Summary: AU Richard, a college student, stalked by a stranger. In his fear he goes to the police. One officer Wilson is very attentive to him...

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Day 1 Monday:

Richard looked at the letter in surprise, what an odd piece of mail. Orange paper with printed black coloured letters, giving away no clue who the author was. The content was rather flattering, admiring his shoulder lang black hair and his blue eyes, it was cute in away. Most likely a fellow sport student to shy to talk to the directly, unconcerned he dismissed the letter as oddity.

Day 2 Tuesday:

Another letter in the same colour scheme. This time the content was manly compliments on his earlier acrobatic performance this day. It proved in Richards opinion that it was a fellow student from his course.

Day 3 Wednesday:

Asking if he was a vegetarian, well the secret admirer was certainly observant. True enough the last three days at college were without meat, first the noddle salad, yesterday roasted vegetables with potatoes and today a plain tomato pizza. Understandable why someone would believe him be a vegetarian. Sadly he had no way to answer the question.

Day 4 Thursday:

Richard smiled not expecting any mail as he got home from college. Today the future sport teacher Kory Anders, a cute red-head, had offered him a vegetable lasagna. Commenting how great she thought his healthy choice of food be and that she had cooked the meal herself. This pretty much explained everything in Robins mind, he hadn't mentioned the letters not to embarrass her and agreed to a study date. Surprisingly there was a letter in the mail box, the content very insulting. Calling Kory a cheap whore and that he shouldn't waste his time on someone undeserving of his attention. It stunned him a little that the author was so obviously jealous.

Day 5 Friday:

He looked warily at the unopened letter in his hand. Kory hadn't been there during their shared lecture, it was paranoid of him to accuse his anonym author wasn't it? Accidents happens even if the timing was slightly suspicious...
No matter, taking a deep breath he opened the letter, pleasantly taken aback by the content. His author had returned to his earlier flattering comments, no signs of hostile behaviour.

Day 6 Saturday:

He hadn't left his home today, telling himself that he wanted a head start for his essay due in 3 weeks. Naturally not because his suspicions of Korys accident hadn't died done and that he wanted a day without a letter...
At 9pm he couldn't help himself he had to check the mail box. There was a letter. A sick feeling in his stomach started to grow, but it had be some sweet talk about missing him, hadn't it? It wasn't like the person was watching his home, was he? Oppressing the sudden surge of paranoia he read the letter, nearly dropping it because of the praise that he had worked on his essay today. Maybe the person had watched him picking up the necessary books in the library? Yes that was the surly the reason. But then had he/she watched his home from the outside? Truthfully the mail started to worry him...

Day 7 Sunday:

Laughing lightly he gestured for Victor to continue the story, a engineering student. He had justified his visit by pointing out that after a week of hard work they deserved a day off, which was true but not the only reason. He had always seen Victor as a big brother figure as the older boy had worked in their circus to gain money for college and felt save in his presence, a reassurance he was missing in his own home after yesterday. After they enjoyed a good meal together he went home. Honestly Richard didn't want to leave his friend's apartment but since he couldn't think of a good explanation to stay he returned to his own flat. Sadly he lived in a very cheap building, the best he could afford from the monthly allowance he got from his parents. The lack of neighbours had been in the past a blessing, making him feel like he owned a, no matter how run down, house. Now the lack of other people close to him appeared unsettling. The mail box hold the usual orange letter, deciding to ignore the mail he left the letter closed in the mail box, silently hopping that his admirer got the hint and left him alone.