Reliving a Legacy

By Onyx-dreams


Me: *mumbles* Dun wanna. . .

Bit: Ya have to deary. You can be sued if you don't!

Me: *GLARES* Just shut up moron. . .I know what can happen.

Bit: *gulp* *slinks away in reflex for self-preservation*

Me: *continues glaring at Bit* I don't own Golden Sun, nor Nintendo, nor Camelot.

Isaac woke the next morning to his mother pounding on his door. "Isaac! Time to get up! Your first day of school is today!" she shouted.

Isaac groaned. 'Grreeaattt. . .I just give myself a high and completely forget that school is the next day. I am so stupid.' He rolled out of bed and searched through his closet. He may be a drug user and a teenager, but he still kept his room tidy and organized. Very uncharacteristic for what he was. He quickly picked out the school uniform which was green slacks, white dress shirt, and a gold tie. He quickly put the uniform on and dashed out of his room to the kitchen where his mother was waiting with some Pop- Tarts in hand. He gave his mother a kiss on the cheek, took the Pop-Tarts, and ran to the front door where he scooped up his book bag and ran out the front door of the penthouse.

Isaac sat himself down in his usual seat in the dark, shadowy corner of the room. He sighed. 'Once again, the infamous Isaac Golden appears to be on the top of the most wanted bachelor list of Burndale High.' Isaac scowled. It was the same every year. Wink, pinch the butt, flutter your eyes, and give a catcall while looking from heat to toe.

As usual he was early. He began rummaging through his book bag for his Discman and his POD cd. Soon enough he has found them and was sprawled out at his desk listening. 'Ah. . .half an hour of silence. . .' Isaac thought. But that was no to be While Isaac shut his eyes listening to his music, a girl with long aquamarine hair in a ponytail and sapphire blue eyes walked into the classroom. She was wearing an extra long green plaid skirt that touched the floor, along sleeve white blouse, and a gold tie. Her saddle shoes stuck out from underneath her skirt.

She spied Isaac and frowned while walking quickly to the desk in front of the oblivious blonde. She dumped her book bag next to her desk and tapped Isaac on the shoulder.


Me: I'm too tired to continue writing right now. Once I'm awake and more coherent I'll type up the next chappy alright? Adios!