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Title: Chasing Fireflies – The Next Generation of Heroes

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; post both series

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, they belong to the old Greeks. This fanfiction and its OCs on the other hand are entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, fluff, h/c, mpreg, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, D/s, bondage, masturbation, toys, spanking, rimming, handjobs, magic, knotting, collars, past rape/abuse, (temporary) character death, depression, threesomes, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Sander/Donny, Trend/Derek/Sam and Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Chris/Clarisse, Piper/Annabeth, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Jason/Reyna, Travis/Connor, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Jake/Will, Kayla/Nyssa, Alabaster/Liam, Tyson/Ella, Paul/Sally, Hades/Persephone, Tempest/Blackjack

Side Pairings OCs: Trend/Sam, Herc/Thea, Joe/Nico, Marshall/Sara, Loki/Blance, Dash/Kara, Vic/Stella/Jonas, Chuck/Melissa, Luke/Thess, Kitty/Percy, Fred/Carry, JP/Milly

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Jason Grace, Will Solace, Jake Mason, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Miranda Gardner, Lou Ellen, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Nyssa Black, Kayla Hein, Alabaster C. Torrington, Thalia Grace, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Octavian Simmons, Ella, Tyson, Grover Underwood, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Chiron, Small Bob, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Tempest, Arion

Gods: Hades, Persephone, Demeter, Poseidon, Artemis

Own Animals: Shadowchaser (Donny's shadow-pegasus), Trickster (Sander's pegasus), Nightowl (Thea's pegasus), Fighter (Sam's pegasus), Rush (Trend's pegasus), Poker (Jack's pet-bunny)

Own Characters of the Next Generation:

Nicercy: Bianca Maria 'Bia' di Angelo, Hades Poseidon 'Donny' di Angelo, Sally Persephone 'Percy' di Angelo, Theseus Paul 'Thess' di Angelo, James Charles 'Jimmy' di Angelo, Laura Silena 'Silly' di Angelo, Jackson Tyson Jack' di Angelo

Chrisse: Calandra 'Cally' Rodriguez, Chrysander 'Sander' Rodriguez, Charisma 'Carry' Rodriguez

Pipabeth: Theadora Tiphane 'Thea' Chase, Lucas Thomas 'Luke' Chase, Tristan Frederick 'Fred' Chase, Matthew Robert 'Matt' Chase

Jayna: Hercules 'Herc' Grace, Thalia Hylla 'Thyl' Grace, Jupiter Perseus 'JP' Grace

Frazeleo: Esperanza Nicole 'Nico' Zhang, Sammy Marie Zhang, Emily Fey 'Milly' Zhang, Claryssa 'Claire' Zhang

Matie: Amarilla 'Amy' Cage, Anthismos 'Andy' Cage

Louranda: Kathryn 'Kitty' Ellen, Alabaster 'Basty' Ellen

Jakill: Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Mason (adopted; daughter of Apollo)

Stolls: Hunter 'Hunt' Hood, Hayden 'Heist' Hood (adopted; sons Hermes)

Own Demigods: Samuel Raser (Ares), Derek Rhys (Demeter), Trend Austin (Athena), Marshall Mikaelson (Enyo), Sara Mers (Mars), Joanna Foxx (Vulcan), Phylicia Rosenberg (Persephone), Bellatrix la Fey (Ares), Phineas DeVorut (Venus), Melissa Montgomery (Dionysus), Charles Smith (Apollo), Stella Ribeiro (Aphrodite), Jonas Meyer (Enyalios), Victor Kruger (Hephaestus), Erik Anderson (Enyo), Lila Lovegood (Hecate), Rainbow Jordan (Iris), Takara Thompson (Trivia), Sedanur Aykan (Apollo, augur), Loki Murdock (Mercury), Blance Lamour (Chione), Ulrika Schuster (Eris), Arielle Schneider (Triton), Liam O'Riley (Hecate)

Summary: Donny di Angelo never cared about fighting or becoming a hero. Quite the opposite of Sander Rodriguez, who was the greatest Greek hero of their generation. Together with his beloved cousin Nico Zhang and his best friend Thea Chase, Donny faces the hardest quest possible. The one for confidence and love. His biggest support though are his parents and siblings. Being a teenage demigod was hard, being the son of the greatest hero ever was even harder.

Chasing Fireflies

The Next Generation of Heroes

10. To Be Cherished and Loved

Nico groaned and stretched some as he exited the shadows in their living room. He would have loved to directly travel into their bed and sleep. But seeing as it was already well past half twelve in the night and his beloved husband had a rough day at work in the dojo, he had practically been sleep-walking when he had come home this evening. So Nico guessed the Sea Prince was already asleep. A slight pout slid onto his lips at that thought. He had scarcely been able to exchange a word with his husband today, they had missed each other in the morning and shortly after Percy had returned home, Nico had to leave for an emergency meeting in his office regarding a pretty big case. It was only up to luck and big, begging eyes turned onto Piper that Nico had been able to leave on time. He made a mental note to bring Piper a treat tomorrow.

Stretching again, he started to climb the stairs. He loved working with Piper and Lou. The three of them had founded their company. With the foundation of New Athens many things had changed in the Greek society. There were no year rounders anymore, they had small apartments where orphaned demigods or those who didn't want to endanger their mortal family could live without paying rent. They lived in rooming arrangements, most of the time three together. And their firm took care of this. Employees of the Demigod Protective Service had certain apartments as their responsibility, visiting at least once a week to see if the preteens or teens were doing their homework, had other things than junk-food in their fridges and kept everything clean. The DPS also took care of the collecting of demigods; many satyrs worked at their firm too. Because sending campers on quests was one thing, but sending them on quests to collect children was too dangerous for both parties. Now professional 'retired' heroes did that job. The concept had at first edged on with many, but since Lou, Piper and Nico had put everything in their powers – and a shadow-traveler, a witch and a charmspeaker had much power – into this, they had succeeded. By now the three were next to Chiron and Mayor Chase the most important people in New Athens. And even though the DPS was huge, with many departments and chiefs by now, Lou, Piper and Nico still wanted to keep a certain control over it. Which did result in overtime once in a while, but by now they were pretty good at dividing work and handing it over to others.

"Someone is looking very tired."

Nico blinked as he heard the soft, slightly teasing voice. Popping his neck, he stared at... Gulping, he licked his lips. Percy di Angelo was laying on their bed, naked as the day he had been born. One leg was drawn up against his chest, giving Nico a quite inspiring view between those soft thighs. The beautiful Sea Prince had a teasing smile on his rosy lips.

"Percy", grunted Nico skeptically and stepped closer. "If you're going to yawn and state that you're dead tired and want to go to sleep now, I will punish you like never before."

"I'm not that much of a tease", laughed the son of Poseidon softly and sat up. "Though with what you just said... I think I have to reconsider my plans for the evening and 'go to sleep'."

"I'm too exhausted to punish you properly so I'd appreciate for you to not be a tease", huffed the Ghost King and collapsed on the bed next to this husband. "What brought that on? I thought your day with Clarisse had been hard, what with the new summer classes starting and all... Training newbies and being so completely dead, I thought you'd already be asleep."

"I tried falling asleep", hummed Percy and scooted closer to rest his head on Nico's chest, his hands wandering beneath the sweaty shirt that clung to his lover's muscular frame. "But I couldn't get the picture of you training out of my head. Knowing you're out there, training... with sweat running down your hot body, that serious expression in your amazing eyes whenever you concentrate on fighting, the pure power radiating off you when you're in your element..."

The son of Poseidon licked his lips, lust clouding his sea-green eyes as his fingers trailed the six-pack beneath the black shirt. Nico chuckled amused and raised one eyebrow, pulling him close.

"So you were making yourself hot and bothered by thinking of me?", snickered Nico amused, running his fingers up and down Percy's side. "And now you want me to take care of it?"

"I actually already took care of it myself", murmured the Sea Prince and blushed. "What? You're hot and I was bored! Don't give me that look, Nico!"

"You... jerked off thinking of me?", snorted the Ghost King intrigued and rolled them over to rest between eagerly spread legs. "Like a horny little teenager, eh?"

"What can I say, you still get me horny like a teenager", mumbled the flustered son of Poseidon embarrassed, yet he still spread his legs a bit wider in a provoking manner. "I just... you still make me drool, even after all these years, you're the hottest man ever. But jerking off with a dildo up my ass is just not the same as getting fucked by you... So... I may have jerked off, but I'm not satisfied."

"Mh, we can't have that", murmured Nico, kissing down Percy's torso until he nibbled on the Sea Prince's hipbones. "You know, I'm glad I still affect you like that. Because you, my delicious little tease, make me hard every time you dust off the lower shelves in the living room..."

"Why do you think I do that?", smirked Percy and pulled Nico up to kiss him passionately. "I need to know if I'm still good enough at getting to you."

"You're more than good enough for me", growled the son of Hades possessively as Percy pulled the black shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor. "You're perfection, you're the most beautiful being that has ever been brought forth from the sea. Including Aphrodite."

"Don't anger the goddess of love", chided Percy, though he still looked very pleased by this.

"I guess you're right", chuckled Nico, fidgeting with his pants. "How about I take care of you now? Would you like that? My cock within you, mercilessly overstimulating your prostate?"

"Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes, please", whimpered the Sea Prince and nodded hastily.

Nico snickered, dragging his lips lazily along the collar-bone, chest and well-defined stomach of his husband and down to the already half-erect member of the Sea Prince. Percy moaned hoarsely as his husband's cunning tongue went to tease him into a full erection. Equally cunning fingers went to work the already loosened hole of his lover. It was still slick with lube from Percy' previous session.

"It's good you're so naughty, love. That saves time", smirked Nico and sat up to position himself at his husband's entrance. "I don't think I could wait for long today."

"Me neither, my Ghost King", moaned Percy, his fingers tangled into Nico's hair. "Take me!"

The son of Hades smirked amused by his husband's eagerness and slowly eased his way into the beloved tightness of his Sea Prince. Percy moaned hoarsely and threw his head back, his nails digging into his lover's shoulders. Nico growled slightly, already used to this kind of pain. He loved how possessive Percy could get, it showed him that he wasn't the only one madly in love in their relationship. Crashing their lips together, Nico started to move, thrusting harshly into the man beneath him. Percy's nails scratched Nico's back over and over again, every time the Ghost King hit his prostate, as if the Sea Prince tried to hold onto reality in his blissful state.

"Ha—arder, Nico, please", gasped the son of Poseidon, baring his neck.

Nico took the invitation and sank his teeth into the tender flesh, nibbling, biting and sucking to leave a big mark. He loved how adorably embarrassed Percy got when others saw such marks. Especially Clarisse enjoyed teasing the Sea Prince about them. Smirking against Percy's neck, the son of Hades wrapped his fingers around the attention-starved member of his lover. A strangled gasp was his reward, sea-green eyes clouded with lust and love.

"Love you, so much, so, so much", mewed the son of Poseidon, reaching up in a silent demand.

A serene smile laid on Nico's lips as he lowered them onto his lover's, this time in a gentle kiss. His movement slowed down a bit, hitting Percy's prostate in a torturing pace. Whimpers and whines were Percy's way of begging for more. It seemed the Sea Prince's day had been exhausting enough for him to reduce him to quite the mess. Normally the son of Poseidon was more vocal.

"Come for me, amore", growled Nico darkly. "Be a good boy and come for me."

A mixture between a moan and a laughter escaped the rosy lips, making Nico smirk. He enjoyed making his husband feel young again, because he hated whenever his gorgeous, beautiful, mesmerizing Sea Prince was in one of his "I'm too old and not good enough for you anymore, especially not after all these years and pregnancies!"-moods. This was completely ridiculous though, because Percy is, was and would always be the most enchanting being on this planet to him.

"Now, don't make me wait, my little tease", chided the smirking Ghost King. "Come, amore."

His cunning fingers knew exactly which spots to tease, to caress and to scratch to get the reactions he wanted. Within a couple of seconds, the Sea Prince came with his husband's name on his lips, panting hard as his mind went fuzzy, a pleased grin aimed at his lover. Just seeing that thoroughly shagged look on that beautiful face and the contorting feeling of Percy's clenching muscles were enough for Nico to come too, filling his husband's tight ass with his cum.

"You're gorgeous, mio bello", murmured Nico, placing a sloppy kiss on Percy's lips.

The son of Poseidon huffed slightly and snuggled up to his husband after the Ghost King pulled out of him. The Italian wrapped his arms around the slender waist, pulling Percy closer.

"So...", drawled the Sea Prince, drawing dolphins onto Nico's torso with their mingled sweat, animating them to move around on the well-trained body. "How was training with our boy?"

"He's in love with Chrysander Rodriguez", was Nico's only reply.

"Oh", blinked Percy amused. "Did you figure it out yourself or did he tell you?"

"A mixture of both", shrugged the son of Hades with a dark glare. "The boy dared to hurt our precious angelo! Padre mio, if that lad shows himself, I'll hand his ass to him!"

Percy's eyes glazed over once more at that, not really hearing the words. He loved how Nico's Italian accent, that was normally only barely noticeable, always got thick when he was irritated and angry. That always made him horny as hell. Blinking a couple of times, he tried to regain focus.

"I doubt Donny would appreciate it if you'd do that, love", smiled Percy amused, folding his arms beneath his chin. "It's his love-life. Let him get that in his own pace, mh? I mean... I'm glad we had our own pace too. I know we could have gotten together earlier, but... it was good the way it was. I... had needed that time to figure stuff out on my own. Maybe Donny needs that too. It would be bad if you'd push their relationship instead of giving them time, mh?"

"Are you comparing them to us?", grunted Nico with a frown. "I don't like that."

"Why?", asked Percy, a confused frown of his own on his face.

"Because you've carried seven children for me, amore", replied the Ghost King slowly.

"Still not seeing the problem", grunted Percy, with a warning glare in his green eyes. "This better has a good reasoning behind it, because otherwise you'll sleep on the couch for the rest of summer."

"What? No", huffed the son of Hades and kissed his husband soothingly. "I didn't mean it like that. I love you and the fact that you're the mother of my children. I just don't want to see our son being the mother of Chrysander's children. The implication, Percy, the implication! Our baby boy getting... getting... No! He's my bambino, no one is going to touch him in those inappropriate ways. Especially not that up-to-no-good trickster! No."

"You... do know that most likely all our children, sans Bianca, will have sex at one point in their lives, right?", chuckled Percy highly amused and pecked Nico's lips. "You're adorable."

"No", huffed the glaring Ghost King. "None of my children are going to have sex as long as I am there to stop that from happening. Not my little angels."

"You also do know that that's the reason Thess was so reluctant to tell us, eh?", chuckled Percy and shook his head. "It's part of growing up. They'll fall in love, they will endure heartbreak but also joy, they will discover sexuality and they will eventually have children of their own. I will not have you standing between me and my grandchildren, Nico di Angelo!"

"Grandchildren...", repeated Nico thoughtful, his eyes softening. "I like the thought of that... You and me, all old and wrinkled, sitting on our swing hammock, watching the bambini playing at our pond, watching them on the weekends and yet still having all week to ourselves..."

"See?", smiled Percy and nodded, enjoying the sound of it. "But for that to happen, our children have to inevitably have sex at one point. And I for my part would prefer for my children to have their children with someone they love and not with some hidden one-night-stand because they're too afraid to have a proper relationship thanks to their father. Let them enjoy love. Let them have what I have. A perfect life. I want for Donny to find his very own Nico, who's able to take all his insecurities away and make him feel like the most special person on this planet, who can always give him the feeling of being protected, loved and cherished. I want him to have that too."

"That's what I make you feel?", grinned Nico, kissing Percy tenderly. "That's good."

"That and a thousand wonderful things more", smiled the son of Poseidon and yawned widely.

"Then I suppose you're right", nodded the Ghost King thoughtful. "I want for him to have that too. Donny is so insecure about himself, he needs someone to assure him of how wonderful he is, because it seems he doesn't believe us whenever we tell him. Though... Chrysander...?"

There was a slight glare flaming up in those dark eyes. A look Percy easily recognized. He knew exactly what was going through the Italian's head. All the pranks and mischief the trickster had done in the past. Was he truly the best Donny could get?

"He's a hero", hummed Percy, tilting his head. "He has always done everything to protect Donny. Don't you remember all the times they had gotten in trouble? Sander always did everything in his power to keep our baby safe. I think he has been crushing on Donny for some time now."

"Then why is he being a jerk now?", glared Nico accusingly. "If he doesn't have a good reason for hurting Donny – and there is no good reason for that – I will personally tear him a new one and then leave him with my father for a little while."

"Hurting him?", grunted Percy, now also glaring. "No one hurts my children."

"Donny had been quite out of it today and he had said that Chrysander had been grumpy and hadn't even said good bye to him when he had left for New Rome, not even saying why he went to visit the Romans. Something is up with the brat", replied the son of Hades.

The sea-green eyes darkened some, causing Nico to raise an eyebrow. The son of Hades loved that feral mother-lioness-side of his husband. These days it was rare to get the hero, the fighter, the wolf out of Percy. They weren't at war anymore, their last quest had been nineteen years ago. The biggest fight Percy Jackson got to have these days was when he was groceries shopping and a sale was nearly sold out. Not that Nico was complaining, he relished the times of peace and their little family life. But he would also always relish the memories of the savior of Olympus, all fighting stance, ready to kick some ungodly asses (or in some cases, godly asses).

"I think it's time I go and visit your sister again. Maybe I'll meet Sander there", hummed Percy with a slightly wicked gleam in his eyes. "It would be nice to talk to Leo again too..."

"Ah, I am not allowed to kick Chrysander's ass but you are? Why?", whined Nico with a pout, his arms crossed over his chest. "That's not fair, Percy."

"I'm not going to kick his ass, moron", muttered the Sea Prince and waved his hand dismissively. "I just want to have a nice conversation with him, from... godmother to godson."

The way Percy flexed his fists suggested a bit more than tea and cookies though. Then again, Nico would be the last to interfere. Because Percy was still Percy and coming into his way when he was agitated was a very, very bad idea, even for his husband.

"But make it short. Donny is expecting you tonight", warned Nico with one raised eyebrow. "Don't let the kid wait. You know how whiny he can get. Oh, what am I saying? Of course you know, he got that from you, after all."

"I am not whiny", grunted Percy and blushed slightly.

"Really? Could have fooled me there earlier", smirked the Ghost King.

The Sea Prince's blush deepened some. "That is something completely different, you perv."

"I think I'll come with you tomorrow", hummed Nico, dismissing the adorably flustered look on his husband's face. "I miss my sister and I haven't seen Claire in months. The kid must have grown. They always grow so fast in that age. And my other nieces too."

"Visiting the Romans then", grinned Percy with a nod. "It'll be nice to get to tease Jason again too. I haven't seen him in a really long time... Wow. It's kind of sad, isn't it?"

"Not really. A couple of months is not that long. We live on different sides of the US, after all. If we were mortals, we would probably only see them every couple of years", shrugged Nico, running his fingers through Percy's hair. "We're all busy. We have jobs, children, lives of our own. It's not like we get to go on some ridiculous quest, only us on a ship for some days. There are more important things now. And we still see them often enough. I know how often you and Leo IM each other."

"Well... we got to trade stories", giggled Percy, his blush returning.

"Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever grow up", muttered Nico affectionately and shook his head.

"But that's what you love about me", noted the son of Poseidon, arching one eyebrow.

"No", disagreed Nico with a smirk and leaned in to kiss Percy's nose. "I love everything about you."

"And that is what I love most about you", smiled Percy, tilting his head to properly kiss Nico.

"You know", hummed the Ghost King after a little while of their lips moving against each other. "I've been thinking, since we're going to spend quite much time with Donny for now... Maybe we should do a little extra thing with our other children too."

"I've been thinking the same", nodded Percy and bit his lower lip in guilt. "I feel as if I'm not giving them enough love when I'm not spending equal time with them all. I know that's ridiculous and that it's also quite impossible to take to every single issue of every child when you have seven of them running around, but... I don't want them to feel neglected..."

"That was absolutely not what I was getting at since none of our children will ever feel neglected with such a dotting mother", grinned Nico in a slightly teasing voice. "But well, Jimmy and Silly had been bugging me for a while now that they wanted to show their friends the underworld..."

"How about you take them with you to visit your father this weekend and I take Thess, Percy and their friends with me down to visit my father?", smirked Percy. "Dad had been dying to meet Percy's girlfriend. And now with Thess dating Luke, he would even get to meet them both."

"Underwater?", frowned Nico slightly. "You know I don't like that. Cyclopes – not counting Ty – and sharks and other dangerous creatures are lurking in the sea..."

"Because the underworld, with it's skeletons, zombies and ghosts is a fun fare for children?", snorted Percy ridiculed and glared at his husband. "Oh no. If you take Jimmy and Silly to the underworld, I will take Percy and Thess underwater. No discussions, mister."

"What are we going to do with the little bugger though?", frowned Nico thoughtful. "He's too sneaky and ADHD to go with either of us, at least while we're both alone with a bunch of children or teenagers. He'd be lost at sea within a minute and causing ruckus in the underworld in ten."

"Well, how about we do him a favor too then?", grinned Percy broadly. "He had been whining about visiting my parents for weeks now, but with school and all..."

"We could bring him to Paul and Sally for the weekend, yes...", drawled Nico slowly. "That's actually a pretty good idea. And with all of us busy, Donny will have to relax some too."

"And maybe he'll get to spend some alone-time with Sander", smirked the son of Poseidon, pleased by their plans. "Maybe they'll finally get to talk about certain things, without having to fear their younger siblings butting in on them. Oh, you're brilliant, love."

"I know", chuckled Nico. "It's why you married me. That, and my cock."

"And some other things, yes. But mainly those two", snorted Percy and rolled his eyes before yawning widely. "And now, be a good husband and be my pillow, I'm sleepy after you fucked me."

"As you wish", grunted the son of Hades amused, kissing him lightly. "Sleep tight, amore."