The Nature of Happiness

McCoy was watching the campfire with a soft, bemused look on his face. The Captain caught it, and it got him curious. Normally Bones didn't look so...placid. "Penny for your thoughts?"

Bones tossed a twig into the fire, "This place is beautiful, Jim. It reminds me of what Georgia might have been had there been no people. If it came down to it, I think I could be happy here."

Spock stirred the fire, speaking softly, "I fail to understand the Human obsession with being happy. The only time I have been happy was under the artificial euphoria of the Omnicron Ceti III spores. It is not an experience I am anxious to repeat."

From behind them came a soft sound of derision. "Pfft! Hogwash."

Lieutenant Moria Danvers watched them from the comfort of her sleeping bag. Besides Spock, she was the only member of the Science Team left. Jordan and Myers had the unfortunate luck to come between a mother teezia and her babies. Teezias were badger-like creatures, small and fierce. The bites and scratches were enough to send them back to the ship.

Unofficially it was known that the only reason the Captain and McCoy were in the party, was that the Captain wanted to see the Kirellian meteor shower planetside.

Spock raised his eyebrow at Danvers' comment. "Please explain."

Moira blushed, "You're happy when you're in full-blown scientific lecture mode, or when you've discovered something new."

Spock drew back, surprized, "I am not aware of being 'happy' when I am lecturing or in the process of scientific discovery."

McCoy thought he'd rescue her a little, "That's because people are usually most happy when they are fully engaged in something that holds their interest, as long as it's not a crisis situation."

Spock's brows drew down, "Fascinating!" He turned back to Danvers, "Would you be willing to, in the future, alert me to times you find me being 'happy'?"

Her eyes widened and she shook her head vehemetly, "No, sir! That would be counter-productive!"

Spock looked at his friends in confusion. McCoy chuckled, "I think I'll let you field this one, Jim."

Kirk rubbed his chin, thinking how to word it, "The thing is, Spock, happiness is fragile. It's one of those things where the simple awareness of it can be enough to break it."

Spock raised a brow, "Most illogical." He turned back to Moira, curiosity still high, "What are the signs that indicate to you when I am...'happy'?"

She looked in desperation to the Captain, who just grinned. McCoy tilted his head at her, grinning himself. "You started this, Moira, might as well finish it."

She scrunched up her face, blushing furiously, "It... you... your eyes shine. They just shine!" and with that she buried her face in her sleeping bag, and refused to say anything more.

Kirk and Bones both laughed at the look of bemusement on the First Officer's face. They laughed even harder at his next comment.

"I fail to see how a condition such as being happy could cause my ocular lenses to reflect more light than usual."