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Title: The Prince and the Slave – The Most Beautiful Possession

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, explicit intercourse, anal, rape, slavery, shoujo-ai, hetero, threesome

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Octavian/Percy (forced), Piper/Annabeth (one-sided), Reyna/Annabeth, Thalia/Bianca, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Ethan/Alabaster, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Charles/Silena, Jake/Will, Grover/Juniper, Chris/Clarisse

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Annabeth Chase, Reyna Anderson, Silena Beauregard, Leo Valdez, Bianca di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Octavian Simmons, Alabaster C. Torrington, Lou Ellen, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Jason Grace, Thalia Grace, Clarisse la Rue, Frank Zhang, Charles Beckendorf, Jake Mason, Nyssa Black, Will Solace, Piper McLean, Chris Rodriguez, Ethan Nakamura, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Grover Underwood, Juniper, Blackjack, Arion, Scipio, Tempest

Summary: King Nico is faced is a very intriguing temptation. Sadly enough, said temptation is already in the possession of the priest. How can he, with the help of his strategist and best friend Reyna, make the young sex-slave his own?

The Prince and the Slave

The Most Beautiful Possession

Chapter 1: The Life of a Slave

Percy frowned confused and looked around. His stomach was knotting in nervousness. Their new master, the priest, had demanded to see him. Alone. Annabeth had go to the local healers after a rather bad beating she had received this morning for her disobedience. He flinched at the thought of his pained best friend. He didn't understand why she couldn't just do as he said? Not that he was happy with their current situation, but until a window opened itself and gave them the opportunity to change their lives, they needed to make the best out of what they had. And all they had was each other. They needed to survive together. But the way Annabeth fought would soon end her in a grave if she continued like that. And losing Annabeth was not an option. He was here because of her, after all. They had been outside, running along the cliffs of their home. Annabeth had wanted to show him the remains of an old castle – she loved architecture. It was when the ships came. They were two teenagers against twenty bulked men. They had stood no chance. Especially not so since Annabeth had hurt her ankle. He could have gotten away, but leaving his best friend behind was not an option. Not for him. The journey over the Great Lake had been humiliating and painful, at least to him. The crew, even more so their captain, were getting horny when drunk. And they drank much. They called it 'testing the goods'. When he closed his eyes, he could still feel their hard cocks moving in and out of his ass, their disgusting breath and the taste of their kisses. He despised the men, but he despised himself even more for enjoying their touches. Their rough, calloused hands, their thick, hard members. He remembered always having those cravings. For strong men, for... their dominance. It was something highly frowned upon in his home town. He was a lad and not a maiden, only those deserved the attention and protection of men. Whenever he looked at Annabeth since they ended up on that ship, he would feel guilty. Because he was glad to be away from home. With his odd cravings, he was a disgrace to his mother and father and he would have been married off to Annabeth soon if they wouldn't have been kidnapped. He loved her, yes. But like a sister and never like a lover. He wouldn't want to tenderly take her... He wanted to be roughly taken rather.

"Ah, Perseus. You're on time, good."

Percy jumped slightly as he was pulled out of his memories. He blushed faintly. Why was he thinking those things anyway? He was not supposed to enjoy what those men had done to him. He knew those actions should only be committed between lovers. And he certainly had not loved them. But he had loved their rough, dominant behavior and the way they had controlled him.

"Yes, Master Octavian", nodded the slave boy slowly. "You... wished to see me? Is there anything you wish me to do? Any... tasks...? I am a good cook, if you want me to prepare breakfast for you? Or shall I... uh... clean the room?"

He knew he was making a fool of himself and he knew his father would most likely be disappointed at him for cowering like that. But it was the only way to stay alive. And if their master thought he was obedient, he may not be as watchful and Percy may find a solution, a way out of this. The dark laughter of the priest interrupted Percy's thoughts again. He really needed to stay focused.

"That is not what I bought you for", chuckled Octavian with a wicked smirk and stood from his divan behind his working desk to slowly circle it. "The palace is where I dine. The lowest palace slaves are responsible for keeping everything clean. You, my pet, have another responsibility."

"A... and which...?", asked Percy and blushed slightly at the nickname.

The blonde smirked and captured one of Percy's wrists. The slave yelped slightly surprised as he was thrown onto the ground, landing on the heap of soft cushions. Percy had already noticed that nearly every room in the palace and the temple – well, any room he had seen so far – held at least one corner like this. With at least thirty of the softest pillows he had ever seen and shielded by silken curtains in the most amazing colors. He assumed they were for a relaxing nap in the noon time, once the work had taken its toll on the priests or royals.

"Being the head priest is a very stressful job, you see", sighed Octavian and loosened his robes until they glided off his body. "Your job is it to relieve me from this stress."

Sea-green eyes widened in utter disbelief as the naked priest came closer. Tanned hands grabbed Percy's knees and forced his legs apart. The slave blushed hard and stared surprised up at the blonde. He tried to pull his robes down some and shield himself, though the light tunic he was wearing was barely covering anything to begin with.

"I... I don't understand, master", stuttered the boy very confused. "Why me? I am a... boy... But Annabeth is such a pretty girl. Why would you chose me for such purposes?"

"Mh, I tend to forget from which country you come, my precious pet", chuckled Octavian and licked his lips while getting rid of the rosy robes. "Those primitive tribes can not compare to our society. Females are weak. To gain social recognition, we rather take male lovers. Dominating another man shows just how strong you are yourself. And it is believed that beautiful boys like you had been send from the gods to serve men like womanfolk does. If we take lust slaves, we mostly take such gorgeous boys as you. Why putting with a female for that?" A wolfish grin laid on the blonde's lips as he ran his hands over the boy's chest and thighs. "Besides, your blonde friend would most likely give me quite the hard time before I could even get to the fun part of it. But I have heard from Castellan what a good boy you were on the ship. You will be a good boy now too, right? You are still going to protect your blonde friend now too, mh? You will do as I say and please me, or I am going to punish her for your disobedience. Is that clear?"

"Y... Yes, master", nodded the boy and gulped hard.

He had thought those slave traders had only taken him because he had been drunk. Never would he have pictured a society where strong men gained recognition for taking other men. Though he supposed it explained the amount of young men that had been sold on that slave market. There were women and stronger men too, but those flustered boys had confused him a great deal. They weren't the best for hard work and they certainly were unlikely to do household deeds as women.

"Good boy", whispered Octavian in a praising manner and leaned down to kiss Percy's neck and collar bone. "Now tell me about your encounters on the sea. Castellan had told me what a little whore you are. Tell me, is that right, Perseus? And keep in mind, lie to me and I will let your friend suffer for it. Your only purpose from now on is to please me."

He shuddered at that. And at his own reaction to this. He disliked the priest. The man had hurt Annabeth and treated them both like worthless things. But he still got aroused by the way Octavian was pining his wrists to the floor in an iron-grip and biting along Percy's neck hard. Why was he so weird? He had never encountered another boy like him, one that desired to be dominated like this. He certainly was the only boy who enjoyed such dirty things, who else was that sick? A pained whimper escaped his lips as his master bit him hard enough to draw blood.

"Answer me, slave", growled Octavian impatiently. "Tell me, did you enjoy how they raped you? One cock after the other up that fine ass of yours? Did that make you feel good? I can feel you growing hard now too, you dirty slut. You wish to be dominated, don't you?"

"Y—Yes, master", admitted Percy embarrassed, his eyes tightly closed. "I enjoyed their cocks. I... want more. More cock, please. L—Let me serve you..."

"Well, better feed that hungry ass of yours with some meat then", snickered Octavian.

He forced his slave's legs more apart and then, without a warning or any kinds of preparation, he thrust hard into the boy. Percy gasped strangled, he felt as if all air has left his lungs. The pain was unbearable, just like he remembered it from the journey on the ship. He closed his eyes tightly in shame as his cock gave a twitch in reply to the pain of the taller man thrusting into him. The blonde was moving hard and frantic, hitting that spot within Percy that really made this experience really good. The priest was not caring about that though. It didn't seem as if Octavian was aiming to bring pleasure to Percy's body. The blonde was looking at Percy though, watching how the boy's face contorted in immense pain and pleasure. Percy whimpered and whined as he was fucked hard.

"Fuck, you really are a little slut, aren't you?", groaned Octavian and thrust more brutal into the tightness of his slave. "You moan like the finest whores I have paid, no, even better. Beg."

"F... For what...?", asked Percy unsure and whimpered again.

"For me to fuck you harder", smirked the blonde. "For me to fill you, slut."

"P—Please, ma—aster, please fuck me harder", whimpered the teen, his eyes closed tightly again. "Your cock within me feels so good, give me more of it! Please, fill me with your cum like the... willing whore I am, master, harder, please!"

The priest groaned at the sweet begging and thrust as deep as possible before ejaculating hard. The blonde stayed hovered above Percy for a moment, trying to catch his breath, before he pulled out and stood. He grabbed his robes again and got dressed. Though he paused once more.

"Make sure to get cleaned up before I require your services again."

And then he left. Left Percy curled together, achingly hard and with cum oozing out of his bleeding hole. The teen sobbed in embarrassment as he cupped his own member and started to jerk himself off. The shame was great for he did not want Octavian. The man was cruel and ruthless. But if boys like him were only symbols of status, then he would never find a kind-hearted man to take him, would he? His eyes were still closed as he worked his own cock hard, imagining how the priest had just taken him, but instead of the blonde, there was a dark and handsome man, placing tender kisses all over his body while fucking him into the pillows. He disliked blondes, they were just not his type. The slave trader, the priest... No. Blondes were cruel. And even though he desired brutal and rough, he did not want cruel. Besides, his home had been full of blondes, he with his dark hair had been the odd number out. No, he found the people of this country way more attractive. With their olive-skin and dark, deep eyes. Like the man that had spoken to Annabeth and him yesterday in the garden, his words had been kind and his body had been hot. He moaned wantonly as he came.


"You should watch out for yourself better."

Annabeth glared and turned her head away to not look at the olive-skinned woman who was treating her wounds. She was beautiful, the blonde had to admit that. It made the situation all the more embarrassing for her. She was sitting there naked while a stranger disinfected her back.

"You don't have to give me the silent treatment", chuckled the brunette woman. "I'm a healer and not one of the slave masters. I'd never treat a human with that little respect. Especially not such a pretty one as you."

"Stop flirting with the slave, Piper", grunted a mocha-skinned woman on the other side of the room annoyed, carrying some scrolls over to the desk. "It's not well-fitted for someone of your status."

"Leave her be, Nyssa", chuckled the blonde man in the fine robes that was sitting behind the desk. "If she wants to she can flirt. For everything else she'd need to talk to the girl's master."

The blonde healer and Nyssa burst out into a laughing fit as Piper glared at them. The blonde slave blushed embarrassed and averted her eyes. She bit her lips. She wouldn't have to be here now if she would have listened to Percy for once. But it was hard listening to him, she was just the tiniest bit too stubborn. And she disliked that stupid priest to much to do as he said, even if it was only bringing some scrolls to the redheaded priestess. But if she would have listened to him, she wouldn't have had to leave him behind alone now. Her stomach twisted at the thought of Percy being all alone with that darn priest. Hopefully, he would be alright...

"Stop flirting with her and finish your work, girl", growled a warning voice behind them. "You are required by the queen, as she just returned with her guards. The king wishes for you to see to them. We wouldn't want his dear sister bringing any new illnesses to our country."

Annabeth lifted her gaze to stare up at the beautiful woman who stood in the doorway. Her long, black hair flowing around her as if to frame her, her eyes nearly black like onyx, her skin, even though not as dark as most other's, still held a high tan. More than Annabeth was used to from her little snowy home town. The woman was gorgeous. She had those strict, calculating eyes and the grace of a fighter. Something that was completely uncalled for where Annabeth was from. A woman? Fighting? Not in a million years! She had received many beatings for her stubbornness whenever she had secretly trained. A woman had to be well-behaved and fit for hearth and child-birth, no more. Annabeth gulped and stared up at the strange woman curiously. It seemed she was angry with the healer? The two of them exchanged very angry glares.

"Of course", grunted Piper with gritted teeth after a while.

"Malcolm, come in. You are to take take of the girl on Octavian's orders."

Annabeth blinked confused as the black-haired woman grinned smugly before leaving. She felt as if she had just witnessed a fight, though missed it completely. But whatever it had been, the intriguing black-eyed beauty seemed to have won it. A blonde young man slowly entered and fidgeted with his hands. He was blushing hard, which made Annabeth frown. Until she remembered that she was still naked. Blushing herself, she hastily covered her boobs. That meant the gorgeous woman had seen her naked too! Her blush darkened a few shades.

"Uh, hello. I'm... Malcolm, I belong to the priestess", introduced the boy himself. "She told me to go and collect you and the scrolls..."

Annabeth nodded shortly. He was wearing the same plain tunic as she was. Boring gray. It made her wonder why Percy had gotten a rose-colored one. It couldn't be because of the gender, obviously. Since this Malcolm was wearing gray like she did. Very odd...


Percy winced in pain as he rinsed himself in the fountain in the garden. He had barely been able to walk over here to begin with. His stomach hurled at the thought of having to also walk back. And even more so at the thought of being 'required' by his master again. A sob ragged his body. He was so disgusting. How could he have enjoyed the hardness within him while revolting the man?

"Are you alright?", asked a soft voice.

Wide, sea-green eyes, shimmering with tears, stared up at the two people who had come up to him. A young woman, three years older than Percy if he was not mistaken, with the brightest blonde curls he had ever seen and the bluest eyes possible. Her skin was tanned because of the blasting sun in this area, but he still recognized a compatriot if he saw them. Sniffing slightly, he turned to look at the other figure next to her. A boy, around Percy's age. Though he belonged to this country. He had caramel-skin and dark brown eyes as well as black curls. Both were wearing the same tunic as he was, even the same color. Not like Annabeth who had gotten one in a different color.

"I... Y... Yes", nodded Percy slowly and rubbed his eyes hastily.

"You don't need to lie, you know", chuckled the boy and sat down next to Percy, dipping the cloth in his hands into the water. "Here, it's easier with that. Otherwise you'll never get finished."

"Th... Thank you", whispered Percy uncertain and took the cloth. "Who are you...?"

"We're like you", chuckled the blonde female and sat down on Percy's other side.

"I doubt that", muttered the green-eyed boy with a frown and continued to wash himself.

"We're... lust slaves, like you", specified the blonde amused. "My name is Silena, that's Leo."

"You... You mean...", blinked Percy wide-eyed. "Your masters do... those... things to you too...?"

The blonde took a haste look left and right before giggling slightly. "Well, Charlie is that big, bulky guy, but on the inside he's actually a real teddy bear. He prefers his cuddles."

"You call your master by his first name?", grunted Percy with a very confused look on his face.

"He had bought me, yes. But only because he fell head over heels in love with me when he first saw me", smiled Silena with a dreamy expression in her eyes. "He's my teddy bear."

Percy frowned even more and rubbed the last remains of his tears from his face before turning to the other boy. He didn't look like a slave. Most slaves came from other countries, but this boy must have been born at the farthest outskirts of the realm. The boy blushed furiously at the curious gleam in those sea-green eyes. It was obvious that this Leo was uncomfortable at the moment.

"What's bothering you, Percy?", asked the blonde softly and run her fingers through his black hair, much like Percy's mother had when he was a kid. "You've been crying. Is it because the priest hurt you? It must be hard for you, you're still so young... Do you even understand what is happening?"

Looking into her eyes, Percy knew that she wasn't mocking him. In his home town, he had always been mocked for being a bit slower than others. But in her blue eyes was nothing aside from compassion and worry. She meant it, she was truly concerned.

"I... understand. I know what sex is", mumbled Percy and blushed furiously before averting his eyes shamefully. "I... I... like sex. I don't like the priest! I really don't like him... But... but I like what he does to me... It's wrong, I'm a boy, I shouldn't enjoy another man's company. And I especially should not enjoy the pain and disregarding words of his. I... I'm... sick..."

"Ah, that's it", hummed Leo thoughtful and nodded, at least until Silena hit him upside the head and glared at him demandingly, which made him blush hard. "You're not sick, buddy. Really."

"I am", sobbed Percy and pulled his legs close to hug them. "He said I make sounds like the whores he had paid to sleep with him, even though I make it for free, even though I am obliged to sleep with him. He... he said I'm a slut and he's right... When... When we were being shipped here, the crew took me, over and over again and I... I enjoyed being handed over from one cock to the other, I liked how they were taking me hard and brutal. How can I be so sick?! If I would at least be like the maidens from my village and want to be taken with tenderness and care, but I..."

"It's nothing wrong with enjoying that you have a strict master", huffed Leo and crossed his arms.

"That's not true. You have no idea-", started Percy to deny and shook his head hard.

"My mistress and master discipline me on a regular base and I enjoy it greatly", grunted the other boy and stuck his tongue out at the green-eyed slave. "They also like fucking me hard and there's nothing better than that. It's not wrong to enjoy pain. Believe me, once you meet the right master and receive a spanking from him, you'll never want something else."

"Who... Who is your master?", asked Percy softly and bit his lip curiously.

Leo grinned broadly and motioned to where they had come from. The olive-skinned handsome man from the other day stood there, watching the three of them with sharp eyes. Percy's eyes widened. The nice man already had a sex-slave...? The thought saddened him a bit.

"I belong to the king's sister. That over there is the king, by the way", grinned Leo proudly. "To be more precisely, I belong to the princess and her boyfriend slash guard slash the hottest man around. They bought me two years ago when I had been caught by my master. He's a guard and well, I had been a homeless kid who stole from the market. Some of the other guards wanted to cut my hands off for it and the lady from the orphanage agreed loudly. Miss Nancy has never liked me in particular. And I had just stolen from the market and bothered the princess on her stroll, that was embarrassing for Miss Nancy. Though Princess Hazel had just... bought the apple I stole and handed it to me. And then she had turned to Miss Nancy and asked her how much she'd want for me. Miss Nancy would have gift-wrapped me if it meant getting rid of me, but even getting money for me? Since then I belong to my mistress and my master. And ever since then, they practically take me every night for their pleasure."

"A... And you enjoy what they do to you?", asked Percy with a frown.

He was starting to feel a little dizzy. The concept of a woman dominating a man was even more ridiculous and unacceptable than what the priest had just done with him! Half his village would die of a heart-attack if they'd ever come across this strange country...

"Very much so", purred the dark-eyed boy and licked his lips with a dreamy sigh. "Master Frank is really well-endowed and normally I can't walk for hours after he fucked me. And Mistress Hazel always brings the most amazing toys with her when they have to travel the continent on a mission. Things that most of the time hurt, but in the best of ways. She owns this massive glass-thing that is shaped like a penis and strapped around the waist so she can fuck me too. And many different kinds of crops and paddles for punishments. And she's good with the punishments."

"What are you babbling on about again, slave boy?", grunted a dark voice.

A shadow was falling onto the three slaves and Percy's stomach knotted in anticipation. But when he looked up, there stood a stranger. A stranger in uniform. He was of broad and tall build and dressed like a guard. He yanked Leo up on his arm and crashed his lips against Leo's in a bruising kiss, making the slave boy moan wantonly at that.

"I've just been praising my mistress' punishments, master", purred the boy and rubbed against him.

"Well, the princess has been expecting you in her chambers minutes ago. I suppose now you can expect a hard punishment for that, slut", chuckled the guard and threw Leo over his shoulder, slapping his ass hard. "The last mission had been irritating. I'll be using that tight ass of yours all night long and you better be willing to beg some."

"I'm always willing to beg for your cock, master", whimpered Leo and licked his lips.

Percy's face was so heated up, he felt as if he had a major sun-burn (though he was pretty sure that he already had a sun-burn, the amount of sun around here was not normal!). Silena next to him giggled in delight and nudged him softly.

"With the right master, our lives can be quite... pleasurable", smiled the blonde encouragingly. "Until then it's fine for you to enjoy that someone is taking you hard. Someday the priest will tire of you and sell you to someone else. Maybe someone you will like too. Stay strong until then. Oh, and I think you should hurry back to the temple now. The divine service ends soon and I suppose your master will demand your services by then."

"Th... Thank you", nodded Percy slowly and stood to leave.

Silena grinned to herself as she too stood and left to where she had come from. The king's dark eyes were following the young slave until Percy disappeared within the temple. Silena chuckled a bit amused as she leaned against the balustrade next to the king.

"Well, don't try my patience. What did he say?", grunted Nico with a glare.

"He is torn... Poor boy", sighed Silena concerned. "On the one hand he enjoys rough love-making very, very much as it seems, but on the other he dislikes the priest a great deal."

"That sounds... perfect", smirked the king and licked his lips.

"You are a perv, my king", noted the blonde, trying to keep a straight face.

Nico rolled his eyes and turned to glare slightly at her. Not many had the privilege of talking to him like that. But after his parents' death, his three personal guards – Reyna, Clarisse and Charles – had been the only ones he truly trusted in the palace, aside from his siblings. And Charles and his slave/girlfriend had practically raised Nico after that. Silena was way too loving to just idly sit by and watch a lonely teenager who had lost his parents being corrupted by his teachers and the priests to become a 'proper' king. Nico heaved a sigh and stared off into the horizon.

"I still fear that the priest will not be good for the boy", murmured Silena softly. "He's still young, he doesn't know his own limits yet. He may enjoy the wilder sex, but I saw the blood. And it was too much. I know of the priest's wastage of sex-slaves. The boy is way too cute and innocent to become another one of those bodies we need to secretly carry out of the place..."

"Don't fret, Silena", smiled the king softly, moved by her compassion. "Reyna will take care of this. Within the shortest time, I will call Percy mine."