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I was brought back to my thoughts but the new sounds from the sky. A rawr of thunder and the lengthy chuckle of lightening. I stared at the darkening sky and sighed.

I stood and walked over to beast boy slept.

I folded my cloak beside him and put my locket on top of it so if he awoke with me gone like last time he would be calm. I reached out to brush his long bangs from in front of his eyes and smiled as I brushed an old tear streak from his face. I hate having to leave him like this.

I remembered something my mother told me as a child-

'Raven, my gem you must promise to take care of yourself'

I wiped tears off of her face then too.

'I promise mommy'

'Raven if there is ever a time when you can't use your powers go somewhere by yourself and sing mommy's song'

'Mommy are you sure the angels can't let you stay with me?'

A stream of blood trailed from her mouth as she smiled at me.

'No raven, mommy has to go, now go with Azar she will watch over you from now on'

'Ok mommy' I leaned over and kissed her forehead 'I love you mommy'

The last thing I heard as I was ushered away by the monks was a sad voice. 'I love you too my raven'

I shook my head violently. No! Stop it! I can't lose control here. I can't hurt him, I have to go. I wiped the tears from my face before I leaned towards him, kissed his forehead and whispered into his ear.

'I have to go but I'll be back soon, I love you beast boy, stay here, stay safe.'

His ears twitched but he didn't wake up. He rolled over and I moved out of his reach as he grabbed my cloak and pulled it to him. He smiled and murmured something in his sleep. 'mmm raven'

I smiled and forced the muscles in my legs to move as I stood up. Just as I was about to walk to the opening of the cave I felt something grab my ankle and I froze. I looked down to see a green hand partially covered by a torn silver glove 'Rae Where you goin?

His speech was slurred and choppy which meant he wasn't fully awake. I turned around and sat beside his head and began to run my fingers through his hair.

'Shh its ok, I'm right here'

His eyes started to close but he was fighting it.

'Rae, Dnt...Dnt leave me.

His head lolled to his right facing the wall of the cave as he fell asleep again and I smiled before I stood up once more. When I got to the mouth of the cave it took all of my will power not to turn around and race back to him.

I stepped out into the rain.

I walked for a long time and it took a while but when I could no longer feel beast boy I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I listened carefully and the rain began to sound like music. The beating drums started up and I let myself dance softly to the music of the rain. I paused and now fully hearing the music I began to sing my mother's song.

She never slows down…

I walked further into the trees

She doesn't know why but
she knows that when she's all alone
feels like it's all coming down

I wrapped my arms around myself

She won't turn around

I turned my head to the left but refused to turn to look where that sound came from

The shadows are long and she fears
if she cries that first tear
the tears will not stop raining down…

I covered my eyes with my fists and shook my head

So stand in the rain!

As my music sped up I flung my arms out and looked up to the heavens

Stand your ground
stand up when it's all crashing down
you stand through the pain!

I remembered the fight...

You won't drown
And one day what's lost can be found

My friends were gone...

You stand in the rain…

I followed the deathly music deeper into the forest

She won't make a sound…

My voice echoed here

Alone in this fight with herself
and the fears whispering
If she stands shell fall down

I planted my feet unwilling to fall

She wants to be found...

I put a hand on the trunk of a tree

The only way out is through
everything she's running from

I closed my eyes and father's laugh echoed in my ears

Wants to give up and lie down

I leaned all my weight onto the trunk but pushed off with new found strength

So stand in the rain!
Stand your ground

I ran farther into the trees

Stand up when it's all crashing down
you stand through the pain!

My legs burned...

You won't drown
And one day what's lost can be found

My lungs begged for mercy…

You stand in the rain

I ignored them and let out a scream and the music took over with the distant drumming and flashing rhythm

So stand in the rain…

I could make it through this…

Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down

I saved beast boy…

Stand through the pain
you won't drown
and one day what's lost can be found

I'm a fighter…

So stand in the rain!
Stand your ground
Stand up when it's all crashing down

Even with my powers on hold…

You stand through the pain
You won't drown
And one day what's lost can be found

I will survive…

You stand in the rain

No matter what…

I landed on my hands and knees breathing hard. The sky screamed and clashed and the rain suddenly felt like needles. I backed into the trunk of a tree to catch my breath. A second later it was wrenched from the ground and I scrambled to get out of the way as it fell.

The angry wind laughed at me as I got to my feet turned on my heel and ran. I ducked just in time as the wind ripped a branch off the nearest tree and hurled it straight at my head. A gust of wind knocked me off my feet and threw me back into a tree knocking the wind from my chest. When I got to my feet again I ran. This wasn't just a storm anymore; I have to get back to the cave. The wind calmed down the farther away I got but I wasn't paying attention in my hurry.

I tripped over something small tumbling over my own limbs and getting tangled in a bush. I looked up to see a baby Maned wolf the poor thing was beside its mother crushed under a tree.

The wind picked up again warning me that my deathly stalker was getting closer. I made a split second decision and dove for the pup. It let out a yelp of surprise but didn't fight me as I turned and ran in the direction I was originally going. A thought crossed my mind for a moment, Why am i always in danger? I pushed it away for now.

I ran with the pup at full speed and ignored the need to rest. I dove through a wall of trees we barely fit through the hole in the middle and I lost my footing on the other side. I managed to get my feet back under me but lost valuable time as the wall actually started to tremble. Off in my run again the wind was gaining on me no matter how fast I went it kept getting louder. Suddenly my feet lifted off the ground and I was going backwards.

No! I was almost there I the cave was just up ahead, I reached out with my right hand and grabbed onto the trunk of a tree using my left hand to keep the pup secure to me. I managed to get a little ways when my tree started to come out of the ground. Almost there…almost, the roots let go and I was flying into the wind.

I screamed and held the pup tighter. A few seconds later when I realized I had stopped I looked down to see a green tentacle around my waist. I followed it to see a green octopus with an arm wrapped around a tree trunk, it was beast boy. He pulled me to him slowly and when I was close he turned into his big foot like form wrapping his arms around me and ran into the cave. He waited till we got to the back of the cave and shifted to himself.

He sat down with me buried his head into my shoulder. 'Rae, you're ok.'

I felt him take in a shaky breath and I turned and buried my face into his chest careful not to hurt the pup. I grabbed a handful of his torn uniform as I took a deep breath. 'You caught me. I'm alive.'

His arms tightened around me and he nuzzled into my hair. 'Of course I caught you rae.'

I smiled and leaned up to see him smile at me before I kissed him. He smiled into the kiss pulled me closer earning an irritated yip from the pup still in my arms. He pulled away and looked down at the wolf pup in my arms. The reddish black fur was wet but it seemed healthy. He raised one green eyebrow at me.

'A Maned wolf pup?'

I smiled at him. 'Yeah I grabbed him trying to get away from the wind. He was sitting by the tree that crushed his mother' I looked sadly down at the pup. He let go of me with one arm to pet it and it nuzzled into his hand.

He smiled. 'cute little guy.'

I yawned suddenly and beast boy gave me a look. 'If I go to sleep will you be here when I wake up?'

I smiled at him and gave him a mock Eskimo kiss. 'Yes beast boy I'll be here.'

His smiled again and picked me up. I let out a squeak of surprise and he chuckled, the sound of his laugh was enough to make me blush. I swatted at him and he put me down on the sleeping area we made.

He laid down and pulled me to him and I snuggled into his chest. The pup warm between us fell asleep soon and the last thing I heard before I joined it was beast boy's voice from my neck, muffled from my hair,

'I won't let you go this time' I smiled at that and drifted off to my dreams.

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