Hello, dear readers. One, please don't kill me. Two, this isn't exactly a chapter. It's the part of chapter twenty two I have done, and the rest is a summary of the last part of the plot. I did this because I have no desire to write this story anymore but I didn't want to leave the plot unfinished and all of you wondering where it was all going. I'm more than certain that there are plot holes but it's better than nothing. I have every intention of writing more stories in the future but they most likely won't be for this fandom.

Edit: I'd like to remind everyone that is started this story when I was fifteen, so for those idiots on guest saying that I fucked the plot up, I agree. Fifteen year old me fucked it up.

Chapter twenty-two

The drive home had been rather uneventful Not a single cop had looked their way as they'd driven past, away from the crime scene. Traffic hadn't even been that hectic because of the road bloke set up behind them.

The girls had handed the him the two thumb drives of information they had acquired, as well as the body cameras they all had worn. Tsukune had suggested the idea when he remembered that the design Aono co had been working for the newest body suit had one in a head piece. The girls had agreed, saying it was a good idea because, as stated by Mizore "recording information is better than remembering it, and you can tell when it's been tampered with."

He sat down heavily in the chair in the office, and slotted all the memory cards into his desktop. The machine whirled to life with a few small beeping noises and settled into making a small hum.

For those of you that didn't read the authors note, and I know some of you didn't, after this point is a general description of what I had planned for the plot. I have moved on from this story and I have no intention of finishing it, although I may revisit the concept of it in a later story.

Basically what happens is Tsukune finds out that Mokas father released the ogre that killed his parents in an attempt to get her back during the confusion, obviously that didn't work. Knowing this doesn't make him hate Moka or her father, because he came to terms with his parents death a long time ago. Moving onto the other drives he discovers the government don't know about the link between humans and monsters, or at least the lab they broke into don't know about it. So, obvious answer, put it all anonymously on the internet.

This leads to Gyokuro coming to try and capture/kill them because now that the humans are aware of this every human rights activist is in a frenzy and putting the government under a microscope. Gyokuros plan was to kidnap and/or kill government officials and replace them with shape shifters so she can slowly take over the government inside out, but now that every bit of the government is being watched replacing people now would be very obvious.

Gyokuro manages to capture Moka, due to her injuries, and Tsukune, because he refuses to leave Moka, during the fight but the others get away. They are taken to who knows where and sit in a cell for a couple billion hours and have a heart to heart along the way, resulting in both of them sharing their world views with each other and generally having a big fluff fest. They get closer, Gyokuro rants about meddling kids, the two vampires are saved by their friends with the help of Gin and Haiji.

After their daring escape that involve a vampire minion getting dismembered, magic explosions, and jumping off the buildings roof into a helicopter, they hide in the home of Fang fang who is also harbouring the headmaster and the bus driver, both of which have become aware of the groups efforts.

They go over the news feeds to see how the world is reacting as well as the not so public, not so legal, information satellites that Yukari enjoys hacking. The general populace is reacting rather well, resulting in a large amount of slaves being released, but their is also a group from the military campaigning to conscript monsters (and more humans) into the military now that they've been given citizenship as a half assed apology for the years of slavery. (They were kind of doing it before by buying slaves but now all they have to do is conscript so it went from "yay slaves" to "yay free slaves")

After doing another recon mission they find out the general that is campaigning for this is actually a shapeshifter that Gyokuro managed to get in before the Link was known. This results in a "we have to uncover all this" situation so after a few more missions and compiling shiz ton of data (all in under a week cause the "get back to Canada" timeline is still a thing) they discover they can't put it all on the internet again because the government is censoring everything in an effort to get everything under control (during all the recon and info gathering the situation with the civilian population has progressively degenerated into mass protests and overall chaos). So, as one final mission the team go and infiltrate a military satellite tower in a super spy ninja batman style so they can broadcast everything about Gyokuro and confirm everything about the Human/Monster Link. They include videos of themselves telling their own stories as well. After they succeed in doing this Moka and Tsukune go to the roof for an extraction via helicopter but it turns out that the shapeshifter general was on sight with Gyokuro. It basically turns into an "oh fuck" moment as people, media and military personnel all gather at the base of the tower. A helicopter flys by creating a moment of hope but haha it's a media helicopter not theirs, making it an even bigger "oh fuck" moment.

Because they can't get away they end up fighting Gyokuro and the shapeshifter. They just barely manage to defeat them (all of this being filmed by the media) and of course it results in a super fantastic kiss at the end cause who doesn't get close to someone when they've been through multiple life and death situations together.

BUT, yes one last but, Gyokuro, being the annoying bitch she is, sneaks up and stabs them both with the sword the shapeshifter general was carrying for show. This results in a way better version of a Romeo and Juliet death (cause come on, Romeo and Juliet knew each other for like two days and Romeo was thinking with his dick the whole time) and Moka and Tsukune becoming martyrs for the Human/Monster coexistence movement.

A small time skip happens and it turns out the entire story was Yukari writing a book about what actually happened from Tsukune's point of view. Shes writing it in Tsukune's old office and ends it with summing up all the progress that has been made in setting up a working government system for both humans and monsters cause Gyokuro kind of ruined the old government by having replaced a couple people already, including one of the people on the Yokai Labour Council (do you guys even remember them? The three assholes that tried to get Tsukune to kill Moka? Yes? No? Maybe so?)

The Aono Estate had been given to Yukari as stated in Tsukune's will, and Mizore and Kurumu has moved in with her and Ruby. Aono co. Has shifted focus into a more productive line of work, stopping all military and weapons manufacturing and focusing solely on medicine for monsters.

As Yukari finishes her writing she goes and walks over to the window and watches as a statue of Moka and Tsukune is set up over two graves in the far corner of the grounds in the shadows of the estates wall.

And then it ends. Yay. Story finished. I know it's not exactly ideal considering it's not exactly written but if I do it will most likely be of poor quality and I'll be really unhappy doing it, which would be the entire opposite of why I started writing in the first place. I enjoy it and writing something that doesn't make me happy just ruins it.

If anyone wants to finish writing it go ahead but don't expect anymore from me.