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Jack had no idea what to think after what Kim had just said. Thousands of thoughts ran through his head. Had he pressured Kim into it? Did she say it because she felt guilty that she hadn't told him? Did she really trust him that much?

"Kim, if I pushed you into this, you really don't have to I mean-"

"No, Jack. I know everything about you, you're my best friend, and yet you still don't know anything about me."

"Kim, really it's not a big deal."

"It is Jack! That past may not seem like a huge life changing thing to you, but it's the reason I'm the way I am!"

"Kim-" Jack said hesitantly, not wanting to anger the blonde more.

"Jack honestly we're going to get nowhere in this friendship if you know nothing about me, and I know you better than anyone, even Donna, ever has."

"Alright, you have a point, but if you ever change your mind halfway through, I completely understand."

Kim brings her knees to her chest, hugging them as if her life depended on it. She brings her head down and takes a few deep breaths trying to convince herself that telling Jack the whole story in detail would lift all the weight off her shoulders. Jack was beginning to worry when several minutes passed and Kim still hadn't moved from her position. With a final deep breath, Kim looks up and at the wall directly across from her and Jack, making sure she doesn't meet his eyes. She knows she shouldn't have told Grace and Julie the short story, but she wasn't ready to tell anyone the whole entire thing in detail either.

"It was last year. I had been training at this one dojo in LA since I was about eight years old. I was bullied a lot because I was blonde, and the only girl doing karate at that dojo. The rest of the boys were my age, but a lot bigger than I was. I was a tiny blonde doing karate. I practically set myself up for it."

Just by hearing that little of the beginning, Jack clenched his fists until his knuckles turned white. Kim took a quick glance at him, and took notice of how angry he was getting.

"How could they bully you over something as stupid as that?!"

"Jack! Calm down, it's just the beginning, we were little! They didn't know better. Plus I was taking karate and was the best student, I took them down." Kim said smugly trying to calm him down.

"Aw! That's the best friend I know and love." Jack said happily as he put his arm around Kim.

"You so have a crush on me!"

"You were telling a story!" Jack says trying to cover up what Kim has just said, and changing subject before she noticed the blush forming on his cheeks.

"Yes I know, and don't think I don't see you blushing Brewer." Kim says smirking, and Jack's face just gets redder.

"Anyway, I went to school with all those boys, but we never talked, even in the dojo. The years had gone by, and by the time I was in seventh grade I was a black belt, and the best black belt in the dojo. There was only one other black belt in the dojo, Brody Carlson. All the girls at my school fawned over him. They thought he was perfect, but I knew he wasn't. He treated girls like shit. He made them feel special, and they would just fall for it and get hurt in the end. It was all just a game to him and the guys in the dojo. The more hearts he broke, the better he was. More and more girls saw this, but they still fell for it. And while all of this was happening in 8th grade, I had sent my first application to here. No one knew besides my mom of course. I didn't dare tell anyone at the dojo. At my first audition I got declined, I was completely devastated. I had worked my whole life into getting in, and I had been declined. I wanted to give up, because I had worked so hard, and I ended up not even getting in. My mom talked me out of it though, and I kept going, and each year I had been declined until last year -"

"Wait you got accepted Junior year right?!"

"Yes Jack, that's why I'm here sitting next to you today." Kim explained as if she was talking to a kindergartener.

"Gosh, just double checking best friend..."

"Well as I was saying, I had applied in August of last year, and I had gotten the letter about my audition a few days later. Then, two weeks later Brody started talking me completely out of nowhere. I was still closed off though, like I gave him one word answers or just nodded my head and things like that. At school, he would come over to me when I was at my locker and talk to me, and every day we were getting closer and closer, and I felt like he was truly being himself with me. Around November we started dating, and the whole time I thought there was something different about him, but of course, I was stupid and naive, and I shook it off."

"Kim, don't beat yourself up over this."

"But it's true! I was being naive thinking I was special, well, at least life changing special, not oh you're that girl special, which isn't really a good special I guess."

"That was actually really confusing, but please continue."

"Okay, well, it was around February, and my audition date was February 6th. I still haven't told anyone about my application to Bobby Wasabi, so when Brody asked me out to a date that night, and I told him I had plans that I couldn't tell him about, he stormed off our school campus absolutely pissed off. I didn't really care though, a month before then, I was beginning to get really annoyed with our relationship, he started to get really touchy feely, like every hug his hands went lower than necessary, and things like that. I was just uncomfortable with the whole thing. I had already thought about breaking up with him, it's always been in the back of my mind."

Kim paused for a bit at that point in the story, and stared out the window just reflecting about what happened. Jack, on the otherhand, was finally understanding Kim and where she was going with her story. He realized he's had his arm around Kim for a while now, and she hasn't made a move to get away from him. Jack's broken out of his thoughts when Kim snuggles up to him and takes a deep breath before continuing the story.

"That night of my audition, the senseis and teachers already knew who I was after my many, many auditions, and said I had been accepted right after my spar. Bobby himself gave me my letter of acceptance, I was beyond happy that words couldn't describe."

Jack looks down at Kim and sees that sparkle in her eyes she always has when she's happy and seeing that smile on Kim's face couldn't make him happier in this moment. Kim looks up, feeling that Jack was staring at her, and her smile grows bigger and she's beginning to look like a tomato knowing that her hunch was right.

"You so have a crush on me Jack." Kim says hoping that her little outburst would be enough to make Jack not notice her blush.

"And you so have a crush on me Kimmy." Jack says mocking Kim, which only earns him a slap on the stomach.

"Ow! Okay just keep going, don't mind the unbearable pain I'm in!" Kim playfully rolls her eyes and continues on.

"So the next day, I had planned on telling Brody about my acceptance, and I practically ran through the halls. When I turned the corner to my locker though I saw Brody and the school slut making out. I yelled 'WE'RE OVER' and ran out of school. I wasn't crying over the fact that it was Brody that hurt me, but more over the fact that I had let myself get played like that. I could've seen it coming though, he never got to first base with me. Hell, no one's ever gotten to first base with me. That's probably the reason why he 'dated' me anyway. I haven't talked to him since that day we became friends. Ugh, that's why I was so judgmental of you and I feel horrible about it."

"Kim, don't worry about it. I completely understand. I'm just glad you were able to get that off your chest and know that I'm always here for you 24/7. Always."

"I know, thanks, Jack." Kim says smiling.

"Alright, now let's go get some burgers and frozen yogurt!"

"Bacon cheeseburgers?"

"Well what other burgers would we eat?" Jack says playfully, while pulling Kim up with him.

"I definitely know for a fact that they are going out."

"I don't know, Grace, maybe he was just comforting her? She did seem pretty sad back there."

"Oh come on, they were cuddling! They have to be dating."

"But didn't you say Kim's really guarded?"

"Yes, and her and Jack have become best friends in a couple of months, hell, I'm pretty damn sure she's closer to him than Julie and me, which I am perfectly fine with."

"She's all Jack talks about, I mean I love the guy, but honestly I wish he would just ask her out already!"

"He obviously doesn't wanna screw it up with her Jerry."

"I know, he always says how he can't force himself onto her no matter how much he wants to date her. He wants them to work, and last forever."


"But I'm cuter."

"Of course you - wait, where are they going?!"

"Let's follow them! Maybe they're going on a date!"

"I love the way you think Jerry!"

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