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Worse, he had made it worse for himself. Honestly what part of don't anger the psychopath was so hard to understand he asked himself dully. Wilson had cuffed him to the chair and was busy locking all doors, giving him some time to think about the new development. He should apologize, swallow his pride and whimper like a beaten dog, didn't he claim to love him? But was he such a good actor? With his parents he had learned how to move in the air, faking emotions had never been a part of his schedule. Could he pretend to feel affection for a man who could only hope for pity once he stopped fearing him?

Wilson entered the kitchen and prowled closer, looming over Richard like a raptor, fixed on his prey. He tried not to cringe under the unforgiving gaze and bowed his head in submission. He liked this didn't he? To see him scared into becoming this little boy searching for comfort, blindly trusting him. A rough, callused hand started to caress his left cheek softly, contradictive to the tense air surrounding them. How did people lie, wasn't there the saying that the best lies are carefully worded truths? "I'm sorry for failing to escape this place. I won't try again to run away trying implies the possibility of failure." his tone neutral and soft, this was how you clamped wild animals down wasn't it? The hand was still caressing his cheek and the man bent forward, lips close to his ear," I don't take pleasure from your pain, yet you only respond to this stimuli, only seek my presence when you are scared of the very shadows surrounding you. So what should it be? Maybe some more horror movies? Or should it be less fictional, the conversations of prisoners relishing in the deeds that brought them there?" Richard was shaking by this point, his mind creating horrible images, "please no", he whimpered, silent tears rolling down his cheek. In response the older male only kissed his cheek and followed the wet trail of tears with his tongue.

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