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My dreams apparently wont let me move on. I had just opened my eyes to see the water we had just crossed. I was back to the day when I had saved up and we were on the shore. He was screaming at me.

'I cant belive you did that! How could you just leave them to die!?'

He was behind me, I didn't turn to face him. I could hear him sobbing in between words and i could do nothing for comfort I had silent tears staining my face as well. I looked across the water and closed my eyes to picture the battle field. I remember the screams, the blood, the destruction. I imagined the others body's laying scattered among the field unmoving and unbreathing. I pictured them floating above their bodies smiling and waving. Robin held starfires hand.

'Were ok raven'

'Oh yes friend raven we are glorious don't do the worrying!'

'Yea y'all better take care of the grass stain for us'

And just like that they were gone and the field was once again silent and reeked of the dead.

I opened my eyes once more. Was that a dream or a vision? I glanced up at the clouds.

Suddenly I was spun around by my shoulders.

'Are you even listening to me?!'

Beast boy was in my face and he had ahold of me. I didn't know what to do so I turned my head to the side.

He shook me. 'Look at me dammit!'

I did slowly. I stared at him without expression but my tears kept flowing down my cheeks, I didn't even blink.

'You don't think im hurt?' I scowled at him and he flinched like id slapped him.

His eyes softened and his hands lost their grip on my arms. I advanced on him, I was angry.

'You don't think I care that three of my only friends on this planet are dead?! You don't think im feeling the same thing you are?! How dare you think I don't care that they're gone!'

I seethed and my eyes blazed red.

He recoiled and the anger drained from his eyes, he just looked upset now. 'I-Im sorry Rae.'

I took a deep breath and turned away from him. 'Yeah me too.'

I walked towards the woods then, away from the water. After a few minutes of being beside myself a little green leopard appeared beside me and kept up with my pace. I spared him a glance but he wasnt paying attention, just looking forward.

When he stalked forward and in front of me protectively I caught myself smiling softly.

We traveled for hours and it was beginning to get dark so we were looking for shelter. All we could find was a hole in the underbrush. He crawled in first to make sure nothing was living inside.

'Nothings here Rae!'

I sighed and crawled inside myself, he didn't tell me that the area wasnt very big. I could sit on my knees but if I wanted to lay down i would have to pull my legs upward. The area was round and even with my tiny stature I took up almost half of the room alone, where was he?

'Beast boy?'

A fox suddenly appeared in front of me. I rolled my eyes at him.

'You didnt tell me it was this small on purpose right?'

I don't know how it was possible but he managed to look amused. I shook my head at him and laid down. I curled into a ball so he could have what little space the area could still offer, even in that form it wasnt much. I closed my eyes to try to go to sleep but a few seconds later a cold wet nose touched my cheek.

I jumped slightly and opened my eyes to see beast boy still as a fox tilt his head to the side in confusion. I gave him an irritated look. 'What?'

He grew into a full-grown wolf, I hadn't even noticed he was a baby until he took up most of the space in the little hole. I could feel the branched behind me stab into my back for a moment before he shifted.

It took me a minute to realize what he did in just one movement. He had stuck his head slightly outside the opening I guess to keep watch. He had also curled himself around me.

My first reaction was to pull away from him but when I did I automatically ran into the wall of brush, it didn't give. When I stayed sitting up he let out a sound of protect and twisted his head to look back at me.

'Beast boy i-'

He interrupted me with a sound like a scoff, gestured towards his side. and laid his head back down.

It took me several minutes to fall asleep with my back against the brush.

When I woke up the next morning I was cuddled into his chest and he was still curled around me with his arms holding me protectively. He was smiling in his sleep and his head was lolled back and leaned into the opening of the area.

I tried move away from him but he held on tighter. I reached up and patted his cheek. 'Beast boy. Come on wake up beast boy'

He stirred and his eyes opened halfway and he looked down at me. I paused and he leaned down to bury his head into my hair at my shoulder and took a deep breath. Now blushing tomato red I turned to his ear beside my cheek. 'Beast boy wake up.'

He managed to pull me closer somehow. 'I dont wanna five more minutes.'

I sighed. How did I even get like this? How do I wake him up?

I smiled wickedly and blew into his ear and he squirmed. 'beast boy wake up or ill bite you.'

'Go ahead rae..' He murmured into my neck.

I nearly giggled. 'You asked for it.'

I leaned up and kissed the tip of his green ear and then bit down hard.

He woke up with a yelp and I let go as he unwrapped an arm to rub his ear.

He glared down at me. 'What was that for rae?'

I crossed my arms and laid them on his chest for a platform for my head to rest on. Then I raised an eyebrow at him.

'What do you think beast boy?'

Poor boy didn't seem to understand. 'Could you let me go now?'

His face turned red a few seconds later and he pulled away so fast I thought he mightive broken something. I chuckled quietly to myself as he scrambled to put room in-between us and then dive out the little opening.

I smiled and crawled out after him. He was aquardly standing a few feet away.

'Lets go beast boy'

He looked up at me and blushed more before he nodded and followed me into the trees again to look for food.

I woke up to fur tickling my nose and looked down to see my manned wold pup curled under my chin. I smiled and got up to walk out into the sunlight of the morning.

Nearly blinded I put a hand up to cover my eyes. My back hit the ground. 'Oof!'

I looked down to see beast boy a fox just like he was in the dream. He pounced off me and ran around in circles so he got dizzy and fell over on his back. I crawled over to him and tickled his stomach untill he turned back into himself.

'Haha Rae quit it! T-that tickles!'

I started smiling as he tried to squirm away. Suddenly a little bark caught their attention and I quit tickling him to let him breath as a little ball of fur pounced on them.

I laughed and jumped up to run to the nearest tree and jumped on the lowest branch. The maned pup followed me and started bouncing and barking trying to reach me. I giggled quietly behind my hand.

'We need to come up with a name for you don't we?'

A green pup joined the normal one and I reached down to grab and hug them both.

'What do you boys think about the name Cody?'

Both puppies barked and wagged their tails, I smiled and gave them each an Eskimo kiss.

'Lets go find something to eat boys'

I put them both on the ground and ran into the woods going towards the area full of berries that the baby monkey showed me. I was running with them yapping at my heels.

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