Chapter 12. Crying for the Generation.

Loren was so stoked that she was now Eddie Duran's girlfriend. After all of the years she dreamt of it, it was actually coming true. She didn't care that he is a famous rock star or that he is Eddie Duran. She just cares that he is who he is, and to her, he's just Eddie- her boyfriend. How he acted around her, it was different than she would've ever thought. He acted just like a normal twenty two year old boy and she was glad that he didn't let his fame or his fortune get to him like other actors or musicians did in Hollywood. He was so intelligent, talented, funny, wise and charming. He was just a good guy in general, and she was so lucky that he wanted to be with her, and she did too.

It was amazing, being with Eddie as more than friends. They had went on so many dates with each other, and never felt bored with each other. They were so alike, and so different at the same time. Ever since that night, the night where Eddie had told her the truth, she felt like she could now be honest with him about how she felt. She still had her concerns at times, but it's like they were made for each other.

"Where are you going Loren?" mom asked.

"Just going to go see Melissa to talk about some things. I can go to the store afterwards if you need me to. Do you need anything?".

"Yeah, I'll make a list. Are you sure you're going over to see Mel?".

"Yes mom. I am going over to Melissa's house, to talk and hangout with my best friend. Is there a problem with that?".

"It's just that you've been seeing Eddie a lot recently, and I thought you were trying to lie to me and see him behind my back".

"I wouldn't do that mom. If I was going to Eddie's, I would've told you! Why don't you believe me when I'm telling the truth? I thought you trusted me, being with Eddie".

"Honey, it's not like I don't, I just- I don't know. Just forget it. Sorry I brought it up".

"It's okay. I will tell you whenever I go over to Eddie's. I won't lie to you about that. Well, I better go if I can get there in time. We're watching the premiere of a movie on TV that starts in an hour, and I need to get there early to talk about some things with her".

"Okay, that's fine. Have fun, and here's the list".

"Thanks, and sorry that I got a little weird a minute ago".

"It's okay, you're in a relationship, and there'll be times when you don't agree with something that someone is saying about him".

"I love you mom. I'll see you later. Bye".


She decided that she would call Eddie on the way to Melissa's house.

"Hey beautiful".

"Well hello there, handsome".

"Aw thanks", Eddie said over the phone. "What's up?" .

"Just wanted to talk to you. Mom has been not trusting my decisions about some things lately, and I just felt like I needed to vent out to you".

"I'm sorry to hear that Lo. Are you busy tonight?".

"Yeah, I'm on my way to Mel's house right now".

"Darn, I was hoping we could just hang out together at my place tonight. But you're hanging out with Mel, so it's okay".

"Sorry. Maybe another day? Tomorrow?".

"That sounds amazing. You know what I was just thinking?".


"That I really need to find a buddy to hangout here at the apartment with me".

"And who would that be?", Loren asked.

"An animal".

"I didn't know that Eddie Duran was an animal lover. What type of animal would you want?".

"I want… a dog. I've only had one dog, and I was really young, so I don't remember him, but his name was Mac, and I've always wanted another one, but I've never gotten around to it."

"Well I hope you get yourself a dog soon. Hey, I'm at Melissa's so I have to go, but I'll talk to you later. I might be able to come over if I ask my mom after Mel's, but I need to go to the store too, so I don't know. I'll talk to you later. Bye."

"Bye Loren".

Loren had arrived at Mel's house, and she really needed to talk to her- about her mom, Eddie, school, and just everything. She went up to the front door of her house, and knocked on the door. No one answered, and she went to see if it was unlocked-and it was- so she let herself in, like she had done in the past before. When she went inside, she heard yelling in the kitchen, and when she was there, she saw Lisa, Mel's mom, beating her.

"Don't you EVER go looking for Beth again? Do you hear me?", Lisa shouted while she was still hitting Mel. "I said, did you hear me?".

"What are you doing Lisa?", Loren said, entering the kitchen of the very familiar house.

"Giving this piece of shit daughter what she deserves". She was now pulling Mel's hair.

"Get OFF of her! She's your daughter. Why would you do this to her?".

"She isn't my real daughter, so I can do anything I want to her". Those last words did it for Loren. She pulled out her phone, and dialed 911.

"911 operator. What's your emergency?".

"I'm at my friend's house, and her mom is beating her. I don't know why… I don't know why… I don't know why".

"Does her mom show any signs like she wants to kill your friend?".

"No, I don't think so".

"What is the address?".

"5846 Golden Drive, Tarzana, California. It's in the Valley. Please hurry!".

"They are on their way now! Is your friend severely injured?".

"No, I don't think so, it's just her mom is going crazy! Please hurry!".

"They're coming! Thank you for reporting this!".

"Why would you call the police?", Lisa asked, walking slowly toward Loren.

"Why did I call the police? Are you seriously asking me that right now? You just attacked your daughter, and you think it's alright? No, it's not. Melissa shouldn't have to deal with this. Something is wrong, because this is not you, Lisa. She didn't even do anything!".

"You don't know anything about me or my daughter", she said lunging toward Loren.

Lisa was now trying to attack Loren. When she lunged toward her, Loren stepped back, so Lisa wouldn't get a hold of her, and she fell flat on the ground. Loren ran back to Melissa, and grabbed her, so Lisa couldn't beat her up again.

"Mel, go back in your room, and lock the door! Don't come out until I tell you to! I'm so sorry that this happened to you".

"No, Loren, I'm not leaving you alone out here with her. I don't care if I'm kind of banged up right now. She could hurt you, and I'm not going to let her. Okay?".

"Fine", Loren said, when she felt a sharp pain in her back and fell to the ground.

Somehow, while they were having a heart to heart with each other, Lisa had gotten up, and quietly grabbed a frying pan out of the cabinet, and whacked Loren in the back. She was going to take another whack when Loren got up, despite the pain. She wouldn't let Lisa win by hurting them.

"Why are you doing this mom?" Mel cried.

"Your little friend here called the cops on me, and now she needs to pay for what she has done to our family! Here's to family!" She whacked Loren in the back again causing her to once again fall.

Lisa cannot win. She just can't. Loren, again, got up with great bravery. She didn't know how much longer she could fight her, but she would do it for Melissa. She would do anything for her. Anything. Loren grabbed Lisa by the hands, and urged Mel to come and help her, because she was quickly losing her strength. They now had her in their grasp and led her over to the couch so she couldn't run away when the police came.

Fifteen minutes after all this happened, the police came and arrested Lisa for assault. Mel was shaken up about the whole thing, and Gus, her dad was out on a business trip for a month, so she invited her to stay at her place. She went to the grocery store with Mel to pick up the things her mom wanted, and went home.

"Mel, I'm so sorry that Lisa did that to you".

"Thanks Lo".

"Is this the first time it has happened? If not, Mel, I need to know how many times it's happened before".

"This was the first time. Thank you for letting me stay here for a while until my dad gets back. I don't think I could stay there all alone for an entire month after what happened. I really appreciate it".

"It's no problem Mel. I'm just glad that I got there when I did, or things could've gotten worse".

"Yeah, they might have".

It was now later in the night, and everyone was asleep- except for Loren. She couldn't sleep because of her back. Lisa had hit her twice with the frying pan, and with great force. She needed to talk to Eddie- needed to vent to him again.

"Eddie? Are you there?".

"Loren, is that you?", he asked, sounding sleepy.

"Yeah, is this a bad time?".

"No, it's fine. What's wrong?".

"Nothing's wrong!".

"Yes, something is wrong. I can hear it in your voice. What is it?".

"Well I went to Melissa's house like I said I was going to when we last talked, and when I got there, her mom was beating her. So I called 911, and then Lisa started attacking me, and she hit me in the back with a frying pan twice, really hard, and it's just a little sore."

"She hit you? And are you okay? It's just a little sore?".

"Yeah, but it is really sore."

"Where is Mel staying?".

"Well, her dad, Gus, is out of town right now, and he can't come home for a month, so she is going to stay here while he's not there. I don't want her being alone in that house anymore. It would bring up all the memories of what happened to her tonight, and I can't have that happen to her again, I won't let it happen to her."

"It is so amazing that you care about your best friend that much. It shows that you are such a caring and amazing person, inside and out."

"Aw thank you."

"So I'm guessing that you can't sleep".

"You would be guessing right," she said.

"So what can I do for you?" , he asked.

"Well, just stay up and talk to me all night".

"Won't that wake up Mel?".

"Not if I'm in the living room".

"Okay. Well I guess I will just have to think of things to say to keep our conversation flowing all night. What would you like to talk about?".

"Enough about me. What do you want to talk about?".

"I want to talk about how amazing my girlfriend is". Loren could never get used to him saying that. "Like how you saved your best friend tonight, and how great you are. I don't know. It's just something about you, Ms. Tate. I wish I could see you right now".

"I know right?". Loren was starting to get sleepy from the sound of his voice. It was like a lullaby to her, and she didn't want to stop talking to him, so she just sat there, on the couch talking to him about things going on in their lives, and about each other and about Loren's career and his.

She had fallen asleep, and she checked her phone, and it said that she was still talking to Eddie.

"Eddie? Are you there?".


"Did you stay up this whole entire time?".

"Yes, I kind of like listening to you sleep. It's soothing".

"While that is flattering, I should probably actually go to sleep now".

"Okay, but how's your back?".

"I forgot completely about it, but now that you mentioned it, worse. But I'll make it through the day". Loren was so tired, so the last thing she heard him say was "Bye."

She went back to her bed, got under the covers and went to sleep, next to her best friend who was now safe and sound away from Lisa, the evil mother.

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