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She looked at us at first with surprise and fear but relief flooded her features.

'Rae, BB! Thank god you're alive!'

She stepped towards us and beast boy pulled me back a step, I looked up at him only to see animal instincts.

She was the enemy. I looked back at her and she looked hurt for a moment before she steeled her expressions.

She spoke calmly but her voice shook with unshed tears.

'They killed Flash Raven'

My heart flinched painfully at the information. She had loved Kid Flash and been trying to get away from the hive to be with him but they wouldn't let her go.

I looked her over for the first time just then. Her hair was still up the way she kept it but falling and dirt stained. Her outfit was much like mine was burned, torn, and mud coated. Her face was paler than usual and she was skinnier than I remembered, she had been on the run for a while.

I stepped towards her and beast boy let out a small sound of disagreement trying to pull me back. I turned and gave him a hard look and he turned away.

Just then a gun shot in the distance brought me back to the present and I realized we were all still in trouble, but we couldn't leave jinx.

I glanced around hurriedly holding Cody tighter to myself and beast boy squeezed my hand.


I looked at jinx, watched fear flash into her eyes again, and id made up my mind.

'Jinx come on we have to get out of here.'

Her head snapped in back to me, she seemed surprised, and then she nodded and smiled.

I smiled back and we were running again.

I smiled through the horrible situation as I felt the wind claw at my cheeks; I laughed despite myself and looked to my right.

Beast boy was running with a grin as well and the sparkle was back in his eyes if only for a moment, for the first time happy.

To my left jinx had regained some of her own spark and her signature smirk on her face, she seemed less pale and with most of her bubble gum hair flowing behind her she looked younger.

I wonder how I must've looked to them with my sunset purple hair now past my shoulders, running with a wolf pup secured in one arm.

I let the thought linger and for a while we didn't hear anything out of the ordinary and for a moment I thought we had made it.

Then we came to the clearing, an open canopy with just enough light to look mystical almost as though we had stumbled into a Robert frost poem.

I would've been happy, maybe even relived if it wasn't for the feeling of despair slowly settling over my heart. After catching my breath I scanned the area but I didn't see anything strange.

Jinx and beast boy must've felt it too because they were silent and when I turned to see beast boys face his expression festered into an angry snarl.

'Beast boy what-'

I didn't get to finish my statement because at that moment a man walked out of the thick brush across the clearing.

His blue eyes sparkled as he smiled his wicked grin at me and his white hair flowed in the wind.

'Ah hello my sweet Raven'

I flinched and my heart skipped a beat, it hurt like a stab wound and I gripped the fabric over my heart.

I took a slow deep breath. 'Malchior'

His grin widened. 'So you do remember, how very fortuitous for me.'

He took a step towards us out of the trees and stretched out a hand. 'Come with me my sweet Raven and I'll make all the pain go away.'

I almost considered his offer for some strange reason but just then beast boy moved protectively in front of me with a snarl.

'Rae's not going with you.'

Melchior's hand fell back to his side and he raised an eyebrow at beast boy.

'Rae? What an ignorant name for my sweet Raven, why do you let him call you such things my dear?'

Beast boy's hands clenched to fists. 'She is not yours'

'Weren't you the one that sent her crying to me? Called her freak wasn't it?'

I backed away a few steps at the painful memories and beast boy looked back at my tear-stained face.

'Rae I-'

'You must stop calling her that mutt'

Beast boys face swung around to face him with what I'm sure was a glare and Malchior just crossed his arms with a smug look on his face.

'Do I need to call your trainer?'

He was confused. 'Trainer?'

Malchior tilted his head back towards the trees he came from and called out.

'Alice are you lost again, keep up will you.'

A voice answered from the trees that I hoped to never hear again.

'I swear if you call me Alice one more time ill bash your magical head with a rock so hard you start seeing white rabbits!'

She walked out just as I remembered her and beast boy's body went rigid. She was wearing her original outfit with her yellow shorts and black shirt, she hadn't aged a day.

'Aw you're no fun Alice, do look what I've found this time.'

'I swear if this is another mad hatter joke I'm going to kill you…'

Then she looked up… and smiled a sickeningly sweet grin.

'Beast boy, Raven, Jinx long time no see huh?'

Beast boy started shaking and because I was behind him I didn't know if it was from anger or from tears.

I kept my eyes trained on him and slowly handed jinx Cody. She took him without question and I slowly edged up to beast boy.

Before I got to him he fell to his knees and banged his fists once on the ground in front of him.

'How dare you….-

He jumped up suddenly seething.

'How dare you think I would leave hurt Rae, your both monsters!'

His nails grew and with a yell he was the beast, I was in front of him in an instant holding my hands up to black him.

He stopped and stared at me then he lowered his head to my level.

I put a hand on his muzzle and smiled at him through tears.

'Beast boy don't do it, it's alright I'm fine.'

He let out a sound like a whine before his eyes flicked over my shoulder. He wrapped me up in his arms and jumped away from where we were and I got to see a boulder land where I was last standing.

'You missed Alice.'

'If you don't stop that next time I'll aim at you.'

I loved up to where they were arguing and I cringed. Terra was fuming but Malchior was smiling at me looking past her. He winked and I turned away.

'Beast boy we need to get away from here.'

'He looked at me a moment and then through me over his shoulder and onto his back, jinx and Cody joined me a second later and we were off.

He was much faster than we could ever be on foot and we managed to make it back to the cave without adding another injury to the list.

I never thought I would be so happy to see our cave and the moment my feet hit the ground my legs gave out and I fell to my knees.

Cody squirmed out of Jinx's arms and ran to me. I smiled as I landed on my back against the cold cave floor.

Someone was shaking me and talking but all I could see were shapes and the words jumbled in my ears. I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer and I let the darkness take me.

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