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Chapter one

The boy ,Tsukune Aono, walked at a slow pace as he made his way through his family's large house. Yokai of all kinds passed him as he traveled to his fathers study, each charged with serving his family until they were sold or dead. The human race had conquered the many species of monsters decades before Tsukune had even been born. Through his history lessons Tsukune had learned that fifty years ago the monster races had all attempted to over throw the humans from their place as earths dominant species. To defend themselves the homo-sapiens adapted, they made an alliance with the yokais most shunned species The Witches. Together they created ways to control and enslave most if not all monster species. The Aonos had been at the head of this alliance. Tsukunes grandfather at the time was a small time business man dealing with precious metals, a good portion of the main components of all Witches spells. His grandfather had been the original creator of the idea to enslave the yokai race and had also been the first to put it into practice. This had lead to the Aono families great rise in social status and wealth.

Tsukune finally reached his fathers study and politely rapped on the door with his knuckles. A soft "enter" was heard from the other side of the oak slab and Tsukune quietly opened the door and slipped in silently. The room was adorned in soft stained wood colours and rich fabrics. Koji Aono sat behind his polished wood desk that he had inherited from his father, Kano, after he passed away in his sleep at the age of eighty-four. His wife and business partner, Kasumi Aono, stood just behind him. The two had met in university, Koji studying business and economics ,and Kasumi engineering. Together with Kojis business ability and Kasumi innovating the products, they had made their company , Aono Co. one of the most powerful and successful in Japan and a large portion of the world.

"You summoned me Father, Mother?" Tsukune addressing his parents in a polite tone. The senior Aonos traded a look before they motioned for him to come forward. His parents rarely called him to their office so he was quit nervous, shifting from foot to foot.

His father stood from his large leather seat and moved from behind the desk. He grasped his sons shoulders firmly. "Son, it is almost your seventeenth birthday and your mother and I wish to give you your present early." Kojis voice resonated through out the room for a moment before Tsukune could find the words to respond.

"W-well, thank you. This is unexpected." Tsukune stammered. The father let go of his sons shoulders and went to stand beside his wife before they both led their son to the living room adjoining the study.

"Tsukune, your father and I want you to have a greater sense of responsibility before you leave for university. So we decided to get you this." His mother opened the door to the living room to reveal a bound and gagged silver haired yokai. The girl kneeled on the floor by the window over looking the gardens. She wore a simple white t-shirt and black shorts that reached her knees. His mother walked around the couches in the center of the room and over to the girl. "You are going to take care of her and train her. You may train her to be what ever you wish, a body guard, a servant what ever, but your father and my thoughts on the matter are if you can not be responsible enough to take care of another living thing then you can't be responsible enough to take care of yourself." His mother said those words with such finality that Tsukune knew there was absolutely no way of getting out of this situation. He had heard of people taking yokai as pets but he didn't think he would ever have one himself.

His father suddenly threw a book at him, which he fumbled to catch, grasping the book he read the title." The Complete Guide to Monster Species for dummies: Vampire Edition." Tsukune read aloud, his eyes widening at every word. "Mother, Father you can't be serious." Tsukune exclaimed. "I can't take care of a vampire, I couldn't even keep the fish you got me for my tenth birthday alive for a month." The boy glanced nervously from his parents to the bound and gagged vampire and back again.

"Of course you can Son, seeing as she will be with you constantly." His father stated in a happy tone. His mother released the restraints keeping the girl kneeling and roughly pulled her to her feet by the silver collar around her neck. The girl shrank away from the touch but for the most part stayed still. His father lightly pushed him towards her. "Take her up to your room and your mother will bring her proper clothes in a little bit, we expect her to be presentable by dinner." His father said with authority. Dejectedly the boy grabbed the leash attached to the girls collar from his mothers hand and sluggishly walked to his room, the girl trailing behind.

They walked through the halls of Aono mansion until they reached a oak door with a bronze cast plaque reading 'Tsukune' in bold letters. He opened the door and walked inside. The room was spacious with a large window with a seat built in over looking Tokyo. On the right wall of the room there was a door leading to a adjoining bathroom as well as a doorless walk in closet. To the left was a canopy bed complete with curtains and a simple studying desk. The room seemed plain with its empty light blue walls, but it was home to Tsukune. "Well, erm..." He started uncomfortably. "I guess if I need to have you presentable for dinner you should probably have a bath." The girls eyes widened and started motioning to the book still pressed to Tsukunes chest with what little movement the restraints allowed. Glancing down in confusion at the piece of literature and then at the girl he slowly started to understand. Flipping to the index of the book he saw the section 'Bathing pg. 17'. Shuffling quickly through the pages he reached page seventeen. "Bathing" Tsukune read aloud. "when bathing a vampire always remember to dilute the water with some form of herbs or mixture or the water will cause an electrifying shock to the body." Tsukune placed the book open to the page on bathing on his bed before going into the bathing area of his room. "I'm sure I have some kind of herb stuff my cousin gave me somewhere." He rummaged through the cabinets searching for the elusive herbs not realizing his mother was right behind him holding a set of new clothes for the vampire.

"I see you at least decided to check the book before doing something." His mother stated, causing her son to slam his head into the counter in surprise. He howled in pain as his mother went back into the main room and placed the garments on his bed. "If you had bothered to look by the bathtub you would have noticed that I had herbs placed there." Tsukune came out of the bathroom nursing the sizable lump on the back of his head.

He scratched his neck sheepishly as he caught sight of the herbs. "Erm... Right." He quickly changed the topic. "Mother, how exactly do you take the restraints off?" Tsukune motioned to the silver coloured cuffs seamlessly wrapped around the vampires wrists.

His mother grabbed the girls restraints and placed her thumb and forefinger on either side of the metal bar connecting the cuffs together. "The restraints are DNA coded, only you, your father and I can remove the restraints. To do so place your fingers like this and squeeze for five seconds." After a few moments the metal started to flow away from the girls pale wrists and grew into what looked like a stubby wrench. "This is the cuffs dormant form, don't lose it." Kasumi placed the cuffs in the her sons hands before moving to the gag. "With this you just hold on to this piece of metal and the strap will come undone. All restraints are created with magical properties aimed at a species weak points. For example a vampire is vulnerable to silver ,it drains their demonic energy making them weak, we use silver to create the restraints because of that property. This how ever," Kasumi pointed to the collar wrapped tightly around the vampires neck. "Has a rune matrix that cause water shocks to happen if her demonic energy reaches too high a level." Tsukune watched the girls reaction to this information carefully. Before she just seemed very uncomfortable with how people were treating her but now her eyes showed despair at the fact that there was no escape with the level of yokai she possessed now.

"Thank you mother, I'll remember this." Tsukune place the restraints on his desk before walking his mother to the door.

"Good boy, now before I forget, there are some rules that apply to this arrangement. First: seeing as she is your pet you are to treat her like a pet, meaning you have to bathe her, feed her etcetera. Second: she is going to sleep in your room, a bed will be brought up over the course of dinner. And third: if she is not properly trained by the time you go to university she will be sent to be trained by Kyoko." As his mother listed off the rules both teenagers eyes got wider in horror and deep crimson flushed over their faces.

"M-mother, I-isn't it deemed improper to have a girl sleep in the same room with a boy if they're not married? Let alone have the boy bathe the girl." Tsukune protested wringing his hands so much they looked as though they would break. The vampire behind him agreed whole heartedly but said nothing. His mother just laughed and left without giving any further explanation or instruction. Tsukune hung his head. "Oh god, she's serious." Forcefully slapping himself out of the state of shock his mothers constant piling of stress had caused, he turned to the vampire. "Alright, what should I call you? I can't just say 'hey you' or 'vampire'. So, what's your name?"

The vampire bite her lip nervously, wondering if he was one of the masters that acted nice but then became cruel once they were alone. "My name is Moka." She stated simply.

"That's a nice name." Tsukune complemented. "I'm Tsukune." Looking at the clock on his sidetable he saw it was four in the afternoon, dinner was at five. "We need to get ready for dinner." Tsukune blushed at what that entailed." Well, seeing as my mother says I have t-to bathe you why don't I run the bath?" Moka just nodded uncomfortably. He quickly moved to the bathroom and starts running the water into the bath until it was full of moderately warm water. He added the herbs and as he went to place them back on the shelf he noticed a large towel placed innocently on the top shelf. Getting an idea he grabbed the large towel and went into the main room. "Moka? I have an idea." The vampire perked up at his voice lifting her head from staring at the floor ,she listened intently." My mother says I have to bathe you but she never said how. If I just wash your hair or something while you wear this towel and then leave the room it would still count as bathing right?"

Moka mulled over the idea for a moment before nodding. It was most likely the least awkward option out of many. "Alright, I guess that will have to work." Tsukune smiled and handed her the towel.

"Go get in the water then call when your ready, alright?" The vampire sighed and nodded before going into the bathroom and closing the door. While Moka got ready for her bath Tsukune selected his clothes for dinner. His parents were having a few of their Witch associates over to discuss business plans. He had a feeling this was going to be a very long night.