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Chapter one – Bandits (Sarah)

The sound of horses' hooves and raucous laughter reaches us through the trees as we move silently along the top of the gully. We both wear dark clothes, blending in with our surroundings completely. Curious about the sounds, I move quiet as ever to the edge and look down the steep sides of the gully. There I see two men on horseback, both wear silver chainmail and bright red cloaks with a gold emblem.

Rachael? I call in my mind, she moves to my side instantly and silently even though she hurt her leg a few days earlier.

We are always picking up injuries, that's just part of living on the move. Rachael has a slight limp that you would only really notice if you knew her as well as I did and I wear a bandage over my wrist, though that's really more for disguise than because I'm injured.

Sarah! Calls Rachael in my mind, pulling me out of my thoughts. They're not who I think they are, are they? She sounds stunned.

That depends, if you think they are jesters then probably not, if you think they're knights of Camelot then yes, I think so.

They're supposed to be unbeatable.

Well, there's a bandit camp up ahead, if we follow them we might get to see how good they really are.

They aren't being very careful, are they? They should have at least noticed some signs of the bandits even if they haven't seen us. They can't be that good. I bet we could beat them.

I ignore her idle speculations, I am watching the knights. One has ebony coloured hair, the other's hair is golden, but both wear it down past their ears and could do with a shave. They look strong and happy and I can just make out the tips of two sheathed swords at their waists.

We follow the knights along the gully, hurrying to keep up with the horses. Soon I am sure we have passed the boundary of the bandit's camp, yet no one is around. I catch Rachael's beautiful dark eyes that I have always been jealous of and I don't need our powers to know that she is thinking the same as me.

The knights reach the main camp and are unable to miss the signs of bandits any longer, for one thing there is a tent blocking their path forwards. They dismount from their horses and look around.

'Bandits?' asks the darker haired man quietly, I can see now that he is the smaller of the pair. The other man nods and they draw their swords with stealth, moving back to back almost as quiet as us.

Sarah! Rachael's familiar voice comes as a hiss in my mind. I look at her and she nods to the other side of the gully where a branch is swaying gently in the breeze. I look back at Rachael, confusion clear on my face. She rolls her eyes at me, There's no wind. She thinks at me. But if there is no wind, what is moving that branch? In the moment it takes me to reach this conclusion the bandits attack.

They pour from every direction, I even notice one jump out of a bush, sword swinging. I count them, ten, twenty, thirty, maybe more. I feel Rachael's thought before it has it has truly formed in her mind.

Two knights against thirty odd armed bandits.

I focus on the knights and I see that they truly are great fighters, they protect each other's backs in the way that Rachael and I do, chopping down man after man, but no one can win a fight against so many opponents.

I watch as one of the bandits, a large man wielding a heavy looking axe, manages to slice the fair haired knight's shoulder before the other knight runs him through.

I move without thinking, pulling my bow from my shoulder and drawing an arrow from my quiver. In my mind I see Rachael copy me and I open my mind completely to her, it is how we fight best, as of one mind, in perfect synchrony.

I fire arrow after arrow bringing down four bandits before dropping my bow and quiver next to my pack and sliding down the embankment towards the fight, drawing my sword from its sheath as I go. One bandit with an eye patch sees me coming and heads towards me but he has fallen with an arrow in his chest before he has taken three steps. I cut down two more men as Rachael slides down after me, she has dropped her bow and quiver too but still wears her pack on her back. I wink at her before starting to do what we do best.

We twirl through the fight, back to back, bringing down every man that comes in reach of our swords. No body touches us, we are deadly. I stick my sword through a man to look around and find that not only is he the last standing bandit, but to find that Rachael also has her sword through the same man as me.

Call that a half each, shall we? I say in my mind.

Ok, thirteen and a half, then. She replies. You?

Fourteen and a half. I answer smiling.

Cheat. Is her only reply. She hates losing.

We turn to see the knight staring at us in awe.

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