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Day 16 Tuesday

He awakens and feels watched, it is uncomfortable, no matter if it is for his own good.

Officer Wilson, or rather Slade, walks him to college. They get some curious looks, so he lies and says that the man is a friend of his parents who watches over him. It gets him a few jokes about having a babysitter, but otherwise they let the subject drop. He is able to focus on his studies again and by the end of his classes he is in a great mood. On his way home he says that he needs to go the supermarket and buys enough to cook for two persons, if the man has to watch over him, the least he can do is cook him a nice dinner. Slade seems surprised by his gesture, yet eats with him and even compliments him on his skills. It is nice not to eat alone for once in his home and the flattery makes him blush. He accompanies the man to the door and wishes him a good night, if he is honest with himself the evening almost felt like a date.

There had been no hint of his stalker.

Day 17 Wednesday

He awakens and feels watched, it is disorienting, yet it is for his own good.

Slade walks him to college again, he doesn't talk much but it is nice to have someone listening as he chatters about his family. That he has a babysitter is old news by now and his friends don't spare Officer Wilson a second glance. College continues as if there had been never something wrong to begin with. They share dinner again and he is grateful that Slade takes so much time to watch over him.

There had been no hint of his stalker.

Day 18 Thursday

He awakens and feels watched, it is normal and it is for his own good.

They drive together on Slade's motorbike to college, his explanation is that it might lure his admirer out if they break Richards routine. Slade takes a far longer way than necessary and he can't help himself but lean towards the tall, strong body, which keeps him safe. Once they are at his college the older male dismounts the bike and offers him help to get down. It is kind of charming in a very old-fashioned way. College is as usual. At home Slade offers to cook dinner while takes a shower, the domestic quality of it makes his heart beat a little faster.

There had been no hint of his stalker.

Day 19 Friday

He awakens and feels watched, it is nice, after all it is for his own good.

They drive again and he is even allowed to take the front seat for once. Slade takes control from behind as Richard sits between the mans spread legs. It is a great feeling to watch the street fly away under him and it is also nice to know that the older male carries a weapon on his person, even if the hardness poking his back takes a little of the pleasure from the ride. College is boring today, yet there is a nice Party planned at a friend's house. Sadly Slade forbids him to go, the man tells him about the dangers he might get into. A spiked drink or being peer pressured to do something stupid. All those things would make his job so much harder, with a guilty coincidence for asking he tells his friend that he can't come. The older male lifts his mood by going to a movie he had wanted to see for some time now, they really have a similar taste haven't they? He even cooked one of his favourite dishes yesterday.

There had been no hint of his stalker.

Day 20 Saturday

He awakens and feels watched, it makes him feel save, it is for his own good. He knows that.

He sleeps in and Slade decides that they should go for a nice brunch together. It is a pleasant day and he really starts to enjoy the older males company. During the meal Slade tells him that the his superior decided to rest the case, the stalker must have been scared off by the police. Yet, he doesn't share his boss opinion, so considering that he has his vocation next week, he might live with him. Richard nods but doesn't say anything. Living with a man he barely knows seems strange to him. Even if the man is a police officer, So, with no intention to take the offer, he expresses his gratefulness for the man's time and wishes him a pleasant day.

Day 21 Sunday morning

He awakens and doesn't feel watched, it scars him a little.

There at the foot of his bed is an orange letter and a small box. The letter voices the authors lack of understanding for involving the police, yet he forgives Richard for his foolishness, he loves him to much to stay mad at him. In the box is a prove of his feelings. He feels faint as he opens it, there is a heart, not a rosa paper box heart, but a real one out of flesh and blood. With shaking fingers he calls Slade praying to god that his offer still stands, it does.