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I look out the window looking for the slightest sign of Bobby Wasabi Martial Arts Academy. I've been doing karate since I could walk, and I've trained my whole life for this. I've tried countless times since the 8th grade to get accepted to BWMAA, but every year until last year they've said the same thing. "You're not ready. Although you are a black belt, you have a lot more room to improve until you're ready. The elite of the elite go here Kim, and you're just not ready." And after my last try out last year, I was finally accepted my Senior year.

Bobby Wasabi is a high school and college for students who have focused on martial arts their entire lives, and only the best, of the best, of the best go there. Everyone must be a black belt when they try out, and must spar with one of the senseis in front of a select group of senseis and alumni. During that spar, they will evaluate you on your skill, agility, and fighting techniques, along with your strengths and weaknesses. After countless auditions, trying out becomes more and more difficult and pressure-filled. Nothing is ever easy at Bobby Wasabi, I know that from experience.

I look up from my phone and am complete awe in the sight before me. After years and years or try outs, my dream is now a reality. I slowly get out of the car and make my way to the trunk to grab my luggage.

"Kim, honey, do you have everything?"

"Yeah, I do mom, thanks."

"Don't be nervous. You'll do great. Call me tonight alright?"

"Of course mom, I love you."

"I love you too. Now get on inside before you're late!"

My mom kisses me goodbye, and I head inside the main building.

"New here huh Blondie?" I hear a voice say behind me.

"Yeah, and I have a name."

"You gonna tell me?"

"Nope. I don't wanna know yours, so I'm not telling you mine."

"Feisty huh? I like that. My name is Brewer, Jack Brewer." He says extending his hand out. I finally see him. That cocky smile, shaggy brown hair, light brown chocolate eyes, he's also well built, and it's obvious girls fawn over him. He just radiates cockiness.

"This isn't a James Bond movie, and you're still not getting my name. Maybe if you got over yourself I'd tell you, but looks like that's not happening. So, hopefully I won't see you around Jack." I say pushing him out of my way. I glance back and see that he's standing there in shock. Obviously that was a first. I continue to make my way over to the main building.

I've always been unaffected by guys like that. I've had my fair share of cocky jocks trying to feel me up or get a date with me, but I'm just not into that. Most of my old high school figured that I was playing hard-to-get when it's just all in my personality which caused quite a bit of drama but I've never really cared about it, I had karate to focus on. Sometimes my friends weren't very accepting because I am blonde, a girl, and black belt, but hey, not everyone's gonna like you, so might as well do whatever you want.

When I reach the office, the sectarian looks up as if she's expecting me and hands me my class schedule, keys, and map of the buildings. She suggest I make my way over to my dorm and meet my roommates first before anything. I agree, because I really wouldn't want to carry my bags around, and a few friends would be nice.

I knock on the door, and I'm greeted by a petite, light brown haired girl with glasses.

"Hi, I'm Julie! You must be our new roommate! Come in!" Julie says excitedly. I smile shyly at her and drag my bags in while she holds the door wide open.

"I'm Kim." I say extending my hand, and instead of a handshake she hugs me. At first I feel awkward at the sudden sign of affection, but I return the hug anyway. She seems really sweet.

"Sorry about Julie. She's a hugger. I'm Grace." Julie blushes, I turn around and see a brunette with hazel eyes and hair in a high pony tail extending her hand out.

"Nah, don't worry about it. I'm Kim." I say gladly shaking Grace's hand.

"Sorry but you're gonna have to take the bed in that corner over there, Julie and I have been in those bunk beds Freshman year, and we don't exactly wanna move our stuff around." Grace says apologetically.

"I completely understand, and I don't mind. I'm just glad I finally got in." I say as I begin to unpack my things.

"Donna Tobin used to stay with us until she finally moved demanding she can't stay in a room with losers like us, when we're all like three belts above her. I don't know how she even got in!" Julie exclaims in frustration.

"Julie calm down. It's cause her daddy bought her way in. You know how those stuck up rich kids are. Especially Donna and Jack." Grace says.

"Wait, Jack Brewer?" I ask suddenly.

"You met Jack Brewer?!" They both say in complete shock.

"Yeah. He's a complete asshole." I say in annoyance.

"Wow Kim, I like you even more than I thought I did. Every single girl at this school, well except for us three now, are obsessed over him. But, they all can't do anything about it cause he's dating Donna. The perfect couple, meant to be, type of thing." Grace explains.

"Well why aren't you two phased? You guys have been here longer than I have, three years to be exact, but according to what Grace's said, you guys must like someone else?" I say curiously.

"Well, actually, I have a boyfriend. His name is Milton Krupnick, and he's one of Jack's smarter, nicer friends. And Grace over there, who's as red as a tomato I might add, has had a crush on Jack's best friend Jerry Martinez since freshman year." Julie explains as if I should know those things already.

"The best friend of the cocky asshole? Interesting Grace." I say jokingly. She just rolls her eyes, and she and Julie look over my schedule.

"Looks like we have all our classes together Kim." Grace says.

"Darn! Why am I the only girl taking all AP classes!" Julie groans.

"Because no one is as smart as you, and these are all actual school subjects. Kim doesn't get her karate schedule until they've seen her actually spar one of the students. Sparring a sensei is different from sparring a student. And since you are new, Kim, you'll most likely spar Jack sometime today because he's the best in the Senior class."

"Wait, because I'm new I have to spar with Jack because he's the best student?!"

"That's what Grace just said Kim."

"Oh and Kim, if Donna hears that you're better than her, you're immediately on her bad side and drama just happens. Just warning you..."

"Grace you're just full of warnings aren't you?!"

"It's called looking out for a friend."

"Guys, I think we should go grab some breakfast while there's still food. You know how it is when the populars get there, plus we have the entire high school to deal with." Julie says.

Grace and I agree, and I hurriedly put the rest of my clothing and belongings away, promising to begin decorating once the day is over. Our dorm is actually farther than I thought from the dining hall, but I don't mind because Grace and Julie continue telling me about school and how the schedule's really tiring because of karate, what teachers are understanding and which ones aren't so understanding, and the drama going on. Apparently Jack and Donna have been the school "it" couple since freshman year, but everyone notices how rocky their relationship has become the past year. Jerry and Milton have told Grace and Julie about how unhappy Jack is with a girl like Donna and wants someone different, someone who isn't clingy like her. Julie believes that the real Jack is just hiding behind some facade, but Grace doesn't buy any of it. Frankly, I'm not sure I do either.

When we arrive at the dining hall, its more spacious than I expected, but nonetheless it's still extremely crowded. Grace, Julie, and I push through a few crowds before we can actually slide our student IDs and grab some food. After about fifteen minutes of searching for a place to sit, we see a free table next to a window. As we're about to put our food down, a girl, who I assume is Donna, shoves her plate of food in front of ours, and her little posse takes a seat at the table. This infuriates me, and when I'm just about to tell her off, Julie and Grace reassure me that a time will come when I can take my anger out on her during a spar, and that we'll just find another table. After about another fifteen minutes, and I'm positive our food is cold, we find a table in the back, and take a seat and begin to eat.

I look up to ask Grace a question but I see her eyes widen in shock as she looks behind me. Curiosity getting the better of me, I look back and roll my eyes in annoyance.

"Grace! You're friends with Jack's newest mamacita?!" The Latino who I assume to be Jerry asks Grace. I answer before Grace can even get in another word.

"First of all, I'm not Jack's mamacita, and second of all, what the hell do you want Jack?" I say bitterly.

"Woah, a little hostile there don't you think?" Jack says with a smirk.

"Since when would you wanna eat with us? Your girlfriend's over there. Milton, Jerry, and Eddie can sit with us, but we don't need your cocky ass over here." Grace says glaring at Jack. Well Grace can get sassy.

"Correction: Ex-girlfriend." Jack says.

"Well that explains why she's bitchier than ever." Julie mutters.

"I give you till the end of the day before you take her back." Grace says somewhat knowingly.

"That won't be happening, I think I've found someone else." Jack says winking at me. I just roll my eyes in response. I would answer, but Grace takes care of that while Milton and Julie are in their own little world.

"You won't be making Kim one of your hit and run victims."

"Kim? So that's your name." Jack says ignoring Grace's comment.

"Julie, Grace and I are going to head to the dorm, do you wanna come?" I ask completely ignoring Jack's presence.

"No it's alright guys, Milton and I have some schoolwork we need to figure out. I'll meet you guys there." Julie says politely. Grace and I nod in understanding and head towards the door. We put our plates by the trash bins, and I'm about to head out the door when I feel someone grab my shoulder, and by instinct, I flip them.

"Ow! Shit! I didn't think a girl, let alone a blonde like you, have those kinds of reflexes or strength." Jack says in surprise.

"Damn Kim! I've been taking karate for years, and I still don't have reflexes like that!" Grace also smirks.

"Well, it's kinda grown on me.. I've been able to do that since I was eight." I say smugly.

I leave Jack alone, and grab Grace who's still in awe at what I just did. I ignore all the speechless faces looking at me, and I drag her to our dorm hoping that I didn't get us lost. I'm relieved when we finally arrive at our dorm. The walk took a bit longer getting back than getting there due to the fact that I was dragging Grace.

"Kim! Do you have any idea what you just did?!" Grace says in shock once we're in the room.

"Uh, I flipped Jack?" I say, as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Yes you did! No one has ever been able to do that. EVER. Even if people tried to take him by surprise, they'd end up being the one flipped. Jack's undefeatable! Well, he was."

"Wait, so what your saying is..."

"If you do that again later, in your real spar against Jack, you'll be officially the best student in the school."

"Wait so let me get this straight, I'm sparring in front of the same senseis, but just against Jack this time?"

"Hehehe, actually it's in front of the entire Senior class at assembly tonight..."


"KIM! Calm down! I'm sure it's just to see how well you do under pressure! I'm sure you'll be fine!"

"Grace you don't understand! It took me years of auditioning to finally get accepted here, and I thought I would just be fine from there! I didn't know I would have to end up actually sparring the best student to be decided what karate class I'm put in!"

"Well the way classes are decided aren't by belt anymore, but I'm positive which degree you are still matters, everyone here is a black belt, well except Donna, and so the senseis consider us all 'equals' which is never gonna be the case. Our karate classes are sorted by our strengths and weaknesses, and we never really see what they truly are until we spar against an 'equal'. It's really complicated..."

"But why in front of our entire class?"

"Entertainment purposes I guess, and like I said, how well you do under pressure!"

"I never do well under pressure! That's why it took years of auditioning. If you thought the first audition was pressure filled, try doing another four. The pressure just got worse and worse." I say practically whispering.

"Look Kim, after seeing what you did to Jack, I know you'll do great. Sure everyone thinks he's amazing, but after what you did, he's probably in shock and still can't get over it. You hurt his pride, and that's something no one's been able to do. You should be really proud of yourself. You've accomplished quite a lot already."

"Thanks Grace, that means a lot. I honestly didn't know I still had that reflex. I haven't exactly used it in a while." I say with a somewhat sad smile.

"Well, we do have a few hours before the assembly, what do you say we go to the gym and get our spar on, that way you'll be all warmed up and ready to go?"

"Sounds good. You know what, thanks Grace. I can't wait until I kick Brewer's cocky ass."

"Kim that was not a wise choice of words."

"YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! Plus, you were the one who thought that not me!" I say with a smirk. Grace just rolls her eyes. We both change and head to the gym. Maybe this spar won't be as bad as I thought.