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'Hello my name is raven, I am a teen titan or I used to be.'

Beast boys head shifted on my lap and i looked down to see him curled into a ball and crying in his sleep. I sighed and wiped a tear as i held him closer. I sighed.

'We are the only survivors, everyone else is gone. ive thought through everything we could do and im at a loss. My home azarath was destroyed by my father on my birthday. The tower was burned to the ground. Beast boys home Africa? They are waiting for us there.'

I sighed again and pulled a locket from around my neck. I opened the trinket and it held two pictures, one of me and my mother as a child, and one of me and beast boy before the tragedy. I held it tightly im my hand and let a tear slide down my face. Beast boy and i were almost out of food, i would have to go looking for some before he woke up or he wouldn't let me leave. I gently lifted his head, took off my torn and burnt cloak, and placed it under him as a pillow. He shifted and let out a whimper.

I ran my hands through his hair and he calmed down. I looked over his exhausted form, he had gone 3 whole days without sleep because he couldn't stop crying and freaking out about us being killed. I looked at my locket in my hand, if he woke up and i wasnt here he would definitely freak out. He would either run out of the cave and call attention to himself, which would probably get him killed, or he would have an even worse break down.

I picked up his hand. He still had his glove on but it was ripped and pissing pieces, i pulled his fingers open. placing my locket into his hand and curling his fingers around i kissed the back of his hand and then put it to his chest. The moment i let go of his hand he curled into a ball again and sniffled. I let myself play with his hair one more time to give him some sort of peace in his tormented dreams.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to move away from him. I didn't turn back until I was at the opening of the cave and when I did I almost ran right back to him. He looked so small and helpless curled up in the back of the cave. He was ragged, covered im bruises and scars. His uniform was torn in numerous places, his face and visible skin covered in a fine layer of dirt and grime, and his belt layed beside him in pieces.

I felt tears come to my eyes, how did it come to this? I looked down at myself, without my cloak I always looked smaller but now i could be considered almost skeletal. I have never been so thankful to have demon blood in my life. Sence i was only half i couldn't live forever without food and sleep, but i could live much longer than beast boy. I looked up at him again and he had moved. Now he layed with his arm under his head as a pillow, and he was using my cloak as his on personal teddy bear. As he cuddled it to his chest i saw my necklace chain hanging from his hand,he held it in a death grip. I smiled and recalled something he told me once before.

We were in the common room, he playing video games, me reading a book. I had decided I wanted tea but just as I walked past beast boy his hand shot out and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me to him as his controller clattered to the floor and I yelped, I heard him take a deep breath over my shoulder and just as I was about to yell at him he spoke;

'You smell so good Rae, like the rain and vanilla mixed together. The smell is calming'

He buried his face into my neck and I allowed myself to smile.

'Well then beast boy come to me if you ever need to calm down.'

He smiled into my neck and held me tighter. 'ill remember that Rae'

I shook my head violently coming back to reality with a loud clap of thunder. I turned to the opening of the cave again to see the sky slowly growing darker, a storm was coming, and a big one at that. I frowned at the thought of running through needle like rain beating on my skin without my cloak. With one last glance at beast boys sleeping form i left the cave in a sprint. I searched for so long that my legs actually felt tired and I havent found a thing. I sighed and sat down to rest and something landed on my shoulder.

I turned to see a baby squirrel monkey. 'Hey little guy' I held out my hand to him and he climbed onto it, with an 'Epp' sound. He held out a fisted hand to my face and going on what beast boy said about trusting the animals i held my out. He dropped a small berry into my palm and I examined it, i raked my mind for the name of it this was called Euterpe oleracea or more commonly the acai palm berry. This particular berry is part of the average brazilian diet and has many health benefits.

I popped it into my mouth and savored the taste, after almost a week without eating it was amazing. I opened my eyes to see the monkey looking at me from its perch on my hand and i smiled. 'Where did you get this little guy?'

He seemed to understand and beamed at me. He jumped off my hand and and onto the branch beside my head. He took off into the woods and i followed, i ended up in an area filled with the berries and i smiled. I reached up to the lowest branch and pulled on the end of it until it broke off into my hand. It was covered with the berries and would last me and beast boy for a couple of days. I smiled and patted the monkey on the head and turned to leave. Randomly i felt a weight on my shoulder and i turned, there he was. I grabbed him gently and placed him on a random branch, he seemed confused. I smiled at him sadly, if im bearly keeping beast boy and myself alive how would i take care of him.

I turned my back and ran back in the direction of the cave. Suddenly the wind picked up dangerously and the loud sound of a helicopter was above me. On instinct i dove into the underbrush closest to me. There was a spotlight that cut easily into the darkness of the forest and wound blindly throughout the trees. Had they found us? No this was too random, but beast boy... Beast boy! I left him alone, I have to get back. He must hear this thing and he has to be having a heart attack.

I waited for a free moment in the lights relentless sweeping to dive past it praying it hadn't seen me. It hadn't seen me and i thanked god for my black leotard that hid me in the shadows. However just as it started to move away from me it changed direction coming right at me. I turned and ran as fast as my legs would allow going straight for the cave. I don't think it knew where i was but it was far to close for comfort. It seemed to stalk me through the woods and all the twists and turns. When i finally got there i dove inside slamming right into beast boy at the mouth of the cave. I ran to the back and pulled him with me dropping the branch by the wall.

'Rae whats-?'

I clamped my hand over his mouth and held my breath. My hand came in contact with tear lines on his face and his fang cut into my skin but I ignored it and pressed us into the wall. The prowling light appeared at the opening of the cave and scavenged the immediate area looking for clues or proof of human existence. Finding nothing it sighed and moved on from our well hidden cave and went to explore the rest of the forest searching.

When the wind died down and the sound no longer reached my ears I let me hand slide from his face. I fell to my hands and knees gulping in huge and uneven breaths as tears burned behind my eyelids. A hand landed on my back when I finally slowed my breathing and a terrified voice clawed its way into my thoughts.

'Rae? Raven are you ok?'

I nodded and leaned up turning to face him. He wasnt crying but he had wet streaks falling over his cheek bones. I reached up wiped them away, he leaned into my hand.

'Im fine beast boy, what about you? Are you alright?'

He nodded softly as my hand cupped his cheek.

'Im fine Rae. I woke up and you were gone' A tear escaped his closed eyes and I wiped it away with my thumb.

'I thought they took you. I thought you were gone because I had your cloak, and then I found this'

He opened his eyes and smiled at me as he held my locket up by its chain. That was the first time he had smiled in weeks and my heart skipped a beat.

'I knew you were coming back, but when I heard the copter I thought they had found you.'

His smile faded and his arm came down to rest in his lap.

'It took all I had not to run out and go looking for you'

His head fell and his shoulders began to shake. I felt tears burn my own eyes but I held them in.I pulled him to me and his arms wrapped around my waist as he buried his face into my neck sobbing openly. He held me tightly and I rubbed his back soothingly.

'sshhh beast boy its ok, im right here, im alright.'

He quieted down after a moment and he took a deep breath. He spoke into my neck. 'Rae im sorry, hate me later'

I was thoroughly confused but before I had a chance to respond he pulled back and kissed me. My eyes shot open and his arms tightened around my waist. I wasnt used to this much emotion but I didn't want him to let go. I let myself follow instincts and allowed them to flow through out my body and my arms snaked themselves around his neck. My hands weaved into his hair soft as silk and smooth to the touch even coated in grime. My eyes slid closed and I pulled his face closer.

After a moment i pulled away and a sound like a whine escaped his lips. I smiled and put my head to his chest and let him hold me. Something cold touched my chest and I looked down to see my locket. I held it a moment and pulled my gaze back up to his when he finished clasping it back. I smiled at him he wrapped my cloak back around my shoulders.

'There, much better'

I chuckled and he gave me a bright smile the made my heart jump in my throat. I stood up and walked over to the branch I had dropped on my hurry and brought it back to him. He looked at me strangely after he took it from my hand and I sat beside him.

'Rae dont you want any?'

I shook my head no, why would I eat? I could go for a while longer without food, but he couldn't. Besides, oddly enough I wasnt all that hungry I was just tired. I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes carefully.

'No beast boy you eat, you need it more than I do.'

'Rae please eat some'

I looked up at him. 'But I don't want any-'

He interupted. 'please?'

At te pleading look in his eyes I reached over and plucked a few from the branch and brought them to my mouth. I ate slowly savoring the taste. I sighed contently and layed my got up to go to the spot where i had left him earlier. The area where he had slept had a pallet made of leaves and small branches. It was big enough for two people so it was more than enough for me.

I layed down against the wall on my side and for the first time in days i let myself relax. I curled my arms under my head and stretched out my legs with a smile, it felt good to lay down. A few minutes of laying there half asleep my arms were pulled carefully out from under my head and I was moved away from the wall slightly. My head lifted and was placed down again on something some, I opened my eyes slightly to see green legs clad in a torn and dirty black and purple uniform.

I rolled slowly and lay flat to look up and see beast boy, I was on his lap and he leaned against the wall. I smiled at the irony, this is just like before but i was watching over him. He smiled down at me then kissed my forehead gem before resting his head against the wall behind him and began to play with my hair. I sighed at his touch and closed my eyes in relaxation.

'Go to sleep Rae'

I smiled and turned towards him to curl into a ball and drift in the comfort of his arms. I inhaled his sent the rainforest, and a musky sent that just screamed him. I smiles and my mind floated into quiet dreams.

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