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Chapter 12 – Night (Sarah)

I wake several hours later from a dream where I was flying on the back of an ink black dragon, we were flying fast, chasing or being chased though I cannot remember which, maybe both.

It is still dark when I open my eyes, the only light coming from the gently burning fire. I look around and see that Gwaine has taken over Leon's watch. He sits against a tree, staring into the flames.

I stand and walk over to him, he turns as I approach.

'So you're a nobleman' I say quietly.

'And you're a witch' he replies. It is not a question.

'I prefer sorceress. 'Witch' makes me sound like an old hag.'

He chuckles, 'Well you're not old and you're definitely not a hag, so sorceress it is.'

'Does it bother you? Me having magic?'

He pats the ground beside him and I sit, awaiting his answer.

'Before I saved Merlin and Arthur from getting beaten up in a tavern I travelled a great deal. Never staying in the same place for long, moving through the kingdoms. All of the kingdoms, not just those where magic is forbidden. I met many people on my travels and some of those I met had magic. A lot of those with magic used their powers for evil, to steal and trick. Their magic brought them power and that power corrupted them. But even more of those with magic were hard-working peasants, they used their powers solely to help people stay alive. There was nothing evil about them. Magic brings power and power can corrupt, but it is the power, not the magic that does the corrupting and in the right people magic can be a force for good. I always knew magic was not evil, I do as Arthur commands but if it was up to me there would not be a ban on magic. Not that Arthur would ever listen to me if I told him that. I understand why you didn't say anything, believe me, I think your head looks much better attached to your body too.' He smiles at me and pulls me into his side. I breathe out in relief. I have started to like Gwaine a lot, even if I had just met him. He is so easy going, as if nothing could ever faze him and I am insanely happy that he doesn't mind my powers.

'I do have one question though.' He says and I look up at him.

'What?' I ask cautiously.

'That guy you were friends with, Matthew or whatever his name is, were you two…' he trails off.

'Michael? What, were we together?' I chuckle, 'No, Michael was just like every other boy our age, they saw Rachael and me together and their eyes glued straight to Rachael, even if she never showed any interest in anyone but Perce. No Michael was just as besotted as everyone else. Rachael was always the pretty one, the dainty one. The one that looks like she needs protecting, I mean Rachael could kick any of their asses but she doesn't look like it. Me on the other hand, well I look like I can take care of myself. Apparently guys don't like that.'

'I do. I could never be bothered with the girls that are obsessed with pretty dresses and hair-dos and ribbons. They bore me to death. You are strong and fierce and beautiful and you drink almost as much as me and you fight better than any knight. To me, you are perfect.'

'Even with my powers?' I ask, hoping not to spoil the mood.

'Even with your powers' he smiles down at me and I am struck by how beautiful his smile is, his whole face lights up, right down to his russet brown eyes surrounded by waves of unruly dark brown hair.

I realise I am staring at him and struggle to find something to say. 'So you're not mad at Perce or Merlin?'

'Oh no, see the difference is they lied. Merlin was my first proper friend I ever had, I even told him about my father, and Percival is like a brother to me. Those two are my best friends, they should have trusted me enough not to tell Arthur. I wouldn't be looking forwards to the morning if I were them.'

'Don't be too harsh on them, they probably didn't want to put you in a position where you had to either lie to your king or betray your friends. And I'm pretty sure they like their heads on their bodies as well.' Gwaine snorts, 'Though getting his head chopped off might make Perce shut up.' I add as an afterthought.

'What do you mean shut up? Percival's even quieter than Elyan. The only time he says anything is when he's drunk.'

I look at him sceptically, 'I don't know what Percival you're talking about but it can't be the same one as my brother. Trust me, I used to have to bind his mouth shut while he was sleeping to get a word in edgeways.'

Gwaine smiles his beautiful smile and says 'Well that's definitely changed, remind me to ask him about that in the morning. Two seconds, fire's going out. I'll put more wood on it.'

He starts to get up but I stop him, 'Let me.' I turn my head towards the log pile that Merlin collected earlier, there is a flash of gold in my eyes and a log lifts from the pile and floats over to the fire and lands in the dying flames.

I look at Gwaine, hoping this show of magic hasn't changed his mind about me but all he says is 'Well that's useful.'

I grin, so happy at his acceptance of my powers that I decide to show him more. 'Watch this' I whisper to him as I lie against the fire warmed chainmail covering his muscular chest with my head tuned towards the flames.

As my eyes flash the tendrils of light begin to dance, the fire rises higher and sinks lower and changes colour from its pale orange to blood red, deep purple to cool blue, moss green to sundrop yellow. As Gwaine watches the fire, enthralled by its magical beauty, I close my eyes, blissfully happy as the firelight glows behind the lids of my eyes and I fall asleep on the chest of my knight who thinks I am perfect, magic and all, ready for what promises to be an exciting day.

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