One day Harry Potter's cloak goes missing and he starts getting favours from his invisible stalker.

Written when I was bored, just for fun, exploring my views on the HPHG ship..

"No, this can't be. Where could it have gone? Ron, are you sure you didn't borrow it?"

"No, I didn't, mate. Can't think where it could have gone to, for the life of me."

"I can't believe I lost my Invisibility Cloak!", said Harry, looking deeply ruffled.

Hermione said, "Harry, I'm sure its not under that couch. Did you look in that mess under your bed?"

Harry shot her a look. Ron said, curiously, "How do you know there's a mess there?"

"What? Oh, just guessing." said Hermione, brushing hair out of her face nervously.

Harry plopped himself on the couch next to Hermione, moaning, "It's been gone two days! Oh, this is terrible!"

Hermione's breath caught at how their legs were touching, and she thought, "It's going to be an interesting week."

It had all started with her crush on Harry. She had had on-off periods on both her best friends, but she was now starting to get really into Harry. She was starting to have dreams about him every night. Some innocent and others...not so much. One day she was daydreaming about how wonderful it would be if she could do stuff to Harry, and then she thought of this great plan.

And it would begin that evening.

Harry was walking down to the Quidditch pitch. Suddenly he felt a slight breeze around him, and the scent of shampoo came floating past his nose. It wasn't one he recognised, and he barely registered it. He kept walking, until he saw a rose hovering in mid air a few feet from him.

"What the..."he thought.

He reached over and plucked the rose out of the air, wondering who had cast the Levitation spell. He noticed a parchment on the ground. Unfolding it, he read, "Dear Harry, I have wanted to kiss your lips for some time now. I stole your Invisibility Cloak(yes, I know you have one) so that we can have some fun. Don't uncloak me, and I'll keep the kisses coming. Trust me, you'll like them. If you agree, put this in your pocket, and walk up to that oak tree and lean on it. Remember, no uncloaking."

Harry's eyes widened when he read this. He had never kissed any girl but Cho and Ginny, and frankly, had never wanted to. But this girl (if it was a girl) had his Cloak. He would need to play along to get it. So he nonchalantly walked over to the oak tree and leaned on it.

He kept his eyes peeled for that tell-tale shimmer of air, but it never came. Suddenly, he got a whiff of that perfume, and there was a flash of light. His hands froze, and he couldn't see anything."Damn, this wasn't part of the deal", he thought.

At first, he was non-responsive, but it seemed to go on for so long he concentrated on the only thing he could feel. The lips.

They were wonderful, softer than Cho's or Ginny's had ever been. They were full and sweet, and made him imagine crazy things. He kissed her hard and long until he was out of breath. Then he tried to stop, but she didn't seem to notice. Oh, that's right, because he was frozen in place. He made a gasping sound, and suddenly her lips were gone.

This is so weird, he thought.

There was a sound of a deep breath being drawn, and the lips were back.

The lips pushed on his, and suddenly he felt a tongue pushing into his mouth. He opened his mouth, and continued to kiss her passionately. Then her mouth moved to his cheek, then his ear. Her tongue was tickling his ear and he couldn't even squirm. Whoa, this was delicious.

This is so hot, he moaned in his mind. He couldn't even see anything, and being frozen against the tree was making him go crazy. He wanted to rip the cloak off her and see her hot lips, and that hair tickling his neck now. Why couldn't he see it?

Suddenly, halfway to his neck, she stopped.

He stood there, panting, frozen, and wanting more.

He could hear harsh breathing next to him. He waited, tense, for her to come back. The breathing slowed, then became quiet.

He slid down the tree. She'd unfrozen him.

I know some parts were dumb, but what can I do when Harry is frozen?

Next chapters will be better, I swear. And if you're expecting some serious story-writing, check out my other story(Girl With The Gryffindor Scarf), cos this one will have no big plot.


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