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Christian didn't waste any time once we returned to the yacht. He threw me on the couch in the main deck and possessed me so fervently that I came loudly beneath his masculine frame. The sex was so raw and intense and mind-blowing it left me utterly speechless. I think I gave him a couple of hickeys across his right shoulder. He didn't seem to mind. After recouping back our energy lost from the fucking, I lazily descended to our cabin and packed up all the clothes Christian had bought for me for the excursion while he steered us back to mainland. We left the yacht exactly how we encountered it, clean and tidy. But with remnants of our passionate lovemaking. Taylor magically appeared at the marina and drove us back to East Hampton. We utilized the time in the back seat unwinding some more, sneaking a little kiss now and then. Once we're back at home, Taylor left us to our privacy and disappeared again. As much as I loved Christian's home, I already missed the sea. I'd never felt so liberated.

"We'll do that again when we revisit New York," he said as we entered his beachhouse. It was reassuring to hear and I hoped the next time we come back we'd be free from any concerns looming over us.

"I can't wait." A flit of approval crept over my face. "I'ma go and put my things away," I said waving the bag of souvenirs before him.

"Okay." Before I could leave Christian's sight, my cellphone buzzed and startled me. Fishing it out of my crossbody bag, Jose's name flashed on the screen. I hadn't expected any calls from him.

"Who is it?" Christian asked when he noticed me debating whether to answer the call or not.

"Jose." His face slightly dropped at the mention of his name. I had told Jose to call me only if it's an emergency. This had better be an emergency. "I'ma take this call really quick."

"Sure," he muttered disdainfully and made a beeline to his office. The jealous look painted on his face had me regretting what I was about to do. But he knew Jose's one of my closest friend and I couldn't ignore him when he needed me. I brushed off the pang of guilt and answered the call as I climbed upstairs. "Hey, Jose."

"Ana," he sounded surprised. "I almost thought you weren't going to pick up."

"Why would you think that?"

"Well...since you told me you were going to New York with that pedophile of y-"

"Shut up, Jose," I cut him off harshly, clicking the bedroom door shut behind me. "Don't you ever call him a pedophile, you idiot," I fumed, sounding way too overprotective of my man. Christian didn't deserve any snide remarks aimed at him because it was my decision to accompany him to New York.

"Uh...I'm sorry," he uttered insincerely, and that pissed me off even more. "It was just a joke."

"It wasn't funny. You need to watch your mouth," I scolded, flopping forward on the bed, my elbows propped up my body, my knees bent, and my feet idly dangling in the air.

"My bad... What, are you in love with him now?" he asked adversely.

"Maybe," I announced playfully.

"Ana. He's married," he reprimanded candidly. Ever since I informed him about Christian's marital status he's always reminding me to stay on guard.

"No," I clarified, "he's in the process of a divorce."

"Men always say that. First they tell you they love you. Then they say they're going to divorce their wife for you. Then they get what they want which is pussy then they leave you hanging and return back to their wife." Yada, yada, yada. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, he's different," I stressed.

"Sure he is. That's what all girls say until they find out what type of jerk they're dating."

"You're just jealous," I accused, huffing exasperatedly.

"Look, Ana. I'm your friend. I know you'll never consider me more than a friend and I accepted it. But I still care about you. My cousin went through the same situation, and now she's got nothing besides a fucking heartache. Nada. Nunca. Comprende?"

I sighed. "Please, stop talking about him. And I am not your cousin. Just because her relationship didn't work out doesn't mean mine won't." It was getting redundant. The more Jose tried to dissuade me from falling for Christian the more I resented him. "If you care about me just be there for me if that time ever comes. But I know in my heart that he's never going back to his wife."

He snorted. "Fine. But don't ever say I never warned you."

"Let's just change the subject," I said, not wanting him to put a damper on my spirit, "and I remember telling you that calling is only allowed if it's an emergency," I admonished him.

"When did you become so anal? Can't I just call to make sure my best friend doesn't get kidnapped and castaway on some twisted island."

"I'm sorry," I muttered contritely knowing fully well how much Jose cared for me. "Thanks for your concern, but everything's okay."

A gentle squeeze to my feet alerted me of Christian's presence. I tensed up immediately, sucking in a sharp breath. He straightened both my legs and kissed the back of my knee, my thighs, and flipped up my white jean skirt to cup my butt with his strong hands. I squirmed.

"Um...Jose, I have to go," I said with an edge of nervousness, my heart pounding in my chest.

"Why? Is he there with you?" he asked possessively, which was normal of him. I've gotten attuned to it.

"No," I lied without a beat. He'd be disheartened if I couldn't even spare him a couple minutes to talk.

Then he drew a gasp like he had an epiphany. "Now I remember why I called you... I found a job!" I could sense the excitement laced in his voice.

"Really?" I squealed enthusiastically. "Oh my god. I'm so happy for you."

"Hang up the phone," Christian interrupted lowly, nipping my butt cheek. Jose's news shocked me tremendously I almost forgot Christian was eavesdropping on our conversation.

I glanced over my shoulder, flashed all five fingers, and mouthed, "Just five more minutes," before turning my head and dismissing him. Jose continued divulging about how he managed to land a job at the hardware store and I paid very close attention. He'd been searching for a job even before summer arrived and I knew exactly how much obtaining a job meant to him. I was stoked for him. Christian didn't take me ignoring him all too well as he decided to distract my call by deftly peeling my white panties and sliding it down my legs then slinging it across the room where it landed in the corner, desolated. I gasped in horror. Would he really take advantage of me with my friend listening in on the other end of the line? My question was answered when his fingers parted my nether cheeks before he dipped his tongue between my folds. My hips jerked as I covered my mouth and repressed a moan.

"Jose, you're breaking up," my voice cracked above a whisper.

"I could hear you fine."

"It must be the signal over here," I tried to remain calm but failed miserably. Christian was lapping my swollen nub and he's not slowing down anytime soon until he achieved his goal.

"Can you hear me now?" Jose asked hopefully.

"What?" I pretended not to hear.

"Ana-" I clicked off abruptly and a pang of guilt washed over me. He'd understand. I hoped.

"Good girl," Christian's said while licking me. I slammed my face on the comforter and basked in his tongue inside me. After a couple of thrusts, he replaced it with one then two fingers, loosening me up. I was wet with desire. Writhing from his fingers, he straddled my thighs and unzipped his shorts. His erection sprang out and brushed the crevices between my butt cheeks. Leaning forward, he retrieved the condom from the bedside drawer. The tear of plastic prompted me and his length teased my center before sinking deep inside my core. I groaned in ecstasy once he sealed me completely. But the slight discomfort from exploring a new position was apparent. His dick was hitting part of me that hadn't been discovered til now. Nonetheless, I wanted more of it. He pulled back and pushed in deeper, again and again, breathing raggedly. My legs were locked tight under his weight, keeping me in place. He kneaded my cheeks, spreading them further apart as he continued his onslaught of thrusts.

I hissed profanity, absorbing every stroke and wallow in the layers of sensation coursing through my body. My fingers clawed the sheets on either side of my head. He bent forward, clasping his hands over mine and pumped vigorously, his belly slapping my ass. Our moans and groans mingled, turning me on furthermore. His arm snaked under my stomach and before I knew it I was on all fours with Christian's fingers grappling onto my hips, still relentlessly fucking me from behind.

"You feel so good, Ana." I couldn't respond. I was at a loss for words. Only short whimpers escaped my lips. When I thought it couldn't get any better, his fingers reached around and played with my bud.


I wanted to come so badly I was panting hard. Suddenly, he stopped all actions completely, his dick buried inside me. No rubbing of my nub, no impact against my bottom, leaving me perplexed.

I looked over my shoulder, pleading for him to continue. Frowning, I asked, "What's wrong?"

A ghost of an evil smile played across his lips. "Work for it, Ana?" What? My brows knitted confusingly. What was that supposed to mean? He caught my clueless expression and guided me through. "Rock yourself forward and slam back." It took me a moment to register his demands before I nodded tentatively and complied, timidly rocking forward then pushing back to sheath his cock. It felt delicious and I needed more. I repeated the process, gently swallowing him completely. He moaned in approval and whispered, "Faster." It spurred me on and I slammed into him with speed and gusto, whimpering every time my butt came in contact with his base. Repeating it several more times, I got into the rhythm of the position. That's when Christian began to move and meet me thrust for thrust. His fingers reappeared over my nub and massaged it in conjunction with his thrust. I moaned then panted then whimpered; the pleasure was overwhelming.

"I'm gonna come. Ah. I'm gonna come," I whimpered between thrusts. And with that, his left hand latched onto my shoulder while his right remained fixated on my nub as he slammed me harder, forcing grunts through my gritted teeth. After one, two, three more assaults, my body tensed up and I cried out my orgasm, long and hard, not holding anything back. Christian stilled and followed with a grunt of his own then spilled his warm seed inside of me. He rolled over on his back and I collapsed on my belly, heaving from exertion.

"Wow," he breathed and then drew in a deep long breath before exhaling it.

"Yes. Wow," I whispered breathlessly, still dazed. "I could get used to this."

He chuckled sitting up and then swatted my ass. "C'Mon."

Wincing from the smack, I muttered, "Can you get me my underwear?"

He zipped up his khaki shorts, reeled off the bed and retrieved my sprawling panties from the corner of the room. "I'll keep this." He inhaled it vehemently like it's some sort of exotic drug. I grimaced, finding it gross, but he did it so gracefully it actually looked hot.

"What am I supposed to wear?" I just realized.

"Nothing. You'll go commando."

"Commando? No," I protested adamantly. "There's no way I'm walking around the house without any underwear."

"Yes, you will." Sitting on the mattress, he grasped my hip, turning me over on my back. I grumbled weakly, physically drained. He dipped forward, scrutinizing my post-coital glow, and then grinned. "I plan to eat you when you least expect it."

I think I blushed crimson, gnawing my lower lip. I tamped down the excitement threatening to reveal my insatiable craving for Christian's mouth and muttered demurely, "Okay." I just threw my dignity out the window all because I couldn't pass his offer on oral sex. Pathetic. Why couldn't I say no to him? Was it normal that I wanted him more than ever? Do couples have this much sex in a day? So many questions begging to get answered.

With that in mind, we adjusted our clothes and went downstairs.

I quickly went to work in the kitchen, rummaging through the fridge for anything that could easily be turned into a meal.

"Mmm," Christian's guttural moan made me aware of my provocative pose. I didn't even realize my orifices were fully exposed from bending over. Absentmindedly, I wiggled my butt just to tease him. "If you keep that up I'll be having you for dinner."

"Sounds good to me," I muttered while digging in the produce compartment. Christian just chuckled quietly enjoying the show.

As Christian helped peel the russet potatoes, I worked on the green beans.

"I want to take you to a friend's house for brunch this Saturday," Christian spoke as he cleaned up the potato skins scatter all over the kitchen island.

"You do?" I said impassively.

"Yes. They're really good friends of mine. I want them to meet you."

"It's not necessary," I said apathetically, concentrating on my green beans. Mainly because he's not divorced yet. As much as I wanted to see his friends I'd prefer not to lest they'd assume I had something to do with his divorce. A homewrecker I was not.

"Yes. I'm positive. It's imperative that they see how happy I've become." He sneaked up behind me as I snapped the ends of the green beans and tossed them aside. His arms circled my waist and pulled me back against his rock hard drool inducing chest. "You've made me the happiest I've been in a long time. Thanks to you I've managed to wake up feeling invigorating and optimistic. I'm sure you know how that feels." An involuntary smile cropped up across my lips. I definitely do.

"Well, I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be able to make you feel that way." He smiled and nuzzled my tousled hair, but I didn't care one bit. Besides, I was constricted in his arms. There's no way he'd let me go just to adjust my mess of a hair. In a swift, he spun me around, facing him, and lifted me off my feet, sitting me on the counter. I think my butt must have suffocated a few green beans in its wake. He pulled me forward and a couple green beans plummeted to the ground, tapping lightly against the marble floor. As my center meets the edge of the counter, he pushed my skirt up, baring my sex, and grinned wickedly before helping himself to first course.

After Christian and I finished our plate of roasted rosemary chicken breast with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans, we went to lounge in the entertainment room and turned on Netflix. Fortunately, the Hunger Games was available for streaming. I pressed it to play and sat back, tucking myself under Christian's arm. He smiled and snuggled me closer.

The sound of bedsheets rustling stirred me awake. Although drowsy, I could make out the things in the room which tells me we're in our bedroom. Just by the skin to skin contact with Christian's I knew we were buck naked, our bodies partially covered from the waist down. Yet, I felt warm. Most likely due to the heat radiating off of Christian's body. His body was literally so hot to the point I wanted to kick the sheets off but refrained myself from doing so just in case he gets cold. The last thing I remembered was me and Christian watching the Hunger Games on Netflix. I must've dozed off halfway through the film. What transpired afterwards was unclear to me. My guess was Christian had whisked me upstairs after I fell asleep and stripped off my clothing along with his before holding me to sleep. I don't think he would take advantage of me while in my comatose stage. Or maybe he would. I highly doubted it. With my arm strewn across his torso and my leg entwining with his, I writhed my body to feel his soft skin flushed against mine. I tilted my face up to see his beautiful features under the dim light casting through the glass window. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. My hand languidly ran down his torso, reveling in the hills and valleys of his taut stomach. I smiled and nuzzled the side of his chest, wishing this moment of us being alone would never end. And that's when a cursory glance toward the bedroom door, widely opened, left me squinting in trepidation. Maybe I was hallucinating but I noticed a dark figure lingering behind the doorframe to our room. I stared intently at the figure, trying to make out the image, but Christian stirred and pulled me even closer to his frame. I shifted my focus to him, his lips twitched then relaxed as he settled back to sleep. I yawned and my eyelids became heavy, but before I dozed off again my attention averted back to the door, and mysteriously the dark figure had disappeared. I guessed my eyes were playing tricks on me. Dismissing it, I drew lazy circles around Christian's supple nipple and lulled myself to sleep.

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