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Title: Chasing Fireflies – The Next Generation of Heroes

Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus; post both series

Disclaimer: All rights reserved to Rick Riordan for he created the awesomeness that is Nico di Angelo. And everything else related to Percy Jackson and the Olympians / Heroes of Olympus. Aside from the Gods, they belong to the old Greeks. This fanfiction and its OCs on the other hand are entirely mine. No money is made with this, though reviews are more than welcomed.

Warnings: shounen-ai, fluff, h/c, mpreg, explicit intercourse, anal, oral, D/s, bondage, masturbation, toys, spanking, rimming, handjobs, magic, knotting, collars, past rape/abuse, (temporary) character death, depression, threesomes, shoujo-ai, hetero

Main Pairing: Sander/Donny, Trend/Derek/Sam and Nico/Percy

Side Pairings: Chris/Clarisse, Piper/Annabeth, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Jason/Reyna, Travis/Connor, Malcolm/Katie, Lou/Miranda, Jake/Will, Kayla/Nyssa, Alabaster/Liam, Tyson/Ella, Paul/Sally, Hades/Persephone, Tempest/Blackjack

Side Pairings OCs: Trend/Sam, Herc/Thea, Joe/Nico, Marshall/Sara, Loki/Blance, Dash/Kara, Vic/Stella/Jonas, Chuck/Melissa, Luke/Thess, Kitty/Percy, Fred/Carry, JP/Milly

Percy Jackson Characters: Perseus Jackson, Nico di Angelo, Clarisse la Rue, Chris Rodriguez, Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Jason Grace, Will Solace, Jake Mason, Katie Gardner, Malcolm Cage, Miranda Gardner, Lou Ellen, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Nyssa Black, Kayla Hein, Alabaster C. Torrington, Thalia Grace, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Octavian Simmons, Ella, Tyson, Grover Underwood, Sally Blofis, Paul Blofis, Chiron, Small Bob, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, Tempest, Arion

Gods: Hades, Persephone, Demeter, Poseidon, Artemis

Own Animals: Shadowchaser (Donny's shadow-pegasus), Trickster (Sander's pegasus), Nightowl (Thea's pegasus), Fighter (Sam's pegasus), Rush (Trend's pegasus), Poker (Jack's pet-bunny)

Own Characters of the Next Generation:

Nicercy: Bianca Maria 'Bia' di Angelo, Hades Poseidon 'Donny' di Angelo, Sally Persephone 'Percy' di Angelo, Theseus Paul 'Thess' di Angelo, James Charles 'Jimmy' di Angelo, Laura Silena 'Silly' di Angelo, Jackson Tyson Jack' di Angelo

Chrisse: Calandra 'Cally' Rodriguez, Chrysander 'Sander' Rodriguez, Charisma 'Carry' Rodriguez

Pipabeth: Theadora Tiphane 'Thea' Chase, Lucas Thomas 'Luke' Chase, Tristan Frederick 'Fred' Chase, Matthew Robert 'Matt' Chase

Jayna: Hercules 'Herc' Grace, Thalia Hylla 'Thyl' Grace, Jupiter Perseus 'JP' Grace

Frazeleo: Esperanza Nicole 'Nico' Zhang, Sammy Marie Zhang, Emily Fey 'Milly' Zhang, Claryssa 'Claire' Zhang

Matie: Amarilla 'Amy' Cage, Anthismos 'Andy' Cage

Louranda: Kathryn 'Kitty' Ellen, Alabaster 'Basty' Ellen

Jakill: Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Mason (adopted; daughter of Apollo)

Stolls: Hunter 'Hunt' Hood, Hayden 'Heist' Hood (adopted; sons Hermes)

Own Demigods: Samuel Raser (Ares), Derek Rhys (Demeter), Trend Austin (Athena), Marshall Mikaelson (Enyo), Sara Mers (Mars), Joanna Foxx (Vulcan), Phylicia Rosenberg (Persephone), Bellatrix la Fey (Ares), Phineas DeVorut (Venus), Melissa Montgomery (Dionysus), Charles Smith (Apollo), Stella Ribeiro (Aphrodite), Jonas Meyer (Enyalios), Victor Kruger (Hephaestus), Erik Anderson (Enyo), Lila Lovegood (Hecate), Rainbow Jordan (Iris), Takara Thompson (Trivia), Sedanur Aykan (Apollo, augur), Loki Murdock (Mercury), Blance Lamour (Chione), Ulrika Schuster (Eris), Arielle Schneider (Triton), Liam O'Riley (Hecate)

Summary: Donny di Angelo never cared about fighting or becoming a hero. Quite the opposite of Sander Rodriguez, who was the greatest Greek hero of their generation. Together with his beloved cousin Nico Zhang and his best friend Thea Chase, Donny faces the hardest quest possible. The one for confidence and love. His biggest support though are his parents and siblings. Being a teenage demigod was hard, being the son of the greatest hero ever was even harder.

Chasing Fireflies

The Next Generation of Heroes

52. Seven Heroes Crossing Waters

It was dark outside, pitch-black even, as the seven heroes tiptoed out of the mansion. Selene O'Riley was snoring loudly on the couch. The perfect opportunity to sneak off. Sander was carrying not only his and Donny's bags, but also Donny himself. Shadow-traveling really knocked Donny out of his shoes, which really had Sander concerned. Why had his Dark Sea shadow-traveled to begin with? Once on board of the ship, Sander first headed to one of the four still intact sleeping cabins. He was looking forward to sharing a cabin with his fiance. Donny grunted slightly in his sleep as he was placed on top of the slim bed. Making grabby motions, Donny pulled Sander close.

"No", chuckled Sander and freed himself from his lover's grasp. "Bad Dark Sea, out. I have to help getting the ship ready. You just stay here and rest, I'll come to cuddle with you as soon as possible."

"Cuddle", mumbled Donny sleepily and smiled contently.

Though just before Sander had a chance to leave, Donny tugged on his sleep. "What is it, love?"

"Do bad Dark Seas get spankings?", asked Donny softly, staring up at Sander with half-lid eyes.

"Y—You're horrible", grunted Sander and blushed. "Go back to sleep, naughty Disney Princess."

"I love you too, my brave hero", grinned Donny impishly.

Shaking his head, Sander hurried out of the cabin. He couldn't stay there with a horny, cheeky Donny. How were they supposed to finish this quest with their hormones raging like that? Grunting annoyed, Sander emerged on deck where everything seemed set for them to leave. Thea was in the crow's nest while Trend and Herc were readying the sails. Nico was in the middle of getting them off the ground. Who seemed to be the most interesting however was Sam, because the son of Ares was in the middle of a conversation with a ghost. Stepping up to his Greek best friend, Sander cocked his head, staring intensely at the ghost of Merlin.

"What are you doing here?", asked Sander with a glare, placing a hand on Sam's shoulder.

He didn't like the ghost. This guy had made them bear their souls for a scrape of truth. Useless truth. It wasn't like Berlin was a small town or anything, after all. This guy had confronted Sam with that one thing the son of Ares had buried deep within his soul. And Sam was still digesting this confrontation, that much was obvious to Sander. Sam wasn't the type of guy to feel insecure and cry about it, yet that was exactly what had happened earlier this day. With Sam so distracted and out of it, their chances of success was more than slim, because Sam was their best hero. Sander was aware of that. He was only a legacy, but through Sam's veins pulsed so much more power.

"I'm here because I was feeling bad about how things went", smiled Merlin. "So I figured I may owe you a little more. I have a prophecy for you. If you're interested in 'some shitty riddle', that is."

"Whatever", muttered Sam with a glare, shifting to lean against Sander.

"Seven Heroes Crossing Waters, Six Sons not Defied

Five Friends as Backup, Four Greeks not Allied

Three Hours Left Fighting, Two Sides of the Same

One Love Left Dying, Zero Ways Out of the Game", recited Merlin before fading. "Good luck."

"Well, ghosts can count to seven, wow", grunted Sam displeased.

"I don't like the part about love and dying", frowned Sander upset and wrapped one arm around Sam to steer him over to the other two boys. "Did you hear that? Our very own prophecy. Yay."

"Hercules, if you could take over your girlfriend's shift, I would like to discuss this little nursery rhyme with her", ordered Trend with hard eyes, sneaking one arm around Sam's waist.

"I'm not a teddy bear, guys", grunted Sam and glared from Sander to Trend. "And Sander, why don't you take over Thea's shift? Donny is out and needs some rest after whatever weird shadow-traveling stunt he had pulled earlier so you and your dick don't need to distract him."

Sander gave an embarrassed sound, close to a whine, as he turned toward the crow's nest. Trend cocked one eyebrow at that, staring curiously at his boyfriend. Popping his neck, Sam pulled his storm lighter out of his pocket, clicking it open. He pointed the tip at Herc.

"Prophecies make me uneasy. While you two brainiacs figure this shit out, I want to train", declared Sam with a hard glare. "And when I train with Sander, it's only routines anyway. I've never sparred with Herc, so I think kicking his ass sounds like a relaxing task to end the day."

Trend nodded in understanding, he knew that training was something Sam did to cope, because it made him feel stronger. And prophecies that already involved death-threats were highly concerning. Still, before he left, he pulled Herc aside, with a vice-grip on the other blonde's arm.

"If your hands wander places where they're not supposed to be, I will know and I will break them."

Herc just stared at him wide-eyed and nodded. With an amused chuckle, Thea walked up to them and pulled Trend along to save her boyfriend from being killed by glares.

"Okay, so you guys just received a prophecy if I see that right?", asked Thea curiously.

Trend nodded silently as the two of them entered the captain's cabin – the only room aside from the four sleeping quarters still left whole. If Nico had bothered repairing them fully, they would still be stuck in England. Once inside, the two pulled out their laptops. Well, Thea pulled out Daedalus' laptop and Trend pulled out the recently upgraded laptop of Sam. A smile slid onto his lips as the laptop was up, the new background shining at him brightly. He had uploaded the pictures Selene had taken of him and Sam onto the laptop right before they had left. The picture was perfect, a blushing Sam half hiding in the crook of Trend's neck, tugged under the blonde's chin. A fond smile that looked startling much like One, True Love laid on Trend's lips. He hadn't known that he looked that way when he looked at Sam, but if that was really his Sam-expression, then it was shameful for Sam not to have noticed Trend's feelings sooner. Seriously. There was a shy, tender smile on Sam's lips as he had his eyes averted. Probably out of embarrassment because his cousin had been bragging on how those photos would go viral through all of the Raser-O'Riley family and friends of the family (aka Mrs. O'Brien). Still, Trend loved that smile, nearly as much as the radiant one that could light up a room with ease. Because this one was the vulnerable smile, the one he had reserved for his ma. That Trend was allowed to see it too was a big honor and only one more proof of how much Sam loved him. Shaking his head, he tried to concentrate on the task at hand. Prophecy. Opening a new document, he typed the prophecy up and threw it onto one of the big screens at the wall, Thea's laptop connected to the other screen so both teens could easily see each other's work.

Seven Heroes Crossing Waters, Six Sons not Defied

Five Friends as Backup, Four Greeks not Allied

Three Hours Left Fighting, Two Sides of the Same

One Love Left Dying, Zero Ways Out of the Game

"Okay", nodded Thea with a thoughtful expression, opening a new document of her own. "Let's start with the easiest part. The obvious part. Seven Heroes Crossing Waters. We sailed over the ocean to Europe. And we happen to be seven heroes. First part fulfilled, huh?"

She typed that down while Trend glared at the next. "What six sons though?"

"Brothers, perhaps? Maybe six gods or demigods or no idea... Maybe our enemy?", frowned Thea.

"Five Friends as Backup, Four Greeks not Allied", read Trend to himself in a soft voice. "I suppose we're getting backup, but it's unsettling to know that we're going to need backup. And the 'not allied' part about the Greeks is disturbing too. Does it mean they're not our allies? Or that they haven't decided yet with who they're going to ally with?"

"Let's leave that out for now, get everything through once before we break our brains on the harder parts", suggested Thea softly. "Three Hours Left Fighting, must mean... huh... our battle will be decided in a time frame of three hours? And are the two sides related to the time?"

"Maybe it refers to who will decide the battle? Two Sides of the Same sounds like siblings to me", frowned Trend and clawed his fingers into his hair. "No... maybe not siblings. Two Sides of the Same. Like the two aspects of a god? A half-blood of the counter aspect of one of our parents? Like a child of Mars to oppose Sammy, or a child of Mercury against Sander...?"

"Over-thinking", warned Thea sharply and continued. "One Love Left Dying, Zero Ways out of the Game. Which is pretty obvious. Someone has to die or we're stuck in the 'game'. The battle."

"Someone has to die for love", corrected Trend, minimizing the word document and staring at the laptop's background. "Take a look around. I can easily see any of us taking this line for themselves."

"So, basically, we're screwed", groaned Thea, hitting her forehead against the tabletop.


Sam was panting hard, highly satisfied as sweat was running down his face. He was sure to get back to Herc for future sparring. The way the Roman moved was edgy and sharp, Herc had complete control over his body when he was fighting. It was intense and interesting. New. Sam liked new.

"You're good. A little mechanical at times, but good", grinned the son of Ares, clapping Herc's shoulder. "Now, how about we hit the showers? I for my part feel sticky."

"No!", exclaimed Herc wide-eyed and shook his head. "I mean-"

"You mean you don't want to share a shower?", interrupted Sam half-amused, cocking one eyebrow.

"Uh... Well...", muttered Herc, embarrassed and ashamed, brightly blushed.

"No problem", grunted the son of Ares and shook his head. "I'm used to straights feeling uncomfortable about sharing a shower. I guess I get that you'd be uncomfortable, you are my type, after all. Tall, blonde and handsome. You go first, I'll go and check on Donny. Give me a word when you're finished, yeah? And stop looking like a kicked puppy."

Herc nodded numbly and stared after Sam's sweaty, retreating form. He did not stare at the way the muscles in Sam's back flexed with every proud stride or the way that perfectly shaped ass swayed.

"You know, I'm pretty sure that if Trend would be here at the moment, he'd tear your balls off", noted Nico casually, grinning amused. "Your personal Elysium would involve a foursome with Thea, Sam and Sam's motorbike, right you little perv?"

"Fuck you", muttered Herc miserably, combing his longish hair back with his fingers. "It's not that rare for our kind to be attracted to more than one person. Go shake your own family tree."

Nico laughed amused and shook her head. Not everybody always got what they wanted, she knew that from her own experience all too well. A small smile remained on her lips. Wow, it didn't hurt as much to think that as it had a month ago. The thought of Kara with the rainbow-brat didn't cause that agonizing clench of her heart anymore. Which probably was a good sign. She had to tell Joe. Which probably was a concerning sign. That she always wanted to share all good news with Joe right away. The very last thing Nico needed was another heartbreak at the hands of a friend.


Donny was laying on his back, bored out of his mind. Too much shadow-traveling left him practically immobilized, which was boring as heck. It was why they were taking the ship to begin with. If Donny would be as powerful as his dad, he could have just traveled all of them to their destination. But even carrying himself was too much for him still. Staring up at the ceiling, he observed the seven beautifully sparkling fireflies as they performed tricks to entertain them.

"Hey, you're awake", whispered a soft voice. "Can I come in or do you want more rest?"

"I'm not hurt, I just spend all my energy", grunted Donny annoyed. "Get in here, Sam."

The son of Ares flopped down on the bed within a second, crossing his arms behind his head. Grunting at how straining the movement was, Donny cuddled up to his best friend, resting his head on Sam's chest. Both their eyes fixed on the glowing insects above them.

"You're sticky and smelly", noted Donny tired. "That's kinda ew. Did you and Trend have sex?"

"No, Herc's at fault for that sticky and smelly", laughed Sam amused. "We trained together."

"Mhmh...", nodded Donny drowsily, snuggling up even more. "I told mom and dad about the engagement. I think they took it well. Though dad looked ready to shadow-travel himself and kick Sander's butt, at least until he looked at me. I don't know, he must have seen something that changed his mind. I... had to tell them, I mean, what if something happens during this quest...?"

"Don't say bullshit like that", warned Sam annoyed. "Nothing is going to happen to you. I saw it in the future, I mean, I saw your brats. Which means you're both going to live for at least another ten years. So don't pull a sad puppy, di Angelo."

"The future you have been shown is only a possibility. There are plenty more."

Donny jumped slightly at the sudden voice, staring wide eyed up at the fireflies that seemed to return his stare intensely. Shuddering, Donny curled together in himself against Sam's side.

"What's that supposed to mean?", asked Donny softly. "Plenty more?"

Sam opened his mouth to ask what was going on, but then he noticed that the Disney Princess seemed to be talking to the insects. Frowning curiously, he looked between them, waiting.

"By showing you the future, the Fee changed it, for humans tend to act irrational once they know their future. The future is a crossroads of possibilities. It is by far not written in stone."

"Now that is really not reassuring", sighed Donny, rubbing his nose against Sam's chest.

"Do I even want to know?", questioned Sam with one cocked eyebrow.

"Not really, no", chuckled Donny sadly. "Can you... do me a favor? I'm really tired, but there are things that simply need to go into my diary. Can you write for me and I dictate?"

"You trust me enough to take your diary?", asked Sam surprised and sat up.

"Of course I trust you, stupid", smiled Donny softly. "Besides, if you read it, I'll go all underworldly brat on your ass once I'm recharged. My diary is in my bag, all the way at the bottom."


Hello, Donny's diary, I am not Donny. I'm Sam and Donny said to write 'I'm Sam, Donny's best friend', but it feels kind of weird to say that about myself. So, Donny is kind of knocked out at the moment because the moron shadow-traveled to tell his parents about his engagement. Ouch. He just hit me. So I should probably start writing what he's dictating me. Wow, son of Ares, turned into the diary-writing-bitch of a whiny Disney Princess. Damn it. I'm still not going to write first person because that feels just weird and 'I' don't feel excited about 'my' engagement to Sander. Which, wow, weird thought. But Donny does. The brat is practically glowing. It's kind of sweet. I hope I get to glow like that too one day. Damn, nothing that belongs into Donny's diary. Fuck this. -S-

Hello, diary. Now it's really me. Sam handed me the pen and glared. He's not very good at writing down what others tell him to. Then again, he generally isn't good at doing what others tell him to do. Kind of reminds me of earlier today. I had sex with Sander! Uh, not that Sam reminds me of sex and I actually didn't really have real sex with Sander, we only sucked each other off and then there was the spanking! Which is what I just wanted to get at. Sander told me that generally seen spankings are more like a punishment and Sam and his big mouth make me think that maybe it would help his social skills if Trend would establish some punishments... -D-

Okay, I got to interrupt that damn Disney Princess right here. I. Do. Not. Need. Spankings. Fuck this. And I also don't need help with my fucking social skills, they rock. Especially not from Trend. How fucking ridiculous would that be? I am the one who taught him social skills, damn it. -S-

Which I totally doubt. And Sam needs to stop stealing my pen. Where was I? Right. I'm totally sure that Sam could use some 'discipline'. I TOTALLY SAW THAT CURIOUS GLEAM IN HIS EYES! -D-

There was no such gleam in my fucking eyes and Donny is a lying, little twat. -S-

This diary entry is going to confuse me to no end later on. Wow. So, the reason I had asked my dear best friend kindly to write the entry for me was that I'm excited about my engagement to Sander. We're engaged. Really, properly engaged. I'm engaged to the most amazing man ever. And I can already see my wedding. Black. I mean, who needs a white wedding? Everybody can have a white wedding. That's totally boring. I want a black wedding, though the bridesmaids need to wear blue. Bright, embarrassing blue. Nico, Thea and Sam are going to look so pretty in their dresses -D-

I am not going to wear a fucking dress on your wedding, Disney Princess. I'll be your best man. -S-

Nico and Thea are going to look so pretty in their dresses and Sam is going to be an awesome (and totally boring) best man. Or maybe Sander wants Sam as his best man...? I mean, I know that Sam and Herc both are Sander's best friends. I guess it's good that Sander and I are getting married, that way we don't need to get a custody deal on Sam. We're just going to share him. -D-

I fucking hate you, princess. Just... hate you. Do not sign me up as godparent for your brats. -S-

Sam went to the future and met mine and Sander's kids (which was one of the main reasons why it was so easy for me to say yes to Sander, because I'm eager for the future Sam saw). And Sam is going to be the godparent, whatever he may say. He doesn't have a say in this. He's mine, my best friend, like the very only friend I made all on my own. So he doesn't have a say in this. -D-

I feel emotionally violated by a possessive princess. I think I have to burn his diary, I have a suspicion that this thing includes more embarrassing stuff about me. Once again, I hate you. -S-

Sam doesn't hate me. I know deep down, he loves me. I mean, we did go on a date with me. I tell you, him and me, we would have been a total power couple without Trend and Sander in the way. Heh. The thought is kind of funny. The fireflies told me earlier that there are different kinds of futures out there. I wonder if there is a future where Sam and me would have stayed together. -D-

So, I didn't want to steal his pen again, but I have to comment on this shit. Which one of us would have bottomed, di Angelo? I mean, seriously? You're a bottom, I'm a bottom. We wouldn't work. -S-

For the record (even though we could as well talk about it because we're sitting next to each other), I would totally dominate you, Samuel Raser. You wouldn't just be my writing-bitch anymore. -D-


"You would totally dominate me?", laughed Sam loudly, wheezing breathlessly. "Fuck, that's hilarious. You don't say shit like that! And seriously? You would dominate me? Hah."

"I just wanted to write an entry on my engagement with Sander", whined Donny and curled together around Sam. "You had to distract me. If you would have just written what I was saying, this thing could already be finished. I think Trend really should consider disciplining you."

"Fuck you", snorted Sam, still amused as he was focused on Donny 'totally dominating' him.

"Though you have to admit that you had a curious look on your face when I told you that Sander spanked me", pointed Donny out, smirking slightly, poking him. "Come on, we're best friends."

Sighing in defeat, Sam took Donny's diary and laid it onto the nightstand before cuddling up to Donny, his arms around the smaller boy. "It's... I don't know. I mean, maybe. I never really thought about it, at least not... really. Not in a way that I'd admit to myself that I was thinking about it. But it's never going to happen anyway. I mean, look at how uncomfortable Trend was feeling about touching me because he doesn't want to hurt me or force me into anything. Like fuck he's going to even consider spanking me. Now go back to writing 'Donny Rodriguez' with little hearts into your diary, princess. We're done talking about my sex-life, you little perv."


Donny Rodriguez. Mh, no, I don't like the sound of that. Sander di Angelo. Chrysander di Angelo.

Author's note: A prophecy! I'm so proud of myself! Hehe.

Next chapter will have much horniness, Sam getting a spanking, Sam giving Donny The Talk, which will result in Donny getting fingered by Sander. Basically, the next chapter is smut. Gotta have some of that in it before they get to the fighting and figuring out the prophecy, because there won't be much time for dirt then. ;)