a quick glance at Black Rock Shooter to check how she was doing only to see her still shooting down the bombardment of bombs. 'Will those two ever run out of those...' he didn't really know what to call those weapons they were using since he's never seen them before.

Itachi shook his head and brought his mind back to the task at hand. It didn't take him long to come up with a way to use the drone's against each other. Itachi jumped up, pushed off the bottom part of a branch, and went soaring down towards the ground while flashing through a set of hand signs. He landed, placed his hands on the ground, and sent his chakra into the earth.

He didn't blink when the torrent of bullets and sharp tipped rods came ever closer to him because he knew his jutsu would make it in time. And true his confidence, the ground under the rod drone shifted and rose slightly causing it to lose balance and accidentally shower the gun drone full of its rods. Itachi watched as the gun drone fell off of its perch and slammed into the ground. Of course he wouldn't count it out so quickly.


He knew it would only be out temporarily, so he would keep a tomoe focused on it at all times.

Itachi saw that the rod drone began to pick itself back up and broke into a sprint towards it. As he closed in, the drone's foot snapped out at him, forcing him block it with his ninjato. Itachi skidded across the floor do to the force of the kick, before he ran back to the drone. The drone charged forward and snapped its mouth intending to bite Itachi in half, only for Itachi to slide under it causing the drone's mouth to bite into the ground.

Sliding under the drone, Itachi had to dig his foot into the ground to stop himself from getting impaled from a rod that shot out from its body. After stopping, Itachi grabbed the lower part of the rod and kicked at the middle, snapping it in half. He then rolled out from underneath the stuck drone (avoiding another rod that shot out from its body) and threw the rod.

The rod soared through the air and impaled the gun drone's mouth turret just as it was beginning to start-up the weapon causing a small explosion. As smoke billowed out of the drone's mouth, it let out a mechanical groan before it spat out the turret.

'I hope it can't produce more of those...things.' Itachi thought as the drone collected itself.

After the gun drone collected itself it charged at Itachi who in turn ran towards it only to jump over it, using its head to get even higher in the air. He had hoped that the gun drone would have collided with the rod drone that was just behind him but that didn't happen.

The rod drone jumped above the gun drone and followed Itachi in the air. As Itachi turned in the air to look at the spear drone, said drone jabbed its claw forward forcing Itachi to lean back.

If Itachi was a less composed man (teenager) he would've been scared out of his mind when the claw traveled up his body, very lightly scraping against his ANBU chest armor, and passing his eyes by mere centimeters.

Unfortunately he wasn't out of danger yet.

The momentum of the drone's jump carried it over Itachi, who had to lean back further (he was now upside down) and dodge the rods that sprang out of the drone's body. Taking advantage at the fact that the rods were still connected to the drone's body, Itachi grabbed two rods and pulled himself up toward the drone. His feet slammed into the drone's chest causing it to crack and collapse in slightly. He then flipped them and had the drone land on its back with Itachi on its chest. Itachi then leaped off of the rod drone and into the air towards the gun drone.

The gun drone raised its arms revealing the end of a barrel muzzle in its palms before it immediately fired hitting Itachi relentlessly. Itachi then suddenly dissolved into a flock of crows which swarmed around the gun drone, before blowing up do to the exploding tags on their backs.

The real Itachi waited from his perch on a branch for the smoke to dissipate. He hoped that his last attack on the gun drone did the trick, but he seriously doubted it.

He wasn't one to take his opponents lightly.

The smoke disappeared and showed two very damaged, but still able to fight drones.

'I don't have time for this.' Itachi thought as he glanced at a far away Black Rock Shooter, who was still locked in a stalemate.

His attention was brought back to the drones when the gun drone jumped up at him with its palms facing him. Itachi quickly rolled up two exploding tags and waited for the drone to get closer. Once it was close enough, Itachi threw the exploding tags into the barrel muzzle and leaned back causing him to slide to the underside of the branch just as the gun drone flew by him.

A second later the exploding tags went off.

Itachi pushed off the branch he was hanging from and flew towards the ground while the rod drone began to shower Itachi with its sharp tipped rods. After using his ninjato to block a number of the rods, Itachi drew closer to the ground and decided to make his move.

Itachi's first move was to catch one of the rods and throw it back. The rod pierced through the drone's foot and pinned it to the ground. He then landed in a roll and had to snap his hand out and catch a rod inches from his face. Spinning it between his fingers, Itachi charged at the drone and slid under a swiping claw allowing him to get behind the drone. Itachi got up quickly, spun the rod between his fingers again, and drove it into the back of the drone's knee. Itachi then broke the half of the rod that was sticking out of the drone's knee, ran to the other side of the clearing, and threw it seemingly to nowhere.

'I'm going to need reload soon.'

Unfortunately, that meant she would be defenseless against the bomb drone's bombardment. Doubt began to seep into her mind. The part that was calling her a fool for trusting Itachi was back and stronger then ever.

She should've never trusted him.

It was foolish.

It was out of character.

Why did she do it?

Because it was different.

It was new and since the seeds of curiosity have already began to sprout in her, she wanted to know what Itachi was.

He didn't want to fight, yet he was powerful.

He wanted to fight beside her instead of against.

She always thought that she was alive to just fight, like everyone else she met. They fought, nothing more and nothing less. That's why it was so strange to meet someone who could fight her, yet not want to fight her. The thought of not fighting never occurred to her, and the feeling of curiosity just helped even more to throw her outlook on life upside down.

The consistent nagging of curiosity was something unwelcome, and yet she couldn't help but want the new sensation sated. And Itachi seemed to be the source of her curiosity. That's why Black Rock Shooter decided to trust Itachi, albeit temporarily.

But now she was scolding herself for doing such a thing.

'You have no one to blame but yourse-' Black Rock Shooter was cut off from mentally scolding herself when something flew past her. Her eyes followed the blur as it soared past the bombs (missing some by inches) and made its way towards the bomb drone.

Less then a second after a bomb left the cannon that launched it, the blur pierced the bomb causing it to detonate right in front of the drone. Black Rock Shooter watched as the bomb drone was blown apart and scattered as the one bomb set off the other ones that were in the process of being launched. She transformed her arms back to normal as she turned and looked at Itachi.

'That's one down.' Black Rock Shooter mused as she assessed Itachi's situation. One drone was stuck to the ground due to the rods that pierced its legs, and the other was having trouble getting up without any hands.

Maybe she didn't make a mistake in trusting Itachi after all.

"If you can get these two together against that tree, I can end this." Itachi stated as Black Rock Shooter landed beside him. She gave him a firm nod before she transformed her arm into her black rock cannon.

Just as the spear drone freed itself from the rods that held it in place it was knocked down by a blast from Black Rock Shooter's cannon. Black Rock Shooter didn't relent as she continued to pelt the drone with shot after shot until it was pressed against the tree Itachi pointed out.

A multitude of windmill shuriken, that were attached to wires each, circled around the tree until the wire ran short and the shurikens planted themselves into the tree, trapping the drone.

"Now for the other one." Black Rock Shooter mumbled as she watched the gun drone finally make its way to its feet. She bent her knees slightly when the drone charged at her, and prepared to counter. As the drone jumped in the air, Black Rock Shooter did the same. Her feet slammed into the drone's torso, stopping its momentum, before she charged her cannon and released the shot.

A smashing sound was heard as the gun drone slammed into the spear drone, before it was also tied up to the tree by Itachi's wires. Landing beside Itachi, Black Rock Shooter raised an eyebrow when she noticed a wire clenched between his teeth. Itachi then blurred through a series of hand signs to finish the fight.

"Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu!" a large stream of fire bursted from his mouth in the form of a dragon and followed the wire in Itachi's mouth towards the drones. The dragon of fire let out a roar just before it slammed into the drones, melting them against the tree.

Once again Black Rock Shooter found herself fascinated by Itachi and his abilities. He had by far the most diverse abilities she had ever seen.

"No, I don't. I wish to avoid violence as much as possible."

"I have no reason to fight you."

And yet he wasn't like her. He was against fighting, unless he was forced into it. That was completely the opposite of her, of all the girls, who sought each other to fight.

Yes, Itachi was a very curious person.

"That should do it." Itachi said as he turned to face her.

"What are you-"




The two looked at each other with furrowed brows, before they began to walk towards the beeping noise that interrupted Black Rock Shooter. Slowly but surely the sound became louder and louder as they drew near it. Climbing over a giant root, the two came upon the source of the noise. It was the gun drone's head which was barely intact. The head made a beeping noise as a red light flashed in its eyes every time it beeped. Itachi and Black Rock Shooter stared at the head for a few seconds until they noticed the beeping was getting faster. They gave each other a quick look before they broke out into a sprint.






"Don't look now, but there's a giant wall of fire right behind us." Itachi commented as they both ran faster.

"Hn." Black Rock Shooter grunted as she glanced behind her.

The fire ball from the explosion was immense. It was like a train running over (and burning) everything in its path. Nothing stood in its way.

"It doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon." Itachi stated. "We're not going to be able outrun it forever."

"Can't you just do what you did earlier?" Black Rock Shooter calmly questioned.

"I assume you mean the Body Flicker Jutsu." Itachi responded. "Unfortunately, I don't have enough chakra."


What was that?

Once again Itachi proved himself a treasure trove of mysteries to Black Rock Shooter. She would saté her curiosity later, they had bigger problems at the moment.

"There should be a river close by." she stated. Itachi nodded his head and focused his Sharingan on the surroundings, save for one tomoe that he used to make sure he didn't trip over anything. That would prove deadly in the current situation.

After a few more minutes of running for their lives, Itachi spotted a large concentration of moisture in the air not too far from where they were.

"There." that was all Itachi had to say before they both broke to the right. The rushing of the water could be heard as they drew closer.

They rushed through a lining of trees and quickly noticed a that there was a twenty foot wide fissure in the earth. It took less then a second to realize that the river was down at the bottom of the fissure.

'Can we make it?' Itachi wondered as the wall of fire closed in on them just as they dove down the fissure. The river (which was actually rapids and purple) was at least three hundred meters below them, meaning the wall of fire still had a chance to catch them, seeing as it spread and was filling the fissure.

"We're not going to make it..." Itachi said as he tilted his head down (or up since he was falling head first) and noted the decrease of space between them and the fire. 'unless...' Itachi mentally trailed off as he reached into his cloak for his soldier pills.

Just as he was going to open the bottle, Itachi felt an arm wrap around his midsection causing him to jerk his head to the side to see a stoic Black Rock Shooter change her arm into its cannon form and charge it.

"You're cutting it close." Itachi muttered as the flames drew within feet of them, its heat making itself known to their lower bodies. Just before the flames were about to engulf them, Black Rock Shooter fired her cannon.

"No! No! No! No!" an eight year old little girl with brown hair screamed.

"Calm down, brat." drawled a silver-haired teenager.

"Calm down? Calm down!? How am I suppose to calm down!? You seen what happened! He's dead! The brin-"

"You really believe that crap?" another voice spoke up. Said person looked similar to the young girl, but was older by around ten years, and had brown spiky hair.

"But big brother." the little girl whined as she looked at her brother.

"No buts." the older brother said. "You shouldn't put your faith in something a crazy old lady 'prophesied'." the little girl became downtrodden until an older girls voice spoke up.

"Don't be so mean." the older girl said as she picked the little girl up. She also had brown hair (no relation to the two) that went to her shoulders. "You never know she could be right about him."

"I can't believe you believe the old lady too Rin." the older brother face palmed. "Hana I can understand, but you?"

"There's nothing wrong with having a little faith, Kiba." Rin defended. "You seen what he did. The fact that Black Rock Shooter fought alongside him is proof of the change he could bring."

"She only fought beside him because she was forced to." Kiba retorted.

"Even so, it was enough to sprout a change in her. It may be small, but it's a start." Rin responded.

"What do you think Kakashi?" Kiba asked the silver-haired teen, hoping to get someone to back him up.

"Who me?" Kakashi pointed to himself in a lazy manner. A manner he was known for. "I think you should ask the boss lady." everyone's attention was averted to their leader, who was staring at the glowing orb, which showed them the events that just transpired.

"You know me." their leader began with a smirk. "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst."

"Which means?" Kiba questioned.

"It means we keep doing what we've been doing, and hope that what the old lady said was true, you idiot." their leader explained. 'And also hope he survived.' she mentally added.

"By the way, where are the others?"

"They should be here soon, Kushina." Rin answered. Kushina may be in the same age group as most of them but she garnered everyone's respect and trust.

"Good." Kushina smiled before she turned her attention back to the orb. 'Come on.' Kushina bit her thumb hoping to see him emerge from the water. 'If you really are the bringer of change then you can't die from that!'

Seconds seemed like hours as they all watched the orb. The three girls in the room were beginning to lose hope as seconds turned into minutes.

"Come on Itachi!" Kushina yelled as she slammed her hands on the table. She may be planning on continuing without Itachi, but that didn't mean she thought that they could survive much longer without him. If he joined them it would change everything. It'd be even more so if he managed befriend Black Rock Shooter and she joined with him.

That is if he joined them.

'No. He'll join. If he really is the type of person I think he is, he'll see why we fight and join. If he's even alive.'

'Can this get any worse?' Itachi dryly thought as he bounced off an under water rock.

When Itachi and Black Rock Shooter landed in the water they immediately got caught in a very powerful underwater current, and they were having a hard time getting to the surface for air. Smacking into underwater rocks didn't help either. Which made it ironic that Black Rock Shooter slammed into a rock and bounced off of it so hard it placed her close enough to the river wall to reach it.

She stabbed her sword into a rock that was lodged into the wall, then reached out and grabbed Itachi's hand before pulling him to her. Itachi then proceeded to quickly pulled out his ninjato and stab it a few feet above them.

From there they began a series of climbing up the river wall by stabbing their swords, one at a time, into the wall while the other used their sword to keep them in place. Eventually, they got close enough to the river bank to reach up and pull themselves out of the river.

They both gasped for air as they crawled out of the river and onto dry land.

"Their alive! Their alive!" Hana screamed as she jumped up and down. Kushina on the other hand slumped back into her chair and gave a sigh of relief.

"Alright!" Kushina stood up with renewed vigor. "Rin! Tell that pervert Jiraiya that we need a way to get into the other world!" Kushina firmly stated.

"On it!" Rin said as she left the room.

"You do know that something like that won't be easy to get." Kakashi pointed out.

"Jiraiya may be a pervert, but he gets the job done. Don't underestimate him."

"It's not that I'm underestimating him, I just think that you're underestimating how hard it will be to find a way to access the other world. It took us years to get that..." Kakashi pointed to the orb on the table. "..and that just lets us look into the other world."

"True." Kushina conceded as she sat back down in her seat. "But if what the old lady said is true then we can't just sit back and wait for him to come to us."

"If you say so."

"Well that was fun." Itachi commented as he laid back on the grass. His eyes followed Black Rock Shooter who was making her way up a tree to inspect the aftermath of the explosion.

It was total destruction.

For miles there wasn't nothing but scorched earth. Anything that was in the fireball's path was incinerated in an instant.

'Such power.' Black Rock Shooter inwardly muttered. She came to notice that the drones have been growing stronger and stronger recently, which caused the new part of her to question it.

Why did they all of a sudden grow in strength?

Was it because of Itachi?

Her attention was drawn to said person who was squeezing the water from his cloak. The instant her eyes landed on him a number of questions popped into her mind. The most important one was..

'Now what?' what would she do with him?

Leave him?


He was too intriguing to just leave. Not to mention dangerous. A part of her still didn't trust him completely.

Then what?

The concept of a partnership was still foreign to her, so she couldn't think of such a simple thing. That left her with one option.

Ask him.

Leaping off the tree branch, Black Rock Shooter landed beside Itachi with a thump. She noted how he didn't flinch or bat an eye when she suddenly appeared.

Did he not think of her as a threat?

No, that wasn't it.

Did he...trust her?

He really was intriguing and confusing.

Itachi on the other hand knew exactly what he was doing. You had to give trust to get it, and he had only one reason to want her trust.

"What will you do now?" Itachi pretended to contemplate her question before he answered. He knew what he wanted.

"I would like to join you, if you don't mind." he didn't want to be alone. Itachi spent most of his life in solitude which was caused by multiple reasons.

The first was the fact that he was heir to the Uchiha Clan and everyone knew it. Because of that people tended to avoid him, in fear of angering him and having retribution brought down on them. Not like he would do such a thing.

The next came as he grew into a child. Apparently a child so wise and mature creeped people out. So much so that even his own clan began to avoid him, albeit subtly.

After that came the training. Once his father and the clan elders realized his strength and potential, they immediately began to breed him into an unstoppable fighting machine. Not that they didn't intend to in the first place they just started earlier. His life quickly became nothing but training and studying.

He hated it.

Of course that didn't mean he was completely alone. He had people, a few, that he cared for deeply. The first four were the obvious; his mother, Sasuke, Shisui and Obito. After them came his mothers best friend, Kushina. That woman was like a second mother to him. Next came Rin, the older sister figure in his life. Then there was Hana. The childhood friend that he wasn't sure what his feelings for her were.

Friends or something more?

It didn't matter once he turned ten. Ten was the age he was made aware that he would be marrying Kagura when he became of age. Neither one of them were happy with their arrangement; of course they didn't let their parents know that. It actually became something they bonded over, which would eventually lead to love.

A love that died with the rest of his clan.

The events leading up to the massacre were also reasons for his loneliness. Once he learned what his clan was planning he fell into a pit of confusion. He questioned for weeks who should he side with, which caused him to seclude himself more so from the people he cared about.

Then came the mission.

Once he received his mission to eliminate his clan he fell into a pit of depression. He spent most of the time leading up to the massacre trying to strengthen his resolve, which would be easier if he didn't see the faces of the people he would be hurting.

After the massacre came the next, and worst, period of solitude.

The Akatsuki.

An organization full of vile and despicable people, if you could call them that. Although saying it was completely full would be incorrect, at least in Itachi's opinion. There was Konan. She wasn't like the rest. She was more like him. Locking their true self away deep down inside, so it wouldn't be corrupted or touched by the filth around them. All for the sake of protecting the ones they hold dear.

For Konan it was Pein.

For Itachi it was Sasuke and the Leaf Village.

But now things were different. There was no responsibility for him here. No clan pushing him to reach "his" goals. No village needing his services to protect it, or little brother for that matter. No reason to pretend to be an emotionless killer, which he was not. No matter how good he played the role (and he played it perfectly) he always felt a stab in his chest whenever he took a life, no matter who it was. He made sure to burn every single one of his victims face into his mind.

They at least deserved the right to haunt him for the rest of his life.

And they did.

Of course that didn't mean he didn't worry.

He worried.

He worried for Sasuke.

For the village.

For Kushina and Hana.

But he eventually let it go. There was no point in dwelling on "what ifs". Doing that would drive him insane. So he decided that he would use this new world as a second chance, and there was two things he wanted to do (or not do) with his second chance.

Kill and being alone.

And that's why he wanted to join Black Rock Shooter. He wanted companionship. Itachi also felt like he could help her. With his Sharingan he could easily see when curiosity welled up in her which was immediately followed up by confusion. It didn't take him long to realize she knew nothing but fighting. She looked like blank slate to his blood red eyes.

It was sad.

So he hoped he could help develop her into a her own person. Itachi could finally do what he really wanted.

Peacefully helping people.

Black Rock Shooter was far more conflicted then Itachi was. On one hand this was exactly what she wanted. All she had to do was say yes and she would have all the time she needed to figure out this, Itachi Uchiha. But on the other hand she still didn't completely trust him. Sure she placed her trust in him earlier, but that was partially because the situation forced her to. Now the part of her that was honed by fight after fight was telling her he was tricking her. Leading her into a false sense of security so he could strike.

When it came down to it all she had to ask herself was: is it worth it? Was her newly found curiosity worth putting herself in position of being stabbed in the back.

Yes it was.

The consistent nagging feeling in the back of her mind was irritating, and she had a feeling that only Itachi could satisfy the urge.

With that in mind Black Rock Shooter looked Itachi in the eyes, pitch black eyes she noted, and gave him a nod. She would keep here eyes on him though, and Itachi knew that. He didn't blame her. It would be naive to blindly trust someone she just met, even if Itachi had not ill intentions it was always smart to be cautious.

"Thank you." Itachi gratefully stated before he unclasped his ANBU chest guard revealing a black, sleeveless, shirt that clung tightly onto his body. Black Rock Shooter watched as Itachi's hands began to glow green as he brought them up to his chest where there was a small cut.

"Ninjutsu." Itachi began to answer Black Rock Shooter's unasked question. "That's the classification of the techniques I used earlier. This here..." Itachi pointed his head towards his hands. "...is medical ninjutsu. It's for healing." normally Itachi wouldn't bother wasting chakra on healing such a small wound, but he couldn't take the chance. He wasn't entirely sure if his antibodies could fight back any of the viruses in this new world, and if they even could they would have a hard time since his body was already fighting a disease.

"I see." Black Rock Shooter muttered as she watched Itachi's cut slowly heal. He wasn't the most proficient in medical ninjutsu. He would need to change that soon.

"You seem to heal almost instantaneously. It's impressive."

Did she? She never really knew. For her that was the rate she always healed at, as it was for the rest of the girls she fought. So for her it was normal and unimpressive.

'She heals as fast as Kushina's kid, if not more. With her fighting ability and healing factor she could be unstoppable.' Itachi mused as he put his chest guard and cloak back on. "Lead the way." Itachi said with a small smile on his face. Being in someone's company was really better then being alone.

Black Rock Shooter wordlessly turned around and walked away causing Itachi to follow. She had a lot of questions to ask him, but they would wait for now.

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