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Title: The Beast Within – Between Two Sides of the Moon

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; complete AU

PJatO Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, of course. They are all copyright by the old Greeks. This fanfiction on the other hand is entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, explicit intercourse, anal, mating, submissive!wolves, mpreg, pets/slavery, supernatural, AU, shoujo-ai, hetero, threesome

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: onesided!Nico/Drew, onesided!Octavian/Percy, Piper/Annabeth, Thalia/Bianca, Lou/Miranda, Grover/Juniper, Malcolm/Katie, Jason/Reyna, Chris/Clarisse, Charles/Silena, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Jake/Will, Ethan/Alabaster, Luke/Octavian, past!Luke/Ethan, past!Luke/Calypso

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Tyson, Ella, Grover Underwood, Juniper Underwood, Nico di Angelo, Hazel Levesque, Jason Grace, Frank Zhang, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Ethan Nakamura, Reyna Anderson, Bianca di Angelo, Thalia Grace, Phoebe Burge, Annabeth Chase, Malcolm Cage, Katie Gardner, Miranda Gardner, Zoe Nightshade, Calypso Nightshade, Luke Castellan, Charles Beckendorf, Silena Beauregard, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Will Solace, Jake Mason, Lacy Hunnigan, Mitchell Logan, Leo Valdez, Nyssa Black, Austin Barton, Kayla Hein, Octavian Simmons, Drew Tanaka, Piper McLean, Alabaster C. Torrington, Lou Ellen, Rachel Elizabeth Dare

Own Characters: Bianca Maria di Angelo, Hades Poseidon di Angelo, Theseus Paul di Angelo, Sally Persephone di Angelo, Esperanza Nicole, Zhang, Sammy Marie Zhang, Emily Fey Zhang, Claryssa Zhang

Summary: Nico is the leader of a coven of vampires, but his sire and the other older vampires are not very pleased by his leadership because he lets a pack of werewolves live in his city. So to show the Old Ones that he's not soft, he takes some wolves captive. But werewolves don't like it when you take their own captive. So they decide to take revenge by turning the one human Nico desires into a werewolf. What is Percy, who would have never believed supernatural beings to exist, supposed to do, now that he's not only a submissive werewolf, but also has a horny vampire leader at his heels? And why is a group of so called hunters also after him...?

The Beast Within

Between Two Sides of the Moon

Chapter 1: The Meeting of the New Guys

"Hey, I'm Percy Underwood... I'm sixteen years old and, well I guess you could say I'm your average teenage boy. I'm not very good at school, but I love hanging with my friends... And I have no idea why I'm doing this", sighed a black-haired boy, his eyes boring into the girl sitting opposite her. "Tell me again why I am doing this, Dare."

The girl with the wild red hair grinned mischievously and blinked with wide, innocent eyes. "Because I'm your best friend and you love-love-love me, Percy!"

Percy sighed and rolled his eyes, slumping in his bean-bag. The two of them were sitting in a completely blue bedroom, from the walls to the bean-bag and even the bedsheets. The red-haired girl sat on the bed with a sheet of paper in her hand, a pen behind her ear and a camera in her hand. She war waring a green skirt and a pink top, which so did not match with her red hair. He on the other hand looked just perfect. His skinny-jeans hugged his long legs perfectly, his sleeveless shirt – blue with a green tagging reading 'Sea Prince' – showed off his slightly muscular arms and lean body frame. Especially so the tattoo running up his right arm, blue swirls like waves with reduced shells and sea-stars set in between them. It disappeared beneath his shirt and where his shirt rid up against his hip-bone, it could be seen to run along his stomach and down into his pants.

"Fine", sighed Percy, shifting to rest his elbows on his knees, staring at her. "What do you need, aside from my name and my opinion on myself...?"

"Your... oh", her cheerful mood deflated. "Never mind."

"No. What is it?", huffed the boy with one raised eyebrow. "You said I have to answer your stupid questions. And if I have to even answer the question what my name is, then tell me the next one."

"What's your family situation?", asked the redhead in a soft and slightly guilty voice.

Her friend huffed slightly, yet still he turned to look out of the window instead of into the camera. "My dad died before my birth. And my... my mom died in a car accident two years ago. They got me out of home because my stepfather was an abusive asshole. But I soon got adopted by a nice couple, Grover and Juniper. They're my parents now, kind of. I mean, they're not that much older than me, after all. And thanks to them I now got two younger siblings, Ella and Tyson. They're orphans too and Grover and Juni adopted them. So yeah, that's my family. Pretty colorful bunch, but I'm grateful to have them and to be away from my stepfather. Now stop looking at me with those guilt-written eyes, Rachel. I'm glad to have them, even though I still miss my mom very much."

"Okay", nodded Rachel with a soft half-smile. "So, how is your social life? Any friends?"

"Yeah, there is that annoying redhead...", grinned Percy teasingly. "No, seriously. You're my best friend. Back when I came first here, I was quite the outsider in this little town where everyone knows each other since birth because all had been brought to this world by the same doctor. Since he's the only doctor of the city. It's hard finding connections in such a small town, but thanks to you I did. I mean, I'm not really getting along with all your friends, but thanks to you I met Piper, who is like my second best friend. And Leo, who is really awesome and adorably flustered. And Clarisse, she's a bit rough but still pretty awesome. Frank and Hazel, who are amazing, though always a little obsessed with each other. And Reyna and Jason, about who I could say the exact same thing..."

"Further down the social food-chain", chuckled Rachel amused. "Love-life?"

"Not for a school project", huffed Percy and glared, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Come on. This is a small town. Everybody knows it anyway", smirked the redhead and winked.

"Nico di Angelo", confessed the boy in a rushed voice and with a flustered face. "He's that really handsome jock and I really like him a lot, I guess... But he's not really noticing me, so yeah..."

"Any enemies?", chuckled Rachel, already knowing the answer.

"Well, Alabaster that jerk doesn't really like me. I have no idea why he's constantly jealous seeing as I never hit on his boyfriend Ethan before", huffed Percy and rolled his eyes. "And Tanaka. I don't get why she's feeling intimidated by me either... I mean, I don't have anything on her! She's drop-dead gorgeous and that typical clever Asian and the daughter of the only doctor in this city. And she is really close to Nico, while he is not interested in me, so no need to be jealous there either..."

"Okay, okay, okay, before I have to listen to you sulking about Nico, how about we go and fetch something to eat?", suggested Rachel and nudged her friend after turning the camera off.

"We don't have anything in the fridge, Juni wanted to go grocery shopping after work", shrugged Percy with a frown. "Sorry, but you know how much Grover and Ty can eat."

"Well, okay. Let's go to the Magic Diner. My treat", smiled Rachel, pulling Percy with her.

"Well, if you pay...", grinned the green-eyed boy and followed obediently.


"Family, I have to thank you all for coming together today", announced Nico as he stood with his wine glass high in the air in front of the gathered vampires. "I especially thank you, Thalia, for bringing your side of the family here for this reunion."

"Here, here!", exclaimed the other vampires present.

Nico sat down at the head of the table, the one-eyed Asian glared at him a bit. "I still doubt that this will help any, Nikolaus. This will only cause us more problems, brother."

"I am head of this coven, Ethan", glared Nico finally and sipped his blood.

Ethan returned the glare. The two of them often edged on, seeing as Nico was the head of the coven but Ethan had been sired earlier than Nico. The brunette on Ethan's other side and his nearly identical looking brother turned nervously to their sire.

"Ethan, calm down, man", whispered the brunette one place farther away from the Asian.

"I am calm, Travis", growled Ethan angered, his eye red. "Connor, keep your brother in line."

Both brunettes gulped slightly and nodded, rather turning their attention over to the other Asian on Travis' other side, but the tall guy was talking with the dark-skinned girl on his other side.

"He was looking so adorable today", sighed the girl dreamily. "Really now, Frank, you should have seen how he had blushed so brightly! I love how he can change color. And he's so hot, I mean, his body temperature is so unbelievable high..."

"I would wish you'd stop spying on him, Hazel", scolded the Asian a bit darkly. "At least without me. How can you not notify me first before you go up to the gym and spy on him."

"Aw", giggled Hazel lightly and attached herself to Frank's arm. "I made photos from when he was bend over to pull his pants up. Perfect view, my love."

"You two sicken me", growled the black-haired female next to Hazel with a glare. "You're mates. Why can you still be drooling after someone else. A wolf nonetheless!"

The mated vampires glared at her dangerously as if they were ready to lunge at her if she'd dare to say one bad word about their little wolf. Though before this could escalate, the blonde next to her laid one hand onto her knee and stared at the black-haired vampire intensely.

"Reyna, keep out of this", hissed the blonde. "It's their thing. And Leo is an alright guy, for a wolf."

"Interesting", hummed the other black-haired girl at the other end of the table, opposite Nico.

Her intense, electric blue eyes stared straight ahead at Nico. The head of the coven returned the stare without batting an eyelash. She smirked amused and tilted her head.

"What's the matter, Thals?", grunted Nico suspicious.

But the blue-eyed girl only shook her head, as if she was not yet ready to voice her thoughts. Instead she turned to Bianca, who sat next to her. The Italian girl had a frown on her face as she watched the exchange between her brother and her mate/sire-sister. On Bianca's other side sat her other sire-sister, a brunette who pointedly glared at the other coven opposite them. Bianca heaved a sigh and turned her attention to the glaring brunette.

"Phoebe, be nice. This is important. My brother asked for our help", whispered the Italian girl.

"I know. And you are the only reason I agreed to come here anyway", muttered the brunette.

Between Phoebe and Nico sat the rest of Thalia's coven – a younger brunette girl with dark green eyes, next to her older sister, who was holding hands with a blonde young man, though the blonde vampire was talking to a blonde female vampire. Nico sighed slightly and turned to said blonde.

"Have you heard anything from the Old Ones recently, Annabeth?", asked Nico politely.

Next to his sister, Annabeth was probably the one he liked most from Thalia's coven. "No, nothing."

The Italian sighed, his frown deepening as he stared straight ahead at the other coven head. There was something in Thalia's eyes that did not bode well. She was having a plan. And he was not going to like it. He never liked what she had in mind. But he needed her help here.

"This wolf your friends like... how strong is it, brother?", asked Thalia, turning to Jason.

"Huh?", blinked her younger brother confused. "Leo? No. He's weak, especially considering that he's a wolf. But then again, he's a bitch. A male submissive, that is."

"So... capturing him won't be that hard, as long as he's separated from his pack?"

The mischievous glint in her electric blue eyes made Nico shudder and his stomach turn. Especially so as Hazel and Frank snarled and nearly bolted up to attack her. They reacted very sensitively to any kind of suggestion that someone may hurt Leo. Which had saved the boy from quite some bullying, seeing as the orphaned Latino had been adopted by the alpha of Starfall City. The city didn't react well to new people moving in. And since Leo was a bit scrawny and not very impressive as wolves normally were, which made many of the normals want to pick on him. But Frank had beaten everyone up who even mentioned that it would be fun to pick on Leo right from the beginning, so by now the Latino was well-integrated without ever meeting any resistance. At least not that he would know of it. Nico would have chuckled if the situation wouldn't be so dire.

"Hazel", growled Nico in a dark and dangerous voice. "Sit."

Even though she tried to fight it, she could not deny her sire. Nico glared at Thalia, demanding an explanation for it, silently threatening that he would personally attack her otherwise.

"I did not mean to harm your precious little dog", chuckled Thalia amused and leaned back some. "I was merely talking about capturing. What you do with him after that is your thing. If you lock him into the dungeon, or into your bedroom, I don't care. Just to have a wolf around as... pet. It will lessen the Old Ones' rage if they think you keep the wolves for entertainment."

The stiff posture of Frank and Hazel relaxed some and the two mates first stared at Thalia, then at each other in wide surprise and in the end at Nico with begging eyes. He groaned slightly.
"We have a treaty with the wolves. If we harm or kidnap one of them, they will not be happy."

"They're dogs", snorted Thalia and rolled her eyes. "And we are sixteen vampires. Nineteen once the Old Ones arrive. They wouldn't dare to attack. Besides, if anything, you can let the pup free again once the Old Ones leave again."

"C... Could we, Nico?", asked Hazel hopefully.

He sighed as he stared into her golden eyes. He knew how much Hazel and Frank wanted the young wolf, but due to the treaty – the wolves had to stay away from the vampires and vice versa – they were not allowed to do more than some stalking and observing. Though now seeing an opportunity to steal their wolf and keep him as their pet? Even if Nico would wish to object, he wouldn't get far.

"Very well. But before we plan anything, let us dine and let me show you my city."

"Yes!", exclaimed Hazel with an excited yelp and jumped her mate. "Ours, he'll be ours!"

Nico sighed. This would not end well. His eyes darkened. He really needed to show them the city so he would get a climbs of his very own little obsession. The thought of Percy lifted his mood.


Octavian smirked amused as he sat opposite the charming young boy. While his two companions had stayed in their motel, he had decided to go to the local diner. Since the whole city only had one diner, he guessed that a high school student would, sooner or later, show up here. And really, after his twentieth cup of coffee – at least the coffee was good – the black-haired boy had entered the diner. Together with a redheaded girl. At first, Octavian had thought this may have been a date. It would have made everything he had planned so much more complicated. But after he sheepishly introduced himself as a tourist, taking a break in this little place, the two were quite talkative. Or, at least Percy was. The boy happily provided him with all information he needed about this place, even without intending to. There was a coven of vampires living in the mansion on the hill and what Percy described at the outskirts of town could only be a pack of wolves. An interesting combination. And Octavian thoroughly enjoyed listening to Percy's voice. What did bother him however was the redhead that never stopped watching him.

"So, the two of you visit the local high school, eh?", smiled the Brit, nodding curiously. "Have you two lived here all your life? You know, village kids and all?"

"Rachel has", replied Percy and nipped his hot chocolate. "I've moved here two years ago."

This was going to be the interesting part. How Percy had ended up here, what he knew of his real parents' work. Especially so his father's. But as if on cue, his phone vibrated. Glaring down at it, he saw the text message popping up. Where R U, O? Get back! 5. He frowned surprised. That was new. Five? But that couldn't possibly be. This little city already housed wolves and vampires. But the 5 was their code for witches. Their circles always consisted of five.

"I... got to go. It seemed my friends are finally awake", smiled Octavian lightly, scribbling something onto his napkin and pushing it to Percy. "My cellphone number and my room number. Since there's only one motel around here anyway. I'd love if you'd call me. It's always good to know someone. It would be great if you could show me and my friends around a bit?"

"Sure", smiled the sea-green eyed boy brightly. "It was nice meeting you, Octavian."

"Believe me, the pleasure was all mine", smirked Octavian and winked at him. "Bye."

Percy blushed slightly as he watched the blonde leave. Though as soon as the door closed, someone else took the now vacant spot opposite of him. A giddy looking native American girl.

"Who was that? And why was he flirting with you like that?", wanted the girl to know.

"Thank you, Piper, I feel the love", huffed Percy with a glare.

"Aw", grinned the native American and leaned over to pinch his cheeks. "Not that you're not the most adorable thing on this planet, but I've still never seen anyone flirt that much with you!"

"That was... Octavian", replied Rachel with a frown. "He's on vacation here."

"Oh, too bad", pouted Piper and shook her head. "And here I though there would be something interesting happening in this nowhere town for a change..."

"Don't tell me you're bored already, Piper", chuckled an amused voice behind her.

She yelped slightly and turned wide-eyed to stare at the Italian 'teenager' behind her. Nico aimed a smirk at her before turning his attention over to Percy, the smirk melting into a soft smile.

"Hi, Nico", nodded Percy reluctantly. "Who is your friend?"

Piper blinked and her eyes trailed over next to Nico. Her mismatched eyes widened as she took in the blonde beauty that leaned a bit uncomfortably next to the vampire.

"Oh? That's Annie. Annabeth Chase, that is", introduced Nico with a nod. "She's a second cousin twice removed from my mother's aunt's side of the family."

"Right. Your family gathering, you had said something like that", nodded Percy.

"Annie, that's Percy. And the bored looking redhead is Rachel. Oh, and the girl receiving a preaching in five seconds is Piper", continued the Italian.

"Why should she-?", started Annabeth confused and stared at the native American.

"McLean! Stop chatting with the guests! Get back to work!", screeched an Asian girl from behind the counter, first glaring at Piper and then smiling at Nico. "Hello, Nico. Can I get you something?"

"A coffee. Thanks, Drew", nodded the vampire.

Piper blushed slightly and stood, staring a bit awkwardly at Annabeth before gathering her courage and leaning in to whisper into her ear in a voice so no one could hear it aside from her.

"You're from Bianca's coven, right? Just nod", whispered the native American, earning herself a nod from the blonde. "So you're a vampire too." Another nod. "You're beautiful." Annabeth started to nod before realizing what had been said and turned to blush instead. "Catch you later, little bat."

Piper gave her a last playful smile before returning to the counter and getting back to work. Nico slid into the spot previously occupied by the native American. He motioned for his blonde friend to follow him. She gaze him a quizzical look and he replied in such a hushed and fast voice that the human eye wouldn't even be able to see his lips moving.

"Piper is part of the local witch circle. Our witches. They work for my coven. And the girl opposite you is one of them too. Actually, all waiters in this diner are part of the circle."

Annabeth's stormy-gray eyes darted through the room, taking the four waiters in. One was the cute native American, another was that Asian one that had been so loud, then there was a purple-haired punk girl and a freckled brunette guy. All of them seemed to work casually, but their eyes still observed the two vampires knowingly. As did the redhead opposite Annabeth. A witch? Well, a witch was still better than a wolf. They were powerful and intriguing, they had charmed vampires throughout history. Annabeth turned slightly to stare after Piper.

"So your family already arrived?", smiled the black-haired boy next to the witch softly.

"My sister brought them", nodded Nico shortly.

"I envy you for your big family", grinned the teenager sheepishly.

Annabeth sniffed the air. He wasn't a wolf. And also not a vampire. She gave Nico another curious stare, demanding an explanation as to what this boy was.

"He's mortal. A mortal not from around here. He has no idea what is going on in this city", was the fast reply from him, his lips drawn up into a smirk. "But he will, once I claim him."

Her eyes turned wide in disbelief. So this was what it was truly about. She had already wondered why the Old Ones were taking such an interest in Nico's coven all of a sudden. But if he planned on turning someone else... Eighty years ago, when the Old Ones as well as Thalia's coven had left, both covens had only consisted of four members. The sire-brothers Ethan and Nico, as well as Ethan's creations Connor and Travis. But Annabeth's sire Thalia had left the city to the boys and left together with Annabeth and her own two sire-sisters, Phoebe and Bianca. In the course of the last eighty years, Annabeth had sired Malcolm, who had only recently turned the love of his life and her younger sister, Katie and Miranda. While Nico had been quite busy himself. He alone had sired three people – Reyna, Jason and Hazel – over these last hundred years and one of his creations had turned herself a mate into a vampire too. Their growing population was most likely making the Old Ones suspicious. Annabeth bit her lips and glared. She had never met the Old Ones herself, only knew the tales her own sire had told her about them. It was said that they were the very first vampires on this planet, or at least three of the earliest. And their 'children' had coven all around the world. Even though Ethan and Nico were sire-brothers, they were by far not the only ones who had been sired by this particular vampire. Annabeth knew that. And she also knew that the Old Ones liked to control the amount of vampires sired by their creations. They needed to control such things, because other children of theirs had already tried to fight them with their very own armies. So it was only natural that they grew suspicious because of the growing family of Nico di Angelo.

"Is their hot chocolate any good? I could use some chocolate", muttered Annabeth.

"Their chocolate is brilliant", replied the oblivious mortal boy with a broad grin.

Annabeth shook her head. This kid had no idea what was going on. Because of him.