An odd sound, something like both a gasp and a squawk, emerged from Cristina's lips, and she made a feeble yet indignant gesture with one hand between the two of them as she attempted to voice her thoughts. "You…Darlene! Wendell…what are you-"

"Oh, am I making you uncomfortable?" Darlene turned more fully towards her, so that Cristina could fully see her small but nicely formed breasts in the cups of her black bra, the slight outlines of her ribs visible beneath her almost transparent skin. As Cristina stared, Darlene smiled, her teeth very white against the black of her lipstick, and she slowly raised one hand to run through her hair, as if to draw further attention to the slight movement of her breasts and increased exposure of rib this caused.

And Wendell, Cristina was stunned to notice, was still watching every move, not even pretending to turn away. And he too was smiling, even more noticeably than Darlene.

"What, you've never seen a girl undress before? And you're the one who's always so quick to dress out in PE," Darlene laughed, shaking her head. She made no attempt to undress any further, but merely stepped closer to Cristina, enjoying how the girl took a matching step back from her- which only drew her closer to Wendell in the doorway. "I didn't know you were so shy, Cris, it's just a body. I don't have anything you don't have…I might even have less of it," she smirked, her eyes moving deliberately to regard Cristina's slightly larger breasts.

Cristina crossed her arms immediately over her chest, her cheeks reddening perhaps in embarrassment, perhaps in continued shock or even anger as she shook her head vehemently, her voice rising. "Of course I dress out in gym, Darlene, that's just GIRLS, I don't care about GIRLS seeing me or me seeing them…but WENDELL'S here! Your BROTHER is in here watching you!"

She didn't even look in Wendell's direction, nor address him directly; it was as if, Wendell was amused to see, she thought that giving him any specific attention from herself would only encourage him further. She needn't have worried, as Wendell felt more than encouraged enough by Darlene. This might be a challenge, but it seemed that even moment by moment its rules were changing, and now, it appeared, he and Darlene were on the same team…without a word of discussion needed, the opponents, they both knew, were now he and Darlene against Cristina…what was not yet clear, was what, exactly, the challenge now consisted of, and what would be the consequences for the losing side.

"Yes?" Darlene said with a raised eyebrow in response to Cristina pointing out Wendell's presence, clearly unbothered. "What about him?"

"He's WATCHING YOU!" Cristina sputtered, and at this Wendell chuckled aloud, his eyes moving from his sister just briefly, in time to see red splotches appear on Cristina's neck- hives of some sort.

"I think Darlene has eyes to see," he commented, and he and Darlene locked gazes and smiled before Darlene turned back to Cristina.

"I know he is," she shrugged. "So what? I don't mind, it's just Wendell. It's not like it's something he's never seen before." She gestured towards the dress she had handed her, asking, "Don't you want to try that on?"

"No, not with him standing there!" Cristina blurted, her voice increasing in volume each time she spoke, and Darlene shrugged, taking another slow, deliberate step towards her.

"Suit yourself…"

Cristina was still staring at her, her eyes flicking from Darlene's chest very briefly before she hurriedly shifted them back up to her face. She took another step back, shaking her head slowly, eyes still wide, lip curled with disgust. Then, as something else Darlene had said seemed to register to her more fully, she gasped again, spinning around to look at Wendell with some disbelief before turning again back towards Cristina.

"Wait…nothing he's not SEEN? You mean he…you and he, he sees you-"

"We're very close, Cristina," Darlene said softly, but there was a slipperiness to her tone, a sly look to her face as she took another step forward. Something about how she held herself and the manner in which she spoke resembled a snake about to strike, and as she pressed forward, Cristina was continually driven back, closer and closer to Wendell. "We shared the same womb, we were born naked together, we were bathed and changed together as children…it's a very natural state to be. Very honest…very pure and raw."

"Pure?! Your pervert brother is staring holes through your tits!" Cristina almost screamed, and both Darlene and Wendell chuckled as Darlene stepped still closer.

"I'm hot…he's a guy. He can't help himself," Darlene said with rueful fondness heavy in her tone, and she met Wendell's eyes again over Cristina's head, both sharing a darkly affectionate smile. "And anyway," she concluded as she wound her arm around Wendell's waist, pressing her almost bare torso into his side and moving in close to him as his own arm came to circle her form, "we have a very close relationship."

"Very," Wendell agreed as he bent to kiss the top of Darlene's head, his lips lingering, and the hand resting on the ball of her shoulder stroked down and across, lightly fingering her side.

Cristina almost gawked, now only a foot or two away from them both, as Darlene had surpassed her to join him in the doorway. If she wanted to leave now, with both of them blocking the way, she would have little hope of escaping. The bedroom contained no windows, no other methods of exit, but as of then, she appeared to not have realized this with her astonishment at their behavior.

"So…Darlene, you're telling me…that if you and your sister are undressing…you just, you don't CARE, you just let him, because…because you were naked together as BABIES?! You both look just a little different than you did as babies, what the hell!" she sputtered.

The two appeared confused at her words, exchanging glances at each other, but if Cristina had hoped she was getting through to them, she was to be disappointed.

"What sister?" Darlene asked, truly mystified as to what Cristina was saying, and Cristina jabbed a finger at one of the twin beds in the room as she continued to explain in a rather agitated fashion.

"The beds, two beds, don't you share a room with a sister or something? Does your SISTER just let him come in and mentally photograph her every time she changes? Or is that okay to your twisted sense of logic because she wasn't, like, naked in the womb with him or something?"

"What is she talking about?" Wendell said in an undertone to Darlene, turning towards her slightly to face her. "Did you tell he we had a sister?"

"No," Darlene replied with a hint of amusement to her tone, and she turned back towards Darlene as she explained with no small amount of relish, "I don't have a sister, Cris. That's Wendell's bed…but we usually don't use it. Normally, we share one bed. It's much cozier."

She grinned as she watched Cristina's mouth fall open, her face drain of color, and her hand lightly squeezed Wendell's side with growing excitement. Whatever happened next, it was going to be good.

"Okay…okay…I don't know if this is a joke, or a, a…whatever this is…and whatever's for real here…this is not cool. This, this is sick, and I'm…I'm really not okay with this. I'm…I'm getting out of here," Cristina stammered, but even as she began to move towards the door, she realized that Darlene and Wendell, arms still entwined around each other, were fully blocking it, and seemed to have no intention of letting her aside.

"Let me by, I said I'm going," she demanded, though her tone shook slightly, but neither budged. Neither was smiling now, and they stared down at her, arms locked, forming a rather imposing blockade.

There was nothing joking or amused about their expressions or postures anymore. Neither did they look angry, exactly…the first thought that came to Cristina's mind as she looked up at them was that they looked hungry. But surely that didn't make sense…surely that was-

"You know, Cristina," Wendell said slowly, his tone measured, deliberate, "you are getting just a little bit boring here."

"Actually, Wendell, she's very boring…and she always has been," Darlene corrected, but her eyes were on Cristina rather than her brother as she addressed her directly. "You have a lot to learn about being a friend, don't you, Cris? Let me give you lesson number one on friendship…good friends don't judge…and good friends definitely don't tell."

"Don't judge that you're doing twincest?" Cristina blurted, her eyes almost bulging, and Wendell and Darlene exchanged an amused look.

"We haven't shown you twincest yet, Cristina, I don't know what you're talking about," Wendell said with feigned innocence.

Darlene grinned, slow, vicious, and her narrow face resembled a snake's, approaching its prey. "Yeah, Cris, you haven't seen anything like twincest."

And with that she grabbed the back of her brother's neck, tilting his head down towards hers as she kissed him, long, insistent, open-mouthed, and clearly very passionately. Wendell responded in kind, wrapping an arm more tightly around Darlene's shoulders as he drew her close. As Cristina gawked, frozen with her horror, Darlene slowly pulled her face away, tilting her head close to Wendell's as she glowered towards Cristina with something like triumph.

"THAT was twincest…and that was only the lowest bracket. If you want a real show, you should-"

"That's it, I'm leaving! That was disgusting, you're both sick, you're both DISGUSTING!" Cristina almost shrieked, her hands gesturing wildly. "Get out of my way, now!"

And she attempted to squeeze between the two of them, to brush them aside so she could get out the door. But both simply stared at her, their bodies taking up the entire entranceway, and both were locked together so closely that she could not break past them to get through. As Cristina tried again to shove past them, first with her shoulder, then with both hands, they remained unmoved, expressions grim as they continued to stare her down.

This seemed to frighten her, and she continued to push at them, harder and with more desperation now, giving off soft grunts of effort and frustration when they did not let her by. She screamed, she started to claw at their arms with her nails, and still they did not move. Still they only stared at her, as though having decided without words to stand united until she wore herself down. It wasn't until she reached, panting, chest heaving, for Darlene's face, seeming to intend to claw at her eyes, that they acted.

Both at once reached out then, each taking one wrist in a grip so sudden and strong that Cristina gasped, then screamed, feeling her bones slowly grinding against each other, then a soft snap as some gave way.

"Let's get this straight," Wendell said in a soft but clearly menacing tone, bending his face down close to Cristina's as she continued to squeeze her wrist. "No one hurts Darlene without her express permission and pleasure…because trust me, she can hurt you a hell of a lot worse."

"Would you like me to demonstrate?" Darlene asked almost pleasantly, but the dark, closed look of her face and her small, twisted smile contrasted sharply with her tone. Not waiting for Cristina's answer, she bent her wrist all the way backward, listening to bones snap, and her entire face lit up at the resulting snaps and pops.

Cristina screamed again, tears beginning to make their way rapidly down her cheeks as she trembled, shaking her head repeatedly as she no longer attempted to fight them. She gulped for breath, looking up at them as she pleaded, sobbing.

"Please, please, let me go, I'm sorry, I won't judge, I won't tell, just let me go. Let me go, please, please, it hurts, let me go…"

"Let you GO?" Darlene sneered, looking over at Wendell, "why would we do a rude thing like that to our cherished little guest?"

"We can't just send you off without finishing off our welcome," Wendell agreed, "and besides, our mother always told us not to waste perfectly good food."

It took a moment for Wendell's words to really hit Cristina, but when they did, it was already too late. By the time she understood, they had already pinned her against the opposite wall, one hand each holding an arm, one hand from each against her torso, holding her in place. By the time she opened her mouth, their eyes had gone black with a frightening animalistic flatness, and their mouths had opened wide, revealing sharp incisor teeth. And by the time Cristina began to scream, both sets of fangs were already biting through her throat, ending her vocalization almost as soon as it began, and she could only slump without strength, waiting for them to remove enough blood from her for her life to end.

One thing was for certain, Wendell and Darlene could clearly see, as they took in the sight of the badly bloodied body at their feet. It was a somewhat sobering thought, and as they stood in silent regard to it, Wendell finally spoke it aloud.

"We definitely need a new carpet…and I bet Mom and Dad will make us buy it with our own money."

"Yeah, not to mention how hard it's going to be to scrub blood off the wall," Darlene nodded heavily, exhaling. "Damn it, I have like fifteen dollars to my name."

"Do you think they'll be mad?" Wendell looked over to Darlene for her opinion, not truly concerned, but rather merely curious. "They always said when our time came, we should never do it in the house…think we'll get Lecture Ten Billion, or a free pass on this one?"

"Oh, we'll get the lecture, but they'll probably understand," Darlene shrugged, running her fingers through her hair in an effort to find and rid it of blood clumps, but her own stained fingers were only exacerbating the problem. "It's not like we set out to do it…exactly. So, it was more like an accident…or, that's what we can say, anyway."

She looked up at Wendell with a mischievous grin, and her twin smiled back with an identical emotion behind it.

"Well…it WAS our first time…and those things…sometimes they just catch you by surprise."

"Look at us, twin brother," Darlene declared, and she slipped both arms around Wendell slowly from his front, pressing herself against him, sticky bloodstained inch by sticky bloodstained inch as she tilted her face up towards his, grinning. "We're growing up."

And Wendell tightened red-stained arms around her, bending his face down so they were forehead to forehead, nose to nose. "So this is adulthood…whoever said it was so much fun?"

And as the twins kissed, standing in the blood of the murdered teenage girl not even a full foot apart from them, the last tattered shreds of whatever innocence of childhood they had still possessed fully slipped away, and they missed it not at all.

The end