Chapter 55

(Coruscant, Moments Ago)

"Captain Piett." A fellow officer by the name of Rejel greeted. Piett was at the head of the bridge of the Exactor, and turned with his hands clasped behind his back, and took a very proper, almost regal look to him. As expected of Imperial officers.

"A report Rejel?"

"Yes captain. The refueling process has been complete for the Exactor, and seventy-five percent of the rest of Death Squadron in finished as well. The Home Fleet itself needs to go under full refueling as well, and I think may be a bit sore with us." Piett huffed with clear indignation.

"If they have such an issue with lord Vader's fleet needing fuel to operate and indeed fight a war that they get to sit out, then they can take it up with the Emperor himself. I for one feel no need to apologize for our priority above the Home Fleet." Rejel bowed his head in agreement.

"They've seemed to have become more anxious since the war began. I can imagine that; knowing you're defending the base world, Imperial-Center itself, where the Emperor resides, can be a bit anxiety filled."

"It is of no excuse, for me of the Empire to act in so trivial a manner." Piett replied after scoffing some. "To be petty over such things as fuel baffles me. That reminds me," He interjected himself.

"Be sure run a full check on all weapons systems, and on board fuel for the fighters, bombers and so on. I don't want to be the one who feels lord Vader's grip when it's discovered we're too low on fuel to power all our fighters and smaller vessels."
"Of course, captain. I'll see to it at once" Rejel and Piett bowed their heads as Rejel made off to do his duties as instructed of him. Allowing Piett to return to his quiet gazing of the mass of ships moving about seemingly aimlessly above the great city covered Coruscant below them all. A sigh escaped him. The quietness and dull whit noise of the bridge, mingled with the stale clean smell and the clanking ever so often of boots falling to the floor, gave the ship an atmosphere of odd calm and serenity. It was times like these that made Piett remember the subtle appeals of being an officer aboard such a grand and mighty ship. Having to work under Darth Vader himself or otherwise, that was of course.

Piett watched out of the front viewport of the Exactor, and found peace in watching the ships, all of them of great imperial make and design. To look out at this great amalgamation of power and prestige and to see all it represented, and to think it was something counterproductive to the galaxy was nothing but madness to the captain. The Galactic Empire, was not only the epitome of power, but of culture. He would help see to it that the galaxy remembered that.

"Captain!" He turned at the very un-Imperial like cry from his comms officer, a furrowed brow about him.

"What is it officer? And keep your voice down."

"Yes sir, sorry sir. The Home Fleet has broadcast battle stations! Enemy fleet inbound, several thousand in number!" Piett felt his body go numb and eyes widen. The whole of the bridge went numb in fact, everyone silenced themselves and looked toward the comms officer.

"But how-"

Piett was interrupted as a muted explosion caught his attention. Turning with a whip of his body he looked once more out the viewport and watched a Victory-II class stardestroyer be ravaged by bombardment. He ran to the very glass of the viewport and threw himself against it. Angling his head up he finally saw it and felt a gasp unwillingly escape him. An entire fleet, all of them separatist make and model, under the command of the URM were above the Home Fleet and Death Squadron. Five, or possibly more Munificent-class warships fired their underside turbolasers down upon the Home fleet and two warships erupted in fiery display.

"All topside batteries engage at once! Get me admiral Ozzel and if you cannot reiterate the order to all other ships, now!"

"Aye, sir!" The comms officer replied and ship shook with what felt like a turbolaser hit, then another and another. The booms of the hits rocking and reverberating across the ship.

The ship still rocking and shaking Piett turned. "All fighter and bomber wings launch immediately, engage the enemy now!" His order was taken as the men of the bridge flew into their duties, and no doubt shared the same heart pounding rush of adrenaline Piett now felt in his chest.

"Recall order sent captain! Reinforcements from the Deep Core reserves should arrive in a few hours!"
"We may not have hours! All fire concentrate on the nearest enemy warship! Move us onto their plane and get us out from under their lower batteries!"

"Aye, sir!" The men replied as Piett returned to watching the out the viewport. From the sides of the ship came zooming and flying upward toward the enemy fleet a mass of TIE fighters and interceptors from the rest of Death Squadron mixed with that of the Exactor's own squadrons.

The mini fleet of starfighters were then rocked with explosions as cannon fire, both green and red flew through the vacuum o space. TIE fought against Vulture. Then against Tri-fighter, and all manner of URM war vessels followed suit. The topside batteries of his ship moved and aimed up, the massive cannons let loose and great streams, and bolts slammed forth and flew through the open void and slammed explosively into any enemy ship in its path. It took Piett a moment to let it sink in, but mere moments ago he was enjoying the quiet peace of the void of space. Now he was in the heart of a battle over Imperial-Center itself.

Now he remembered why he sometimes dreaded this job.


"It would be best for the senators to remain here in the palace. It after all has more than enough countermeasures built into it and guarding it to withstand any attack." Vader offered even as the Emperor seemed lost in his own brooding thoughts. A sneer unlike anything Viathan or anyone had ever seen on him played across his face. A look of sheer rage, of unthinkable anger, and darkness bristled and even whined through the air itself.

"The senators shall remain." He echoed as his voice grew dark and almost carried an echo of evil as it hit the ears of those gathered. Sending chills down their gathered spines.

"I shall see to this battle myself. Lords Vader, Kun, you both will attend to the battle at once. I care not how just do it. Lord Vader, you will assure this insult is taken care of as soon as possible or it shall fall on your head and yours alone this travesty!"

"Yes, my master." The old man seethed as he briskly turned and left the gathered crowd with red guardsmen tightly surrounding him as the sounds surrounding the palace rattled and reverberated with cracking booms and shakes unheard since the Clone Wars.

"I suggest everyone gathered here who is not a part of the military apparatus of society follow the instructions of director Isard here." Kun broke the silence left in the Emperor's wake as he vanished from sight and the director, while stunned took up position, and went along with Kun as he addressed the gathered politicians.

"You two shall remain here as well among the politicians, and I shall have not a single word against the command either." Vader spoke to the children and contradicted himself all at once. The twins looked to one another as well.

"You expect us to sit here and wait while-"
"I will hear none of it!" Vader cut Leia off, and she grew red with anger in the face as she crossed her arms. Luke motioning to her to be calm.

"Both of you will remain here, and make no moves, nor take any actions that contradict me and my orders. This world is under attack, and I have dealt with droids doing so before. Indeed, this feels oddly similar to the attack made thirteen years ago. Nonetheless," Vader stopped his momentary musing, "I shall attend to this personally." Vader did not allow them to say anymore as he turned with a whip of his black cape and made to leave the room. A great extra power in his steps and the Force booming with his anger. It caused the twins to wonder, the both of them, what caused their father to feel such anger. Sure Coruscant was under attack, but it felt more...personal.

"Viathan, you will come with me. We will attend to the ground. I feel as though we will be most needed and useful there."

"Yes, lord Kun." Viathan responded, and gave a single glance toward the twins, and his eyes showed his own anger. Though he did cast a seemingly apologetic look toward Leia, perhaps because he felt in a way saddened that she could not join him, or maybe because her father scolded her amongst a gathering of people. Nonetheless the boy looked away and his face hardened as his hands balled into fists, and he followed Kun out of the room. The dark lord himself casting a glare across the room of politicians, who despite the situation all averted their looks from him. He lightly chuckled and made out of the room. Viathan in tow as he did.

Isard watched them leave, and was visibly sweating and cleared his throat.

" if everyone would quickly follow me." The director trailed off. Both Luke and Leia shared looks once again. Leia sending her brother a nudge, causing the boy to raise a brow.

"What are you?" Was all he managed before he sighed. "Why am I even asking. What now Leia?"

"I'm not gonna sit here like a pampered princess while a battle is going on outside!" Luke groaned.

"This sounds a lot like what you said back above Bogden. Remember where that got us?"

"So?!" She bluntly retorted in more of a whisper as the mass of politicians and other cronies began to file away at Isard's instructions, as troopers seemingly out of nowhere came to aid in shuffling everyone out.

"I may not be as tall or as powerful, not even as 'knowledgeable,' as father, but I'm not stupid, and I'm not useless. I'm going to get myself out there, and help people even if it kills me!"

"Geez Leia, calm down!" Luke protested with a raising of his hands to silence her.

"I know how you feel, but what really can we do? We are after all." She was quick to snatch at her belt and bring her curved saber into hand and throw it before his face.

"I was given this, and I'm going to use it. You got one too Luke. I think we'll be more than enough for some dumb droids."

"Didn't these exact same models kills dozens, even hundreds of Jedi in the Clone War?" Leia scrunched her face into an annoyed sneer.

"Shut up. Now you gonna help me or not?" The room became ever smaller and less filled as the two stood there and had their little debate, and Luke groaned once more, and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Okay, okay I'm in, but if and likely when father finds out, it was ALL your idea...again!" She grinned.


"Where do you two think you're going?" They both turned to see senator Naberrie standing to the back of the mass of politicians. She was looking at both of them with arms crossed and an inquisitive brow raised look upon her face.

"Well uh...ya'see we're about to, or I mean we're gonna-"
"Oh shut it Luke. We're gonna go help, whether Darth Vader likes it or not." Leia returned, and oddly to Luke called their father by his Sith title. The senator, only raised her brow further, before smiling.

"Can't say I've never heard of kids fighting in a battle. Sad as it sounds really. Then again younger ones than yourselves have fought before." She trailed off, as her thoughts returned to a far away time and tales of a boy saving a world from droids such as these.

"I can't tell either one of you what to do. Not that I want to tell Darth Vader's kids what to do of course, but I will just say I hope neither one of you get hurt." Luke smiled and nodded his thanks, while Leia bowed her head, and grasped her brothers hand before yanking him toward the exit both Kun and Vader made out of while the troopers were distracted with everyone else.

"Madam senator, please follow us." A trooper ordered Pooja, who sighed, and gave the door a lingering glance. As an odd sensation of worry for these two whom she'd not meat until this day came over her.

"Very well." She replied and followed, as everyone was forced into a room deeper into the heart of the palace, to await, cramped, and in the dark until the time came for their 'protectors,' to let them free to gaze upon what was inevitably to be a changed Coruscant.

"We shall handle all the enemy ground forces being landed across the planet's surface. I'm assuming you'll handle matters concerning the navy, and space in general. After all, there's no way this attack is being launched without what I can only guess to be a massive fleet of URM warships." Exar and Viathan had raced forward and Kun reached quickly to Vader, speaking to the rushing away dark lord about the battle plan. Viathan behind his master in silence as both hands now clasped strongly a saber hilt each.

"Indeed. If we are in agreement you shall do as you can for the ground defenses. The droids are reported to; if we are to believe Vandron and Isard, be landing millions of droids via quick transport drops across Imperial city mostly. The skies are quickly becoming a frenzy of explosions and death. Transports, air-cars and air-taxis, and whole ships of varying class and size are being blown out of the skies. Be it on purpose or not it is already increasing the likely already massive death toll. We've seen this before, and with the same enemy, new leaders, new emblems, same tactics. Droids will and have always killed huge swathes of civilians on collateral alone." Vader stopped and turned on Kun quickly forcing both he and Viathan to pause.

"The Emperor said he would see to this battle personally, and what that means to me is an unleashing of his prowess in battle. Stay far out of his sights while he 'aids,' in the fight. Or you may uncomfortably come to understand the true extent of his power and ability"
"I understand Vader, trust me." Exar replied calmly whilst holding a hand up. Vader nodded before briskly resuming his stride for what was to likely be a dock of some sort.

Passing them to and fro were whole columns of imperial troopers, and security personnel. They were running with blasters in hands and the Force pounded through the whole region of their fear and anxiety. Potent as ever to those who used the Force. Equally as potent as the massive, and previously hidden turbolaser batteries that came into view from points around and apart of the palace itself. Viathan turned to catch one of the massive war batteries sleekly rise from the palace. It aimed, and he could not see at what, but it stopped and then, it recoiled in a mighty roar. An explosion that rocked his body to the core. Greater than any artillery strike, these weapons pierced sky, and atmosphere to hit ships that loomed over the world itself.

Smaller cannons would rise and this time across the whole of Coruscant. These ones while smaller than those that guarded the palace itself were greater than most artillery cannons. They opened in a blazing and streaming fury of green laser fire. They flew high into the air and a mish-mash of explosions pierced and broke across the skies. Tens if not hundreds of droid ships were hit immediately but Viathan could see more; ever more, come and streak across the skies.

Random red cannon fire hitting spire and buildings in the distance. Fiery explosions erupting and the Force crying as thousands could and did die in the most insignificant of attacks. The Vulture-droids, aptly named, flew in hordes. As best could be described. The droids barely held any true cohesion. The droid minds of these vessels caring little for much air tactics unless programmed to. For none of them cared for personal survival. Objectives was their only reason for doing. Were he not enraged at the sight of his home being turned into a pluming mess, Viathan may respect such a drone like army.

They walked the rest of the way to an in palace dock, where sat many ships, some in repair stations, and others hanging along what appeared to be racks lining the roof of the room. Many were planted on the ground surrounded by small circular metal gates signifying landing plots for single ships. Upon them were an assortment of TIE fighters, bombers, interceptors, and other designs Viathan did not recognize. As they entered the room and descended a staircase down to the ships themselves Viathan took note of troopers clad in purely black outfits rushing into the room from an array of doors and entering these ships to the ground. As they would, and lift the ship off before booming out into the Coruscant skyline, the racks would move more ships down, upon grav-controls and massive mechanical arms to stabilize the ship. Placing them in the now vacant plots to be boarded and piloted for battle. Seeing the men of the Empire, fear or not, drive themselves into positions to fight gave Viathan a sense of thrill! It was that drive and need, that instinct in him to fight in battle. Even if it was his home, and it gave him great rage, it was the call of battle and the unknown that gave him a sense of purpose once more.

"I am trusting the ground battle to you and your apprentice Kun. I will also instruct Starkiller to take part in defending key ground instillation's. The palace, my palace, the I.I ministry, and I.S.B, so on and so forth. Civilians will be instructed to make for shelters and deeper levels down into Coruscant for safety. Directives and protocols are already in place for an attack such as this, and I hold no doubt the Deep Core reserve are on their way." The three of them stopped at a simple TIE fighter, Vader seeming to look the simple ship over before turning to Kun once more.

"This attack baffles me for one reason."

"That being?" Exar retorted knowing full well Vader was about to say why. Which the towering dark lord obviously became annoyed with.

"This attack is a rapid waste of resources. Sacrificing so much of your reserve strength attacking the Core when you have not even solidified the Outer-Rim is foolish. There is; I guarantee, a secondary and greater motive to this attack. It will by its very existence seem out of place. Maintain as best as you can contact with the central military coordination hub at the naval ministry. They shall monitor all reports and requests for reinforcements. Should any attack by the droids stand out I recommend you investigate as soon as you can. So we may discover the true intentions behind such a 'bold' attack." The dark lord began to ascend into the cockpit and Exar nodded understandingly.

"Will do Vader. I recommend; despite this obvious insult to imperial power and all that good propaganda talk, we take full advantage of this situation." Vader nodded numbly as he nearly disappeared into the fighter.

"It shall be done. No doubt after this attack the Emperor will demand the full mobilization of forces into a full attack back into the galaxy. The war will surely enter a new phase after this."

"Not only that." Exar cut Vader off once again, though more unintentional this time. Viathan meanwhile seemed jumpy. Itching for a fight but kept silent. Even if he couldn't remain still where he stood behind his master.

"It would be of great preemptive victory on our part to have all of these dark Jedi, Inquisitors, and other acolytes the Emperor has collected over the years join in the fight. Should they find themselves directed into situations and battles that whittle down their personal forces and see them overcome and surrounded. Easily and 'sadly' leading to their deaths, we will find ourselves with less enemies to contend with when the eventual question of 'his' continued rule comes." Vader only took a moment of silently processing what Kun was saying before the dark lord nodded. Enthusiastically even. Which Viathan thought was an odd sight for a man covered in such a bulky and massive suit.

"I shall see that it's done. At the least the idea shall be broached to the Emperor, and I think we will have little contention from him on that front." Exar grinned.

"Good. May the Force serve you well lord Vader." Kun bowed his head, and Vader took it as an end to their conversation, returning the head bow himself before he entered into the TIE fighter. Viathan and Kun backed away as it whirred to life, and lifted off. It eased out of the palace and then it blasted off full speed into the air of Coruscant. Quickly leaving their sights.

"Come Viathan. We have a battle to partake and win for the Emperor."

"Goody." Viathan intoned, leading Exar to chuckle. As the both of them made for a nearby shuttle to make use of to get out of the palace and into the heart of Imperial-City.

(Imperial Stardestroyer, Resilient, in Coruscant orbit)

"Alpha-Fours!" Squadron lead boomed as he entered one of the hangar bays of the stardestroyer behemoth he and his squad called home for the majority of their time in the navy. He was a tall and seemed unshaven man. Dark eyed, shaven head, and brooding roughness in his face he eyed down his fellow squadron pilots and looked them all in the eyes as they stood stiff at his call. They, themselves were a varying array of men and one woman...whom he would get to in a moment. All of them holding their pilot helm under their arm and awaiting command as the ship rocked and booms fluctuated around and aboard the vessel. Nearby other squad leaders and pilots giving orders, commands, and boarding their assortment of ships as the battle outside and above glorious Imperial-Center came into full gear.

"The droids under the banner of them crazies from the Outer-Rim, the URM, have obviously overstepped their abilities and launched a full blown attack on our assets above Imperial-Center! We will not and cannot let this slight pass by so easily." He declared and began to pace before them.

"Our mandate from those higher in the food chain is simple! Blow away into dust and debris for scrap barges, as many of those clanking droid fighters and their transports before they pierce the atmosphere. We cannot deter and stop them all but we can get enough to cause dents here and there, till' the whole thing comes cracking open. We in understanding?!" The whole squad of eleven pilots resonated their acknowledgment and saluted their squad leader, and he nodded happily as his mouth pursed into a tight curl, the best of a smile he could form.

"Good, dismissed. Not you Five." He ordered pointing to the one woman in his squad. She looked baffled, but nodded and stood still and rigid as the rest of the squad broke into runs for their awaiting TIE's nearby. Squadron lead approached and kept hard eyes on her even as the ship rocked once more but greater than before as the two fleets engaged brutally.

"You have further orders for me lead?" The blonde asked him as the young woman looked to him. Her own blue eyes were hard against her lead, showing an unwavering personality that he appreciated.

"Your file and addition to this squad has been dictated to me. I find you to be one of the most highly praised pilots to have ever joined the Imperial ranks. Baring that in mind I am not here to grant you special privilege over the others. Indeed the main reason you are here in my squad, among the Alpha-Fours is the fact our last number Five was brought down over Bogden during the Moff attack there."

"Understood lead. I have no intention nor any thought of being treated differently from the average pilot. I simply want to do my duties." Lead nodded, but maintained his ever hard face. Admittedly he was jealous of her. Being a woman and by her file alone one of the highest ranking pilots in the galaxy did that to a man. Or so lead thought personally. 'Plus a woman pilot in the empire? Since when was this an accepted policy?'

"Very good. Be sure to follow commands, my lead, and be part of the team and things should go just swimmingly. We understood Eclipse?" Juno nodded and saluted once more.

"Understood loud and clear, lead." he nodded and dismissed. Sh joined her fellow pilots, and ran to her TIE. Placing the often times constricting but mandated helmet over her head. Lead took a final breath, and then ran to his own TIE. Entering it and placing his helmet on he began to bring his TIE to life. The twelve 'man' fighter squad readied and faced the ray shield between the ship interior and the void of space beyond. Outside was a great exchange of turbolaser fire. Two Munificent-classes fired from above in rapid succession as they moved forward on top of a Stardestroyer as its topside cannons fired upwardly and back at both. As lead watched, his breathing calm and his eyes set the stardestroyer erupted into a blinding explosion that sent a wave out into all nearby ships. The Resilient itself rocking and shaking him and his fighter entirely. When the explosion faded what was left was a burning and beaten Munificent, and another seemingly unscathed and a Stardestroyer with a quarter of its mass drifting away from the main body with intermittent explosions shining across the belly and top of the beast of Imperial glory, and power.

"Alpha-lead ready!" He called into their shared frequency and received quick hails of ready from the rest of the squad one by one. He nodded one last time to himself.

"Alpha-Fours, launch!" He ordered, and the TIE's broke forward and out of the stardestroyer hangar they occupied. A hail and resounding booms rocked their ships as they flew into the fray.

"Alpha-Sours, on me, wedge formation! How copy?"

"Copy, Alpha-lead."

"Full copy lead."

"Clear copy all, lead." And they went on in their replies, as he banked his TIE hard left and committed a full one-eighty back toward the Resilient. Lead banked to the right and allowed Alpha-Four-Two to come to his left as both TIE's lead a trail of the other ten ships, five behind each in wedge formation.

The stardestroyer was coming under attack from below by both a Recusant and Sabaoth class set of warships. Both firing up into the belly of the ship. The shields were holding and the hits of the enemy vessels were absorbed and spread across the ship.

"Our objective is not defense, seek out and destroy any and all transports! That is our mandate. Now on me Alphas!" they followed he and number Two as they sped forward. The entirety of space was alight not by the stars alone, as laser fire spread out and went in seemingly random directions. They sped past it all. Dodging and waving by, above and below fire that aimed between the warships. Three stardestroyers came along the side of a single Providence class URM ship and fired along both sides, the ship responding in kind. It was hammered until it erupted across the entire length and blew apart into three distinct sections.

Five Recusant warships guarded a single other Providence class for unknown reasons, and across from them formed three Victory-II's and four Victory-I's. Between the open void of the two parties cannon fire was exchanged. Hitting and missing haphazardly all around. Then the rest of the battle was a lot of them same, and a lot of randomness. Whole ships battle side to side, from above and below, exploding and firing. Yet even still as the squad raced passed these scenes it was clear who had more ships, and who was being pounded on all sides.

"Transports coming up on our two-o'clock lead!"

"Copy Two, I count thirty Vultures. Add that to maybe ten tri-fighters on their far flanks." lead banked his ship right and down, the entirety of Alpha-Four following him in this action. Coruscant, great and proudly beneath them was being descended upon by these ships. Between the Vultures was a grouping of five heavy droid transports. Within each the possibility of hundreds of droids waiting to activate, or several tanks and walkers.

"Two, take your half and occupy the Tri's. The rest of you on me, we hit the transports." They all copied and Two broke off with his five following into a smaller and slightly disproportionate wedge, with leads half doing the same.

"Lead! The Tri's are breaking off, and heading for us. You still got a lot of Vultures!"
"Copy all, Two, stick to my orders, and leave the rest to me."
"Copy, lead." Two replied as lead banked down hard with his half following and extending the wing out more. The Vultures, a mass of them broke off and banked left and right as they made to turn and fire on lead and his squad.

"All Alpha, you are clear to engage!" A hail of green cannon fire flew passed his own TIE and flew into the Vultures now heading directly for them in full speed. The droid ships unleashing their red cannon fire and zooming by the TIE fighters. Several were hit and exploded to leads right and only one to his left. They fired on him and he threw his TIE into a roll and veered away from the oncoming red projectiles.

"Lead you have two on your tail!" An Alpha called, he didn't know which, but he looked to his sensors, and noted two were indeed on him.

"Copy, I'll shake em' off. All Alphas break and engage. I repeat break and engage! If you got a clear shot of those transports take them." He ordered and turned hard left. The vultures followed and a flurry of red cannon fire flew around his ship from behind. Diving down he increased his speed even as below him was an imperial tartan cruiser rapidly firing at a URM Dreadnaught. The Vultures followed and fired, and he grit his teeth as he drew far too close to the Tartan, his fighter warning of impact and blaring in his ears. He swore he could touch the damn tartan before he yanked up and flew along the top of the ship, his fighter almost skirting metal against metal. He glanced left though it did little, but did note an explosion behind him.

"Got one of ya!" He cheered even as the second kept on him. It fired on him and his fighter lurched, his head nearly hitting the forward console as he took a hit.

"Karking son of a.." He trailed off and turned right leading away from the Tartan.

The Vulture followed him still. He faced the transports as they continued their descent toward the planet. Vultures still lining their flanks. He saw an opening though, and like his fellow fighters were ordered to, he took a chance. Firing rapidly and without clear target the green streams of his fighter flew forward and slammed into anything metal in front of him. Several shots hit a transport. It took the first few, but then a final succession of three slammed into its left and it exploded brilliantly, bringing a hazy smile to his face, even as the Vulture behind him fired and hit him again.

He rolled to the right and kept moving forward. Several more of the Vultures broke off and gave chase to him now that their transport was gone.

"Hold up lead, I got em!" Alpha four he thought it was, called and his scanner reported three of the bogeys behind him disappeared. He threw his ship upward and yanked it back, placing himself relatively upside down before he leveled out and took in the sight of the Vultures exploding as those following him kept going forward, but turned back in sweeping turns to fix on him again.

"Beautiful assist four, but get back to the transports! I can handle these."
"Copy lead." The allied TIE flew from top left down right across his forward viewport, and fired down onto the transports topside. It didn't explode but it sure did get more Vultures angry. Lead let out a heavy breath and once more turned his TIE violently to the left. Coming head on against a small fleet of Vultures headed his way, he fired and spun his ship. The haze of red headed his way danced and exploded around him but his green trails of death flew and slammed int what he counted as four of the metal bastards. He continued to barrel-roll even as he felt nausea hit him. Before he stopped and turned up, and went over those vultures still coming at him.

"Lead! I have two Tri's on me! I can't shake them!" Alpha seven called to him and he took note on his scanner of his position, he banked right and found two of his TIE's engaged in a free for all with Vultures and Tri's. A large ball of ships flying to and fro of both his squad and droid units was before him, but he caught seven flying downward toward Coruscant with two of the little death machines behind him, and firing their own red flurries of their cannons.

"Break off seven! I have them in" Lead fired and the green erupted from his cannons once more but the Tri's broke. One left, one right, but seven got away. Lead cursed but latched onto one and went after the bugger. It must have taken note as it began swerving left and right away from him and his once again rapid cannon fire. His scanner began blaring of warning once again, and he looked down to the scanner, the second Tri was on his backside, and closing in fast.

"Kriff!" he pulled right back toward the transports, but the Tri followed and the one he was following broke left too. It joined its partner once again and chased Alpha-lead. He began to swerve and roll his ship hoping to break away from the two, but they opened fire with their cannons. The red lights flying and exploding around him once more, and forcing him where they possibly wanted him. He pulled left and they pulled after him and fired endlessly even as they turned together.

"I got a Tri situation on my backside Alphas. A little assist would be appreciated." he called over the comm.

"I have them lead." Juno's voice came through and he furrowed his brow. Then his scanner warned him of an above object. He looked up and caught a TIE diving for him, but he flew forward quick. The Tri's sped after him but a hail of fire from Eclipse hit them both. One exploded brilliantly, the second flew into a spin and slammed into a passing Vulture.

"Three for the price of two. Great shot and assist, Alpha-Five." He praised despite himself and smiled in relief. The smile coming through in his voice as a chuckle.

"Appreciated lead. Two Alphas are in a dogfight above the transports with a host of Vultures."
"Copy that." lead responded and turned left once more where he saw the transports lowering nearer still to the planet with a flood of Vulture droids around them firing at random above them at the two fellow Alphas.

"On me, Five." He ordered and soon she followed next to his Tie with her own. They flew forward at a steady pace. Lead looking around visually but checking his scanner as well for that host of Vultures that seemed moments ago to want his backside badly, but he didn't catch them.

"Alphas in the fray above enemy transports sound off."

"Alpha seven sir!"
"Alpha ten here." Lead nodded to himself. They were both sounding off. No doubt from all the fast paced dodging and holding their breaths as they were swarmed and fired upon by all sides. Though lead did note the ships were firing so rapidly on his two squad mates that they were indeed hitting each other.

"Five, on me fire at random into that mess, catch their attention."
"Copy lead." She tersely replied in her thickly proper Imperial accent. He nodded to himself.

"Seven and ten, break off down and fire on the transports on my mark. Coming in to assist." They both copied and awaited his command as he ran his thumbs over his triggers. Itching once again with heavy adrenaline pounding through him, to let loose and fire his green cannon bolts of death!"Break now!" The two broke down hard and fired randomly and in rolls at the transports. One blew and lead grinned, and then opened fire along with five on the mess of enemy ships. A succession of explosions following through as they all went up in fiery display. They joined the now crumpled and exploding transport, but three still remained.

"Lead coming up below! Break, break!" Five yelled and broke right. Lead followed and broke left as a flurry of fire rang upward from where he and Five had just been. Streaming up and leveling where he was was that damnable Vulture swarm that had chased him earlier.

"Five break off, I'll lead them on."

"I don't think that's-"
"Listen to my orders five!"

"...copy lead." Her Tie maintained its distance and lead pulled his TIE downward toward the transports. Both seven and ten had long passed under the transports after blowing the second one away and were moving away from the horde chasing Alpha-Four, lead. The Vultures, at least fifteen of them were on lead. Cursing under his breath he kept his dive as he passed a debris field, his TIE scratching against something at unimaginable velocity but taking the hit.

Once more a ship came into sight as he dived and increased his speed. He felt the force against his body as he allowed the fighter to dive unchecked. The ship below, a droid Munificent with two Sabaoth's on either side, moved slowly as it and the two other ships attacked a nearby stardestroyer with five Tartan cruisers closing in. The fire between the two sides was immense. Turbolaser pounded the void around them the sheer unleashing of power was awe inspiring but lead dived on and rolled away from a clear head on collision.

Instead he flew for the empty space between the two enemy parties where cannon fire was being exchanged.

"Lead, are you insane?! Pull up now!" Two came in over the comm and lead hadn't an idea how he could see what he was doing.

"You should be heading off the Tri's, Two. What are you doing?"

"I've lost Eleven and Three, I pulled me and the others away from the engagement! We're losing several of our squad mates. Losing our lead won't help the situation." Lead chuckled.

"Don't worry then. I ain't dying this way." He dove down as the two Sabaoth ships fired on a single Tartan closing closest in as that ship threw all power into its forward cannons and unleashed a spraying flurry of cannon fire that flew across the lengths of the Sabaoth's. Then as a massive cannon bolt passed him he committed a hard barrel-roll right. The Tartan now in his front viewport as it continued to fire. He again rolled right and above the Tartan as it fired directly where he had been. The Vultures, single minded computers that they were, fired him relentlessly. Several thus were in the path of the Tartan as it fired and blew them away. The others broke away but flew into incoming Sabaoth fire.

"Eat it you damn machines!" Lead cheered as he banked back up to level with the rest of his squad. The transports were barely guarded now. Lead passing them on his way back upwards nearer to his squad. Though it did take him a moment to remember, but to the back of his mind the loss of two of his squad members.

"All Alpha-Fours, on me." The spread out members found and joined their leader as they rounded out far away from the transports and their remaining escorts whittled down to meager defenses. They formed around him, all ten that remained.

"Game plan now is simple, all form in on those last three transports and take them out. We've lost two of the unit already I don't want anymore on this run. We keep it tight and we keep it simple. Two, take four with you and hit the transports, I'll take the others and we'll mop up these last Vultures. Got me?"
"Loud and clear lead." Two signaled and took the four nearest to him and formed a five man wedge. As did he. Both teams advanced on the transports. The first team, lead by Two advanced quicker, and drew off the majority of the last Vultures. Team one moved in, and fired all of their cannons at once upon the now exposed transports with but a few Vultures left guarding them. The last three transports exploded brilliantly. Damn near to piercing the atmosphere. Causing team one to bank away quickly. Coruscant's atmosphere wasn't their hunting ground today.

"Alright. That's one transport block down. Let's find the next. All Alpha-Four's on me." He once again ordered. All of them pulled in. team two having disposed of their enemies quickly.

"Two, scan for any reports on transport-" Lead was cut off as a massive cannon bolt ripped up and went right through two of his squad.

"Kriff! Break, break!" All the TIE's broke as a flurry of massive cannon fire flew through where they had been.

"Two's gone! Six too." Seven cried.

"Lucrehulk, dead below us." Eclipse called over the comms. The quad-cannons below firing massive bolts through a debris field of what lead assumed to be the Tartans from before. Lead banked around he watched the Lucrehulk move slowly through the void as it became guarded on both sides by a Sabaoth, with a single Munificent under it.

"Oh kriff..." Was all lead could mutter as the adrenaline pounded once more.

Streaming out of the two hangar bays out of the 'arms,' of the beastly warship were dozens, up dozens of Vultures, and Tri-fighters.

(Coruscant Surface)

"Leia, will you please wait are minute?!" Luke yanked his hand out of his sisters as she dragged him down another hall. Forcing her to turn back toward him. A clearly annoyed look in her face.

"What about Shira? I wanna make sure she's okay." Leia scrunched her face even further in annoyance. A sigh escaping her as well.

"Luke, she's in the heart of the palace itself. I really doubt she's gonna be hurt in any way at all."

"I'd like to make sure of that. You don't know if the URM is planning on anything that could bring the palace into danger. Father says it's the safest place to be, but it's also a big juicy target for the droids." He retorted. The worry clear in his blue eyes. Leia only sighing again as she looked out the viewport nearest to them. Her eyes catching sight of a transport vessel. It looked Imperial and it was burning as it flew into one of the many buildings of Coruscant. Exploding as it spun out of control and killed what was likely dozens of people. Three Vulture droids buzzing away from the scene.

"I don't really feel like waiting Luke. Or taking too much time to let the droids wreck the whole planet. I may not like the Emperor, but the people of Coruscant don't deserve this."
"I know that." He retorted. "I just want to make sure she's okay before we race off to help. I'm all in for breaking some droids, but you gotta prioritize!" Leia nodded.

"We do. So how about this. You go check on Shira, and make sure things are alright. I'll go ahead of you and help in any way I can." Luke furrowed his brow, unsure of the plan.

" will I find you after that?" She smiled. Her brown eyes twinkling even.

"Use the Force. I can sense you, you can me, and if need be I'm sure I can hear your thoughts and the other way around. I kinda thought we'd be forced to fight without one another at some point based on what the Emperor wants father to do, so where better to start then now?"

Luke grimaced, and his brow furrowed deeper still. "I don't know.."

"Listen Luke. I'll be fine. You go make sure Shira's okay, and then you can join in the fight. As for me I wanna fight as soon as possible. I'll prove to father that I, and we really, are just as useful as Starkiller. I refuse to constantly be pushed to the back when a fight comes our way." Luke heaved a sigh, but mutely nodded.

"You do know you and him are more similar then you'd like to think, right?"
"Shut up Luke." She smirked, quickly turning on her heels and making down the hall with speed Luke hadn't known to be in his twin. She waved to him to go on as she bounded away down the hall out of sight and to do what she could. Leaving him to turn and trace the steps he had taken before to the medical unit. His thoughts jumping to his father, sister, and Shira. All of them in danger, and all of them weighing heavily on his heart. His instinct was to go and find them all, help all three and keep them safe. Luke knew he couldn't be three places at once, but he felt his anger rising. Never before did he think the sight and though of droids would make him feel so helpless, and feed his rage. Nonetheless, he kept his mind as focused as he could, and decided there was one person who needed his help. So he continued to make his way toward her. Winding down, and through halls to reach her.

He passed troopers running about the halls in all manner and direction, doing Force knows what, Luke quickly rounded hall after hall. Doing his best to ignore them and the fear that streamed off them and filled the air itself. Their thoughts becoming hard to block as images and flashes of deaths and possible deaths went through the men.

The viewports he passed all played out scenes of warfare in the skies above and looming over them all. TIE's and Vultures flying and blasting at one another. Often times the Vultures overwhelming TIE's on amount of fighters alone, and TIE's crashing across the fields of metal that layered the capital world. Stray URM bombers, would come racing toward the palace, but the massive array of cannons mounted onto the behemoth building would unleash a flurry of fire that would blind the skies and utterly destroy them into dust. The massive turbolaser batteries firing upwards into the skies, piercing the veil of the atmosphere, and Luke guessed hitting targets in the void of space beyond. He thought, if it weren't where he was and not Coruscant he would be frozen in awe at the sight. However, he had a red headed girl to worry about at the moment.

As he came to the medical wing door he took a moment to pause. The Force sent a small warning through him. Luke furrowed his brow and looked around the hall. The booms and firing outside muted by the walls of the palace sounded far off as the hall stood silent and still. Nothing moving and with an extension of himself in the Force he sensed no living being nearby to him.

"Weird..." He intoned as his gut, and the Force itself was warning him. A small chill going down his spine at the thought of being watched. Unable to see what was...if anything, watching him. Snatching his saber up into his hand he opened the medical wing doors. The inside was silent as ever. The lights lining the roof were blinding as ever also. No droids were to be seen, and the only thing out of place was the flickering of the lights as bombs exploded and the power system was likely shocked.

Luke looked over to where Shira was laying...only she wasn't there. His blue eyes went wide, and his breath caught in his throat as he looked around himself dumbly and very much seeming paranoid. He brought his saber hilt close to his face and activated the illuminating crimson beam. He fell into an instinctive defensive posture as he searched out Shira through the Force. The sudden clanking behind him forced him to turn with a whip of his body. The lights flickering once again as he did. What appeared to be surgical tools were on the floor. As if knocked over. Luke extended himself with the Force once more, but still felt no life signs. He slowly released a breath and closed his eyes seeking calm. Even as his heart beat a mile a minute. Pure adrenaline fed by anxiety pounding through his very being.

Luke turned back towards Shira's bed, and approached. His footsteps were silent, but the occasional squeak of the boots against the tiled floor beneath made a resonating sound that caused him to wince. Nonetheless, he approached the bed, and noticed that the sheets were thrown aside. The machines pumping pain relievers into her were seemingly pulled away from her. That caused him to grip his hilt tighter. The images and ideas of what could have happened, what may have happened ran through him, and brought about fear, increasing anger, and paranoia.

Then another sound from behind, and another quick turn of his body at the noise. An odd warbling noise, and clanking followed but he couldn't see from where.

"Behind you Skywalker!" Luke felt his whole body jump, as he turned and found her running at him, her eyes narrow and face set in a sneer, and he jumped aside as she didn't stop. She sent a stream of lightning flowing from her fingers. The bolts flew into a far corner of the room and the warbling noise from before grew loud and annoying, ringing in his ears and producing another wince from the boy. Shira stood tall, but held a slight droopiness in her stance. Luke guessed it to be the pain still coursing through her body.

She finally stopped and began panting as her arms slumped down to her sides.

"Uh...Shira? What was that all about?" She was still breathing heavily, her eyes glossy; possibly from the pain reliever in her, and her body still sporting the slight burn wound on her chest. Though Luke did hide the fact that he was secretly giddy at her being awake once again. He deactivated his saber as he watched her numbly turn more fully towards him.

" dear ex-farmboy, was for this." She outstretched her right hand back behind Luke and used the Force to lift something into the air toward them. Luke turned and found a limp and broken, singed body of a droid. It was small and had several little legs, three central red eyes, and two round outer appendages. With an antenna sticking up from the top of the little form.

"What kind of droid is that?"

"They're called buzz droids" She huffed and dropped the little broken body to the floor before his boots. He picked up the droid and it looked mean, even if it was a tiny droid really. It had several legs as noted before, but each of them had at the tips various blades and saws for piercing metal. Could easily rip flesh too. Luke thus grimaced and turned around to where Shira had unleashed her lightning. On the floor was two more of the little bodies.

"They were in here? In the palace?"

"I woke up..." She began, as she continued to look weak. "The Force was screaming in my mind. Something was threatening me. I jumped awake passed the drugs and the way thanks for that I feel like an Acklay ran me over with all its legs." Luke rubbed his neck awkwardly as she continued.

"When I woke up I see one of these little nasty things rolling on the floor in its balled up form and another walking along my cot. So I through it across the room and broke it. Then I see about three more, bag one, you walk in as I'm trying to be all sneaky and get the last two. Still got em though. You being a new target probably let me see them easier."

"Gee, I'm happy to help...I guess." Shira smiled thinly.

"So, care to tell me what's going on? With all the rocking and booming I can only assume it ain't great." She placed her hands to her hips and waited expectantly for him to explain. The posture only made Luke feel more awkward.

"Well it looks like Coruscant is under attack by a big fleet of droid ships." He waited for her to respond. Only her green eyes went a bit wider, but she remained silent.

"Uh, and my father has taken command of the fleet...we're on Coruscant...I may have already said that. Inside the Imperial palace. If you couldn't tell." Luke trailed uncomfortably. Shira rolled her eyes, but a smile did play across her face again.

"Alright, alright. No need to go all red in the face Luke." Despite that he did go red in the face. Indeed it felt five degrees hotter.

"I'm guessing these droids were sent here to cause damage. More of the structural kind, but trust me they have been known to rip into people too." Once more Luke grimaced at the thought. Especially if the main drill went into a body, spinning and winding through flesh and bone.

"If they're roaming the palace then I think we or somebody best warn the palace sol-"

The palace emergency siren blared loud and reverberated the room, causing both Luke and Shira o grimace and clutch their ears.

"Never mind. Looks like they know now." Shira stated matter-of-factly.

"I think they can handle it, and if not...well it is just the palace." Shira gave Luke an astounded wide eyed look, which made him shrug. The blaring continued on within the palace. No doubt the security teams going into full frenzy mode.

"Come on Shira. Since you're awake we should find Leia, and help out in some way."
"On the ground?" Luke nodded. "Do I look like I can fight right now Luke?" She pointed to herself. Not only was she still sporting that burn on her chest, but her hair was a mess, her whole body slacking and seemingly weak. Luke grimaced.

" about we help in another way then." He smiled, and she cocked her head questioningly.

"What do you say, you and me get through the palace, and make for a hangar. Get ourselves some ships and help out from the sky?" She smirked, and giggled weakly.

"Looking to get you and your sister in more poodoo?"

"You bet." He smirked back. She smiled more broadly.

"If you're up for it Luke then I'm doubly up for it." The alarm still blaring in his ears he nodded happily and lead Shira out of the med bay. Well, only after he found some extra medical garbs o wrap around herself. The one she had on was not the best thing to be wearing. Especially on its own.

And as such they made for the nearest hangar bay. Passing droids, lots of the little killers, and troopers alike.

(Imperial City)

A causeway connecting a spire district to another that was at length perhaps half a mile long was alight. Red bolts, green bolts, blue and yellow flew back and forth. Explosions rocked the streets nearby and the walkway itself. Along it was a hastily set up barricade line. Four 2M-Saber tanks creating the block and shielding a line of troopers from enemy fire from the opposite side of the walkway.

The troopers clad in white and beside local Coruscant police troops now armed with fully automatic blaster rifles, huddled behind the tanks and took potshots at the enemy as they neared at an agonizingly slow, but effective rate. The enemy side held a whole divisions worth of B1 battle droids! They kept streaming from the district where the walkway led to. Leading the whole region to be believed fully occupied by the droids. Ahead of the B1 assault were spread out thin B2 supers. The droid arms firing endless but heavy streams of rapid red bolts into the Imperial lines. The Saber tanks top cannon fired into the droid crowd but they kept coming, and one tank was burnt and destroyed. Still where it had been, but a burnt husk only used for protection from enemy fire, as assault droids with heavy rocket launchers now took positions along crossways beyond this one.

The stormtrooper commander glanced over his tank as a line of B2's with dozens of B1's surrounded them and approached. The B1's firing blindly, the B2's holding their blaster arms forward and firing when a white helmet came into their sights. He chanced raising his head higher, but a stream of red slamming and rattling the tank metal forced him to throw himself back down.

"Where's that karking comms officer?" he demanded to a nearby trooper who threw his hands up. The commander cursed. The blaster fire and exchange of explosions muting the language.

"Someone find me a comm and get me some reinforcements to the crosswalk! I want that other walkway to the back hit by air power if possible! They're hammering us dammit!" The commander threw himself up and fired his E-11 blaster fire from left to right in a rapid and uncaring spray. The bolts flew and slammed into two droids. The B1's flinging their bodies where they were hit and falling over. Joining a growing pile of fellow droids. As ever though, more came. The B2 near to the fallen droid looked to the shot droid and back to the commander. An odd sensation like it took offense to that ran through the commander. It raised its arm up and moved it left to right.

"That can't be good." The commander noted as the super then extended its arm and a rocket came flying toward him.

"Back!" He dived away as the missile hit the tank and exploded. Two troopers near to him flew back screaming. One falling off the walkway into the abyss below them all. The commander shook his head as he scraped himself off the metal below him. He took in a few calming breaths as he stared at the ground through his helmet visor.

Then, suddenly a boot fell before him. He followed it up, and found the odd sight of a man standing there. His face had three scars running along his right cheek. He had his arms held across his chest and merely stared at the droids. Contemptuously so, but still he just stared. He wore a mixture of old styled battle armor, and tunic cloth, as well as a long flowing dark cloak that matched the black colors of all his clothing. The commander rose.

"Sir you cannot-"

"You speak to lord Exar Kun trooper." The man cut him off and calmly replied as blaster bolts whizzed past his head. He smirked to the man.

"I suggest you show me a little more respect than some wayward civilian." The commander felt himself swallow hard and he stiffened and saluted.

"Forgive me my lord."

"At ease trooper. We have a battle to win. Let the pleasantries be cast aside for now." the trooper nodded.

"Now if you would kindly stand back. I will give back to you and your men this walkway. I would appreciate if you tell your men to stop shooting."

" sir." The commander saluted again and threw a hand balled into fist into the air. The assorted troopers ceased firing after a few final precision shots were taken. The droids did not cease their assault of course. A smirk then danced across the lords face and he moved forward. He idly plucked his saber hilt off his belt ad allowed his thumb to play over the activation switch.

Easily jumping over the tanks he came into full sight of the droids. They didn't care who he was. They opened fire and continued to fire upon him. His saber produced a single blue beam of light. A flurry of hand motions, expert mixing of the saber forms through the form of Niman gave Exar full ability to defend against the blaster onslaught. He spun his saber left to right in front and swinging around to the front again. Each move caught one of many bolts headed his way. The Force warning him of each and every bolt streaming for him. He began to laugh. Only one arm being used, the second hanging limply at his side as he blocked every bolt. The troopers watching in awe and even fear at the sight. The man laughing like crazed lunatic didn't help either.

Finally the droids seemed confused, and ceased firing for a moment. Kun stopped moving. His saber in a diagonal position in front of his body. His smile remaining upon his face. His gray eyes dead set and coolly watching the droids jerk and look to one another in their odd imitations of how people moved.

"My turn." Throwing his free left hand forward an air cracking barrage of lightning erupted from his fingertips. A blue pulse of light bloomed across every metal surface nearby. The streams cracked, buzzed, whipped, and eventually flew through the distance between he and the army of droids. The lightning crashed into them and dozens flew back. The blue light illuminated in his eyes as his grin broadened and the Force crackled around him, he stepped forward, pulling his arm back and ending the torrent. Droids piled up against one another, but some had not fallen. They ran forward and fired once again. He easily twirled and danced his saber before himself. Each bolt flying away and some flying back. Striking 'dead' the droids that shot the bolts.

Another large number of reinforcements came running around the from the second walkway. The blue saber still at his side and extended out beautifully he threw out his left hand once more. Unleashing the dark side from his body, a Force blast erupted forth. Booming through the air like a punch from thin air into the droids. The force of the unseen blast so powerful it ripped the B1 models into shreds when hit. The B2's flew back and off the walkways, and a rounding droid AAT tank model was hit hard enough to push it over the side as well. An explosion coming upwards as it slammed into a spires side going down into the abyss.

He turned back to the troopers and waved them over with his saber wielding hand.

"All clear now!" A chuckle in his voice and a grin once more upon his face. Exar watched the troops shakily move forward across the walkway, the droids piled everywhere; those moments ago pinning them down, now turned to scrap metal. The troops flooded passed him and took positions at the turn leading to the next walkway. Immediately a hail of blaster fire met them, and several troops flew to the ground dead with singed armor. Exar turned and saw them fall. A brow being raised upon his face at the ridiculous sight.

"Lord Kun!" He turned. The commander from before once more saluting him. He nodded to put him at ease.

"What is it commander?"

"Much thanks for the assistance, but our unit has taken forty percent loss. Any further help would be much-" an explosion rocked a nearby spire, and caused both Kun and the commander to look. A droid Hyena-class bomber moving away as several more dived in and bombed the political center of the city. Massive AA weapons firing and spraying the air at random as they did so.

"No need to ask commander. I have a personal interest in seeing to the defense of the political heart of the city. Hopefully all VIP's have been sheltered and moved to lower levels, but still. Losing any ministry buildings would bring about an even bigger insult then before, no? If I can aid you along the way to this objective, I shall"

"Yes lord Kun, sir!" The commander, like a drone, agreed. The dark lord motioned for him to join his comrades at the turn. He looked out to his right. Looking out toward the political center of the city he took note of a mass concentration of troopers. A circle being formed defensively around the various ministerial buildings. In the distance the senate rotunda had a blitz of fire forming around it as bombers attacked it. The dome being built to withstand orbital attack luckily seemed nearly wholly unscathed.

He looked right toward the troopers. They fired and crouched as a hail of droid fire attacked them from behind a set of spires blocking his vision of them. He rolled his eyes, but moved to go help them as the white clad soldiers started to fall in droves. Diving forward once close enough he immediately threw his saber left and blocked several bolts headed his way. Another host of droids looked to him and the troopers. He paused as he blocked the bolts, among the droids came walking like a lumbering and towering beast a massively tall droid. It looked like the B2 model with extra arms, and a single giant red 'eye,' atop its massive head.

"B3 Ultra!" he glanced to the trooper who shouted that. Turning back though, Exar watched it raise one of its massive arms. The Force sending a trembling warning to him, he jumped aside as the droid unleashed a torrent of fire that came roaring from its right arm. The fire hit some trooper behind him, and the men began howling as the heat melted their armor to their flesh...then their flesh and through them. Killing them among screams that resonated the whole area. Exar sneered and rose back up as the droids two small arms unleashed a hail of blaster fire on the troopers. The men shot back but dozens were falling as their reinforcements came from the walkway.

"Pull back!" He ordered, and ran toward the droid as it turned on him. From its left shoulder came extending a large rectangular appendage. Exar paused as it came to full height seemingly. It fired, and came out was missile aimed at him.

"Oh really?" He threw his left hand out and caught the missile. A lopsided grin on his face, the dark lord short the missile back at the droids surrounding the B3. The Ultra battle droid walked forward even as its own missile slammed into and destroyed dozens of its smaller counterparts. The explosions rocked this walkway and blew droids apart and flying in all manner of directions, but walking through and beyond the fire nearer to Kun was this B3 ultra battle droid. Its clanking and whirring motors a sound straight from the void of the Force or someones nightmares.

"Alright big guy. Come for lord Kun." he goaded even though he knew the droid didn't care. He placed both hands along his hilt. The droid raised its left arm and fired a plasma cannon at Kun. Forcing the Sith to jump sideways and away from the attack. The two small arms fired rapidly at him. He blocked the bolts easily in an intricate set of swing and swooping flurries of his saber. Exar sent another Force blast at the droid. It took and registered the hit. The whole left side of the machine flying back at the force of the impact. It simply shrugged it off, and fired two more shoulder missiles at him.

Gritting his teeth he set another push through the Force, the two missiles were hit and flew wildly off course and into surrounding buildings. Sending glass and metal scraps flying all over. The droid raised both arms and both the plasma and flamethrower sprayed at Exar. He threw his left hand once more into the air, palm stretched and cast a bubble around him. The Force acting as his protection. The heat of the two attacks mixing before him caused swat to immediately bead across and down his brow. The droid didn't quit and moved in closer. Th two waves of power hitting an unseen shield against Exar. The Sith lord drew on his anger and rage. His body shaking with power he extended his second hand, still grasping the saber hilt, and he took a step forward. The droid moved in as did Exar. The Sith lord drew ever closer, and finally the droid had but a few steps to take to reach Exar and his Force shield.

A bellowing howl from Exar and the bubble expanded and sent the droid waving its arms in flails as it nearly fell backwards. The nearby smaller droids also flew back as they tried to fire on the troopers behind Kun who did not attack for fear of hitting the Sith lord in front of them.

The droid still stumbling and regaining its balance, Exar took saber in both hands and ran forward, slamming right foot down and propelling up with the Force he threw the saber to his left and slashed right. The Force adding to his power the saber burned through the upper half of the droids 'head,' region. The top portion of the head slid off the body and the behemoth droid slumped to its large jointed meta knees before collapsing forward, sparks erupting from the opening.

"Maybe I didn't give the droids enough credit as a threat." Exar intoned as a sigh of breath escaped his lungs. His whole body tense as he landed behind the droid, and faced another army of droids. They opened fire on him. He activated the second saber blade of his and spun the dual blade in a massive circle before him. The bolts hit and flew in random directions away. Once more he strode forward toward the droids. The B1's and B2's moving to meet the enemy and firing blindly on him.

He reached the very front row of droids and as he spun he hit the first droid. The B1 was split in half from left to right. Then he flipped to the right and dodged the bolts headed his way. Slicing down and through two more droids. He turned wild, swinging right and left, jumping over a B1 to slice down a B2 and stab backwards into the droid and through him. Another fury induced shockwave from his hands erupted and sent another forty or more droids flying back, and off the sides of the walkway.

"Phew...where do they keep coming from?" Exar rested his arms for a moment, until he heard an odd sound approach. Along the ramp three figures. They were coming fast and they were...rolling? The droids came to a sudden stop, and uncurled. Their arms folded out to their sides, and shields erupted around them as they all three of them, opened fire on him.

Bringing saber overhead, to his side, across his abdomen, and before shoulder, Exar found a hail of blaster fire heading toward every part of his body. Bolts that were redirected struck shields, and the droids fired continuously. He sneered, and grit his teeth once more. Behind these droids rolling across the wider but not huge walkway they were upon, were several droid walkers. He didn't know of what kind.

"Dwarf spider droids!" He glanced right and the trooper commander had somehow managed to sneak up next to him. A flurry of blaster fire erupted around him as the troopers moved in on the droids. The shields maintained though even as dozens of separate blaster rained on them and the apparently named, dwarf spider droids, neared. The one leading the rest took aim with its central cannon.

Exar sneered as it fired upon the troopers and he. Shoving the commander away the blast hit the walkway behind them. A massive chunk of the path fell into the abyss. As Kun reached his hand out and grasped one of the shielded droids. Piercing all material shields he lifted the droid into the air and slammed it back. It flew into the walkers photoreceptors. Crashing into little bits and exploding before they walker which paused before firing again. This time aiming for Kun directly. He sidestepped away with the Force adding a little extra speed and force to his movement.

A trooper carrying a massive missile launcher on his shoulder ran up and crouched to a knee. Taking aim he unleashed two massive projectiles upon the nearest shielded droid. It turned to look, and exploded on impact. The shield and it were no more. The third shot rapidly into the crowd of troopers who fired back and dodged the incoming fire, while ducking as the spider droid fired several more shots at them.

The launcher carrying trooper began reloading his weapon as three bolts traveled along his body, the third striking and snapping his helmeted head back. He fell over limp and dead. Exar snarled as he dived forward, dodging fire and explosions from both sides as they engaged brutally across the walkway. Leaping over the third droid as it fired n him, and continued to fire at him as he jumped over it, Exar turned and sent the droid flying over the walkway with a last Force blast. Turning back toward the walkers approaching. The Sith lord ran full speed at them. His blue saber in hand he dodged the first shot it fired. Jumping left it blasted right and made another gaping hole. Blasting left he jumped right and it made another gaping wound in the walkway.

Taking his saber, both sides extended still in hand he tossed it, spinning through the air it flew around the walker. The droid watching it before turning back to Kun when it went out of sight. It came around though, on its left and cut through its cannon. The droid fired, and the blast erupted at the tip of the droid and blew the dome of the walker away. The beastly droid collapsed in a piled of smoke and burning metal, as Kun recalled his saber to his hand.

The troopers once more joined his side, several dozen remaining after the intense fights prior. The sky filed with smoke, and several notable spires around the city were in flames and missing whole sections along the length of the buildings. Yet still Exar found himself confronted with a more direct enemy. For coming up behind the first walker were several more of the same, dwarf spider droids. Needless to say, he didn't like these all.

"Lord Kun." The commander, somehow still alive got his attention. The Sith lord turning to look into the helmeted mans face.

"How do we proceed?" Exar sighed, and allowed the dark side to fill him and bolster his strength once more.

"We proceed by you following me, and shooting that which I am not attacking. The first one of you to hit me with friendly fire I swear I shall toss you over the sides. Now let me handle the walkers, you form up behind me. I recommend you find cover where you can. Got me?"

"Loud and clear lord Kun!" The commander cried back. Exar smirking at the loud enthusiasm of the man. He deactivated one side of his saber and nodded to himself as his clothing tossed and whipped in the stiff airs of Coruscant.

"Alright. Now stick to my backside, watch our flanks, and rear at that, and we should reach the government district in no time." Exar ordered, and once more dashed forward to personally take on the URM walkers making their way along the walkway.

Of course, with but one walkway under such attack, it lead Kun to wonder just how bad things were elsewhere on Coruscant.

(Imperial City, Near to 'The Works')

The shuttle had dropped his master off nearer to the government district as battle waged across the intercity walkways as droid battled stormtrooper. Viathan had remained aboard as a pilot they re-purposed for their simple shuttle, directed the ship through the skies as smoke rose and filled them. Meandering and dodging in the skies. Massive cannon bolts and pounding explosions rocked the air around the ship. With fighters buzzing by and passed the ship. Too close on several occasions at that. Even sending the ship into a jarring slam several times. Throwing Viathan against the walls.

Luckily that ordeal ended after the ship made its way toward the works. Word was given by the central military command of high concentrations of droid forces in the area. Viathan couldn't guess why, but nonetheless Coruscant still maintained some industries in the region, and they were to be protected by all available Imperial forces now being hastily flown down from the ships fighting in space. Viathan had seen several transports attempting to reach the surface only to be shot down by marauding Vulture and Tri-fighters.

The shuttle had landed on an open plot, not originally meant for landing a ship onto it. Surrounding it were piles of dead, broken droids and smoking machinery of war. Viathan had bounded off the ship, his cloak whipping through the air, as dirt and smoke hit his face and filled his lungs. He coughed and blocked his face as the shuttle took off and made for wherever it may have been needed, leaving Viathan to join the fray of the battle.

The open zone he was upon was the roof of some factory. It seemed rusty and dirty. Scraps of old machines and broken down things littered the roof mingling with the newly made dead and the broken droids of the battle. Atop the building were several dozen stormtroopers. The men all carried E-11's and were firing on adjacent building rooftops, as the droids lined those. In fact the whole of the Works was lined with rooftops with a mix of droids on some and troopers on others firing wildly and blindly as red blaster bolts flew through the air.

Both sabers in hand Viathan ran across the rooftop. Bolts flew near to him but he dodged them and rolled aside as they flew too close to him. The Force warning and guiding him through the mess. A line of troopers were along the railing of one roof, it was missing whole pieces in certain areas. The men were kneeled and using the very basic metal railing for cover. Many of them wee being hit and slamming backwards dead.

Viathan jumped next to one as the trooper fired the blaster rifle wildly at another foot, where atop it several droids sporting snipers fired on their position as other droids were setting up heavy repeaters and using B1 models to mount those and keep the men pinned down.

"Trooper," The soldier looked to Viathan. His mask as ever, showing no expression. Though Viathan could feel the fear and anger rising in all the men.

"I'm commander Viathan, what's the situation?" He pointed to his chest and greeted as the blasts and firing, the screams and booms blotted out his voice.

"The droids have taken control of several factories sir! They are using the rooftops as staging points, and are moving toward the main power stations deeper into the heart of the Works. Our orders are to keep them back as long as we can and await airstrikes! Leveling of any droid controlled buildings have been authorized but we have no air support." the trooper, though it was harder to hear over the noise and his mask, declared and Viathan understood. He sighed and ducked as shots flew overhead, and now understood why the droids were hitting the works hard as they were. The power supply, weather control systems, and water control stations were all in the heartland of the works. The more well maintained sector.

Viathan nodded understandingly. "You and your men cover me, and I'll take care of those droids on that roof." he pointed toward the roof of contention. The trooper glancing at it and nodding vehemently. Probably happy at the notion of the commander known for his actions in battle concerning the Force, going into battle for them.

"Remember, watch my back. You see any droid coming up on my backside I'd appreciate a little blaster support."

"Roger sir." the trooper relayed the orders, and then burst a flurry of bolts toward the droids who responded in kind. Both sides singing metal and the buildings and a few droids and men falling to the bolt as well.

Viathan activated both crimson sabers. The beams extending at his sides. His own simple saber and that of his clone burning brightly even within a battle of nothing but lights and gleaming metal. He jumped back to a full stand and spun both sabers as bolts flew at him, and they fell around him. Even as he turned and ran backwards away fro the railing, and reached nearly the other side. Skidding to a stop he turned once more on a heel as bolts followed his footsteps along the building, and he sent more bolts flying away into the air.

A great intake of air, and drawing on the power of the Force he dashed forward. Sidestepping and dodging more bolts as they came his way he planted his boot into the rooftop and jumped from the one he landed upon clear over an open chasm to the metal grounds below. Landing, he immediately cut down two droids through their midsections. Turning and slicing down another with both blades, before swinging back around and cutting another in half.

His right saber blocked a bolt from his side, and he tossed his left saber. The weapon slicing through a group of droids turning and shooting at him. He turned and sent a wave of telekinetic power at the droid shooting at him. Quickly catching his second saber retuning to him, the boy turned just as a B2-HA super battle droid model primed and fired its cannon weapon at him. His eyes going wide he tossed his body right and rolled away as the projectile ripped a tear in the roof down into the factory below.

Slamming his boot down and stopping his role on a knee Viathan faced the cannon-armed droid as it re-homed on hi and fired again. This time he blitzed forward and dodged under the projectile. Both sabers held down and behind him he swung both up and sliced up through the center of the droid. Spinning back around as the droid split in two and collapsed in two separate heaps.

Despite that victory a whole line of droids on the opposite end of the wall; most of them B1 infantry units turned and fired at him. Dashing left the droids followed and fired at his blurry figure. He reached the edge of the wall and then ran at them. His sabers dancing in front of him as they shot at him still. Viathan carved through one as he reached it. Turning right and slicing down another, blocking several bolts and running through the third. Tossing his saber around as a droid sniper nearby took aim, and using the second to stab through another B1. The snipers head was removed and the droid fell over. Viathan caught that saber once more, and felt his body pound with familiar adrenaline. All thoughts and memories fading from his head as he engaged and delved his mind, body and soul into battle once more. Freeing him from all that came before and all that would come after in this moment.

Viathan even felt lightheaded, like a great weight once more lifted off of him, and he took a moment to relax his body and breathe in the aroma, the stench and hell that was decaying and burning flesh, of torn and burnt metal, the stench of a battlefield. The dark side flowed into his body and he sensed more droids approach from the depths of the building. The lifeless things were not so much sensed as the warning from the Force was sensed. The machine soldiers burst through the already blown door entrance and opened fire on him as a flood of B1 units streamed out. He lazily spun his right saber to block their wave of bolts. The haze of the battle clouding his desire to move in this moment. Though he registered he would need to soon.

The droids numbers swelled to at least thirty climbing from this gaping doorway and forced Viathan to use both sabers to block the bolts. Then a stream of similarly red bolts flew from the left of the roof and the droids, too focused on Viathan fell in droves as they were hit. The troopers along the other roof fired wildly into the sides of the droids and the skeletal mechanical beings fell over on their sides as they were brought down one by one. Viathan smirked at the sight, and even as they aided him, he continue to block the attacks with his sabers, before pausing and in a flash of speed unnatural to most unleashed a torrent of lightning into the crowd of droids. The machines buzzing and whirring in their weird little voices as they shook and fell back. The electricity coursing through them bringing them down in no time. Relaxing his right hand as it both clutched his saber and extended his fingers out to unleash his lightning, he approached the entrance into the factory below. Approaching were more droids who fired at him and forced him to throw his body backwards nearly falling. A snarl escaped him and he drew on the Force, and rage combined. It built and swelled within until it felt ready to break free of his body entirely. Entering the building once more he howled as he unleashed a Force blast down into the factory. The host of droids slammed to the ground and many exploded into bits of shrapnel flying in all directions as the foundations themselves quaked beneath him.

His breaths were heavy and his body shook from the exertion. His eyes were glowering and pure crimson as the dark side took total hold of him. He clasped the saber in his left hand back onto his belt. Using the Force, he reached out and clutched the very walkway leading up to the roof inside the building and closed his fist in thin air. The walkway creaked, groaned and crunched as metal whined against unseen power. A slam of his hand into a full closed fist and the walkway turned into a broken and crushed line of twisted metal. He let it go and fall to the factory floors below. Denying the droids future access to this roof.

He returned back onto the roof and threw his head back and closed his eyes. His shoulders relaxed and both arms swung down low. Viathan allowed some haziness to clear from the adrenaline filled moments of battle prior and the unfocused anger he left consume him. The rooftop, as he opened his eyes, was littered now with dozens of broken droids and rubble, discarded weapons and an odd silence even as the sounds of war went on in the distance.

Viathan turned back to the rooftop where the troopers were. The man he had spoken to was waving to him. Motioning his arm to his left and Viathan's direct forward. He looked to that roof. Taking his second saber back into hand he could see more droids firing on another roof beyond his sight. Certainly where more troopers were stationed attempting to hod the line.

Turning to the trooper he raised his active saber. He hoped it signaled to the man he understood him. For Viathan activated his second saber and ran forward. The Force once more in his leap as he made it and crossed rooftops. He landed with a thud and small release of breath from the impact. The droids were concentrated elsewhere, but one droideka in the center of the roof saw him. It activated its shield and fired on him. Both sabers blocked the bolts, left to right and up and across his person.

Viathan took both sabers, and formed an X across his body and then thrust both weapons out and they both went flying into the air. Spinning both toward droids lining the walls and firing in imperial positions. Viathan threw himself to the left as the droideka fired on a now 'defenseless,' enemy. Reaching out with the Force and using his metallic hand he lifted the droid into the air. It thrashed about not understanding what was happening and he tossed it violently off the roof. His two sabers flew out and away from the roof but came spinning back in and cut through droid after droid. One from the left the other from the right.

The whole front line of droids was eradicated and the firing ceased. He recalled both of his weapons to him as a self pleased smile crossed his face. The troopers noted what he had done, and he could hear distant cheering. The sound was odd to his ears but he found his smile widening slightly as he bowed his head to them.

His smile quickly faded back into a face of stone apathy. He turned his attention toward the entrance to the roof of this building. Heading toward it and looking he found himself looking down into a ruined factory with droids flooding the bottom floor. None seeming concerned with moving up to the roof though.

Viathan looked and found the walkway to be the exact same to the last one.

'The Works seem to be really blandly similar from building to building.' He noted, but then again the spires of Coruscant were very similar as well. Still, Viathan looked down at all those droids moving around and seeming almost aimless as they went around the factory floor, the one beneath him at least as there were levels upon levels below. The sight of them all only seeking to remind him how they now crawled across the surface of Coruscant, or at the least the capital city of the capital world. His home!

Deactivating both lightsabers and clasping them to his belt the boy once more delved into his darkest memories and his rage for the droids. Fr all his enemies, and single-mindedly focused on every raw emotion he could. Allowing the primal essence of those emotions to fuel the dark side again. Until at last his body felt as if it were crackling with pure energy. The Force screamed to be unleashed from him, and in an instant, he did just that.

A terrible snarl escaped him as he unleashed two massive bouts of lightning from both hands. The tendrils flying down and slamming into the entire room filled with droids. The machines shaking and whirring, buzzing even, as B1 and B2 alike shook and fell over as their computers within fried and motors fused. The pure power flowing from his hands, even though his left had received shocks from the backlash of the lightning hitting the metal appendage, was immense and relieving! A thrilling thing even, as power and pent up rage lifted from his body. The room illuminated in a brilliant blue and soon droids began to explode from the endless streams he unleashed into them. The unleashing of such power made him unwilling to end even as the pain began to travel up his left arm and cause his muscles to ache and clothes to singe. Until at last he pulled both arms in and balled both hands into fists. Ceasing the attack he released a breath he hadn't realized he was holding and huffed in another. He slumped forward against the walkway railing and continued to breathe. All of his rage coursing through him.

'I guess it'll never all be released.' Viathan thought as the anger would not stop pounding through him. Like a second heart, only adding to the beat of the organ. His blood pulsed and he could feel his head pounding even harder. He kept on breathing, soon the smell of burning metal and the crackle of the broken machines caught his attention once more. Forcing his eyes open he looked down below. Taking in the sight of the fallen over soldiers in full. There were likely more than four dozen, and that would not even be close to enough broken droids to help, but he felt so...much better for shocking the metal things into burning piles of scrap.

A few more seconds that felt like moments later, and Viathan managed to move once again. Moving back outside after crushing the walkway to the roof inside he found the sight looking a lot of the same. Taking both sabers into his hands once more and looking beyond toward the endless lines of roofs left to fight upon Viathan sighed once more. A screech in the sky caught his attention. He looked up to see TIE bomber wings flying overhead and bombing enemy positions further out.

"I thought we had no air support?" He mumbled, but also took note at how far into the heart of the Works the bombers dropped their payload. They were far too close to the power control systems.

So once more he broke into a run and made for the next droid infested building to clear the roof. Every step bringing him closer to the enemy front. If he could get there, Viathan thought, he could hold the line against the droids.

(Outside of the Government Sector)

"Ground forces numbers have reached seventy-three million spread across the world. All enemy ground forces have failed to halt advances into the industrial and commercial zones of the city. Enemy space defenses have also failed in halting further transports from reaching the planet. I recommend we begin the assault now, ma'am." Huddled under a metal awning of sorts, a piece of metal rooftop jutting out from a smaller building in the city nestled among the towering spires of Coruscant stood an assortment a small platoon even of droids. All waiting for the word to get moving.

"Not yet Fourzee." Kellia waved her hand and watched the battle beyond unfold. The blinding lights and booms flashing across her vision. She faced away from the droids that stood behind her. Though two magnaguards stood behind her and wielded their electrostaffs in guarding posture. The massive B3 Ultra battle droid, cocked its massive head, and by extension its whole upper body to the side. Seeming confused at his mistresses' lack of attacking when the whole of the enemy forces seemed consumed by other allied units.

"I calculate high probability of mission success if we take action against main objective now."

"You fail to understand why I'm waiting Fourzee?" The droid bowed its big head as an affirmative, and Kellia nodded. Her head cloaked and a smile creeping at the edges of her mouth as she watched the heart of the Empire turned into smoke and ruin.

"The Empire is losing its mind with this attack Fourzee. They are throwing everything they have everywhere at once. Let them spread their forces thin and let Coruscant burn a while longer. It will still be here when we attack the communications ministry building." She turned to the giant droid general of hers. Standing next to him was three of the EG assassin droids. They were cloaked in black robes and each had a saber hilt at attached to their chassis at the waist level. They looked like magnaguards, two red photoreceptors for eyes, and helmets atop their heads that looked like ancient armored helmets. She noted them for the use she felt they would have when her mission actually came under way. Another smirk playing at her as the thoughts crossed her mind.

"By the time we move in on the ministry the attack will seem so miniscule in the grand schemes of things, my dear Fourzee, that the Empire will all but ignore the calls the ministry makes for aid and reinforcements. We shall wipe out the forces guarding the building and area, secure it while I upload the reactivation signal. Let the HoloNet play the signal across the entire galaxy. Et-cetera, and et-cetera. It'll work out Fourzee. For now we will allow our brave and dutiful little droid friends burn and maim, and destroy the little Imps as they scurry around like the roaches that they are." She chuckled, and turned back toward the sight of the city. The droid general remained silent and accepted its masters command.

"I do want you to authorize one phase of the attack we have only just begun though, Fourzee."
"Ma'am?" The droid questioned as she remained facing the opposite direction.

"The palace was but the first place I wanted to feel the sting of the buzz droids. Order all buzz droid capsules to be dispersed among the areas most highly concentrated with enemy forces." She grinned to herself as the Force swirled around her and the idea of her next order made her heart pound.

"Relay to them that all organic forces are their main targets. Structural targets are, secondary." The droid silently relayed the commands to the fleet above. Allowing Kellia to turn her head toward the skies. To await the moment the little droids of death were dropped and littered from the skies above to the soldiers below. To rip, tear and slice through not just metal and armor, but flesh as well.

(Beshqek System, earlier)

"What did you say the name of this word was again sir?" Xitti turned in his seat at the question. The blonde woman looking at him and seeming genuinely intrigued as they neared the world below them. He was in a secondary seat in the back of a simple lambda shuttle with her sitting opposite to him. She was cuffed as a precaution, but that was all, and to Xitti she seemed harmless really.

"The world is called Byss madam. When we land you may get to see a glimpse of it. However, we will set some rules when we land." She cocked her head, her hair falling as she did.

"Rules? Like what?"

"Well," Xitti shrugged and leaned in, as the pilot moved the shuttle downward some closer to the planet. "For one thing this world is highly important to the Empire, but even more so for the emperor himself. No ship would have passed through this system without express go ahead by the upper echelons of the military. You will be ordered to sign a few documents. Whilst not entirely binding in the sense we cannot monitor you forever, it will state that; should we ever discover you spoke about Byss and what you saw here, and even its very existence we have the right and shall carry it out that you be silenced." Xitti stated matter-of-factly, and even brought a thin smile to his face. Though the woman on the other hand held across her face a look of astonishment and horror.

"Well, when you put it that way I suppose I best get a good look while I can. No sense in going around talking about things so wonderful you could die over them eh?" Xitti shrugged lopsidedly.

"We've entered the atmosphere sir. I've sent the identification codes to ground command and we should be landing shortly." The pilot called back. His voice sounding odd through the usual masks the Empire forced all its men to wear. The woman, Orinda, returned to silence and looked down at her legs, and her cuffed hands as she twiddled with her own fingers. Leaving Xitti to sit back and go over the list of things he had to do later the same day back aboard the ship.

"You know.." She began, catching Xitti's attention. "I always thought that security measures for the Empire, especially for worlds this 'important,' would be far tougher on people who broke through into the system." She looked back up, a whimsy seeming smirk upon her face. Xitti frowned as he felt his face contort into a furrow.

"What do you mean?" She shrugged, and lifted her cuffed hands, wiggling her fingers and seeming all the more oddly playful. Xitti crossed his arms.

"Well your tone certainly seems to have changed." He noted immediately, only to watch her shrug again. "Secondly you did not 'breach,' the system you made a blind jump and-" It was there that Xitti cut himself off. Orinda only beamed a broader smile, and Xitti felt his gut twist some at the thoughts running through his head in this moment.

"Sir, the fleet has just sent out a command. All patrol ships and none necessary war vessels are to make for Coruscant immediately. The capital is under attack." The pilot called back. His voice even through the mask sounding more flustered and filled with excitement.

"What?!" He snapped his head left toward the cockpit. The very notion of an attack on Coruscant seemed, completely infeasible! His mind raced with visions and thoughts once more. Only this time focused on the heart of the Empire. Who was even attacking was another question.

"I think your trip to Byss will have to-" Xitti turned back toward Orinda but instead of seeing her per say, something slammed into his head and sent him reeling to the right as darkness clouded his vision.

His body slumping over and a groan escaping his hunched over form, 'Orinda,' bent down and rummaged through his pockets. Grunting in annoyance she finally found what she was looking for.

"There you are beautiful." She laughed lowly. Picking up the cuff release, she clicked the overly simplistic button on the device and her cuffs snapped open. The bulky pieces of metal with magnetic locks nearly falling to the floor with a clank, she quickly snatched them from the air, and sighed in relief.

"Honestly, I would think this a wee bit harder officer Xitti to not just break into the system. But, also to break out of these cuffs." She whispered as she checked his knocked out form for any weapons, but sucked in an annoyed breath when she found none. Standing back up and rubbing her wrists she tiptoed toward the cockpit. The pilot sat silently, his head bobbing some as he piloted the shuttle down toward the planet. A city was coming into view as they pierced the atmosphere. She only took a moment to look down at the city before she spotted a single blaster at the pilots side. Standard issue, and just what the doctor ordered.

Lowering herself into a prone position she slowly meandered her way toward the pilot. He was sitting in the left piloting chair and seemed to not have a care in the galaxy. Rising herself a little further she sucked in a breath and snatched the pistol, snapping its holster open and taking it into her hand.

"Hey!" The pilot snapped around where a blaster barrel met his face.

"Hi." A pull of the trigger and the man slammed back and against the control before slumping over dead. Brushing aside stray strands of her hair she unhooked the man from his seat straps and threw his body aside. The blaster wound to his head giving the shuttle a resonating burning plastic type smell mingled with burnt flesh.

Taking the seat with a contented sigh and smile growing along her face she took hold of the piloting sticks and moved the ship away from the slight dive it was taking from the pilots death. It wasn't too big a change in movement to concern anyone, and she felt relief once more wash over her at that. She flipped on the communications of the ship and decided to listen in on the big news.

"All vessels of the Deep Core Reserves are hereby ordered to jump to Imperial-Center at once! Enemy forces have launched a surprise invasion of the planet. Supreme Commander, lord Vader, and his majesty the Emperor has authorized full recall to the capital. All none security essential naval forces are to follow through with this command immediately. Further instruction shall be provided above Imperial-Center." The message paused before it began to repeat. The voice of the announcer sounded fidgety and distressed. Making her figure the broadcast was thrown together for a little bit of info for the men of the navy.

"Well that should make things pleasantly chaotic for me. Funny how things work." She switched the comms off, and set in the autopilot for the shuttle to continue on course to the garrison base in the city. The pilot, she figured, like most pilots of shuttles was simply there for assurances that the shuttle didn't veer off and crash. More than actually to pilot.

Sitting back for a moment, she peeled off hr expertly placed wig. The 'skin,' of the thing felt like tape being ripped from her brow and forced a grimace onto her face as she ripped it off, and sucked in her breath at the pain.

"I hate the practical tools. Still, better than wasting you my little friend." She smiled as she patted her cloaking belt. The naval officers and techs to concerned for the well being of a mere woman they saw in 'distress,' to rummage their hands along her body. Sure she had given them some bait to ease their suspicions. A blaster was found on her, some credits, and tools. All the little perks one would expect form someone on a cargo ship. Of course when a blonde in distress bats her eyelashes at them and hold little tears at the ready any man she had so far come across loved to play the big strong man to her rescue.

She chuckled and ran her hand through her natural short brown hair. Morgana felt the sweat matted hair for the first time in days and felt finally began to feel free once again. Jumping to a stand she moved back into the passenger room and took note of officer Xitti groaning about on the floor still. Though he seemed to be coming to slowly.

"Now certainly you have to agree Xitti, that was too easy." She mocked as she threw her wig to the floor next to his head. He shook himself awake, and glanced up toward her, the blaster lazily hanging at her side. He groaned as his eyes struggled to focus on the seemingly different woman before him.

"Yes, yes simple as it may seem, I fooled you and your people. Look, let's not focus on the past okay?" She smoothly and calmly spoke and smiled sweetly. Lowering herself to his level she brought the blaster to his face. He recoiled back and sneered.

"I needed to get planet side. Despite all your searching and checking I beat you and your 'deductive,' abilities Xitti. Though I applaud them."

"Who do you work for then?" He snapped, only for her to roll her eyes.

"I wont say. Can't really. For two reasons. The first being you have no need to know, and it's counterproductive. The second being the cliché of telling someone who they're working for is beneath me. The fact of the matter is, I have business on the planet and I need to be discreet about it." he groaned some more and pushed himself back against the seating of the shuttle lining the wall. Sitting himself up to come more to eye level with the woman. She was now crouched and smiling as he blaster remained on him. Her posture calm and seeming more in control than Xitti thought. Though the fact she was so calm was unsettling.

"You do realize you wont be able to leave this ship without being blasted by a legion of troopers right? This is the heart of the Imperial security zone!"

"Your desperate attempt to strike fear into me fails on multiple levels my friend." She sighed. "I have a plan. Had one ever since you and our captain said you'd take me down here personally. It wont be the first time something extraordinary happened that ended up killing 'good men,' of the empire." She vaguely inferred. Rising back up to a stand she walked to the side of the shuttle, where she had been sitting before. Giving Xitti a single further glance she ripped open a side panel along the shuttle wall. It was usually used for repairing any systems in the region that were in need of it.

"You and your men couldn't tell I was wearing the simplest of disguising gear. A wig of all things, but I suppose it's the least likely thing for someone to use in this day and age. However, my gamble on you boys not finding out my hairdo was not really mine was massive. I mean boy oh boy," she laughed and brought up a small device in her hand. One Xitti didn't recognize.

"...if you boys had removed the wig, found my little toy hidden beneath I would have been so karked I might as well have jumped out of the airlock myself. Plus me being a damsel in need of saving meant extra special treatment by all you big strong men. So no intensely intrusive scans! I will certainly report the lax security measures the men of the Core seem to have when I'm out of here." The ship seemed to slow in its descent and lower. She looked over toward the cockpit viewport and smile.

"What is that?" Xitti nudged his chin toward the device in her hand and she winked. Tossing it into the ripped open repair bay among the wires, and tubes, all the electrical and assorted parts that made a shuttle work, she moved away and returned the latch to its original position.

"That my friend is a very small explosive that I have seen blow away an entire spire on Coruscant. I have lowered its destructive capacity, but it'll get the job done. You, and everything else in here will blow into little particles. The assumption being the death of all those aboard and something going terribly wrong in the shuttle itself leading to an explosion." Xitti smirked.

"Leaves no room to-"
"Escape?" She mockingly cut him off. "I have no time to explain to you, nor the patience to tell you how and why you're wrong. Just know you are. I have no time for further conversation though I'm sad to say. So goodnight officer Xitti. It's been fun." Xitti threw his hands up defensively and Morgana fired five blaster bolts into him. Three into his head and two in his chest. The body slumping down where he sat on the shuttle floor. Taking a final glance out of the viewport and seeing the ship easing toward and lower toward the landing pad on what she figured to be the spire the military was using planet side she threw the blaster to the floor and activated her cloaking belt.

The shuttle from the feet above was reported to be landing with someone in need of processing. The transport off of the planet. Awaiting the officer aboard was another officer with two troopers waiting and acting as guardsmen. When the shuttle landed the boarding ramp began lowering down. As the ramp eased to being almost fully open and resting on the ground the shuttle exploded.

The explosion rocked the entire landing pad and the spire as a whole. The three men flew back along the connecting walkway as metal and bits went flying in all directions. The heat from the explosion washing over them. The whole area heard and many saw the fireball as it rose and plumed into the air. Placing the whole planet on alert. Tensions being already at bursting level with Coruscant under attack.

As the fires were put out and the military began investigating the shuttle for clues as to how it exploded, no one took notice of a single woman. Of course no one had even seen her as she jumped off the ramp of the shuttle as it fell. None saw nor heard her as she passed by the men, and no one noticed her descend the building toward the ground level as the shuttle rocked and sent the whole building into a set of tremors.

When Morgana reached the ground level and exited the building, no longer hidden and assumed to be part of the military on the sheer fact she was leaving the upper levels she beamed a wide grin. She had penetrated the defenses of and landed on Byss.

Next stop? The Emperor's citadel.

(Imperial Stardestroyer Exactor)

"Report Piett!" The captain and the whole crew snapped to attention at the approach and entrance of the dark lord. It had gone unannounced and thus startled them all but they all stiffened and saluted nonetheless. The ship shaking as they did so and scenes of naval warfare playing outside and all.

"Welcome back lord-"
"Skip the pleasantries Piett. We are in the middle of a battle."

"Yes, of course lord Vader." Piett stuttered as the Sith lord reached the front of the bridge and as usual stared out of the viewport and kept his usual calm. Perplexing not only Piett but all those around him. Though it was oddly welcome for the men who were moments before close to breaking point as the droids closed ever more in on them and all Imperial warships.

"The droid attack has left almost a full half of the Home Defense fleet decimated. Many are without fuel due to the attack coming in during a refueling period, and thus are static in space. Barrages from multiple URM warships has crippled and cut many ships off from any form of front and left some open to total annihilation." Piett listed off, his voice holding a slight quiver of breathlessness and dryness.

"What of Death Squadron?"

"We have fared better, but losses are still mounting. Four of our Victory and three Stardestroyers have been destroyed. However we are the heaviest packed subset of forces above Coruscant. Keeping as closely knit together as we have been seems to be assuring us of less losses by comparison, but where we have seen exponential losses along with the rest of the Home Fleet is in starfighters and bombers. The URM simply has too many ships to throw away with two showing up for every one destroyed, and another three for those two. We count the initial enemy fleet to number into the thousands! We merely had a few hundred above the capital." Vader nodded and crossed his arms, even as the ship took another hit somewhere and caused the whole deck to shake.

"We needn't worry about numbers soon captain. The Core reserve numbers well beyond the thousands and we have recalled a substantial amount of them. In time we shall outnumber them by a four to one margin, and force the URM to either retreat or fight to obliteration. It is our task to ensure the latter happens." Piett looked horrified and glanced out the viewport. Almost as if to remind himself just how awful of a situation they were in before responding to his lord.

"My lord, we cannot hope to destroy all droid forces. Even if we were to receive the core reserves they would be far too late to stop the droids from simply jumping to hyperspace. Their ground forces I can assume to be nothing but fodder. They wouldn't care to save any of them. The ships I think they would though."

"You are correct captain." Vader retorted coolly. "The URM can make as many droids as there is metal in all the galaxy to exploit. Our mission is to assure their fleet takes the hit for this insult. Be it plausible in your mind or not it is what is to be done. Understood?" Piett held a face of continued disbelief at what his lord was asking of him, as men nearby also held faces of fear and disbelief, mingled with fear at his presence and the power the droids had shown so far. Piett finally calmed himself and resumed a face of stoney submission, and bowed his head.

"Of course lord Vader. What are your orders?" The dark lord turned toward the officers in the lower deck. A rarity the men below found to be distressing.

"Have we any Interdictors still operational in orbit?" the head officer snapped to his fellow men who began typing in keys along their computer consoles with speed the dark lord found almost humorous as it was fueled by pure fear and dread at his possible displeasure. Though he smirked behind his mask. Vader had far bigger things to worry about.

"Lord Vader. We have confirmation that five Interdictors, heavy classification, are at this moment behind Centax-1." His bow furrowing at the revelation the Sith turned back to the viewport and scanned the space around his ship. Though it was hard to see anything as turbolaser fire and fighters mingled with bombers flew across his field of vision. Indeed Vader found all three moons of Coruscant in the distance, but he failed to remember which was Centax-1.

"Which one of these satellites is Centax-1?"

"I can help there my lord." Piett pointed to the moon on Vader's far left. It was by far the furthest away, and glimmering in the light of the systems star. In fact there were no visible signs of Imperial forces. No sign either of droid forces making their way toward the moon as well.

"Why are they behind the moon?" Vader demanded, turning back to the officer below. The man returned and leaned over the shoulder of an officer seeming to have words with him in a hushed tone.

"My lord, it would appear all patrol ships within the system and neighboring ones have gathered behind Centax-1 to build up sufficient amounts to launch a counterattack."

"What do they number?" The man glanced again before snapping back toward lord Vader.

"The report shows one-hundred-three ships my lord." Anger spiked through him and caused the dark lord to ball his hands into fists.

"Then why have they not come into the battle?! I do not care how many ships are behind the moon nor their purpose for what seems to me to be more an act of cowardice than strategy! Send order to them to launch a counterattack along the droid flank nearest to them. Inform them that if they disregard my orders I shall count them as part of the enemy fleet as well."

"Yes, of course my lord." The officer stuttered and motioned to the comms officer to relay the commands.

"Furthermore you may inform the Interdictors to initiate their gravity well generators. This fleet is here to stay and be annihilated at all costs. Once more, failure to comply shall result in the same outcome." They followed through with his orders, and Vader felt his anger subside some. Though not greatly as the Force crackled around him. The dark side only fed further by the resonating deaths happening across the planet below and in orbit above.

"With that out of the way I have new orders to give." Vader intoned almost menacingly and Piett felt himself go even more rigid and stiff where he stood at his lords words.

"Death Squadron will break defensive posture and move into attack positions at once. The enemy fleet has broken the entire cohesion of my navy, and I am here to reestablish order." Piett felt his chest constrict at the notion of attack. It made him feel sick to think that fear clasped his heart at the mere notion of attacking, but it was a fact. The droids were in far superior a position.

"What are your orders lord Vader." He no less asked. Even if the voice in the back of his head told him today was the day he was to die.

"All ships shall commence a spearhead. We will lead the pack. Order the Conquest and the Avenger onto our flanks. Flanking them shall be two Tartans. To our back the rest of the fleet shall follow. We move forward, and do not stop. Not even if we are to ram a droid ship. We give the initial blow to any ships in our path and surrounding us, and the secondary ships deliver the further blows. Until at last the enemy ships are broken, destroyed, and amount to nothing but scrap for future Imperial usage." The ship once more shook, and Piett felt himself numbly nod before turning and motioning for the comms officer to relay the orders across death Squadron's frequency.

"Find the nearest pocket of Imperial warships surrounded by and under attack from the URM battleships. We make for them and will puncture a hole through the droid lines and secure our allied vessels and build a larger, as well as stronger front. We will continue this effort until we have a distinctive line of ships to use and coordinate a successful defense." Piett nodded, and once more relayed the commands.

"What of the URM my lord? Surely they wont build a line to fight ours? Don't we need ships spread out to fight the droid ships at every turn?" Vader waved him off with a sweeping motion of his gloved hand.

"We shall send squadrons of ships where needed, but at this moment the Home Fleet has been so divided and broken the cohesion the navy needs to function is gone. We shall establish order, a direct and obvious chain of command, and from there move ships where they are needed with clear allied support where necessary."

"Of course my lord." Piett bowed. The reasoning was sound enough to him.

"A final order. I don't want anymore fighter and interceptor squadrons confined to defensive positions. If our defensive turbolasers and ion cannons fail to defend our ships it shall only prove the failings in stardestroyer design, or their versatility by success. We bring the attack to the enemy, and all bombers are to concentrate on knocking out those lucrehulks." The ship began to move forward at last after being stationary since the beginning of the battle and its initial repositioning. Piett relayed the new orders once again, and returned to watching the battle outside unfold once again beside lord Vader.

The turbolasers and ion cannons of the Exactor, Avenger, and Conquest unleashed upon the nearest URM pocket of warships. Three sabaoth destroyers moved in from the right flank and were backed up by two Munificent class ships. Their turbolaser fire pounded into the dark lords flagship and the adjacent stardestroyers. Then as both Vader and Piett watched their fire with that of the other stardestroyers flew in a large wave of cannon fire into the five ships. The first sabaoth hit so hard in the bow that the forward section exploded and the ship exploded. The other ships were then pounded by the frontal stardestroyers. None destroyed as successfully as the first ship, but the following ships behind the three main vessels mopped up the leftovers. Streams of laser fire endlessly streamed as ship moved into position where the ship before had been. Never giving the enemy a break or reprieve from fire.

By the time the whole of Death Squadron moved beyond the first pocket all ships were breaking apart. Further modifications were made by Victory-II's moving under the stardestroyers but positioning their cannons from under the bellies of the larger ships. By the time the next pocket of ships came into firing positions the stardestroyers unleashed all fire once again, but this time with secondary streams of cannon fire coming from under them, while they also protected the smaller ships from any URM counter fire. To protect their sterns from enemy attack death Squadron positioned all Broadside cruisers and wayward tartan cruisers they picked up along the way to the back. The littler ships constantly circling the whole fleet and making passes at the approaching ships to the squadrons back. Full power being sent to their cannons as they made flybys and struck the enemies. Those that still got too closer still were easily reached then by stardestroyer or quad-turbolasers.

The reserve from behind Centax-1 had finally moved into firing positions as a distinct multilayer line of Imperial warships. Moving as a line with ships above other ships and below others they caught the enemy fleet off guard along its general flank. A host of warships moved from the main and large battle to meet the oncoming vessels with fresh fighters and bombers. Thus the battle was widened even further across the orbital bounds of Coruscant.

Yet even still, with all these moves the URM maintained numerical superiority in both capital ships, and in regards to fighter and bombers as well. So the battle dragged on. Still no clear end in sight.

(Coruscant Surface, Government Sector)

The droids were closing in on a large if contracting circle of stormtroopers and other assorted military units, with their armored vehicles and AA guns. Millions of troopers were facing millions of droids. As the URM attempted to breach to the senate rotunda and the executive building. The rotunda had so far remained almost entirely unscathed save for artillery attacks, but the rotunda showed no outward signs of damage. The executive building on the other hand was missing pieces of the domed roof. Droid Tri-fighters had committed close air support runs on the building. Diving from space itself and firing missiles down onto the building. Unleashing often times hordes of buzz droids if they survived the impact which alone decimated whole platoons of troopers and police forces turned into soldiers of the Empire.

The housing districts for the rich and powerful within the government sector borders were under extreme attack by the droids. Crab droids and tri-droids, upon their metal twig like legs scaled along buildings across the planet. The brute strength of the crab droids being utilized to infiltrate buildings and maul to death targets or fire their very simple beam weapons. The tri-droids scaled buildings much in the same way but used their multiple weapon mounted heads to fire into whole floors or across battlefields from elevated positions to rain hell upon the people of Coruscant. From within the government sector, however, a campaign of annihilation it almost seemed was being carried out. The droid ground troopers fired on any organic thing moving, and whole districts were all but shelled into obliteration. While government housing and the upper class houses were decimated. The occupants of such homes either long since sheltered in the deep shelters of Imperial-Center's under-city levels, or slaughtered by the droids.

As a large force of relief troopers and several dozen divisions made their way deeper into the government sector lead by lord Kun; who had picked up many more men and armor units along the way. A tightly packed force that encircled the main political heart of the government district fought hard against what could be seen as the most brutal of assaults by the URM across the planet where they were attacking every city at every district. Only the deeper levels of the great city planet were not yet breached, and even then the first three levels were under attack with the deepest struck sector having droids reported as far as seven levels down.

Within this heart were troopers and artillery pieces. AT-AA's, AT-AT's, AT-ST's, an assortment of tanks, but also more units the troopers found odd. Within an hour of the fighting having begun shuttles full of darkly cloaked figures had arrived, and unleashed upon the battlefield were hundreds of men and women wielding distinctly red lightsabers. The biggest show of Force user power and the existence of those who could use the Force had begun.

These men and women unleashed their powers in the Force. Jumping from droid to droid cutting them down in swaths. Throwing tanks into the abyss, and shooting lightning bolts from their fingers. However, the URM was not deterred. Droids rarely if ever were. Masses of B3 Ultra battle droids were more than capable of killing these men and women. Droideka's were in force and numbered in the dozens against just one of these men or women at times. Their bodies would be shredded by blaster fire, and their fine cloth and fabric burnt and torn as their bodies were left to rot upon the metal ground of the city.

Still this amalgamation of inquisitors and dark Jedi, Emperor Hands, and dark side adepts as well as prophets of the dark side numbered into the thousands. Were they seen as anything other than disposable pawns the emperor may have even seen them as a true Sith army, or the closest thing to it since the last battle of Ruusan a thousand years ago.

Needless to say every man and woman who could, whose job it was and who the Emperor demanded fought and was fighting as well as dying upon the surface of Coruscant this day. Everyone, including himself. The Emperor Palpatine, Darth Sidious.

The shuttle came to a stop and landed quickly onto the metal ground below. Like so many men and women this day, common shuttles were re-purposed for troop transports. The common transports and ships designed for such being in space and the notion of Coruscant ever being attacked again being so far out of the local populations mind, such ships were seen as unnecessary and wasteful.

However in this shuttle there was carried the greatest man of them all. He who had been there at the first droid invasion of his planet. His seat of power. He who humbled the Jedi so utterly they for all intents and purposes ceased being a thing of common knowledge. Within this shuttle Palpatine, clothed and robed in his blackest of robes stood with his hands clasped together in front of himself. With him six red robed honor guards. All of them sporting a pike weapon with one end a sharpened blade and the other a cylinder used as an electrostaff. Their cloaks were moved aside exposing the armor beneath. The detail of the armor seeming old fashioned with the anatomy of a finely muscled and toned man being shaped into the armor itself. These men whose minds were more open to their lord as his eternal servants and these men who could never possibly betray him and who held within them; at least a few, small understanding of the Force, stood on guard and ready for a battlefield. For the master and lord was about to thrust himself into one alongside them and the troopers. A terrifying notion indeed.

The shuttle landed and ramp opened. He walked down, the guards flooding out as well to surround him. An officer stood nearby with a datapad. Seemingly awaiting whatever came out of the shuttle, but so unimpressed and uncaring was he that he didn't bother to look what came out.

"Platoon, division, and trooper designation." He called over the sound of a nearby line of SPMA artillery walkers firing on the residential area. The cannon fire blasting into a line of spires once used as prime housing and sending a massive ball of fire into the air and rattling the buildings until they crumbled and fell into the chasms of Coruscant. Leaving behind rubble and dust flying upwards into the sky.

"If you represent the best of the empire has to offer then I shall be sure to have the whole of the officer corp liquidated, and replaced." The man paused and slowly inclined his head up to look upon the face of the Emperor. His wrinkled and deathly pale face sporting a deep sneer as the glowing yellow eyes bore down upon the man.

" majesty! Forgive me my lord I had not-"

"Save your apologies. They are meaningless to me." Sidious spat. His voice filled with venom and the Force sending out a feeling of dread around those unused to his presence. The mans voice however was loud enough to be heard by nearby troopers and officers who all turned, and immediately fell into a haphazard display of bows, kneels and salutes. None of them knowing what was the best way to greet the most powerful being in the galaxy. In the universe for all they knew. They may not have feared him as they did lord Vader, but what man was the man who ordered lord Vader around with absolute impunity?

"Yes your majesty." the man bowed, his heart pounding in fear and horror. "May I, beg your pardon my lord, but ask why you are outside of the palace? The Emperor should not have to fight this battle." Casting a slow glaring glance behind himself and his guard at the crumbling line of spires where the SPMA's were firing before answering the Emperor seemed unimpressed.

"I would feel no need to be involved myself were my 'men,' of the Empire showed themselves in any way competent to defeat droids!"

"Your majesty.."

"Instead of destroying the droids I see my beautiful capital city, and capital world decimated by my own weapons!" Sidious snarled. His voice booming and deafening even above the crack of tank and artillery fire.

"What I see are millions of men cowering into defensive positions. While you allow soldiers, droid soldiers at that who are decades old and supposedly outdated make a mockery of everything fought for and won in the Clone Wars! I see incompetence, and weakness. I sense your fear, and it disgusts me! If this is what is to be done while we wage war against two enemies; then I shall see to a victory myself!" The emperor turned away from the man and stomped his way toward the front line, his guards turning and following along his sides. Leaving the officer to release a breath he had been holding. His fear indeed causing him to shake and tremble as he pulled his cap off and ran a shaky hand through his hair.

Sidious neared the front some meters away. His walk was as slow as usual. He felt no sense of urgency no semblance of fear. This planet was his, and there was nothing that could kill him! He! The man who ruled the galaxy. He walked passed exploding positions. Troopers firing and being ripped to pieces by enemy blaster fire. Troopers screaming as they fought to pull off buzz droids drilling into their masks and faces, their backs and their chests ripping their hearts to shreds. Literally. He walked until he at last made his way to the very front line. Pushing troopers away; who once seeing the man were stunned into stoney shock and went unmoving. Most were then shot and killed, which the Emperor pad no mind.

Palpatine took note how the senate plaza was now a major battlefield. Clear across the plaza was where the droids were advancing from. A line of AAT's were sheltering droid troops and firing back against the SPMA's, and Hailfire droid tanks were rolling across the open plaza as well making their way nearer to the imperial front line of defense. The Imperial troops were using the staircases built into the stone and metal ground beneath as cover. Whole chunks from the once proud sight now marred the cultural sight. Statues were blown away leaving the feet of the tall monolithic guards in some cases and in others the bodies were on the ground in several torn pieces of singed and melted metal and stone.

Imperial walkers, both AT-AT and AT-ST were at the front but static or moving left to right in the AT-ST cases. Firing across the plaza into enemy positions now in the spires firing down upon them or at the advancing line of tanks. The display of immeasurable cowardice and failure to move forward; to press an attack and achieve the absolute victory the Empire demanded of them all, made Sidious sick, and filled with a terrible rage none of them would ever be able to comprehend.

The Sith lord saw none of his dark side servants either. Though he sensed them to be near he could not see them, and that only proved one of two things to him. They were either falling like putrid and weak flies, or too few in number. Thus the emperor knew it was time. Time for him to show the galaxy his true power. Time to remind that vile thorn in his neck and boil upon his galaxy; Kellia Nelrain, the true power of the dark side!

Lifting his arms into the air; his dark robed sleeves falling down his arms slightly and he delved into the dark side. Allowing his whole being to bask in the raw intensity of its power, and his years of accumulating skill and power. His hands contorting in the air and fingers bending in toward his palm, his face contorted to a half sneer and half grin he felt the Force surge through him, and then he unleashed that power.

A wave of energy fell across the plaza, and struck the droids head on. They did not know what hit them, but then in an instant all of their tanks, all of their walkers, crab droids, tri-droids, AAT and Hailfire tank lifted into the air and a pulsating energy crackled around the droids. The machines did not comprehend nor understand how this was happening but paused to look at the sights. Their computer urn minds unable to process how and why such a sight befell them.

The air whirled and whipped around his aged figure but a cackle unleashed itself from his throat. It was a throaty, hoarse and ugly thing to withstand and unleash on ones ears. Yet the sight and power stunned all the men near to the Emperor who stepped away from him in fear and awe. Both hands were still in the air and both arms shook in fighting the natural forces wanting the tanks to return to the ground; fighting gravity itself! His hands now turned upward to the sky and his finger still curled inward. Yet with another deafening cackle from deep within, Sidious slammed his hands closed. The sky exploded into a scene unlike anything anywhere else before it. All the tanks and machines of war were made into nothing. Humbled and amounting to little more than toys before the power of the Force. They exploded in booming succession and unison across the field of battle. Sending all nearby droids flying down to the floor and some being caught in shrapnel and rubble flying and being torn to metal bits.

A sigh, more like a groan of ecstatic pleasure for the wanton destruction, escaped passed his lips. His grin only doubling in broadness at the sensation he received as the fear and awe of the pathetic troopers nearby filled his very being. The Force was his tool his weapon, and he was to use it this day. He would let them all see the greatest folly was testing him. On his world, in his galaxy.

He said not a word as he slowly made his way forward. Away from his sniveling and weak troopers. An embarrassment to what it meant to be Sith and men of the Emperor indeed. His six royal guard following in his wake as he did. Sidious paused though, and turned back to the nearest trooper. The man almost cowering.

"Tell your men that should any of them come close to striking their lord and Emperor, I shall personally see to their endless torture." The man nodded vigorously so. Almost seeming whiplash inducing.

"Very good." Sidious voice was slithering and smooth as he made toward the droid army with nothing but his haggard hands held close to his chest and recoiled as one would expect an old decrepit man to have his hands, and his guard.

The droids, now recovered from the sight of their many tanks and walkers blowing away, returned to robotically advancing on the imperial positions. B1 units aiming and firing their blasters in thick clouds of bolts flying into the imperial lines, with B2's raising their arms, extending them outward and doing much of the same. The Emperor ignored all of this. Though bolts strayed close to him from the droids he seemed to just miss and dodge the deadly streams of light. His guard were much the same in the manner they dodged fire from these droids. That did not stop Sidious from snapping his right hand and producing a hidden lightsaber hilt. A rare thing for Sidious, but there were always times one needed a lightsaber, and this was one of those times.

The front line of advancing droids drew extremely close to the aged Emperor until they were feet away. Dozens of B1 battle droids continued to fire at him. Not understanding how they were missing. The Sith lord flicked his right hand forward and all droids flew into the air and away from him. Nearby droids turned and shot at him. He flicked his left hand toward them and streams of lightning flew and connected with the droids. Shocking them until they blew and short-circuited. Falling to the ground in destroyed heaps of scrap metal.

Droid passed him by as he focused on those directly in front of him and those stupid enough to fire upon him from his sides. Yet Palpatine did not forget these droids. Thousands were in sight and advancing toward his pitiful army and their positions. Even as artillery cannon fire slammed into them and dropped dozens at a time, a hundred more would arise from beyond the city and stream in.

Saber still in hand the dark lord turned left and watched the seemingly endless stream of mechanical killers move forward not paying him any mind. His guards running in front of him to take any possible blaster shots headed his way as he turned away from those in front of him. The old Sith once again raised both hands into the air toward the sky and gathered the Force. Littler effort than before he threw both arms toward the lines of droids and the Force boomed outward from his hands extending like a seismic wave and tossing stream upon stream of droid aside. Each first line flying and slamming into the next as they piled and slammed into each other and the ground below in tumbling rolls. Hundreds were destroyed in seconds, as he turned and repeated the process on the right. Cackling as he did so.

He motioned the guards to move and they spread to allow him to pass to focus on those in front of him once again. Droideka's rolling fast toward him. The dark lord activated his crimson red blade and deflected with ease every bolt aimed at him from droids hiding in torn and decimated buildings above shooting and sniping at him. The baled up droids uncurled and fired at him, activating their shields as they did. As if that would save them.

Still deflecting bolts with one hand flying with speed across his being nobody could have though an old man would have, the dark lord extended his left hand out and crushed every droideka with a curl of his fist and all droids slammed into twisted twigs of their formers selves. A bolt flew down from a spire missing its top and several floors were burnt and smoking into the air. Sidious found where the droid fired from and looking to his left he spotted an AAT pile of rubble of his own creation.

Curling hips into a grin he lifted the rubble into the air, still blocking with his right hand wielding the saber, Sidious lifted the destroyed tank high into the air, his left arm shaking with power and with an explosion from within and howl he tossed the tank into the air toward the spire. It rolled through the air and with a satisfying crack the tank slammed into the building and where the droid had been, before it and tons of metal rubble flew downward falling upon walkways and droids carrying them all into the endless abyss below.

More droids came from the city and once more hundreds soon showed themselves before an Emperor who now stood alone on the field of battle with nothing but rubble near to him. He cackled further and waved his left hand outward.

"You six go. Entertain me some." He callously ordered. Knowing full well their fate upon such an order. The guards did not care nor dwell on the subject of their fate either. Throwing their red cascading capes away from them the six men advanced toward the droids. The Emperor stood back and watched. A sickening grin upon his haggard face.

They ran upon the droids. Both infantry models, B1 and B2 shooting at them. They dodged. Their training paying off. Even if two were hit by bolts they moved forward and connected with the droids. Hacking and slashing into them. A blade shoved so hard it pierced the plated metal of a B2 even as the monstrous droid backhanded the man away. Still very much functional. This did not stop the royal guard. Staffs flipped and the electrostaff portion before them they slammed the shocking tips against each droid. Electrocuting and shoving the metal soldier to the ground before snapping B1 heads off or pounding B2 battle droids into bits.

It was an entertaining sight for the Emperor as he would casually send a massive storm of lightning left or right and send swathes of droids to their ultimate destructive fates. Eve more entertaining was how these zealously loyal fools fell. One guardsmen spun around and slammed his staff against a B1, stabbing backwardly into another of the skeletal droids, before snapping right and into the head of a B2. He didn't however, see three B1's run behind him and all of them began shooting into his back. Huge burn holes made through his cape and body armor and the shaking of his body signified his death as he fell to the floor. The droids and the B2 he attacked only shooting into the corpse some more before moving on.

A second royal guard slammed the center of his staff into the head of a B1 passing him. Thrusting the soldier to the ground. Then slammed left, then right and back left. Each time hitting a droid. Twice with his electrostaff and one time stabbing a B1 through the chassis. Droids endlessly moved forward though, most ignoring the melee fighters attacking their ranks, and as such whole platoons now stood behind the guard. The guard swept his staff out and spun full around. Knowing whole teams of droids to the ground before stabbing them with such force the sharpened edge would pierce through their metal. Followed with hm slamming the electrostaff portion down upon them for the killing blow. The guard, lost in his adrenaline fueled stabbing attack of the droids did not see or even hear the coming crab droid behind him. The large droid brought a one giant leg up and slammed down, just as the man turned and felt his whole body freeze. His body, bone and all was crunched beneath the droid who tossed the body aside and clamored forward once again.

Needless to say all these foolish guards would fall before the battle was over, and it did nothing for the Emperor but give him a reason to laugh deep cackles that boomed up from his chest. All the while he lifted all the droids he came across and tossed them from side to side. Shocking, crushing, and destroying the armies as they swelled against him with utter ease and seeming impunity.

The military men from afar only had to but watch the sight and their emperor tear the URM armies one after the other apart alone. It freed up their men on that front for usage on others. Evening the odds some, and allowing for awe and a sense of power to be instilled in the men at the sight of such a powerful Emperor being with them in this fight. Even if that same man scared them more than anything else on the planet after seeing such a thing.

It wasn't long before the Emperor unleashed one final asset in the war even as he fought against the droids on the battlefield alone, but totally secure in his own safety. A mental call heard by all of his royal guardsmen. Young and old they all heard his command. So strong was his hold over them. Greater than any Inquisitor or dark Jedi even. It was a simple order as well. One that would nonetheless be seen across the field of battle. As hordes of red caped and red armored men entered the battlefield and waged war against the droids.

Thousands upon thousands of royal guardsmen of the training ranks and those guarding important sights of their Emperor abandoned post, and took staffs and weapons in hand. The royal guard joined in the battle fully.

Still, nothing was more awe inspiring and more fear inducing than the sight of the dark lord Sidious upon the field of battle. By the end of the battle it would be no contest who had personally destroyed more droids than anyone else upon Coruscant. It was the Emperor. Darth Sidious.

(Imperial City, Near Vader's Palace)

Droid blaster fire could be heard nearby. The top level of Coruscant was mostly clear of civilians, but the troopers near to Darth Vader's palace found themselves shuffling civilians down into the lower levels of the city still. Aliens and humans both screamed and shoved, stepped on one another like damn animals whilst white armor clad troopers yelled and shuffled them into further fear driven hysterics as they forced them lower into the city via walkways and ramps and turbolifts still under their control and in operation.

In the distance explosions rocked and people screamed the loudest to the back. Droids were advancing on lord Vader's palace with robotic single-mindedness it would seem. The civilians were just getting in their way. Hindering the advance, and they were assuring that they paid the price for it. Civilians to the back of the mob racing into the lower levels ran into and shoved each other. All sense of propriety and sentience lost on these fools. Yet they were running terror in their eyes and clothes ripped and torn as droids advanced behind them.

B2's shooting into their backs and causing tens, turning into hundreds of civilians to fall to the floor dead. Shortening the line but lining the walkways with dead bodies. B1's were advancing behind the front line of B2's and crab droids leading the assault. The very head of the army of muddling and marching droids were three magnaguards. They were draped in their cloaks. Carried over and unchanged from the Clone Wars. They did not attack or fire on any civilians. They were beneath them. Their mission was to infiltrate and lead this army of streaming droids headfirst into the palace of Vader and bring the whole thing crashing down from within. Its aerial defenses proving too much for any air based attacks. With power still being active on the planet as well, there was no way of shutting down the AA cannons or the planetary shield to allow for orbital bombardment.

It was only these civilians that were in their way. So the B2's were ordered to shoot down, and burn the flesh of these civilians. The B1's to the back only marching and waiting to make their move. The crab droids to the front also smashed beneath their legs every fleshy organic they came across with their main purpose but meters away they had little care for unarmed personnel getting in their way. After all their master gave them full and free reign to kill as they wish. The only stipulation being to attack armed organics first and foremost.

Traveling all around them, unknown to the organic enemy forces, were thousands of the now dreaded Pistoeka sabotage droids. Better known as buzz droids. They traveled beneath their top level and in the surrounding buildings sneaking their way closer to Vader's palace. They would be the main weapon used to bring the great spire crashing to the ground. Killing probable millions of this world being as jammed closely together as they are.

Their mission objective was not far now. The mass of organics screaming and causing disturbance to all their audio-receptors, began shoving each other into a turn in the walkway. The B's and crab droids clearing more along the way allowing the army of advancing droid columns to turn the corner as well. The organics were swarming into walking paths and lifts to lower levels with enemy trooper standing guard. To their back a massive AT-ST guarding the walkway to the lower entrance of the dark lords palace. A barricade of men standing, blasters drawn and aiming down the walkway against civilian and droid alike, should either party attempt anything stupid in regards to Vader's property.

The magnaguards in an oddly organic mannerism pointed their staffs toward the palace, and the droids advanced. The B2's leading the columns doubled down on their firing and suddenly whole swathes of people fell dying and screaming as their flesh was burnt and their bodies pushed aside by the crab droids walking by or the steps of the droids kicking the carcasses aside even further to get by.

The troopers spotted the droids. The commander thrusting his arm outward and pointing to the advancing and seemingly endless stream of droids.

"Open fire!" He ordered, and open fire they did. The line of troopers and some lining upper level gate walls and in buildings lining the walkway in mounted positions unleashed a storm of blaster bolts. They slammed into and brought dozens of droids down, but the others endlessly marched on. The lines of B1's lifting their blasters high and firing streams into the adjoining windows where the men were and bringing them down one by one. As others fought on. The B2's advancing firing their wrist rockets into the buildings, knocking chunks and men alike back, and destroying whole sections of the walls. The crab droid began to stampede into the crowd of civilians running, and trampled over man woman and even child with no sense of care. Morality; a concept droids did not understand, not holding them back at all.

The AT-ST seeing the crab droid advance forwent all care for the civilians mingled among the walker droids, and opened fire on the walkers clamoring forward. The massive bolts of the imperial walker ripped into a shred down civilians and hit the crab droids, but missed many others whilst still tearing apart its own people. The crab droids almost roared it sounded, as they reached the front gate to Vader's palace along this walkway and the front troopers who fired relentlessly into the droids but shook it off easily. They rammed into the troopers pinning them to walls and crushing their bones as the cried and screamed hopelessly pushing their gloved hands onto the droids trying to force them away with no luck.

The civilians left alive mostly ran into the lower levels and left the rest of the walkway between the gate and droids open save for littered burnt, and decaying bodies and smoke. The B2's sprayed the men along the gate wall who returned fire but fell by the couple every minute, as the B2's mostly shielded the B1's to the back and were hit but took the blaster bolts to their thicker chassis. Leaving the AT-ST to fire on the droids. Rapidly spraying them and the walkway several B2's finally went down Only for assault droids to the back to come to the front line and simultaneously open fire on the walker. Massive cannon fire hitting the imperial walker at once. Sending the hulking thing recoiling back some.

It did not fall yet even if it was smoldering in several spots and the drivers within were being warned of failure in several sections of the machine. It fired its heavy cannon on the droid lines and sent several rows of the column exploding into heaps, but more kept coming. The crab droids, some still mauling the ground troopers, sent some to scape the walls and enter the grounds of the palace on this level. They moved passed the AT-ST and came up against massive fire from a secondary defense line of troopers near to the palace entrance.

The AT-ST continued to fire but the droids did not cease coming. The walker did not notice the swarm of buzz droids flooding out of neighboring spires and into the grounds of Vader's palace. Nor those scaling the walker, until at last the little droids clamored into the eye ports of the walker and the shrill and horrendous blood curdling screams of the pilots within could be heard as the droid cut, stabbed, and drilled into their flesh, and rendered them dead. The walker useless and stained with blood within.

The secondary line of men fired into the swarm of buzz droids and the crab droids as they advanced on their position and swarmed the first line of men at the gate, allowing the men at the second to watch their allies be ripped and torn to shreds by the droids. To see their eventual fate as it were.

"Fire on the crab droids!" The commander howled and the heavy repeater emplacements did just that. One finally ripping into the front of one little crab droid walker enough to cause the droid to fall over broken and in a heap but others simply crawled and clawed over it to get to the troopers.

The first crab droid had reached them and raised one of its massive metal claws to stab into a frozen trooper. Then it paused. Frozen, and struggling to stab down into the trooper who behind his mask raised his brow in shock. Suddenly the crab droid was ripped from the ground and tossed rolling and spinning backward into the gate. Pieces flying and slamming into the forward gate in a heap. The men paused and looked to one another. The sudden drop from the air of a human form, cloaked in black and wielding a red lightsaber stunning them all. The figure rose and it was made to clear to be a younger male human. His hair cut short into a military style, and he was standing now before the secondary line with his saber held in a backwards style.

"I have these ones. Just watch the doors." The boy called to them, a distinct smirk on his face. Starkiller eyed the swarm of buzz droids and crab droid marching, and skittering toward his masters palace and felt nothing but contempt for them. Lifting his left hand he sent an immediate pulse through the air and dozens of the buzz droids went cascading backwards in an almost wave like manner. The crab droids dug their spiked legs into the ground and slid back some. They however returned to marching on the palace spire, and Starkiller only smirked wider.

"This should be fun." Saber in his Shien backhanded grip, he dashed toward the first one nearest to him. Throwing himself up and then slamming down his saber pierced through the top of its chassis. The droid oddly made a roar it seemed at being stabbed by his lightsaber. Forcing his saber through the droids center and cutting it clear in half with a grunt and grit of his teeth Starkiller immediately leaped from that droid to the next crab droid.

This time landing in front of it, he swept his saber in an arch and spun his body. Cutting through its forward legs and bringing it to a slump forward. Grasping it with the Force he lifted and through the crab droid into another and both exploded on impact. Flipping around and slamming his saber down onto the ground beneath his feet Starkiller unleashed a small pulse through the Force and sent another wave of buzz droids flying back in smoldering bits.

The main gate where the useless AT-ST was still standing suddenly exploded inward and the walker went falling backward and slamming into the ground throwing up smoke and debris as it did. Then a stream of droids came flooding in firing their blasters at clear wanton random. The secondary line of troopers reopened fire from their mounted repeaters as several men had climbed to upper level positions and began firing on the advancing droids as well. They fell in droves and by the dozen but as ever with this attack more kept streaming in.

Starkiller was forced to quickly spin his saber before his body to block bolt after bolt from hitting him. The droids stupidly advancing closer to him and shooting upon him. They got too close, however, and he easily spun and slashed the first down, stabbing and hacking another two, before sending a wave into a group of them, who clamored and grunted even as they were thrown back.

The boy jumped forward and threw the air ended up above a large group of B1 battle droids. Time seeming almost slowed he threw himself into the Force and aimed his saber downward, and thrust his whole body down. Impacting the floor beneath he sent all the nearby droids flying in all directions as the Force swept passed them all in a wave of energy.

The whole area was in a quick motion cleared of droids, and Starkiller felt a smirk widen along his face. Even as another mass wave clamored over their own fallen, the bodies of troopers, and downed walker at the gate to get back into the courtyard before the palace and once more opened fire on a defending and deflecting Starkiller and the trooper line of defense.

The young Sith was quick to dash right and then spin left and slash into a B2 super battle droid and cut it down from its shoulder as I fell. And quickly spun into three more droid soldiers. As he hack right and brought down another droid and then slashed left he felt the Force warn him, and on instinct he flipped over and away from the gate. Standing where he had been with its staff slashed into the ground where he his back had been was a magnaguard. It's unemotional and dead red photoreceptors staring at him with its two allies standing to its sides, and also wielding staffs buzzing at the two ends.

"Great. Days like this make me wish PROXY were here to show you guys what a real droid fights like." He mocked even though the droids showed no inkling of understanding...or caring for anything he said.

The leader of the three spun its arm and staff almost as if showing off before throwing it behind himself and began advancing very much in a menacing manner. The other two spreading out and encircling Starkiller in a small ring of magnaguard opponents. He eyes all three and threw his saber in a guarding position in front of his face. Still holding it in Shien pose and stepping back slightly as the seeming leader honed in on him. The small army of droid flooded behind them and fired relentlessly on the troopers defending his masters palace, and left Starkiller to curse.

"Alright, let's dance you stupid droids." He muttered as his vision narrowed and he positioned himself better where he stood. Knowing full well the two magnaguard allies to the leading one now stood to his back in different places. Waiting and ready to try and distract him. The main magnaguard froze then and lowered its body greatly as it spread its legs in waiting position to attack Starkiller.

They stared one another down for a few moments. The sounds of battle waging behind them going muted and temporarily unnoticed. Then finally the main guard attacked. Leaping at Starkiller with staff overhead and slamming down upon him. He spun his saber and blocked in an overhead block and swung down carrying the magnaguard. Only the droid hit the ground and spun wholly around and slammed the staff against Starkiller's awaiting saber once again.

The magnaguard swept its right arm; carrying and holding the electrostaff around to its left and slammed at Starkiller's left, but he blocked and jumped to the right as a second guard stabbed where he had been and he sent a shove through the Force into that droid who was pushed back but shook the push off. The main attacking magnaguard took staff in both hands and fell into a flurry of stabs and slashes with both ends. Thrusting right the left and then right again. Each one Starkiller met and blocked. The droid threw itself down and kicked out from under Starkiller forcing him to jump up, ad as he fell down he slammed his saber down but the guard rolled away and sent a kick to Starkiller's left side and hit him. He sucked in a breath at the hard metal kick slamming his ribs, and sent him reeling right and he clutched his ribs.

" that hurt." He grunted and felt a small cough come and erupt from his throat unwillingly on his part. The three guards once more were within vision and the main one began advancing on him with staff at the ready. It spun its whole body and stabbed down into the ground forcing Starkiller to flip away but he spun in his flip and brought his saber down through the center of the staff cutting it in half.

The staff broke apart and the ends electrostaff electrical show faded and stopped. The two other magnaguards quickly pushed the third away ad both advanced on Starkiller who took cautious steps back. He quickly dashed right and slashed into one who blocked, then he spun and hacked left but this droid also blocked and pushed him away when their weapons collided forcing Starkiller to the ground. He rolled away as both stabbed at the ground, and he jumped up. Sending a barrage of lightning at them but they were quick to sidestep away in opposite directions and stare Starkiller down.

One stayed back and began circling around Starkiller as hi back now faced the battle between the droids and troopers. As the second magnaguard advanced on him directly and the third stayed back without its weapon. Starkiller eyed the one moving around him but remained focused on the one heading directly for him. He met it head on. Running at the droid with saber held behind before he once again leaped into the air and brought saber spinning downward upon the magnaguard. It raised its staff up and carried the saber down to the ground and Starkiller with it to its left. The boy recovered and spun away and sent a telekinetic wave into the droid and pushed it back some as it fought to steady itself.

Clutching his hand he ripped the staff from its hands and charged at the droid with both weapons. Slamming both left from the right and shocking and ripping through the droid. He slammed both weapons away and immediately slammed back left and spun the droid around as it sported gaping slash wounds. With a feral cry he stabbed the staff up into the droid abdomen and pierced through the droid which clawed at the protruding weapon, but Starkiller slashed off its head and arms in a liquid motion of three slashes, and watched it slump down in a destroyed mess.

He felt breathless and weary but drew on the dark side for energy and spun around to face the second magnaguard. Then he recoiled and hissed in pain as a bolt ripped into his left arm. Clutching the wound he eyed with burning yellow eyes the first magnaguard sporting a blaster. He hurled his saber back and threw it spinning into the droid and it pierced through its chassis through the chest area. Calling the weapon back he reached out and crushed the droid with the raw spike of rage and pain through the Force, and watched it lift and crumple. Its metal sending out a sickening crack and whine as it snapped.

The last magnaguard was upon him just as he grabbed his saber again and he threw his saber up and blocked himself from the stab downward from the droid. He slid down and under the staff, and ended up standing next to the magnaguard. Pulling his saber away he slashed right and through the middle of the last magnaguard and it fell into two pieces. Its upper half still operational crawled after him. Starkiller with a sneer and snarl escaping him stomped his booted foot down onto the droids hand stabbed his saber through its head and carried it through the droid. Until finally it stopped flailing and moving altogether. Leaving Starkiller to slump down to a kneel for a moments reprieve.

Clutching his left burnt shoulder, Starkiller mutely glanced over the same shoulder. The droids were firing blasting and rapid rounds into the troopers who were barely holding out and several repeaters were down already. The upper level men easily capable of cutting down many droids but still they would not be able to hold the tide.

His nostrils flaring with the pain and gasping for air to calm his rapidly beating heart and adrenaline pounding blood Starkiller flushed the pain into the Force and fed the dark side. Fueling himself and rising back into a stand he reactivated saber in Shien form. Turning back toward the droids advancing he sent a great wave through the Force into them and sent a great many of them slamming into other buildings and off of the sides into the abyss. Walking back calmly to stand in front of the men holding the line Starkiller stood staring down with a glare the continuous and once more firing on him horde of droids. Knowing full well the onslaught would not end anytime soon Starkiller readied and hardened himself.

"This is going to be a long day. Night even." He muttered, before a smirk played across his face again. "Good." Then he charged the droids. A blur of motion, and power. Darth Vader's apprentice.

To be Concluded...

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