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Title: The Prince and the Slave – The Most Beautiful Possession

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; total AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, explicit intercourse, anal, rape, slavery, shoujo-ai, AU, hetero, threesome

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Octavian/Percy (forced), Piper/Annabeth (one-sided), Reyna/Annabeth, Thalia/Bianca, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Ethan/Alabaster, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Charles/Silena, Jake/Will, Grover/Juniper, Chris/Clarisse

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, Reyna Anderson, Silena Beauregard, Leo Valdez, Bianca di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Octavian Simmons, Alabaster C. Torrington, Lou Ellen, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Clarisse la Rue, Frank Zhang, Charles Beckendorf, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Will Solace, Piper McLean, Chris Rodriguez, Ethan Nakamura, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Grover Underwood, Juniper, Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest

Summary: King Nico is faced is a very intriguing temptation. Sadly enough, said temptation is already in the possession of the priest. How can he, with the help of his strategist and best friend Reyna, make the young sex-slave his own?

The Prince and the Slave

The Most Beautiful Possession

Prologue: End of the Old Life

Nico was bored.

Thoroughly bored. And that really shouldn't happen. He was the ruler of a whole kingdom, a powerful kingdom at that. Shouldn't there be people, running around, making sure that their ruler doesn't get bored? Well, apparently not.

"If you don't mind me noting, but... you look bored, my king", chuckled his best friend and counselor amused.

"There is nothing to do, Reyna", sighed Nico. "We're at peace with other nations, the daily business has been taken care of. So yes, indeed, I am bored. Why do you ask? Do you have any means of entertainment for me?"

"Actually.. .yes", smirked the black-haired woman.

She tilted her head and left the throne room. Nico frowned after her for a second before deciding to follow. She had been his best friend since earliest childhood, if anyone would be able to lift his mood, it would be her. Especially so since his beloved sister was out for the country on official business for now, leaving him even more bored than usual.

"Well then, what is it?", grunted the king curiously, following her hastily.

"A ship with new slaves arrived this morning. European slaves. They look... fascinating", hummed Reyna. "Some had been bought from others at the palace. Perhaps we can take a look at them. I'm sure you will appreciate the change."
He raised an eyebrow at her, wondering how that was supposed to be entertaining, but still followed obediently. Until they reached the arcades of the palace, leading to the garden. Reyna grabbed his hand, tugging him along even more urgently. She seemed unusually giddy, which made him even more curious. And then they reached the garden. The instant they reached it, he knew why exactly she was so giddy. Her grip on his hand tightened, her eyes staring at a certain figure.

A girl of unusual light skin - at least for their country - and with confusingly gray eyes. Nico had never seen such eyes before. The most curious thing to him though were her blonde hair. Such a color was rare around here. Her clothes showed him that it was a slave girl. Their color indicated her purpose. Gray. Which meant she belonged to the temples, as a servant.

"Isn't she special?", whispered Reyna and bit her lower lip. "She has fire in her eyes, I tell you! She's not just an obedient little slave. She fought her owner earlier. I saw it myself. And she was good. She would have won if not for the guards. She has spirit."

"Well, like you just said yourself, she already has an owner", noted Nico with one raised eyebrow.

Still, he wished for some entertainment. So he stepped forward to confront the girl. He noted the reddish blue bruise in her face. She had obviously encountered the guards. And from the way she was wincing, her owner hadn't been pleased with her behavior either. Nico coughed a few times to gain her attention. Storm-gray eyes stared at him with hatred.

"What do you want?", hissed the girl.

He raised both his eyebrows surprised. She certainly had guts. Or she didn't know who he was.

"Who is your owner, girl?", asked the king and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"I don't have an owner. I'm a human being, not a possession", growled the blonde irritated.

Nico could hear Reyna giggle behind him. Okay, that was new and slightly disturbing.

"I'm a patient man but you shouldn't test me", warned the king.

"Oh good gods, Annabeth! Stop getting into trouble whenever I'm not with you!"

The three of them turned towards the new voice. The king froze. This was what he would deem special. Never before had he seen such bright eyes. Everyone in his country had dark eyes, but the boy running up to them had such bright eyes that they seemed to glow. They were as deep and blue-green as the sea surrounding the continent. They were simple perfection, more beautiful than any emerald or jade he had ever bought.

"I'm sorry for my friend, sir, she doesn't mean to be rude", muttered the boy hastily.

He came to stand beside the blonde slave-girl, half in front of her as if he meant to shield her. Either to stop harm from coming to her, or to stop her from doing something stupid. Whatever it was, Nico liked the notion that the boy cared enough for his friend to protect her.

"Very well", nodded Nico slowly. "I want to know who her owner is."

"We belong to the priest", replied the boy, pushing his night-black hair back behind his ears.

His skin was fair and light, just like the blonde's. Though he was way more appealing to the king. Long legs, a lithe body, tightly wrapped into a light tunic. But the only thing bothering him was the tunic itself. It's color, indicating his purpose. It was of a bright rosy color. A color only meant for very special slaves. Slaves serving in the bedroom.

"The priest? Both of you?", grunted Nico displeased.

"Y-Yes, sir", nodded the boy slowly.

The male slave shied away a bit at his harsh tone, he most likely had already witnessed what had happened to his friend as she had disobeyed their owner. Though the ruler didn't want the boy to fear his punishment. At least not that kind of punishment. Another, more pleasurable kind perhaps.

"What are your names?", wanted the king to know, softening his voice some to not frighten the boy.

"I'm Percy and this is my friend Annabeth", replied the male slave.

"Don't be so obedient, Percy", hissed the blonde irritated.

"I just don't want you to receive another beating", hissed Percy back, his eyes dilating. "You know the priest doesn't like you much! He only bought you because I begged him to! I don't want him to give you away just because you can't get your act together even for a single day! I don't want to be here either, but I'm rather here with you than all alone!"

Annabeth nodded slowly and averted her eyes shamefully. Nico chuckled at the little exchange. It seemed Percy had just as much fire as the blonde. Though his amused expression changed into a dark one as he saw the priest at the other end of the garden, beckoning his slaves to go back. Percy bowed and took Annabeth's hand to pull her along.

"You heard him, Rey?", asked Nico lowly.

"They belong to Octavian", nodded Reyna with a frown. "I'm kind of feeling bad for the boy though. Seeing as he can still walk, I suppose he has yet to discover for what purpose Octavian bought him."

"So, what's the plan?"

"Plan? What plan?", asked the black-haired woman confused.

"You're my strategist", grunted Nico and rolled his eyes. "You come up with a plan on how we will snatch those two away from the priest without having to face the wrath of the gods."

"So I have permission to plan?", smirked Reyna mischievously and licked her lips.

"Permission granted", nodded Nico amused. "I want that boy in my bed and not in Octavian's. What you do with the girl is entirely your thing, just bring me Percy."

"Very well", hummed the strategist, already drifting off into another world. "I will be seeing you at dinner later. I have... things to plan, my king."

The king chuckled amused and shook his head, watching his friend retreat back to the palace for a moment before turning back to the two slaves. Octavian, the head priest, had come closer, close enough for Nico to see the wicked smirk on the man's lips. The king gritted his teeth, sometimes he hated that he was so bad at covering his emotions. But his annoyance must have been obvious enough on his face since the blonde priest – a foreigner who had come to the temples only shortly before the late king and queen had been assassinated – laid one arm leisurely around Percy's waist. He said something to the two slaves, causing them to leave hastily (though Annabeth looked less than willing to obey). Once the two teenagers were out of sight, Octavian came to approach the king. Much to Nico's displeasure. He had never liked this particular priest and had, in all his time as ruler, always assumed that Octavian had somehow been involved with his parents' death.

"My king, it's such a pleasure to meet you", greeted the blonde and bowed.

"Likewise, priest", replied Nico with a short nod.

"You seem to have noticed my newest possessions?", smiled Octavian slyly.

"Oh yes and it seems your standard has lowered seeing as how stubborn the girl is", snorted Nico.

The priest's eyes darkened for a moment, before he was able to cover it. "Well, I like a challenge once in a while. I will break her, not to worry, my king. Besides, I only took her because the boy begged in such a sweet way, he wanted to stay with her so badly. It was adorable."

Somehow those words sounded like insults out of his mouth. The blonde looked somewhat between disgusted and amused. Nico felt his hand trembling. He had wanted to just punch Octavian in the face for so long now. And the more the priest talked, the greater was the urge.

"So you're developing a soft spot for the boy then?", snickered the king with one raised eyebrow.

"Believe me", smirked Octavian, his eyes darkening in a foreboding way. "What I am going to do with the boy is anything but soft. The slave trader already told me what they did with the boy during their journey to our country. He told me what a begging, little slut the boy was, even though he was crying out in pain, he still enjoyed the cocks. I can't wait to test that."

"I wouldn't believe everything Castellan said", warned Nico in feigned amusement. "He's telling more tales than the local prophets."

"If you say so", chuckled Octavian, slowly turning. "I will leave you to your duties now, my king."

Nico gritted his teeth. Castellan was famous for his lies. But also for his conquests. And if the boy truly was such an eager submissive, then the king needed to have him.

Author's note: As a little Christmas present, I give to you the prologues of the three winning fanfictions of my last poll! I hope you'll enjoy them and have a very merry Christmas. ;)